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20160 - My step daughter is so hot i want to suck her cunt and ass then feed my cock in all her holes but i know i cant so i jack off in her food every chance i get she has eaten a gallon of my cum


19509 - When I married my wife her daughter was 17 and hot as hll I wanted to fk her the first time i saw her she has nice big titts i have spied on her in the shower and jacked off now she is 23 and spends a lot of time at our house when i get the chance i love to jack off in her food or drink so i know she is eating my load i just wish i could put in strate in her mouth


20020 - I'm a forty two year old widower with two teenage daughters. One of whom has just turned eighteen.
We had a party after she and her boyfriend Nathan got back from Ibiza, which I paid for, to celebrate her birthday and lots of her friends were invited along with Nathan, who's just turned twenty years old.
The party went fantastically well and I really enjoyed watching my daughter have fun with her friends.
I don't normally drink, but because it was my daughters eighteenth, so I did and I got for me very tipsy if not a little drunk.
By One in the morning I was drunk and shattered as I'd been up from very early the morning before, preparing the house and all the food and drink. I went up to bed leaving my daughter and her friends still enjoying themselves, but asking them to be reasonably quiet for the neighbours.
At first I thought I was dreaming, then the feeling became stronger and stronger until I awoke with Nathan's head between my legs. I wasn't fully awake and still very groggy from the drink and before I knew it I realised I was naked and I was cumming.
The orgasm was amazing even though I wasn't fully with it and then what followed has changed the whole dynamics of my and my eldest daughters life.
Nathan, without asking or having any hesitation Lifted me and turned me onto my stomach. He gripped each hip and pulled me into a kneeling position and then in one long hard thrust he entered my soaking wet pussy.
It was wrong and I knew it was wrong but I didn't stop him, in fact when his cock slid back into me the second time I backed onto him.
For about ten minutes we fucked like this until I came for the second time.
Nathan wanted to carry on fucking me that way but I moved him around and got him to enter me missionary as I raised my legs high, making him penetrate me deeper.
I began to kiss him and as he built up his thrusting, I came again, only seconds before Nathan unloaded his cum deep inside me.
We kissed passionately for about five minutes, my hands exploring his youthful body and cock, before Nathan got up, kissed my head and left me to sleep.
The following morning I woke up smiling to myself on my own, but with a sense of beautiful wonton lust being satisfied.
My daughter and Nathan were having breakfast when I went into the kitchen. Nathan stood up and walked straight up to me and kissed me full on the lips, his tongue seeking mine. I pulled back with a whole spiral of thoughts rushing through my mind.
Then my daughter stood up put her arms around me and said "Thank you for a wonderful birthday, I hope Nathan thanked you enough for the both of us".
As I've said, the whole dynamics between us has changed, My daughter knew and agreed for Nathan to have sex with me and though nothing has happened again since, my daughter often chats to me about Nathan loving the taste and feeling of my sex, and maybe I should enjoy him again, sometime.
Something I secretly hope for too.


14285 - I'm divorced and live alone two blocks from the beach in California. My college daughter and her friend stayed with me during summer break. Her friend linda flirted with me all the time. She would touch me lightly and run to get me a beer when I wanted it. My daughter lisa secretly told me Linda liked me but she didn't want to hear any details. Anyway Lisa went to vegas with her boyfriend leaving Linda and me alone for the weekend. Lisa left about 4pm and Linda said she would make dinner. She made great Mexican food and very strong margaritas. We drank and ate and drank some more. I was getting pretty horny and suggested we go in the hot tub. At this time we hadn't done anything together and I was planning how to proceed when she came out with only her bikini bottoms on. Her breasts were perfect and very tight. She walked up to me and put her hands on my face and gave me a slow deep kiss. We kissed for a while and skipped the hot tub. We went to my bedroom and I took off her bottoms and pulled off my trunks. She was so young and fit and was really into me. She wanted to please me and took my hard dick in her mouth. I could have cum in a second but I wanted to fuck her. I turned her over and entered her from behind and roughly gave it to her. She loved it and came strongly and moaned out loud. I liked the control and told her to suck my dick. She did right away and I told her to swallow my cum. She smiled and I shot a giant load of sperm into her sweet lips. She took it all and gagged a little but swallowed. That weekend I had complete control over this 21yo girl and I took care of her own fantasies and mine.


14112 - This started back in 1991. I am in the UK, where the age of consent is 16. My step daughter who was then 16 came home from school and after my wife went out she told me her best friend who was 17 was having sex with her father, and said her friend said it was the best sex, cos it was so wrong and she really enjoyed cheating on her mother. I remember asking Victoria how she felt and she said 'well you know, if its that good' and gave me a slutty grin. I told her it would change eveything but she came to me and open mouth kissed me, and I guess the size of my cock bulge told her she would get what she wanted. I took her to her room and I must admit I screwed the sexy little ass off her. She is petite, pale, slim, with short ginger hair. Her pussy was wet through as I fingered and licked her to orgasm, and she was shouting the house down as I reamed into her tight little and very wet hole. Wow she felt food, and I lost all claims to be a good father that day.

Next day was even better, she didn't go to school and I didn't go to work. I let her suck me off, then I screwed her like a doggy as she writhed and I let her say filthy things. Watching her little pussy being stretched by my penis and her little tits jiggling as I fucked her was fantastic. Soon after we met her friend and her father and we had 4somes, with the girls being screwed simultaneously in the anus as well as the slut hole, and eating cum from each others holes. I even fucked Vicky since she got married