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25497 - I love to have orgasm! I masterbate all the time! I'm married and when my husband goes to work I play with my fat tight pussy! I sometimes sneak and let a friend of mines eat my pussy until I cum! We stop talking but I HV another friend but he lives far away but visit often n he eats pussy soooo fuckng good! I lay n think about him when I touch my pussy and I cum! When I'm riding my husband 9inch cock I close my eyes and imagine this man is eating my pussy! My husband hardly eats my fat juicy pussy! I have never done anal before but I thought about it but my husband isn't that type of man! I want to ask my friend when he visit again if he can broke my ass virgin it will be so tight but I'm ashame of how he might react!


25326 - My boyfriend kept bugging me to do anal so I said yes but it hurt so much I told him to stop but he said no I'd already said yes and it hurt so much I cried but he just kept doing it and after he just said sorry but that it felt so good he couldn't help himself


25323 - I have this weird desire to get raped by my ex girlfriends dad! I just want him to tie me down and fuck me in the butt like he owns me and he shoves things up my ass and just uses me! And he just shoves his thing down my throat after its covered in shit and he has his friends come over and fuck me like I'm just a slave so bad!! Is this normal?


25240 - I first met Alton at the gym. I had seen him there several times before he asked if I wanted to train with him. He was much bigger and stronger than me. He gave me advice and hooked me up with supplements too. A few months later we started hanging out from time to time too.
Alton had a fine looking girlfriend and asked for him to hook me up since he had no problems talking to hot girls in the gym. Alton always gave me shit about being single too. I was never very good at talking to women.
About two months ago Alton asked if I wanted to play cards with some of his friends, since one of them couldn't make it. We drove over to his friend's place after our workout. On the way over, Alton said to me whatever happens there stays there. I figured he was talking about what was being said there so I had no problems with it.
We arrived and got into the card game. There was drinking, smoking, and lots of trash talking..they were very funny. Since I was the new guy and only white guy there they ripped into me but I knew they were just having fun. After a few hours the conversations turned very raunchy and they were talking about girls they had on the side. It made me feel jealous because I had none. Alton also brought this up and his friends jumped all over it. One guy started making calls until he talked a girl to come over. I was about to be initiated into the group.
This girl showed up wearing a T-shirt, mini skirt, and heels. She looked like a prostitue to me. We all sat around her on couches and she started stripping for us. Guys were throwing money at her while shouting. Then Alton motioned her over to me and I was embarrassed as she danced on me with the heckling. They started chanting fk fk fk as she unzipped my shorts. She went down on me and the guys grew louder shouting taking pictures. They chanted for me to fk her on the table in front of her. I did and they went wild. They were yelling for me to cum on her face. I pulled out and like it was scripted she got on her knees and let me cum on her face. They erupted as I shot all over her. I layer back on the couch and guys were congratulating me. Before I knew it two guys were going at it with the girl. I was blown away.
Alton came over as I was pulling my shorts up. He stopped me and said my evening wasn't over. He walked me over to the bathroom handing me painkillers an a enema. I looked up questioning but he told me it was part of the initiation. I was still reeling from the public sex that I just did it.
When I came out Alton gave me a drink. I slammed it down and watched another guy finish up with the girl.
I noticed that the guys after sex with her stayed undressed. I also noticed I was the smallest guy there not only body size wise but cock as well.
I watched Alton take the girl in the ass. The girl looked very weary from getting worked over, still she shouted out wanting more. When the last guy finished with her. She got dressed and left. The music was loud and some of the guys started dancing with each other, I was shocked to see two guys going at it orally. Alton took my hand and started dancing with me. I felt embarrassed thinking all eyes were on us. He kissed me and it wasn't bad. I was feeling very relaxed now and he bent me over the table and poured oil over my back side. Rubbing my ass some of the other guys started yelling as us.Alton pressed himself up agsinst me and within a minute was stuffing himself into me and I felt my stomach in my mouth. It was discomforting and I felt a burning sensation flow through me. The motion made me a bit noxious but my attention was diverted when a friend of his stood in front of me with his cock. He made me open up and I was like a limp noodle as he pushed it into the back of my throat. I was so relaxed that it felt like being on a boat in a haze. Before either could finish, I collapsed. I woke up in the back of Alton's car. He told me I had passed out.
Somehow I drove myself back to my apartment and crashed on my bed. I woke up early the next evening. My ass was so sore, I could barely move. My mouth was very sore and my throat was very irritated too. I went to take a dump and this ooze came out with lots of blood.