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25164 - My friend Alisha came to me with a problem. She was short on rent, because she parties too much. She asked if I could help her out. I loaned her a couple hundred. The following month Alisha needed more money.
I told her I'd help but she had to do me favors. First it was her being topless giving me oral while I video taped it. I was surprised she was so willing.
Alisha asked if she could work off the loaned money. I agreed if I could have anal sex with her. She didn't want to do it but I wasn't interested in just oral. Alisha agreed. She screamed in pain as it was her first time. I told her I'd stop if she wanted to but Alisha didn't want to stop. She was very sore when I finished. I told her we were good afterwards.
I figured that would be the last time Alisha would ask for money but two nights ago she needed money again. I told her I wanted anal and finish in her mouth. Alisha nearly threw up when I put my cock in her mouth after it was in her ass. She managed to swallow but moments later Alisha was over the toilet. When she cleaned up, I gave her half the money and wanted her to bring a friend over for the other half. Alisha said she would try. I haven't heard from her yet.


25099 - Have a younger man i fuck. last night he took my ass for an hour. no lube. did not hurt. had the best fuck of my life. i love sex. do anything to get it. sex drive never died down. ladies if you hate sex, get over it. take it up the ass in the mouth. a real lady loves sex!

LOVE THE all bodie hickies i hide from my kids. love being nibbled and fucked like a whore.


25073 - My confession is that my husband fucks my ass and pretends that I'm his friend John. Obviously they have had sex before! He does things that he doesn't know that I know! He also doesn't know IM A FREAK too!


25027 - I will never forget the night it happened My cousin and I were 9 years old and had been experimenting on each other for weeks jacking off playing with each other and we had been sucking each others dicks constantly and late one night back in his bedroom he asked if he could try sticking his dick in my ass and after we talked about it we agreed that we really should try it and after changing positions a couple of times I was face down in the floor legs spread wide both my hands on my ass spreading my ass open for him and he was on top of me holding his dick in his hand poking it at my asshole and right away I knew it was going to feel very good then it went in and he pushed it all the way in and the rest is pretty simple. He humped me and humped me for a long time and several times that night he stuck his hard dick up my ass and the more he stuck it in me the more I wanted it and for days we did it as often as we could and since we both lived out in the country it was easy to find private places to hide and get our pants down.
That summer we were always together and we spent every hour together and we took turns sucking each other and discovered 69 for oral sex right away. Both of us got our first taste of cum that summer and we sucked each other off in a 69 all the time and when he came in my ass it felt great.
For years he and I took good care of each other sexually and I liked it in the ass so much that I approached my closest friends with caution about sex and I found out that most all of them wanted to try it and didn`t mind getting off any way possible.
I had several guys that enjoyed fucking me and they tried oral sex too but most of them just enjoyed having their hard young dicks in my ass and shooting their cum up my ass.
In Jr. High I had my first group sex with three of the guys that always fucked me. I invited them to an overnight camp out down on the creek at my house and that night I talked them into getting naked together and after some oral sex I let them all take turns on my ass and they fucked me most of the night.
It was pretty exciting and felt good to be used by my friends and to have all 3 of them cum in my ass countless times. I can still remember having their cum dripping from my ass as one after the other they mounted me fucked me in the hot summer night air and how much it excited me to get fucked in front of the others listening to them talk to each other then talking to me as one of them was fucking me. It was a huge turn on for all of us to be naked in a group and they all enjoyed watching me get fucked and watching me as they all came in my ass.
We would swim naked to clean up then fuck some more. I always got excited about the weekends and summers because I could get all them together to fuck my ass. All thru my school years I had a lot of boys that just wanted to fuck something just to get off and I let all of them if they were nice looking clean guys that would not tell anyone and there were a lot of them. After I tried my first extra large dick I was hooked. It was a little painful the first time he stuck it up my ass but after I got used to it I wanted it all the time and he really came a lot. I had my share of larger dicks back then and finally got two of them to go with me out to the lake late one night and we went to a very dark picnic area and I took off my clothes from my waist down and bent over the end of the concrete picnic table as they stood behind me with their pants down to their knees fucking me taking turns on my ass. Both were very well hung and they fucked me several times before the sun came up and I had cum running down both my legs for hours.
A couple of months later we got another guy to join us and he had a huge dick also. We were always together and it was exciting for me to have three huge dicks always wanting to fuck me and cum in my ass. They fucked me many times over the next few years then we all just drifted apart but it was very exciting and enjoyable.