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26418 - I have a girlfriend but i just went to the adult book store/ glory hole and got fucked in the ass by two black dudes and it was amazing


26410 - I am an adult female. My husband of 30 years recently passed away ~ he was 27 years older than me. Even before he passed away, I had started seeing an old school mate that I had gotten reacquainted with on fb. The last few years of my marriage, sex was nonexistent. I loved my husband, but I still had my needs. As a kinda innocent way of getting my needs taken care of, I got addicted to online flirting and cyber-sex. My new boyfriend is great in bed and introduced me to a whole world of new sexual experiences. He is a perpetually tanned, tattooed construction worker and very romantic. Even though he is everything I could ever hope for in a lover, I was still addicted to the fantasy world I could create on the internet. I could act like a total slut and yet still remain safe behind the anonymity of the internet. Before I got with my boyfriend, I had never had my pussy eaten, given head, fingered a man's butthole, or role played. I let my boyfriend try to put his cock in my butt, but it just hurt way too much. He does occasionally put a finger up there when we are going at it doggy style and though it is somewhat uncomfortable for me, it doesn't really hurt. Anyway, my boyfriend got annoyed with how much time I was spending on the computer and installed a spy program to find out what I was up to. One Friday night, he talked me into letting him tie me up to the bed. I didn't know it, but he had slipped some ectasy into my pop earlier. I thought my head was just swimming from the lust I felt at having one of my unspoken fantasies fulfilled. He tied me tightly face-down on the bed with a pillow under my belly so my butt was up in the air and then he blindfolded me. He covered my body with light pecking kisses that had me twitching in no time. He slid his long hard cock into my pussy and pounded me so good! I especially enjoy how he talks to me when we go at it ~ telling me to take the cock and calling me his little slut whore! Most of the time, he is very sweet and respectful towards me, so the bedroom talk never bothered me. Then, the nightmare began. His cock was still hard after banging my pussy and he greased it up and started pressing it against my tight asshole. I screamed in pain, but he kept pushing it into me! He told me about seeing where I had given it up in cybersex sessions and he was going to punish me for being such a cyber whore! I felt like I was being split in two! His cock is so fat and it tore my poor little butt. I was crying and squirming against the restraints to no avail. I was so relieved when he finally finished ramming my ass and thought my torment was over, but it had just begun! He climbed off of the bed and I heard him open the front door. After several minutes, I heard him reenter the bedroom, but he wasn't alone! One of my cyber fantasy sessions had involved a gangbang and he was going to make me pay for that indiscretion as well. He had stopped at a bar on the way home from work and talked four bikers into coming to our house to help him abuse me! They untied me, but then put handcuffs on me and kept me blindfolded. I had one smelly biker stuff his big cock into my mouth, my boyfriend pushed his cock back up my ass, another of the bikers penetrated my pussy, while the forth biker kept slapping my ass and tits. All of them were calling me a fat, nasty, slut whore and telling me all the nasty stuff they had in store for me. While I was in excruciating pain and totally humiliated by the things they were saying and doing to me, my whore body betrayed me by having multiple orgasms! I even started enjoying the feeling of fullness the cock in my butt provided. All night long they all fucked me in every one of my holes ~ even pulling out of my butt to put their bloody shit stained cocks into my mouth! I gagged, puked, cried, screamed and they just kept pounding their cocks into me until I eventually passed out. I woke the next morning to find only my boyfriend there with a hot cup of coffee and a warm washcloth he was using to clean me up. I was so mad at him, but he was being so sweet and attentive to me. He rubbed a numbing cream and antiseptic gel onto my ruptured butthole, patted me on the head and told me what a good little whore I was. I wanted to be furious with him, but I felt so much pride at having survived such an onslaught of hard cocks and a certain amount of relief that he wasn't going to kick me out for being such a bad girl online. I found out later that the entire episode had been shot on video and was further shocked to discover that my nephew was one of the hard cocks that had abused me! I no longer need the cyber fantasy life because my nasty boyfriend has brought me kicking and screaming into the real world. I never knew that humiliation could be such a turn on for me! Next weekend, my 23 year old nephew from the gangbang is bringing his pittbull dog over to our house! My panties are drenched just thinking about it!!!


