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24056 - He wants to leave her for me. I know i make him cry. when i told them I masturbated the vacuum cleaner for the pedo, I masturbated everything for the pedo when i was a kid. he shoved his hands or sausage knobs at my pussy or the vacumm cleaner nossle at my pussy when i was a kid.

telling all this is so embarrassing.

how the old pedo bought dirty magazines and had me looking at porn and talking dirty when i was a child of 5 or getting me to draw tits and hairy cunts on women in magazines when i was 5 years old.

it makes me sick and dirty and makes me wonder what people must think of me.


23825 - I went to live with my grandmother after my parents died in an accident. She had been living alone since my grandfather left her for a younger woman. She gave me my first fuck when I was just 13. She hadn't had cock in over 5 years and she was desperate for it. I'm 21 now and we fuck almost every night. At weekends we often fuck on the sofa in the daytime. She has never denied me anything I wanted, and happily gives me blowjobs. She also enjoys 69ers, something my grandfather would never do for he. - James


23821 - One evening, when I was 12 years old, I lay in bed, reading; I heard a noise coming from my father’s bedroom which was next to mine. I thought that I could hear someone talking. I crept to Daddy’s room and eased open the door and saw Daddy lying on the bed watching a film. The woman in the film was naked and sitting over a man’s face. Daddy was rubbing his rigid penis as the man licked at the woman’s pussy. It was not the first time that I had seen Daddy’s cock but it had always been limp. Now it was thick and hard, and Daddy was groaning as he pounded it up and down.
Suddenly, Daddy heard me as I opened the door a little wider. “Is that you, Marilyn,” he asked in a hushed voice; his hand was still holding his cock.
“Yes, Daddy,” I replied. “I thought I heard you talking with someone.”
Daddy paused the DVD and tried to cover his erection. “I was only watching television.”
Seeing that the woman now had the man’s cock in her mouth, I asked timidly, “Can I watch with you Daddy? It’s so cold tonight. Can I come in bed with you?”
Daddy used the remote to turn down the sound. As he did so, he got under the sheets and said, “If you really want to, darling. Come on!”
I got into bed with him and snuggled up close. “Daddy,” I said, looking at the TV, “What are they doing, and why were you rubbing yourself like that?” I thought I knew the answer to my second question as I had discovered the pleasure I got from rubbing my own slit and clitty.
“Daddy, can I watch you play with yourself,” I said softly as my hand brushed against his cock. “I do it sometimes when I feel itchy. It makes me feel nice,” I confided in him. “What were those people in the TV doing,” I asked naïvely. “Why was that man licking the woman’s pussy? Does she like that?”
“Yes, my little one, women like that a lot. Would you like me to lick your little pussy,” he asked hesitantly.
I sat up and looked at Daddy as I peeled off my short nightie and white cotton panties.
Daddy looked at my naked body and told me to spread my legs wide.
I did as Daddy bade. As I did so my lfingers slipped down my thighs as I spread them further. I heard Daddy sigh as I opened up the lips to my little slit. “Daddy,” I pleaded, “may I see what you were watching. I want to learn so much, Daddy.”
Daddy used the remote and I saw a man lapping a woman’s pussy. The woman was holding his head and groaning audibly.
He watched as my fingers, now slipping into my little slit. I was fingering myself, but it was dry. "Darling, lick your fingers; it'll get your little pussy nice and wet."
I slipped my fingers into my mouth and my father's cock lurched as he wished it was his cock in my mouth instead of my fingers. Then my fingers went to my slit, slipping in and out, and occasionally stroking my swollen clit. It was so wet. "Daddy, do you like it when you watch me? I like watching you."
My let out a moan, "Oh yes! I like to watch you. Rub it for Daddy. Show Daddy what you like. Rub it a little faster, and rub your clitty too."
I watched my father watching my while I slowly rubbed his big swollen cock; then my eyes went to the TV screen, "Daddy, will you lick me like that man's doing to that woman? I want to feel it like it’s like."
My father dropped to his knees and licked at my slit and clitty. My father licked my aching cunt, and then began to finger-fuck me. Then he lay back, rolling me over on top of him with my pussy close to his mouth.
"Lick me Daddy!" I said as I ground myself down on him.
"Darling, do the same thing to Daddy's cock, lick Daddy too." He felt my mouth going over the head of his thick cock and I began to lick and suck.
After a few minutes he made my stop. "Darling, turn around and sit on Daddy's lap." He helped my straddle him and then rubbed my swollen clit with the tip of his throbbing erection. “Lie down on Daddy’s cock.” he whispered.
I lay forward as he slipped the knob of his cock between my pussy lips.
Taking me by the hips, he slid his cock into me, causing me to cry out as he ruptured my hymen, and then slid his cock deeper inside me. Then he began to fuck me in earnest.
It was not long before I felt him jerking off as he shot his spunk up me. When he withdrew he rolled my over and licked at my slit, sucking it until I had a second cum.
I’m 37 now, married with three children, but I still manage to fuck with Daddy at least once a week.


23805 - I have been fucking with my son since he was eleven. I was a widow, and my husband had died in a car driven by a woman he was having an affair with.
It started when I was drying him off after a bath. He got a real little boner. Although it was small, it was hard like iron. I began to rub and suck on it, unable to stop myself. I had been without sex for more than a year before my husband died.
After some minutes, my son had an orgasm. At nine, it was a dry one, but very powerful, leaving him holding my head tight and breathing heavily. I took him to my room, and it wasn’t long before I had him hard again. Climbing over him, I eased his cock into my cunt. I was soon able to get his little boner rubbing my G-spot. It was out of this world. When I finally orgasmed, I screamed out before collapsing off him. That night, I took him to my bed, and we’ve slept together ever since.
He is fourteen now, and had his first wet cum five weeks ago. We fuck three or four times an evening, sometimes on the sofa or floor but most often in bed. I haven’t gone on the pill yet. I may do so next month.
In the meantime, I don’t actually mind if my son gets me pregnant. I just love his hard cock up me. - Violet