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13353 - I've noticed when my aunt gets drunk she gives me this look like she's hungry for the cock, I must admit I would really love fucking her, the incest part is a crazy hot taboo and what draws me to it.


16497 - I'm 19.My 36 yo Aunt Rose kept leaning across the dinner table the other night,on purpose,after she caught me eyeing her cleavage.She's asian and I'm hot for her.When we sat on the couch,all of us to watch a movie, she sat next to me and unbuttoned one more button on her blouse to give me a good view.I know she did it on purpose.We see them every weekend.I want to fuck my Mom's younger sister so much it hurts!


21747 - Me my mom and my aunt went fishing and combined it with swimming. We wore our swim suits. I am 15 but very well developed in the man dept. I wore my speedo, aunt of 34 wore her white bikini , mom an aqua colored bikini.I noticed my aunt looking me over a few times, almost got a hard-on.We fished till it started getting hot then got in the water.We got out to lay out and dry off.I couldn't believe my eyes ,I could faintly see thru my aunts bikini, the triangle patch of thick hair and nipple outlines on her 34dd boobs.Mom got out and her nipples poked hard at the material,and A big lipped camel toe showed. I got a big hard on seeing all that meat in front of me. My 9 " tried its best to pop out of my waste band.Mom and aunt becky pretended not to notice it, but my aunt stole a few looks when she thought mom wasn't looking. She sugested we go to the bait shop up the road and get some pop since we didn't bring a cooler, and wanted me to help her. I went with her in her van. About 1/2 way there she pulled into vacant area.She said , get that big boy out , I want to see it.I pulled my trunks down and she got hold of it and started skinning it back.She pulled her bikini bottom down and said , do you want some of this , we got in the back of the van , I shot my load in about 2 minutes, she wipped it off , it was already hard again,I stuck it in her all the way ,she loved it. we fucked for at least a 1/2 hour.then we went and got the pop . Mom didn't say a word, just looked at aunt Becky and smiled. Mom is a divorced woman and at home that night she wore her bikini till bed time. I sneaked a peak at her camel toe every chance I got.She saw me a few times.After she showered she came into my room and got in bed with me. She said me clanceing at her camel toe made her horny, and by what see had seen bulgeing my swim trunks , I was more than man enough to satisfy her. We fucked all night and most of the next day. We drained each other. She is a very good fuck, better than aunt Becky


21626 - This is a true story that happened a week ago.Iam Brian,19years old and lives in Kitale.
I had always had fantasies about my aunt for years and i had no courage to face her.may be because i was too young or she was too cute.
Ever since i saw her pussy accidentally,i had always had alot of hard times with my cock.i could masterbate up to 7times aday thinking of her hairy cunt(i came to confirm later that her pussy was so hairy,juicy and ready to welcome any cock)
One day she asked me to escort her to a shop a few yards away from her house(she was married,had a 9years daughter and my auncle although still at 30 had a vasectomy,so i think my aunt was deprived of a good cock to fuck)
she had a see through dress and one could see the outline of her pants as they try to escape through her round ass....
To be continued
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15184 - I went to visit my aunt last year, yeah she's pretty hot if she wasn't related to me I would definately fuck the shit out of her, anyways I over heard her and friends talking about how many dicks they suck and I think she said 52 or 22 diffrent guys and she loves taking it in the ass and she swallow too this really blew me away I always thought she was innocent and 3 more crazy thing I herd her say 1 was that she went home with these 2 black dudes they fucked so hard all night she couldn't close her legs or sit down for 3 days and she had to call in sick 2 she a my other aunt use to have threesomes with some 38 year old man every weekend when they were in highschool 3 acouple of days before I came to visit she fucked the cable or satalie guy whatever guy on the kitchen floor and cummed in her pussy with no condom and the same day she went out to the club and got fucked by 7 guys in the bathroom then went over to one of those guys house and fucked ramdom guys that came over to that house until 9 in the morning and she said she fucked so many guys that night she couldn't keep track of how many people was there. That's shit is crazy I never would in a million years think she was like that