Latest Sex With Children Confessions:


17657 - Most of you are rapists. your children, your girlfriend/wife's children, someone else's kid. Some random sleeping woman, someone drunk someone you 'just knew wanted your dick' you raped them. congratulations.


24171 - She told me that she is going to be fucked soon one way or another and that i have to watch the children while she goes away to fuck him. She said i have to know that she is going to have sex. She is putting it in my face. She knows she turns me on, she is a hot mama.


17268 - I have been having sex with my brother when I was 17 and he 20.He was my first and we enjoyed it very much. He is 46 now and I'm 43 and we both are married with children. He loves my children to bits and I love his as well. The other day he visited me and we were alone at my house.He told me about his dull sex life and I told him that my current husband's penis is the size of my little pinky. I know he has a huge penis cos I had it on many occasions. While we were talking he walked up to me and touched me on my venus. I was turned on instantaneously but did not reveal this to him instead I shoved his hand away from me. I know he wants to fuck me and I also want him but I'm confused after all these years. I'm not sure what to do.


10491 - I know that I've been a lesbian most of my life, however, I have always lived my life as a heterosexual female. Because of the fact that most of my friends and family would never accept my sexuality, I've hidden it my entire life. I've been married for 17 years and have 3 children. On occassion I will meet up with another women for sex and desire nothing more than to be able to come clean with this secret.


14598 - I always wanted to fuck my pretty cousin sister of my age knowing that she was in love and had regular sex with her boyfriend. Although she didn't like, I pressed her boobs whenever I got her alone, even finger-fucked her once while asleep. She has married the man and has become mother of two children. Chances are dim, still I fantasize her for a memorable fuck one day.