Latest Pet Sex Confessions:


17873 - I love to take little white poodle's anally while wearing pantyhose and singing to MC Hammer. Sometimes i even fondle my pet frog. I am one lucky bastard.


22906 - It happened again she looked back at me again with her wink and I had to fall to my knees and lick her ass, mind blowing oral sex I just love my pet turtle!. ( but sometimes it is hard to get my tongue all the way under her shell) come to think of it I never had that problem with my pet Iguana..,


13075 - Yes for sure. I witnessed a sex scene of an unmarried woman of about 25 with her pet dog called Banti. It was not intercourse as such. I saw the woman sitting in her arm chair reading a magazine and the dog lifted himsef up her bare leg gripping her thigh with his forelegs and making motions of fucking. I saw the dog's protruding penis of about four to five inches long and of adequate girth of the size of an adult man. As I watched the scene from a distance of about ten feet without her knowledge she encouraged the pet to continue when he just gave up and started licking his own penis. On encouragement from the lady he approached her again wagging his tail. She now lifted her saree upto above her waistline displaying her vulva (though I could not see her cunt as I was at the back of her chairand the dog definitely sniffed her cunt. Since any intercourse in that position is not possible, she manipulated the pet's penis with her nimble fingers as he sniffed her vulva. I was about to sneeze and withdrew hastily and she never found me out peeping.


18333 - My daughter who is in her late 30"s came over while I was sitting on the couch. I was next to my pet dog. She started petting the dog but nor realising it, she was rubbing her tits on my arm. She has nice big tits. Now I fantisize about her all the time. I know that she loves to have sex, and I want to have her over when she is drunk. Then I will tell her how I feel, Maybe let her see me first with no underwear on, and big. I want to do everything to her. I really need to suck her tits, and play for a long time. I just don"t want her to get upset with this. How should I proceed to see if my daughter will be willing?


14141 - I recently started fooling around with my boss. It started as a nsa thing, with me just blowing him occasionally. I'm married and when we started fooling around, he was single. Now he's got a live in gf. We've progressed past nsa now though, we've developed feelings, and they're only getting deeper. We've set a date for the first time we'll actually have sex, and while I can't wait, i'm terrified I won't be able to give him up if we follow through. The heavy petting has me so turned on that its his face I see when I masturbate or have sex with my husband. I know I shouldn't be doing this, but I can't seem to give it up