Latest Incest Confessions:


25545 - My mother was a real cock teaser and was always exposing her body to me and giving me hard-ons. Sometimes she would even get on top of me and rub her crotch against my boner! I would have given and eye to have fucked her! She did jack me off a few times. We would sometimes take baths or showers together. We would soap up each others privates good.


25543 - My wife's brothers used to use her for their sex toy back when she was a teenager, and one of them ended up knocking her up when she was twenty, which is what led to us getting married. We were broke up at he time he knocked her up, but then she called me up and asked if I still wanted to marry her. She was pretty far along by then. Now we had not been married for much over a month when she began having an affair with the kid next door, who was well-endowed in the pecker department. She says she believes he had a 9 or 10 incher, but I am inclined to believe she was exaggerating it. One day when I had to work late, they fucked 5 or 6 times. She said he really wore her out. He was still wanting to fuck some more when she made him leave. The next day her pussy was sure sore from all that fucking. She sometimes used to fantasize that her young lover was actually her own son. If her son had lived, she was planning to teach him about fucking with some practical experience.


25531 - I have nasty desires for my aunt and atimes stroke all day, thinkig of her giving a sensual BJ. Have never tried to express these feeling in fron tof her. I'm scared. Am I wrong, sinner?


25526 - My sister in law and I use to have these moments for years as she grew up. She was 15 and I was 28. She would joke with me brush by and touch my groin in the hall. Eventually when we were in the same house alone at times we would get into these wrestling games. We both knew what it was. She would let me pin her to the ground, with her legs spread and looking me directly in the eyes.
One time I got rock hard, and when she was pinned and felt it, she wound her waist and I reciprocated. This went on for maybe 1 or two mins until I heard that unmistakable wet pussy sound.
I hoped up.. and that was the last time anything ever happened. She hated me from that day on. Felt rejected I believe...