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19751 - My 1st sex experience was with my sister and this went on until we were adults. Since then I had incest fantasies for years and now I would love to have a 'daughter-daddy' online role play with a like minded lady, antone wanna play ? email me at I promise to share loads of true stories XXX


11690 - I've been having an affair with my mom for three months. It started when I caught her with one of my friends, and she said she'd do anything if I wouldn't tell my dad. Apparently she wasn't kidding, because we've been having sex all the time since then. This is a dream come true for me, because, like most boys, I've been fantasizing about her since I was like 13.


20563 - Hi, My name is Melissa. I am 18 years old and I CONSTANTLY dream of having my grandpa take my virginity... I always think about him sneaking into my room when i'm putting a swimming suit on an rubbing his bulge against my swim bottoms. rubbing my ass as he humps me. and then pulling his thing out and making me suck it until its nice and hard and then pushing me on my bed, pushing my swimming suit to the side, pulling my legs up over his shoulders and sticking his hard stick into my virgin sex box and as he fucks me saying "Yea baby that's a good girl! who's papa's girl huh? who's papa's good girl?" and that's my sick dream it is all 100% true and I just needed to talk about it to get it off my chest :)


20204 - My mom and I have been having sex now for 9 years,don,t know how it started but it did,she is a hot beutiful women,
blonde bombshell,we do it 4-6 times a week,soo awsome when she sucking on me or I,m going down on her, sucking her beutiful breast is great,filling all her holes with my cum
she looks alot younger then she is,bought her some hot slutty cloths and she wears them for me every so often dance,s for me,and shakes her god given beuty,tits and ass
just wanted to share,will write other stories of my sexcapades of her and I,also have a sister and aunts and a few female cousins that I have incest relationships too


18228 - Hey i have been wanting to have sex with my mother for years now.i once caught her in my brothers bed naked when i was young since then she is on my mind!
she used to rub her tits on me when i was little and let me play with them this is very true! i used to lick them and everything i was like 7.i have been taking her panties and stuff for awhile but very cautiously.when i was 15 we moved out into the country 1 hour away from all our friends and family it was just me and mom i would get so horny for her but i was to scared to make a move.

i am pretty sure she gave me alot of opourtunities but i was way to night she came home piss drunk wearing a sexy dress and made me sit next to her on the couch another night she called me into her room wearing nothing but panties and a see through shirt she kept suggesting i sleep in her bed that she was a little lonely
she did plenty of things like this i am very pissed off i didnt make a move! now she has a bf and im screwed!