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14145 - The other day i was in the gym's shower with my brother, naked, and i felt such an sexual urge, i could have suck him right away he looked so handsome and all buff from the training his long dick hanging half in erection Mmmm oh man!


20183 - By brother use to beat me up until I was about 10 years old. Then he asked me one day to come in his room with his friends and play a game. It was a card game and the loser had to do what ever the winner wanted. I of course lost and they made me suck their dicks. After that my brother would be nice to me. He would call me in his room almost every night after everyone was asleep and asked me to suck his dick. I did it because I wanted my brother to like me. I asked him to tell me before he came, it he never seemed to tell me before his cum would shoot into my month. After a while I started to kind of like it. This went on for about 2 years. After he got a girl friend he did want me doing that anymore. So I started sucking my little brother dick even before he could cum. I have not suck a guys dick in 20 years but still have the desire. A year over so I tried to suck my dogs dick, he seemed to like it for a while but he gets real jumpy about it.


19827 - My Brother pays me to suck him off and he told his friend that I would suck his dick for $20. The one time I sucked his friend off he pulled my pants down and saw my pussy and now he wants it or he will tell everyone about paying me to suck him off.
Can I just tell everyone he lies?


15028 - I live with my boyfriend and his brother, and when my boyfriend goes out to work I sneak into his brother's room and climb under the covers to suck his dick. Then I'll climb up and straddle him until he cums in me.

I even did this once at night while my boyfriend was sleeping. I crept out of bed and went to his brother's room, where I fucked him slowly. It was so erotic moving my pussy slowly over his cock, the only thing you could hear was our quiet breathing. Then I went back to my boyfriend's bed and started sucking his dick. He woke up and pushed me face first down onto the bed and fucked me hard doggy. I made sure to scream loud when I came, so that his brother could hear me having an orgasm.


11577 - My little brother who is 15 is so cool. he lets me and my girlfriend were 17 take his close off and suck his dick. he likes it when he cumz inour mouth. sometimes we take our close off and let him fuck us. he likes that too