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15815 - The other day my friend in drunk condition unfold his hate towards his mom, whom he has witnessed secretly fucking with his dad's friend.
Since then, I get tempted to fuck his middle-aged mom. Oh! what will be the gr8 pleasure of getting her full naked for unabated sex in doggie style.
Go ahead...?? What u say?


18760 - This is not much but I've always had someone's mom to fantasise about. I have a friend and her mom is so hot I remember acting drunk and falling into her double D breast it was great because she was loving it. she was a single mom that got little attention only because she never had time to go out she worked full time so she drunk at any opportunity and this got me a face full of tits daily ... She loved me and gave me hug at any time she felt like it. I also remember fucking and sucking her while she slept on several occasions when I slept round there house.


20050 - It happened when I least expected it to happen. I was 11 years old and I was the youngest of 3 kids and my mother was a 33 year old divorced woman in the 60's and 70's, Mom worked 2 jobs sometimes 3 jobs to keep a roof over our head and clean cloths and fed. Mom was a knockout, 5'6" and tone athletic legs tan and firm , 36dd tits, nice round ass, and beautiful auburn hair. Mom had a wild streak in her when she drank alcohol, she really became a slut, get her drunk and she would do whatever you wanted. She had a reputation in my neighborhood as the slut. This one time I was with my 3 best friends Tom, Joe and David. We were out drinking and went to my house drunk and stoned, my mom wasn't supposed to be there but when we walked up her car was in the driveway. I whispered to the guys to follow me quietly as we went and crouched in front of the window and I peaked in , there was mom drunk and sitting on the couch with just her t shirt on and panties with no bra. We went in and mom barley moved and really didn't even know we were there, Tom sat next to her and Joe on the other side. She just spread out and took Toms cock out of his shorts and started to slowly jack him off, Joe started feeling her tits and his hand went to her inside of her thighs and his fingers found the sweet juicy mound of puss. I took moms head and brought it down to my hard 7 inch cock. We ended up fucking her and putting our cum anywhere we wanted.


14217 - My mom and i had sex way back when i was 16 and she was 38 and was drunk .Thereafter i tried to have sex with my mom but she resisted it and said no every time, calling it incest and a mistake. But i started jerking in front of her and even fondled her at every chance i got. After many days of this she finally looked vulnerable one day and i forced myself on her. it was not rape but she cried after i fucked my mom. Ever since that day we have been having sex regularly and both enjoy it. We have kept the incest word aside and are not mom and son when fucking .


23359 - I'm 18, this morning at 3 am mom came home drunk. I woke up and when to the bathroom, i came back to my room she was naked in my bed.

I said mom what are you doing. She was crying and said I'm fat and can' t get a man to tuck me.

Mom is about 5 foot 4 and weights 200 lbs, so she is fat.

Then she said fuck me please, I want to feel good. Make me feel good. Please.

I reached for me and my cock got hard at once. I was inside her in no time.
We tucked for 20 minutes mom came and came then I came inside her.

She kept saying I love you over and over. We made love 3 more times today.
She asleep know but I want more.

She is fat but she can fuck