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26136 - My girlfriend sissified me.

I always thought it was a turn on to have another person screw my girlfriends. I liked it more if I was allowed to watch. I encouraged every girl I dated to do this and most of them in time would do it. When I met Wendy she did as I wished but also thought I should do something in return for her. I told her what ever it was she wanted me to do I would at the very least try it.

One evening when we where talking about our sexual fanatics, Wendy told me she liked the thought of having sex with another girl. We also talked about our likes and dislikes, she asked how I would feel about cross dressing for her. Then she would pretend I was a girl and have sex with me. I told her I would try it just for her since she had been having sex with others upon my requests. Wendy also dressed in very reveling clothes at all times like I asked her to do. Cross dressing would have been the farthest thing I would have thought of doing but if Wendy wanted it then I was ok trying it.

Now looking back at it all, I should have seen this coming. I do get sexually aroused dressed like a girl and since Wendy knows this she kept me as her girly lover. I now wear frilly things when ever at home since Wendy insists on it. Wendy thought I looked so nice cross dressed that she took a lot of pictures of me and I posed however she asked. Now she has taken full control of our relationship. She threatens to expose me for the cum eating sissy I am. She has me eating my semen when I am allowed out of my chastity.

The last six months or so Wendy has this latest thing to humiliate me and promote her status over me. That is she brings home her boyfriends and they have sex, rather in front of me or where ever. When they are done I have to clean them both, her boyfriend first then she sits over my face and I clean his semen from her. I never thought I would be a sissy boy, chastised and eating another mans semen from my girlfriends pussy.

There is no end to this, unless I let her ruin my life for ever. So after some talking with her, I now see that this is what I was truly meant to be in life. I will remain forever a cum eating sissy for her amusement. Wendy has pointed out to me, I am no man and because I have a small penis no women will ever want me. I was told I am good at what I do, she reminded me that soon I will be passable in public. Wendy reminded me of how hard she has worked to make me passable and how excited I become knowing soon I can be in public openly. Once more I had to agree with her and like all our talks, I agreed that I do like how things have turned out. I do accepted my status among men and I know I am inadequate of being a man. Like Wendy said, I am here to service real men as required. Wendy really likes it when I asked to suck her boyfriends and when I eagerly clean her up after sex. BP.


26135 - My confession.when i was 13 i started trying on womens clothing.i loved the feeling of silk lace panties and mom wore sexy lingerie and so i would dress up in slips,stockings,skirts,blouse and hi heels i even put a vibrator down my afternoon my 11 yr old sis walked in on me,she said im telling i knew she smoked i said i will give you 6 smokes if you take your clothes off she said 7,she was naked on the bed i said lets play mom an dads as so i pulled skirt up an got between her legs an began pushing my hard on inside her,she was a virgin i grabed her tight an pushed it in then began fucking her.we now have sex 4 times a day and i crossdress for her an sleep in a sexy lace nitie


26134 - Wow I'm sit in my truck right now trying to comprehend what I just did.
I've be wanting to do this for years now, but I only get these feelings wen I get hi. This morning at 1am I got a gram,and was on my way home wen I thought to my self.....I'm gonna do I'll keep it short and to the point but what all these ppl say " o she had a huge cock my Virginia ass" let me tell u in my story it's all true.

So I show up at her hotel she was black long hair. She asked me if I party and I was like ya she gave me another gram. So I had a rip and she told me take off ur close. She started with a back message, spread my legs apart and took a couple quick swipe over my but hole
I flipped over, ( I was full hard before I even got on the bed) she started a bj on me then to a69 1st time having a 8"cock in my mouth I did what I thought was good tried to put it in all the way but didn't want to throw up. Got a rubber on and it was cowgirl from there I grab the cock and like clock work a perfect rythem , we moved to the floor and she was on top again. I said ohh I'm she instantly wait when cough up to me. I shot en she got up turned en shot just as much as I did

Ok go take a shower..?or I did she was wrapping it up. But r u gonna do me?

She started fingering me as she was waiting to get hard again

Lubed up and slowly forced it it as laid on my back. Then I jumped on top.OK that was poor riding on my part.
I got on my stomach lube and forced it in slow but hard with my shoulders up it was different en it was so good, then I said unleash she stated full throttle in me.she said came from my but and I didn't even know that I jizzed any way I went at it for a couple more hours and here we are. O and I tried one of her dildo with a condom it must of be a good 2"+ thick I push that in my self also it was really slow it hurt,

Explore with these kinds of girls it's worth it


26133 - I recently started using a chastity belt, I have had thoughts for years as the idea turns me on and I masturbate far too much, but then I saw an advert for a sex toy website talking about international chastity day, the idea being to lock a guy up from January 14th until February 14th. Anyway I decided finally to just go for it instead of only thinking about it, I ordered a steel chastity belt and it arrived just in time. The first time I put it on I immediately began my 4 week sentence. I am over 2 weeks locked as it is the 29th having never gone even a few days before, I have been going crazy. I recently found my little sisters sex toys so I decided to cheat and use one on me through the cage. I used a rabbit vibrator with the bunny ears against the tip of my foreskin and the shaft under my scrotum, I still could not get hardly any sensation but it was the most I have had in weeks. after about 30 seconds I shot the largest load of semen I have ever shot but received no actual satisfaction as there was no friction on my shaft, I basically gave myself a ruined orgasm by mistake only making things worse. Just then I heard the front door open. My little sister was supposed to be staying at her girlfriends but she had come home, I was naked in just my dick cage in her bedroom, the door of which can be seen from the front door, with my cum all over my thighs. I panicked and started hiding away all her sex toys and trying to find something to cover myself with, I managed to dart downstairs to the bathroom to clean up while she was putting her coat away. I was so relieved I got away with it but just realised, I put back my sisters sex toy covered in my semen. If she used the toy tonight, theoretically I may have just got my little sister pregnant without even getting to have an orgasm.


26132 - My little sister just left to go travelling in south east Asia for a year, in the meantime I am using her bedroom sometimes as it is quieter. I have a fleshlight sex toy that I wanted to use in there so needed a place to hide it, only I found a bunch of my little sister's sex toys instead. She always seemed prudish and I believed she was a virgin, but I found several vibrators, one a standard rabbit and the other that made the rabbit look tiny, 26 condoms, vibrating cock rings, a vaginal barbell set, half empty packs of batteries and 4 half used bottles of lube. I also found a letter about an abortion she had. Now I don't know what to say or do, do I admit finding her hiding place and looking through her sex toy collection and reading her mail, or do I let her carry this secret alone?


26131 - I'm into incest pics and stories. Especially father-daughter and cousins. kik me, mikopep