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26089 - When I was in Jr. high there was this hot older lady that lived around the block from us and I used to sneak out at night and try to peek thru her bedroom window to try and get a look at her naked.
Well that wasn`t a problem at all because she walked around naked all the time inside her house and I would stand by her window and jack off almost every night. One night she laid on her bed naked and fucked herself with a nice big rubber dick.
After that she did it often and even stuck a small thin one in her hot ass and fucked her pussy with the other one. She had a few toys and one that she could stick to the end of her bed and back up on it on her hands and knees and fuck herself with it.
I think she left the window shades open on purpose but who knows. Things changed one night and I guess she found a boyfriend because I watched him fuck her with his big hard dick and cum inside her more than once that night. A few nights later they did anal sex after he fucked her pussy.
She sucked his dick a lot and she even let him tie her down to the bed a few times and fuck her. I watched her nearly every night for about a year then things got very interesting one Sunday night after she had a cook out at her house with a lot of drinking and people there.
Every one left and I thought she was there alone until I looked in the window and saw her naked with two men one fucking her from behind while she sucked the other man`s big dick. They fucked her for hours switching places taking her in every position you can imagine then they fucked her in the pussy and ass at the same time and that was very hot to watch and I could even see their cum dripping out of her.
About two months later it really got wild when the two men sucked each other off in front of her while she used a dildo on her pussy. The guys sucked each other off all the way and she really got excited watching them lick up each others cum then later on one of the guys was eating her pussy while the other man fucked him in the ass.
This went on at least twice a week if not more and it was pretty hot watching the 3 of them having wild sex together. I told a friend about it and for the first time I let him go with me and he didn`t say a word when the two men were sucking each other off and He didn`t seem to mind watching one man fuck the other one in the ass.
They were fucking her in the pussy and ass and just watching their dicks fuck in and out of her tight holes at the same time I couldn`t help myself and started to jack off right there in front of my friend and after watching me he did the same and we watched each other jack off and cum on the grass two times.
We went to watch every weekend for over a month and one day I asked if he wanted to try some of the things we watched those two men do with each other. He said are you crazy I aint sucking your dick! I said well OK what about the other thing? He told me I`m not going to let you stick your dick in my ass either! I said well what if I wanted to let you stick your dick in my ass? He said I really don`t think we should do that either. I never said anything else about it then about two weeks later he asked if I still wanted to try it.
I thought a minute and said I will if you want to and since we were at his house alone that day while school was out for the summer we had the time and plenty of privacy so we got naked and he found some Vaseline and in a few minutes his hard dick was balls deep in my ass and he fucked me. It didn`t last very long because we were both too excited and he came pretty quick but he didn`t pull out like we agreed on. He came inside of me and it felt so good I didn`t get mad at all and asked him to fuck me again later which he did and that day we tried it 4 or 5 times in different positions all over the house and each time got better and it felt great when he came up my ass.
We were still fucking even after we got out of High school and up into our early 20`s and it was always good


26058 - My affair with my older brother is still going strong. We're just as loving and passionate as the night I gave him my virginity. I want to again thank everyone on this site who encouraged me to do it.

We're always careful to not take any risks about being caught, but that can make things very frustrating at times. Sometimes it's do hard to wait until we can leave the house and go someplace secure. My whole body just aches, wanting to suck his beautiful cock or have him fill my pussy, but knowing it will be hours before we get the chance. One thing to say for the all the frustration it makes us both so horny that the sex is always hot, fierce and exciting.

Last Saturday we made plans to go "see a movie" but that wouldn't be until 7 pm. So when I got that up that morning I knew it was going to be a tough day. I decided that working out might help burn off some of my tension. My family has a nice little exercise room set up the basement. I pulled on a sports bra and some yoga shorts and went downstairs.

I was hitting the treadmill pretty hard with my music turned up loud. After a while I hit that wonderful zone where everything just kind of fades away and all you think about is your breathing and pace. Runner's high, you know. So I didn't notice my brother come in until had touched my shoulder.

After I near jumped out of my skin I punched him in the arm and called him a bastard for scaring me like that. He just laughed and said he'd had the same idea about working out. So we started doing our routines together.

Talk about tension. Just watching him get all sweaty and pumped was killing me. I was completely wet and my nipples were like diamonds. During one break I whispered to him that he was driving me mad. He told me that the sight of my ass in the yoga shorts made him want to break our rules then and there.

(which is really funny, because my mom had gotten all bitchy about revealing the shorts were when I bought them. I got her off my back by pointing I only wear them around the house, and not out were anyone was going to lusting after me.)

By the time we were finishing up I could see the passion in his eyes and I knew he was just as hot and bothered as I was. I was about to go upstairs and take a long shower (and maybe masturbate to take the edge off) when Mom stuck her head in the door. She said she'd decided to go shopping and told us we'd be on our own for lunch.