26369 - When I was in High school me and a friend of mine were at his house one Saturday while his parents were gone and we were looking at his Dads dirty magazines. We looked at them for hours and talked about fucking the whole time. The stories were hot and we both read several of them and I came across one and read it but didn`t tell him. It was a story about two married men that were on vacation with their wives in the Bahamas.
While the wives were out shopping they ended up having sex together. The story was very detailed and graphic as it described how they sucked each other in a 69 and actually swallowed each others cum then one of them talked his buddy into fucking him in the ass and it was hot as hell the way it described the penetration of his asshole the way it felt when he fucked him and how he came in his ass two times.
They showered and sucked each other off again and that night shared it with their wives and they had sex as couples and let the girls watch them together.
It had me pretty excited and I had to get Terry to read it and after he read it we talked about it and I took a chance and asked if he wanted to try it with me. He was shocked but seemed interested so we talked more and decided to get naked and see if we really wanted to try it. Both of us were hard as hell and got in the shower and started touching and stroking each other and I went to my knees and sucked his big dick.
It felt so good I started to like sucking him but he was too big to take down to his nuts but I tried and when he came I just held on and let him shoot all of it in my mouth and once I got used to the taste I began to swallow and then stood up to face my buddy that was anxious to return the favor and I came pretty fast and he swallowed my cum pretty easy.
While we were in the shower we talked about it and both wanted to suck each other again in the future. I still remember the look on his face when I asked him if he wanted to fuck me in the ass. His eyes got big his mouth fell open and he finally asked if I was serious. I said sure I think it might feel good if it is anything like we read awhile ago.
He was pretty big and while we dried off we looked for something to make it easier for him to get his dick in my ass and I was even more anxious than he was and as I looked at his dick I couldn`t believe it was about to be in my ass and we found some Baby oil and the more I told him I really wanted him to fuck me the harder we got. Then he asked me If you can take me in your ass and we fuck like the guys in that story you going to let me cum in you like they did.
I said well if it feels as good as they said it did it would be a shame to stop and pull out and it might feel good once you get that big dick in my ass you might as well cum in me too. We were both excited and he was dripping pre cum on the way to the bed.
Once we got there his hands were all over my ass and he told me he couldn`t wait to get his dick in me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and see if he could get his big dick in my ass. We figured out the best way to do it and I got on my back with my feet touching the floor and when I lifted my legs he pulled my ass right to the edge of the bed and as I held onto my legs he put baby oil on my ass and on his big hard dick then leaned out over me with my legs over his shoulders I watched him take his big slick dick in his hand and touch it to my tight asshole.
I closed my eyes as he started to push and in a few seconds I felt my asshole begin to open up slowly to take his fat dick. It started to sting and hurt a little and once the head was in my ass it really hurt but he went slow and took his time until I felt his nuts between my ass cheeks and we were looking right at each other when he told me he couldn`t hold it and had to cum then he pushed it up my ass really hard and looked right at me as he came up my ass. Damn what a feeling. It felt great and he came a lot more than he did in my mouth in the shower and I moaned out loud for him to fuck me and give me more cum.
He fucked the hell out of me as his cum ran up my back to the sheets and while he was pounding me good I shot my cum all over my chest and face and never touched my dick.
after that I started talking to him telling him to fuck me harder! Fuck my ass! Fuck me hard and cum in me again! Oh yea give me that big dick! Fuck me good give it to me in the ass! I looked between my legs and saw his cum coated big dick fucking in and out of my cum filled ass and that just made me want it even more.
He really fucked me good then shoved his big dick up my ass and came deep in my ass and it felt way too good and I was moaning out to him to cum in me. Damn it was so good and when he went soft his dick slipped out of my asshole and it felt so good to have all that cum running out of my ass in the crack of my ass and up my back as he held my ankles up watching it run out of me. We showered and fucked again.


