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26646 - I've been fuckimg my husband my sons friend who no wants to marry me and have a baby with me. My secret is I went off birth cont
I feel so horny more than I ever have. Feeling unprotected and not knowing who the father will be. Wheel of fortune father. But it's led me to wanting to fuck more.
I do it with myself. And have men at work hit on me. Lately I have the urge to street walk to see if I get picked up to be a hooker. I have a good job but I just have become insatiable.


26645 - I've been having sex with my younger sister for about two years now. When she gets into the 8th grade I think we should stop. I don't want her to tell her friends about us.


26644 - I fucked my niece for the first time when I was 28 years of age and she was 18. It happened one night as I was working repairing an old tractor that I had bought. MY sister who was 10 years older than me and my niece used to come down to the garage where I was and visit. She had divorced her husband a quite a view years prior and lived in part of the house with my mother and me. I had always thought of maybe getting around to screwing my sister at some time if I could ever get her alone. Well this one night I was busy and the two of them where down to visit like many other nights. My sister had gone back up to the house and her daughter( my niece) stayed behind. I had never thought of doing her as she was a bit on the chunky side and just never appealed to me. This night was different as she stood by the partially opened doorway and kept looking out. I was beginning to get aroused as I kept looking her way. After a bit I went and stood behind her. Her and I were about the same height, with her being just a tad taller then me. I leaned against, her and sorta whispered in her ear "What you looking at?" She answered, 'Oh! nothing" I could sense that she held her arm down along her side and I pressed my body closer to her. I was quite erect now and I made sure my erection was pressing against her arm. She began to move her hand now so she could get a better feel. Wow this was much more than I expected. I leaned in a sorta kissed her on the cheek and then she turned so I kissed her on the lips. This turned into a much more meaningful kiss as my tongue began to search for her open mouth. I pressed my stiff penis against her hand as she began to rub up and down. I reach and cupped her boob aqnd began to massage it. I felt her fumbling the front of my jeans as I slipped my hand up under her sweatshirt. As I did this she reached behind her and undid her bra and the went back to fumbling for my zipper. I reached up and took off her sweatshirt to reveal those small but lovely boobs. At the same time she unzipped my pants and had unbuckled my belt and let my pants fall to the floor. While I sucked her one boob I also undid her jeans as she had done with mine and let them to fall to the floor. Her hand was inside my underpants holding my stiff prick. My hand was in her undies as well as I began to finger her slit. I asked her if she had ever had a cock in her before. She said no. I asked her If I could put mine in her now. She pushed down my underwear to reveal my throbbing dick. I spread out a old canvas and got her to lay down on it. I took off her panties and proceeded to get between her legs. her virgin pussywas all hot and wet and my cock was dripping my precum. I guided the head of my prick to her slit and began to push forward. I felt resistance and she held me back. I asked if it was alright? and with that she thrust her body upward and I felt my cock break through her hymen. I paused awhile then began to slowly with draw. I began to do her slowly and before long , with each thrust she would arch to receive me. My dear I said I'm gonna have to back out and she asked why? I felt her beginning to breath faster and I knew she was ready to cum herself. I thought I need to hold out a bit longer, as I felt her climax and the feeling was so great that I too began to ejaculate. With the two fo us sorta moaning and groaning we never heard the door open and my sister caught us in the act of making love. MY sister told her daughter to go to the house and wash up. Then she said to me, " How could you do this to your own niece, I should go tell our mother. I reached to put some clothes on and she said I'm not through talking yet. She noticed that the more she talked the more I began to get aroused as I had always had a desire to make love to her even if she was my sister. I moved closer to her as I apologised for doing what I had done. I know my sister hadn't had a cock in quite sometime so I began to take advantage of the situation. After all a women in her late forties. I reached and took hold of her hand and guided it to my shaft. She readily took a hold of it and said OH Boy! I reached to feel her boobs through her blouse. I told her they are great. Then I reached up under her dress and to my amazement, she wasn't wearing any panties. I could feel the warmth of her bushy pussy and slipped a finger in between the folds She let out a soft moan as I rubbed her soft spot. I whispered in her ear and said I have been wanting to do this for along time. She said I know I've noticed how you look at me. I said to her then why did you leave your daughter with me alone?? She said, well She doesn't see any boy's because of her weight and I wanted her to know about things. I laid my sister down on the same place I had just done her daughter and proceeded to make complete love to her. When we were done we were both exhausted. My sister said boy you are good! I said your not bad either. we made love every day


26642 - I am a happily married 27 year old woman that loves her husband, but... I think about pussy constantly. I love bdsm and get so wet thinking about sluts tied up with their pussies exposed waiting for a good spank and a lick.


26641 - Had my first dogging experience and it was by accident! I had been out all day and had to walk my two dogs late about 9pm, went to the local woods, don't normal go there as it's a boring walk, park car in what has always been know as lovers car park, 50 minutes later with very little light left as I returned to the car park there was only one other car, as I walked past the drivers side of the car I could clearly see a woman with her skirt rolled up with her pussy on show, I did a double look and she smiled, I smiled back and she opened the window and said, thought their might have been more out tonight, I said normally this car park is known to be busy at this time of night, as I was saying this she started playing with her pussy, then she slid herself down in the seat and opened her legs more, she then said you like what you see, I had to get a bit closer as the steering wheel was covering her pussy, I said very nice, she said police had turned up at the other car park so thought I would try here, she then said while touching her breasts, would you like to touch me, I said let me put the dogs in the car first, done so and returned, when I put my head and arms in the window she got one of her massive tits out and started licking her nipple, I started touching her pussy, she opened her legs more for better access and then said, let me help you, she undid my belt then button then zip all with one hand! As my cock come out she lent towards the window and took it in her mouth, as she was sucking away i started playing with her tit, couldn't reach her pussy while being sucked off, she was doing a really good job! She then said would you like to finish on me, yes I answered, let me see how excited I've made you, as I was wanking away she said I will play with my pussy for you, she was slowly touching herself, splaying her lips open, I was really getting close, she was calmly talking in a soft voice to me all the time, let me see she said, I want to see you finish, come on, as I got closed I was fully up against the car with my cock inside the window, she quickly sucked the end of my cock twice and I was cumming over her, she was still talking, oh I can see I've made you excited, that's it let it all go, when I had finished she said while cleaning herself up with tissues that were on the passengers seat, we normally meet up at the other car park, be great to see you again.
I've never returned, but always wanted too!


26640 - My dog fucks me regularly and I gotta say people are kinda stupid sometimes. Why bother using peanut butter to get him to lick your balls or pussy? Just don't shower for a couple of days. He'll lick you all you can handle. My favorite thing(well, favorite licking thing) is, either don't wipe the next time you shit, or hold it in until you can get him to lick you. Sometimes he'll stuff his tongue so far up my ass it feels like he's coming out my belly button. And of course once he catches on to just how much you enjoy a licking, you won't need any extra incentive to get him to do it