Latest Incest Niece Uncle Confessions:


21358 - I want to make love to my sexy young niece so badly, but I don't know how to tell her. I wish I knew what to do to get her to let me seduce her and let me have my way with her...


17814 - I reside in new york.I am adopted so this incest encounter isn't full on incest but what ever. When I was say 13 and my niece was 11 I belive we were normal niece and uncle. She always appeared to me as annoying cry baby who always ran after her older brother which is my nephew who was more my age bracket.we are all chocolate skin complextion and my niece had baby boomer syndrom meaning she had thick baby fat handles and could pass for early teen. One day while in the basement playing with her brother and my brother we were alone because everyone went she took it upon herself to put her hand down my pants n play with me. I was shocked but not so much becuase they live in the projects so girls there should be exposed to more growing up to speed later on I put her under a cover and licked her between her cheeks . That's as far as we went so far .


13082 - I'm 29, married, and a good looking woman. Recently I have emailed my uncle naked pics of myself and have agreed to have sex with him next time we visit. We live a few states away. It started as some innocent joking online and has commenced to this. I actually look forward to it. He's only 41 and kind of cute.


15953 - I really have to get this out before I go crazy.
I just read a story about incest with a niece and her hot uncle. And it made me think of my uncle... Oh man.
My uncle is sexy. He has curly brown hair and gorgeous brown eyes. He's amazingly tall and has the right amount of muscle... He's now the pinnacle of my fantasy at the moment. It's all making me think about what real sex would be like with him and boy do I really wanna know...
But he's married and he has a perfect Christian life with his wife and I guess they're happy... It only make sme want him more of course since I have his thing for all things forbidden...
Oh that felt good to let out.


22403 - I'm 18 and my uncle (my father's cousin) is only 19 and is obviously attracted to me but I pretend like I don't notice. He always tells me I'm pretty and that he loves me and I just let him. We were classmates some time in high school and I remember one of his exes telling me that he confessed once that he really loves me and he's aware that it's incest. Now we're both single and he's always giving hints and I have been thinking that maybe I gotta give in and sin a little. I really don't see him as my uncle anyway and nobody's going to find out anyway,
Wow. Feels good to let that all out.