26311 - When I was 14 my friend and I would look at his Dads dirty magazines together and of course we always got very horny and both of us liked reading the hot stories. In one magazine there were a few kinky stories about men having sex with men and a few pictures of men naked together.
I always liked that magazine the best and I never said anything for several weeks but finally one day I hinted around about how I might not object to us trying something together. He finally caught on and once we both started talking about it we got pretty exciting thinking about it and decided to take all our clothes off since we were all alone for the day.
Once we were naked we looked at each other and checked out each others hard dicks and he asked what we should do next and I had been thinking about sucking his dick for weeks and when I went to my knees he figured it out and before I knew it my lips were around his long fat dick and once I got started I couldn`t stop and sucked his dick for just a few seconds then at the last second I jacked him off on my chest.
He wanted to do the same to me and he did but he didn`t stop soon enough and my first shot of cum went in his mouth and while he was spitting it out I jacked myself off on his chest. We tried it again later and I let him cum in my mouth and spit most of it out and he did the same.
We were naked for hours licking sucking stroking and playing with each other and experimenting with the taste of each others cum. We were both very horny and excited and I got brave enough to tell him how I thought about trying something else and when he asked what it was I told him I really wanted to see what it might feel like if he stuck his dick in my ass. He didn`t believe me at first but after I told him I liked fingering my ass and even tried sticking the handle of a hair brush in my ass and it really felt good to me I really would like to let him stick his dick in my ass.
It didn`t take much talking to get him interested and after giving him a good look at my ass and bending over spreading my ass open he said he would do it and I knew we would need a little Vaseline because I had to use it with the brush handle. I was a little shy so I went into the bathroom put some Vaseline up my ass then went back to his bedroom and bent over the end of his bed reached back and spread my ass open and told him to go ahead and try it.
It was pretty hot watching him holding his dick in his hand stroking it as he got behind me and touched it to my asshole then put his other hand on my back as he said you sure you want to do this? and I said sure lets try it.
He started to push against my slick asshole and after pushing really hard I felt my asshole begin to open and expand and then the head slipped inside me and it stung like fire and He stopped for a few seconds then when I told him to go ahead he took his time and watched his dick slowly disappear in my ass and our nuts were pressed together and when I turned my head to the side I could see him holding onto my hips behind me in the mirror on his dresser.
His head was back his eyes closed and we were both breathing very hard and after having his long fat dick in my ass for a few minutes he started to fuck me real slow then said OH shit this feels good! You like it! I said Yes it feels good to me too. He only lasted a minute or so then told me he was about to cum and asked if he should pull out and shoot it on my ass and after thinking about it a few seconds I told him to leave it in and let me see what it feels like when you cum.
He said No shit! you want me to cum in your ass! I said well this first time just to see how it feels. He said Ok and pulled me back on his dick and he was as far up my ass as he could go and started to cum inside me and as soon as I felt his warm cum shoot up my ass I knew I would want it all the time and told him it felt good and to shoot all of it up my ass.
We both got so excited that he started to fuck me again and we got pretty vocal that time talking to each other as he fucked me in the ass and his cum dripped off my nuts to the floor. He kept getting faster and fucking me harder and talking about how he really wanted to cum in me and I kept telling him to fuck my ass! give it to me harder! And just waiting to feel him swell up inside me and cum in my ass again and he did. It was better than the first time and the rest of the day we tried to see how many times he could fuck me and cum in my ass.
We didn`t count but he fucked me a bunch of times and we must have lost track of time because we were in his room and he was fucking me face down on a towel in his bed and had just started to cum in my ass when we heard the garage door open and his Mom`s car pull in. He finished shooting the last cum of the day inside me quickly pulled out and we threw on our clothes as I ran to the bathroom to drain his cum out of my ass on the toilet while he watched TV in his room.
This went on for several years.