Latest Anal Confessions:


25210 - My good girlfriend at school and I got drunk last friday and in the process of getting drunk we started fooling around. We've always been sexually attracted to each other so it wasn't anything new. Then out of the blue, she started putting on a strap on. I was so drunk I was just like what are you doing? She said that she wanted to try this and that I would enjoy it too. So she took my pants off and started rimming my ass. She put lube in there and slid the strap on fully in to my ass and started thrusting back and forth. She grabbed my bass so tight to make sure that I wouldn't cum before she wanted to. But to my disbelief, it felt amazing and I got really into it. She started going harder and harder then I started jacking myself off and when I was about to cum she got on her knees and sucked me dry. We both like it so much that we did it two more times that night and we've done it every day since we first started.


25199 - My whore wife never wanted anal, got her drunk , lubed my cock and her the whore cant get enough of anal. She also loves when I cum in her ass !


25190 - I am obsessed with pantyhose that have been worn for more than a few days. My mom always wears them at least for three day before she puts a new pair on. I always sneak into the hamper and take them out and start sniffing her feet and the stench makes me so hard. I then go to the crotch to smell her musky pussy before I go to the back where it was resting on her hole. I spend so much time smelling her filth and I can't help it. I put them on and go to my room and bend over and put anal beads in and go at it. It is such an intense orgasm I normally cum twice or tree times. I pull them out and sniff them while I jack off for the last time. I just picture my mom sitting on my face and I can't do anything but like her and breath in her musk. I want her to catch me one day so I can make her gape me while I jack off! Should I make a move on my mom because I think that she would mess around with me.


25164 - My friend Alisha came to me with a problem. She was short on rent, because she parties too much. She asked if I could help her out. I loaned her a couple hundred. The following month Alisha needed more money.
I told her I'd help but she had to do me favors. First it was her being topless giving me oral while I video taped it. I was surprised she was so willing.
Alisha asked if she could work off the loaned money. I agreed if I could have anal sex with her. She didn't want to do it but I wasn't interested in just oral. Alisha agreed. She screamed in pain as it was her first time. I told her I'd stop if she wanted to but Alisha didn't want to stop. She was very sore when I finished. I told her we were good afterwards.
I figured that would be the last time Alisha would ask for money but two nights ago she needed money again. I told her I wanted anal and finish in her mouth. Alisha nearly threw up when I put my cock in her mouth after it was in her ass. She managed to swallow but moments later Alisha was over the toilet. When she cleaned up, I gave her half the money and wanted her to bring a friend over for the other half. Alisha said she would try. I haven't heard from her yet.