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26912 - I have been involved in incest since I was 7. I am a male and have been with my mom grandmother and grandfather. I have had sex with each many times. I had sex with my mom up till I was 30. And had sexual relationship with grandparents till they both passed away.


26909 - I got drunk with my dad a few weeks ago. I am 26, he is 54. I was home visiting. We went out to the bar down the road. I woke up to him fingering me and jerking off. He stopped and went to stand up, but I was drunk and horny. I started sucking him and telling him he could fuck me. He made me cum so hard. It took about an hour, but holy shit. And we had he filthiest talk. Next day was awkward.He acted like it never happened. I went there last nihht and we had dinner, some drinks. I brought it up. He apologized, and got real upset. I took off my shirt and lifted my skirt. We fucked and fucked. He is a thin, tall, balding man. I am fat and have long black hair. Just for a bit of visual.


26901 - Yesterday was my younger sister's birthday, and my sister, my mother and I had dinner out at the Olive Garden. During the course of dinner, my sister asked my mother about her love life, and my mother let her know she was just fine being on her own since it had been almost 2 years since she had divorced my second step-father.
What my sister doesn't know is for the last 16 years my mother and I have been lovers. I could only imagine how my sister would react if she knew less than an hour before we met for dinner, I had just finished fucking our mother like a two dollar whore on my couch, and her panties were likely bursting at the seams with the mess left inside her.
I sat and listened to my sister and mother bicker at each other about my sister getting involved in our mothers love life before they dropped it, and we changed subjects as we ate dinner. My mother told me years ago when she divorced my second step-father that she had no desire to be with another man other than me, and with my recent divorce from my wife, we have been spending a lot of time together lately.