Latest Incest Confessions:


25610 - I and my uncle had a sexual rerelationship for a some
years. It started wheneve I was 5years old. He would call me to the kitchen and made me lie on the floor. Then he would pull my panty down and remove it. He woUld take his cock and rub it on my pussy until he cum. Back then I thought he was giving my pussy milk. After he would clean me up and put back my panty on me. What I hated was the after pain,the bruises and the burning afterwards.
Yet I went to him everyday for my pussy milk from my uncle.I used to enjoy having him do that to me so much that I useseduction to beg him to do it and I even used to hid in his room to get fuck by him.
Whenever he was not around I get vex.Until one day I showed my brothers what to do. Which lead me to teach my cousins too,my pussy had to get its milk whenever it was hungry. At nights I still went to my uncle to fuck with him. As I grew I started fucking for money which I got from my uncle. I now grown married with children and now find myself wanting him again I even asked him to do it but he lives in the same house with my mom and that makes it hard for me now. Which is funny because back then people was always around just that no one would of thinkink he was fucking me because of his age, he waas about 15yrs older and milking a 5yrs pussy every day.
I wonder why I never told anyone wheneve I was in pain or all bruised up! Was it because I was a nympho from birth and my uncle knew that,that is why I was his fuck toy which I lovel and enjoyed.

I spend my days and nights thinking how to get my uncle and stepfather to fuck me. My pussy aches so much for their cock,I want feel it in me so bad. I want my stepfather to fuck me doggie style rough and hard like how he used to fuck my mom making her groan and moan as he fuck her. Its mily turn to enjoy his cock in my cunt and I will do anything to get it even fuck with his friend if he suggest it.That is how bad I want to feel him in me.


25609 - I'm female. When I was a 14 my cousin forced me to suck his cock. I saw him for the first time since then yesterday. I fantasized about cutting his cock off, slapping him in the face with it and shoving it down his throat til he chokes on, like I did! I HATE him!


25605 - My girlfriend of four years has been having sex with her brother for eight years. He comes up on Friday nights and will stay a week with us leaving the next weekend on Sunday evening. When I go to work for the day they play with each other and have sex until I come home, all week long. This happens one week every month. We both do her every night for an hour or so, she likes double penetration. She likes to talk about sex with us as she plays with her pussy in the evenings. Before he leaves to go home, we both take turns on her all day Saturday. She is such a cock slut.


25600 - Cell ##4096583364i want to chat with someone else that has had a consensual incestous relationship with someone in their direct family and we can share our experiences I have 13yrsof them to tell and never less than 6931 times a week so a lot I have had sex with my mom aunt cousins grandmother and my 17yrs old daughter I was 13yrs old when my girl friend had Danita