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24839 - I fell in love with a woman who was married and didn't tell me. He was away for the weekend and I was fucking her in his bed. Only things she said she didn't do were anal, swallowing and scat, so I raped her ass and came in her mouth, and made her suck me clean, over and over all weekend. Used out emails to blackmail her for more, even took her to a place with 2 other guys and we all took turns using her. She swallowed every load, and we even fucked all her holes at once. I stalked them when I knew she was going out, and would show up at the bar or restaurant or wherever. She got pregnant and it was for sure mine and she threatened an abortion so I left her alone. Still have pics of every guy she fucked with me, sat on her and covered her face in cum an took pictures. Made her taste her own shit every anal fuck. Best sex I ever had, before it knew she was married. I really loved her, or at least who I thought she was.


24808 - When I was in Jr. High something happened that I had been wanting to happen for years. I have always had a fetish for anal penetration and started playing with my ass when I was 8 or 9 years old and it always felt very good and it was always exciting and very enjoyable and I tried a lot of different things that fit nicely into my young hot asshole.
I would stroke my dick and jack myself off constantly and since we lived way out in the country privacy was no problem at all. When my friends were around I couldn`t stop thinking about what it might feel like to have them stick their dicks inside of me and I really wanted them to fuck me so I took a chance one hot summer day down on the creek as my friend and I swam to cool off.
He got a hard on several times while we swam and seeing him so hard made me get hard too and he asked if I liked getting hard and I said sure don`t you? Then he asked if I ever thought about doing anything to get off and I said sure I jack off all the time and he asked if I would jack off with him and I really wanted to and said sure let`s do it right now and then he asked if I would play with his dick and he just walked up to me and I grabbed it and started to stroke it and when he was really hard and excited I went to my knees and started to suck his dick and he looked down at me and told me to keep sucking it and told me how good it felt and offered to suck mine id I would keep sucking his and in a few seconds his hands were pulling my face into his crotch and he came in my mouth and since I had been eating my own cum for years I swallowed his and he really got excited then and continued to fuck my mouth for awhile then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and said he really wanted to suck mine so he did and I put his hands on my ass and pushed his finger into the crack of my ass and he soon had a finger up my ass.
It wasn`t long before he had a mouth full of my cum and shoved his finger all the way up my ass and held on tight until he had sucked my nuts dry but kept working his finger in and out of my asshole and he could tell I was really enjoying it and when he asked me if I really liked his finger in my ass I looked at him and said I really felt good and then I asked if he wanted to stick something else in my ass and when he asked what? I said try your dick and see how it feels!
He said really you would let me do that! And in no time at all I was face down on my towel and he was laying on top of me with his hard dick in his hand trying to stick it up my ass and I reached back and spread my ass open and his dick went in my asshole then he shoved it all the way up my ass and started to fuck me like crazy telling me how good it felt and when I agreed He fucked me harder and said he was going to cum and then I felt his hot cum shooting up my ass and it felt great.
He stayed on top of me and humped my ass as we talked to each other and while we talked about what we were doing he got hard again and he fucked me for a very long time and came in my ass again and over the next 3 hours or so his dick was in my ass almost the entire time and he came inside me several times and we fucked in a few different positions and they were all good so after that we fucked several times a day for that entire summer and weeks later we agreed to try and talk two of our friends into doing it with us and that was much easier than either of us thought it would be and neither one of them had second thoughts about it after they watched him fuck me in front of them so for several hours that day the three of them took turns fucking me in the ass.
It was the best summer ever and all 4 of us enjoyed sucking a dick but my favorite was letting them fuck my ass and it was even better having them all watch me getting fucked. They would touch me all over jack me off talk to me and we all talked to each other and they all got off watching as they stuck their dicks up my ass and watched it go in and out of my asshole with drops of cum leaking down my thighs and how they all got excited watching each other cum in my ass.
We got together often and they all liked fucking me in the ass as much as I liked getting fucked and it felt great when they came inside me. By the end of the summer one of them had told his big brother and he wanted to fuck me one night while I was at their house so after dark we all went out behind the barn and his brother watched us suck each others dicks then he put me on my hands and knees while I sucked his brothers dick he got behind me and slowly shoved his big dick up my ass and it hurt pretty bad since he was a lot bigger than anything I had ever had in my ass and he came inside me two times and he came so much I couldn't hold it all.
After that his older brother wanted to fuck me all the time and I let him fuck me as often as he liked and since he was old enough to drive he took to a lot of different places to fuck me.


24785 - I was in college when I discovered what's my favorite fetish.

I'd been sexually active in high school, mostly oral but I gave up my vaginal virginity my senior year. I liked sex, but had never quite gotten the satisfaction I'd hoped for. Plenty of orgasms, but it just seemed to be missing something.

