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25825 - I was a 12 yo boy and my two female cousins 14 and 15yo. I had to spend a week there during winter break after Christmas while my parents went to Mexico. So my cousins parents had to leave bc of an emergency and they wouldn't be home til around lunchtime tomorrow. So they left and it was 530 to 6 and my cousins came in with their swim suits and they were just wearing their bras and panties. My cousin asked "can you tell us how we look in our swim suits" I said "ok". The other asked "Is it ok if we change in front of you. I said "I didn't care" so they turn around and the bent over to put on their bottom piece and I saw their bare ass. I got a huge boner and my 15yo cousin ask me if I could help her get her bra off. So I do and I'm taller than both my cousins. So when I do, my boner pokes her right in the butt. And she turn around and bitch slap me, and said "you just think, we are your sex slaves. I told her it was an accident but she didn't believe me. She said "we'll be your sex slave under one condition, you have to do what we want to do. I asked her if we would switch every time ( something they want to do then after I would do what I want to do). The first thing she told me "take out that small dick of yours, boy". So I stripped and she said "I like a small dick in my mouth" so she gave me a blowjob and right before I was going to cum, I made her take deep throat and she gag and I cummed and took all she could and the rest went all over here tits. First she was choking on the cum but she finally swallowed. When she was she had punch me in the balls, she ask me if she want deep throat and when I could talk I told her no. She then told me "will you listen because if you don't, you know the consequence. Her other sister wanted to blow me also so, and she told me she want deep throat. So before I was going to cum, She took my whole dick down her throat, I didn't cum get as much as her sister. But she had a mouthful, she choke but she swallowed it all. I ask if I could have some of her cum and she let me but her sister wanted vagninal so she went and got a condom. I put it on and stuck my dick in her pussy then her sister sat on my face. My hit her spot enless than a min she had an orgasm and cummed in my mouth, and her sister was bouncing super fast. After I lick all her cum up, I pick her up and moved her so I could eat her ass whole. I took my older cousins virginity. So after I asked both of them if I could fuck them in the shower. They both thought about and they said yes only if you swallow all your cum that is in the condom. I turn the condom inside-out and I made the condom look new. So we hoped in their parents shower and I who want to get fuck in the pussy first. The younger sister said she would go first, but while her older sister got a new condom, she jacked me off and I fingered her and she got on her knees and I cummed on her face, I started fingering her and I got on my knees and she cummed on my face. I stand up and I kissed her and we made out. I washed of all the cum and moved her hair, I told her she had beautiful eyes and I asked her if she would be my girlfriend. She told me "let me think about it", then her sister came back with the condom. I picked her up and and put her back against the wall. I asked if she was ready and she replied ya. So I fucked her and tooked her virginity, she was tougher than her older sister. I went as fast as I could on her and she took it like a women. I borked my condom and that is when we stopped. And I asked her if she had an answer to my question. She asked me "will we do this still if I say no" and I said "no". She said yes and I kissed her all over her body and we made out. I asked her if she wanted to take a bath, she said ok. She asked why and I told her "because we are really dirty". So we got in the bath and I told her I was going scuba diving and I found and an underwater cave and I explored it. She went scuba diving and she found an underwater volcano about to erupt. We went to bed but that morning we took a bath but she laid on top of me and we just kissed. She want to try anal so we did Doggy-style and she loved it more than virgninal because she like how it felt when I cum in her ass whole. We would both spend the night at our grandpa who lived on a farm. And he was half deft and we would sleep down in the basement and we would finger/jack each other. And around 3 in the morning, we would fuck in the straw storage part of the barn. And we would sleep out there and we did it like 5 other times. But the second time we did it in 5" of snow and we went to the small pond and she pulled her pants so I could fuck her in the ass. I got some snow and put deep in her ass and I put some around my dick so it was easier because she forgot the lube. We also did it in our grandpa's combine and boat. We stopped when I was 18 and she was 20. The last time we did it was after my graduation party.


