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11575 - When me and my husband go to my parents' house for a dinner or BBQ or some boring family function I take my hubby to my father's woodshop behind the garage and suck his dick. First time it was kinda spontaneous and exciting, of course. Then it became kind of a "thank you" to him for putting up with my family. But now, well the last three times, i suck his dick and make sure when he shoots i hold as much cum as possible, without swallowing. Which can be hard to do with him. Then I walk back into the house with my mouth full of cum and I make it a kinda contest to see how long I can hold it before I swallow. And it's SO HOT!!! I look my brother right in the eye, look my dad right in the eye, look at my mother and whoever else I can find right in the eye and I think if they only knew MY MOUTH IS FULL OF CUM. It's such a freakin' hot feeling. Each time I've gotten wet, and hubby usually fingers me or watches me do myself on the drive home. I know I could never bring myself to do it, but when my sister comes home from school this summer I want to show her my cum-filled mouth before I swallow. Or maybe just walk right back into the house with cum all over my face. This turns me on just thinking about it. But I don't hate my family or anything. It's just kinky, but no one is getting hurt or ashamed or anything. Anybody else ever do something like this? I can't be the only one.


17809 - I recall when I was about seven,playing doctor & nurse with a friend & his sister,I was almost always the patient.After we were around nine,he would always have me & his sister give him head until he would cum,he told us this was our medicine and we had to always swallow all of it.When he grew up he became a priest and his sister a nun ! I'm in my fourth year of nursing at a well known medical college,now.It still turns me on to think of some of my childhood perks.i sometimes wonder if my childhood friends ever think back without a thousand Hail Marries ?


22187 - So my girlfriend just told me the greatest thing in the world she told me that over the last 2 years of our relationship that I've been dating her identical twin sister too, she told me that her sister had a crush on me a bit after me and let's call my girl bella and her sister ella started dating so bella continued and said after all of our dates she'd always tell ella about it then ella said she wish she had a guy like me so bella said why not and started letting ella come on some of the date with me, after about 4 months of dating we started having sex and it was great not knowing that I was fucking both sisters after I thought about it I should have know bella has a little mole right next to her belly button and ella doesn't I was to caught up in the sex to even realise that I had been Fucking to different girls but now that bella told me all three of us do everything together I love having 2 sexy twin sister for girlfriends and I love that I get to have sex with both of them too, I think the hottest thing I've seen them do beside kiss each other is eat my cum out of their pussys which ever sister I cum in the other eats her out then cum swap and they both swallow my load. God you have to love twins