I'd gone through a few boyfriends with out any real improvement until I met, well let's call him him Ted. Ted was great guy, smart as hell and I used to joke about him being my sexy scientist. To look at him you'd never guess what a bad boy he could be in bed. He was wild and a little rough. I found myself enjoying sex more than ever. He was also ready to talk about what I wanted and what were my fantasies. I told him how turned on it made me when he got physical with me.

One day I got home from class to find him waiting in my room. Before I could even say hi he jumped me, wrestled me to the floor and began pulling at my clothes. He didn't even fully undress me, just yanked my skirt up and ripped my top open. He held me down while he rammed his fingers in my pussy. I was instantly wet. After a few minutes of this he took them out and I could hear him pull his pants off. I felt the tip of his cock brush my lips and I started to push back, ready to feel him in me.

He pushed my head back to the floor and then I felt something cool and wet running down the crack of my ass. As soon as he poured on the lube he moved his cock and without any pause pushed the tip into my asshole.

I won't lie, it hurt, it hurt bad. I screamed only to have his hand clamped to my mouth. He didn't let me adjust to it or relax, just started slamming in and out of me. I was sobbing, trying to push him off me, but I couldn't. I could feel his cock shaking inside me, my ass was clenching so tight. He just wouldn't stop and started fucking me harder than I'd ever been before.

And that was when I began to find I loved it. The combination of the pain coupled with the helpless feeling was like switch going on in my head. I slipped my hand underneath me to rub my pussy as he kept up the assault on my ass.

He pulled me up onto my knees. He grabbed my wrist and started directing the way I was rubbing myself as he continued to fuck my ass. I came hard and fast under the mix of sensations. He shot off a second or two later. We both collapsed to the floor, his dick still in me.

I'd finally found what was missing. I loved being taken like that. I loved the way he used me.

After that night not only did anal become a major part of our sex life, but so did the surprise bouts. We started a great deal of rape/kidnapping role playing.

Eventually he arranged a special weekend for me. He and some friends grabbed me on my to my car, taking me to an isolated farm house. I spent the weekend tied to a bed as my boyfriend and the guys "raped" me again and again. They even brought in one of their girlfriends and I had my first lesbian encounter as she made me eat her pussy and lick her while her boyfriend fucked me. It was amazing.

Ted and ended up getting married after we graduated. We still have a wild sex life, including a few such arranged kidnappings every year.

I know my tastes aren't normal, but I love how it makes me feel


24586 - My beautiful little British mother was in my dream last night! She was undressing in front of me as I watched! She was young,around my age and perfect like when I was a child!She asked me if I wanted to Fuck her as she stripped naked! I watched as she crawled over to me and asked me about my fantasy mommy!I pulled her on top of me and she grounded her slim ass on my cock,telling me about the Times she masturbated thinking about me! She reached back and put my cock head on her pussy,whimpering like a little slut! She was so sexy,as my cock began to slowly enter her! She moaned and told me to wake up!! I woke up from the dream and found myself in her bed,pinning her down! She was screaming at me and trying to get away!! I was possessed by her and spread her legs wide! She was going crazy,begging me to stop as I slid into her sweet pussy! She shuddered as my cock filled her deep!I began to Fuck her harder,her cries filling the room! I couldn't stop fucking my little mom and she knew that I had her completely! Then I began to slam harder and harder,my balls slapping on her ass! Her big tits bouncing wildly,her face in pain! She was going crazy and crying out loud! I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back,biting her creamy neck! I pinned her legs way back now and violently raped my mom!She went limp as I impaled her to the hilt! Then,I flipped her over and yanked her back by her hips,fucking her like a dog in the mirror! She was watching me as I fucked her so hard,so deep,so completely! She was crying out loud with every thrust of my cock! Then I felt her pussy clinch down hard as she came like the little who're she was now! She cried out my name,as her body betrayed her! I told her that she was a fucking little slut for Cummings and yanked her head back hard! I made her tell me how she loved being raped,loved my cock,and to Fuck her harder!hearing her voice crying out nasty things made me feel like a stud! I was going out of my mind with lust! I fucked her for a long time,then told her that she was going to take it in her sweet asshole now! She began to beg me not to,but I pulled out of her shopping wet pussy and as she begged,I slammed into my mom's virgin ass! She screamed as I fucked her hard,splitting her apart with my cock! She made the deepest groans and moans with my thrusts! I raped my little mom in her asshole for almost an hour or so,until she was bleeding and going limp! I finally felt my cock begin to get closer to the end,as I fucked her as hard as I could! She shuddered and yanked her head back and forth as I told her that I was going to pump her full of my cum! I slammed into my mom as my hot cum gushed into her sweet ass! I pulled out and covered her back and ass with my seed! Then I made her turn around and suck my dick dry!!!!