25793 - Years ago after a nasty divorce I had to move out took my dog and all my things and found a house way out in the country. I started drinking heavy watching porn and went back to buying dildos to shove up my ass in the guest room that I turned into my play room. I liked watching myself in mirrors fucking my dildos and I was fortunate enough back then to be slim and limber enough to suck my own dick and could get about 4 inches of it in my mouth and I really liked sucking my dick and fucking my ass with a dildo and cum in my moth and swallow every drop.
Getting drunk was pretty much an every day thing in the evenings and one night when I was real drunk and had sucked my dick a few times I got this wild ass idea to shove peanut butter up my ass and lay in the floor and got my 80 pound dog to lick it out of my ass
It felt so good that I shoved more up my ass got on my hands and knees in the floor and let him eat my asshole out again and this time he got his big hot tongue up my ass and he made me cum then I got it in my hand and pushed my cum up my ass and he really ate me out good and when I looked between my legs behind me I saw his huge purple cock sticking out and it was very long and fat and not long after that he mounted me and started to hump on my ass and his dick was very hot and rubbing across my asshole and it felt great.
I had to try it and lowered my ass a little and his dick almost went up my ass and after a slight adjustment it went up my ass and I jumped forward and yelled out a bit in pain but soon was up for a second attempt and this time I held on and let him fuck me and his dick was hot long and thick and he was fucking my brains out and cum was pouring out of my dick and I never touched it. His hot breath and slobber all over my back and neck and then I screamed out loud and kept screaming and yelling as something stretched my asshole to the limit and it hurt like hell.
Then the real shocker he started to cum in my ass and thrust his huge dick up m y ass really hard and he came forever and it felt like a gallon of very hot thick cum was shooting up my asshole and he came so much that my insides were full and he stayed on top of me a few seconds then started to turn his ass to me and it felt like he was going to rip my asshole out and it hurt like hell and he was pulling on it and for about 20 minutes I backed around behind him trying to keep him from pulling my asshole inside out
Finally it started to shrink and when it came out it made a loud pop and cum shot out of my ass all over the place and ran down both my naked thighs and I fell face down in the floor and he started to lick all the cum off of me and I spread my legs and let him eat my asshole out really good and I came on the floor and was laying there in my own cum with a very sore asshole and my dogs big hot tongue fucking my stretched out asshole.
Later on when I could get up I went to the shower washed up real good then took the shower head off the flexible hose and cleaned my ass out good. I went to bed later on and woke up feeling good but my ass hurt. For two weeks I thought about it and really wanted my ass fucked again and since there was no health problems since then I tried it again that morning and again that afternoon.
It got to be a habit and I made several videos of him fucking my ass his huge knot in my ass and his cum pouring out of my ass. I even taught him how to fuck me on my back with my legs spread and up near my chest but he couldn`t knot in me in this position.
One of the hottest things was to get naked in the floor of the barn and let him fuck my ass or to walk back into the woods take off all my clothes and let him fuck me in the grass. He knew what to do if I showed him my naked ass and he fucked me good every time and when I got drunk I let him fuck me two or three times a day until he got too old and died.


25709 - From a early age I've liked guys and there hard members, stroking my cock whereEVER I could, then at 15 I had to go home in a taxi from grans house which was a few miles away and it was dark out and as I was dressed in shirt and trousers I finally managed to get her local taxi firm to pick me up to take me home, as I go in to the cab there was massive hot hulk in his late 40's driving?? yes I was so horny I could have jumped him there and then but he just drove off and chatted to me, I noticed his hand on the gearshift grazing my knee as he did my juices was gushing everywhere, glancing at him as he spoke he grabbed my leg and my browneye was itching to be touched, he saw my excitement and went for my belt to release me, I was sats there half naked dying for him to do me as hard as he wanted, he rubbed my ring then slipped his index finger in my ass as I drank my precum inserting his other finger too I almost came there and then, I rubbed his cock till he wanted to burst out so I unzipped him and took him in my mouth sucking his magic shroom headed cock as he slipped his hand down to my ass I wanted him to fuck me so badly but he tasted so damn good I love to suck, he slipped his jeans down put his seat down so I could climb on him. I leaned back so he could use his sexy shroom to rub my brown eye and it felt like nothing ever, I put my legs up towards his head and gave my ass to him spreading my cheeks to let him force himself inside me felt so good that I must be screwed as much as possible??, riding him was intense til he came in my ass, I cleaned him as much as I could


25656 - I'm a white high school math teacher in south central L.A. One of my better looking black female students was failing the semester. One day she stayed after class and wanted to talk about her grade. She asked what she could do to pass the semester as she reached and touched my arm. I knew what was going on but I wanted her for the longest time and let it proceed. She moved to my crotch and felt my throbbing erection and rubbed it. I pulled her in closer and kissed her. She moaned my name and I told her not here. She asked what I meant and I said that in order to pass she had to spend 2 nights a week with me in a motel for the rest of the year. She liked the idea and said that she was really into me and she never had a white man before. I told her that she'd be having plenty of me all year. I stuck my had down her pants and felt her wet slit. I rubbed in quick then told her to meet me at the motel down the street from our school today after the last bell. After school I hurried to the motel to set up when there was a knock on the door and she was standing there with an over night bag in hand. I let her in and opened a bottle of wine. She got tipsy and went to the bathroom to change. When she came out she was wearing a white nighty, yellow thong with white stockings and white heels. She walked over to me and said that she's been wanting me all year and was failing on purpose. I got undressed and we started to 69. She put that tight black hole on my mouth and I rimmed her till she came. I told her that I wanted to be inside her and turned her over and pulled her panties off and spread her legs apart. She told me she wanted to use a condom but I told her that wasn't part of the deal. She tried to struggle as I went in her unprotected but then gave in and moaned over and over. Thick creamy cum pumped out of her pussy all over my cock and she orgasmed over and over. I turned her over on her knees grabbed her heels and put my cock in her ass. She screamed for me to stop as she cried that it hurt so much. I told her to shut up and take it all. I slapped her ass and after a few minutes she was into it. She was moaning my name saying that she wanted me to cum in her ass all night. I told her that's my good girl you've gotta earn your grade as I came deep in her ass as she orgasmed at the same time. I pulled out and shoved my cock down her throat. She tasted her ass on my cock swallowed it all up. That night we fucked until the sun came up and it was time for us to leave to go back to school. I've been fucking her for two months and we have fallen in love and she spends the nights at my house everyday now. She recently told me that she wants me to get her pregnant and have my baby and pleasure me for the rest of my life. I love her and love how filthy she is.