My brother and I told her no problem, said goodbye to her, and stayed there in the workout room. We heard her car pull away and waited maybe a whole minute before we were kissing.

I pressed up tight to him, smelling his skin, feeling the heat from his body, and the sensation of his hard cock twitching under the fabric of his shorts. His hands grabbed my ass pulling me even closer as our tongues danced over each other. He puled down my shorts exposing both cheeks and my wet pussy.

He spun me around and bent me over the seat of the exercise bike. He started finger fucking me, two of his fingers churning inside my dripping shrine. I the felt his tongue run up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my rosebud. I begged him to fuck me.

He pulled my shorts the rest of the way off. The head of his cock brushed against the opening of my pussy and then drove right in. He gave me three or four nice deep strokes before pulling back out. I moaned in frustration and bucked my hips back at him, trying to get him to fill me up again.

He reached down and guided his cock back to me, but instead of parting my lips I felt it slide up until he had the tip against my asshole. Before I could react he pushed past my sphincter. I was so hot and eager That I really didn't clench up at all and in a few stokes he was balls deep in me.

We'd talked about anal a few times, and he'd certainly played with my ass often enough, but this was the first time he went through with it. It wasn't perfectly comfortable but as horny as I was I ignored that part easily enough.

He picked the pace of his strokes, pumping in and out of me. His hands first pulled up my sports bra and then cupped my breasts. He was rough with them, which really only served to turn me on more.

When he started nibbling my neck and ears I just went wild, slamming my hips back to meet his incoming thrusts. I started begging to fuck me harder. He did his best to do so, but it soon proved too much for him and I felt him spurt inside me.

He slipped out of my asshole, grabbed me by the waist and turned me around. Before I could do anything he brought his mouth to my pussy, lapping at me and working my clit with his lips and tongue. It didn't take long for my own orgasm to wash over me as I grabbed his head and pulled him tight, letting my nectar flow over his face.

When I could think again I lay down on the floor and he joined me. We kissed for a long time before we both picked up our clothes ad headed for the shower.

I love him so much


26031 - I don`t know why but when I was a very young boy I accidentally discovered one day in the shower that a finger in my ass felt very good so I fingered myself all the time. At night laying in my bed out in the storage shed in my closet down the street in a big vacant lot hidden in the trees. Ant where I could have the privacy I was fingering my young tight asshole and started using baby oil or Vaseline and could take 3 fingers in my ass and it was even more enjoyable.
Before long I tried a hot dog wiener that I took from the house down to the vacant lot and I took my pants off and slowly worked it all the way up my ass after taking my time and I never felt anything so good in my life. I used them often after that and would take one and hide it in my bathroom to use later when I took my shower and they were easy to flush down the toilet. Even in bed at night I would lay face down and stick it up my ass with my legs spread wide then pump it in and out of my hot little asshole and make myself cum.
I had this wild idea one day locked in the bathroom to turn my back to the mirror and look back over my shoulder with one hand hold my ass cheek to the side I watched the long wiener go up my ass until it was just barely sticking out then used both hands to open myself up and look at the wiener stuck in my ass. I fucked myself with it and came then pulled it out of my ass which felt good too and flushed it down the toilet.
I started doing it in front of the mirror all the time. I`ll never forget the first summer I got to stay at home all day alone while my parents were at work. My parents had a big mirror that stood in the corner of their room and every day I would put a towel on the carpet tilt the top of the mirror down so that I could watch myself and with the Vaseline laying near by and some in my ass I would start using different things I found around the house to stick in my ass and then get myself off watching in the mirror as I fucked myself in the ass.
I figured out how to put a chair in front of the mirror and tie different things to the leg of the chair the get on my hands and knees on an angle so that I could back up on whatever I was using and watch it go up my ass then jack myself off watching as I fucked myself up the ass.
One day I had a big spoon from the kitchen that had a long fat handle on it and it took me awhile to get it in my ass because it was small on the end but thick in the middle then small one the other end and once I got used to it I liked watching my asshole stretch around the fat part then close tight around both ends of it. I took my time that day and had it in my ass for a very long time and fucked my ass better than I ever had and when I came it felt so good that I eased the spoon out of my ass backed up and started to lick my cum off the towel and I was so turned on and horny and my cum tasted very good so I licked up all of it and now I had another thing I liked to do.
I was addicted to anal penetration and loved fucking myself in the ass. And in front of the mirror made it even better. I tried a few things that were just too big but I tried them anyway and once I figured out how far I could stick something up inside me the deeper the better.
I thought about some of the boys at school and actually thought about some of them naked on top of me with their dicks in my ass just to see how it would feel to be fucked. When I was 14 I found out when my step cousin said he wanted me to take my clothes off with him because he was pretty horny and he really wanted to screw me. We were at my house by ourselves and I didn`t argue with him a bit and told him I had wanted to do it with a guy for awhile.
We went back to my room and I went back to the bathroom quickly shoved some Vaseline in my anxious hot ass and was almost naked when I got to my room and as soon as our clothes were off I stood at the end of my bed feet wide apart and had my upper body flat out on my bed and quickly reached back with both hands and spread my ass open nice and wide and told him to hurry and stick his dick in me.
He said damn you are ready to do it aren`t you. And then he touched his long fat dick to my asshole and even though it hurt quite a bit I told him to keep going and it felt so good once his nuts were touching mine and right away he started to fuck me and it felt great and he fucked me good then shoved it up my ass really hard and pulled me back against him with both hands on my hips and shot 6 or 7 hot thick shots of cum deep inside me and just moaned as his nuts emptied into my hot tight asshole and I was already asking him to fuck me some more.
It was late that evening before my Mom and Aunt got back home and he came inside me 6 times that day after fucking me in the ass which he got better at each time. He fucked me in the ass for about 6 years.
I am in my mid 50`s now and still like sticking things in my ass and have a nice collection of toys and my wife has 4 different strapons.


