Latest Beastiality Confessions:


24018 - My wife mates with our two dogs most every day, some times more. She has been doing this for the past three years now. I catch her while they are humping her or while they are knotted. I do not have sex with her much any more. She likes the dogs better and has told me so. I have accepted it and don't think much of it any more. She is happy and the dogs seem to like doing her.


23956 - I have been exclusively with male dogs, horses, ponies and donkeys my whole life. First time was a friends Dane--sucked him off at first then was mounted. Never took his knot--too big. Knotted by my Lab when I was 15. Hooked! Sucked off first horse when I was 17 and fucked by a pony age 18. Since then I have had over 1000 animals--all male. Never been with a human. I have dogs now and we mate several times a day. Also have a stallion at nearby stable who I suck and jack once a day. I work from home so I have plenty of time! I am a 53 year old male(who looks way younger--must be all that semen!


23922 - My dog is always sticking his nose into my crotch and sniffing me like he thinks I am a bitch in heat and sometimes he will get erections!!!! They look so BIG!!! He even will grab hold of my leg and start to humping. I guess he must be trying to mate with me, but can not figure out just how to go about it. Sometimes he hurts me he squeezes my leg so hard!!!
I confess that he gets me horny and I wonder what it would be like if we could mate? But I am afraid that that would probably hurt! I have heard of beastiality, but I think it is mostly a guy thing.


23911 - I admit to fucking my dog .. and felt embarrassed when my dad saw me.