26005 - When I was a young boy I used to sneak around and look at some dirty magazines my Dad had hidden way back in their closet. The pictures were hot as hell but I liked reading the stories and several of them told about men fucking their wives in the ass and how tight it was and how they liked to cum in their tight ass. some of the pictures showed a big dick in a woman`s asshole or a dildo and a little cum dripping from their ass.
The stories gave me plenty of ideas and when no one was home there was this potato smasher in the kitchen drawer that had a long black handle on it that was round on the end fat in the middle and thin near the bottom of the handle. I got the idea that it would fit just right in my tight young ass and got some Vaseline stuck some up my ass then took the potato smasher to my bedroom in front of the mirror on the back of my bedroom door.
I put it on the carpet and watched in the mirror as I slowly lowered my asshole down until it was right at my tight little hole. I was pretty anxious to get it in my hot young ass but had to go very slow. It started up my ass and felt good and I watched it go up my ass but the middle of the handle was pretty fat and it stung pretty bad going in but I went slow and before long had all of it up my ass and just looked in the mirror amazed that I got the whole thing in my ass.
I left it stuck in my ass and stood up it felt great so I walked around the house naked with it stuck up my ass and would go to every mirror and spread my ass cheeks open just to look at it stuck up my ass and I jacked off twice with it deep in my ass before I took it out in front of the mirror in my bedroom.
I washed it with hot water and soap dried it but left it out to use again pretty soon. my mind was working overtime and I figured out how to tape it to the leg of a wooden chair so that it was just right to back up on down on my hands and knees. I put the chair in front of the mirror so that I could see it go up my ass then I got on my hands and knees backed up to it and took it all the way up my ass.
Then I started trying to fuck myself in the ass with it and the way it was shaped it was thin on both ends but fat in the middle made my asshole stretch around the fat part then get tight at the end and bottom of the handle and watching it go in and out of my lubed up young asshole was a huge turn on not o mention how good it felt and I fucked myself and came without even touching my hard dick and I watched the cum shoot out of my hard dick then drip off the head and I was so hot and excited I licked my cum off the carpet with it still deep in my as.
I washed it again and tried it 4 more times in different places in the house but used a mirror each time and it was the hottest thing ever to watch myself in the mirror get fucked in the ass.
I found countless things around the house to fuck and tried a few things that were just too big. For the rest of the summer I tried everything that would fit in my horny little asshole and watched myself in ever mirror we had. Any time I had the time and the privacy I was naked with something stuck up my ass and even late at night in my bathroom there in my room I would lock the door and do myself in the ass.
When I was 14 one of my best friends was always around and we talked about everything and I felt I could trust him so one night I told him what I did and he wanted to hear all about it and then I asked him if he would fuck me in the ass. He was shocked and said he didn`t know if he could do that or not and I explained how no one would ever know and how bad I wanted to try it with him. we had seen each other naked before and I knew he would really feel good inside me.
After about a week he said he would try it and would spend Saturday night at our house because my Parents were going out dancing and would be out very late so we would have plenty of time and privacy.
Once they left Saturday evening he and I got naked and I put some Vaseline up inside me and around my anxious little asshole and he wanted to do it with the lights off in my room I wanted to watch but he wanted the lights off. He did it and it felt great and he liked it as much as I did and loved the part where I let him cum inside of me.
We did it again pretty soon and this time with the lights on in front of the mirror and he liked watching his hard dick fuck my tight hole and loved having his dick balls deep in my ass when he came. By the time my Parents got home around 2:30 that morning he and I were almost porn stars and he fucked me a bunch of times all over the house and kept asking if he could cum in me again.
All I wanted was to get fucked in the ass so he could shoot all the cum up my ass he wanted to as long as he fucked me with his long fat dick. Months later he said he told his cousin and he wanted to do it too and a few days later I had two to take care of and did until I was in my early 20`s.