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25311 - I am retiring soon and my wife told me that when I'm home all day I will need to leave to be "submissive" and do as she tells me. I balked a bit and told her I'm the man of the house. She said, "Well, we'll see."

She didn't let me fuck her for two weeks. I was good and horny and started to plead with her. She teased me and kept saying over and over, "You want my pussy? You want it? You wanna put your tiny little dicklet in me?" She ordered me to strip and to get in the bathtub. Then she took her pants off and kept teasing me. By now my cock was throbbing. She kneeled over my face and clamped my head between her knees. I thought she wanted to be licked, with her hot pussy just a few inches away. But then she started pissing. She was laughing like crazy and said, "Here's my pussy. Submit to me. Drink it!" She squeezed tighter and was pissing right on my mouth. She slapped me and screamed at me to drink it. I opened wide and submitted. I was completely humiliated, but now I know who's boss. I do everything I'm told.


25310 - Thank u so much Admin for your site. I came by this site by accident and has been hooked on it since. the incest stories (the ones that ring true) get me wanking my brown cock immediately. oh, how I luv this site. I will now share my current situation with the hope that it may help others who may be as horny as I and deciding their next moves - hope it will make them think of the consequence of their actions for better or worse.

my sister (32) has been sleeping with my dad, for how long, I don't know. they have never been caught more to the reason that we give them a blind eye, but their affair is wrecking our once beautiful family - and sadly they just wont stop. my beloved mum is now bedridden due to the related stress. for all she had sacrificed to raise my siblings and I through more bad times than good, she gets this. I am so thankful that through my care for mum now, she has a reason to keep living another day. but I carry the pain too. I do hope that for many who may be deciding or are wrecking their beautiful family in similar ways, can find the strength to take their fantasy / lust elsewhere and keep their beautiful family safe. xoxo...


25309 - It started on a dare from my friend Theresa while at the mall. I had always had a crush on her but was too scared to say anything. She suggested we go to a dressing room and I drop my pants for her. We went to Yonkers and found a dressing room. I unzipped my pants and flashed her.
I was starting to zip up when she asked if she could touch it. She slowly pulled my pants down and wrapped her hand around me. It made me very hard as she stared in silence looking at it. I cleared my throat and she quickly let go. She looked embarrassed, her cheeks were a rosey color.
It only seemed fair that I dare her to show me. She declined and asked to go home. I was put off a little and we hardly spoke until we got in my car. On the way to her house she reached over and started rubbing my crotch area. She took her belt off and leaned over my lap...unzipping my pants,pulling down my underwear. She pulled it out and began to suck me. It was very difficult to drive and I was a little nervous as we stopped at a red light. I tried hard to keep focused on the road as my head was spinning from what was happening.
As we got nearer to Theresa's house, I drove slower because I was so close. As I pulled in, I let go into her mouth. She pulled her head up quickly choking/coughing. Theresa's face was bright red and cum was on her chin. She wiped her face with my sleeve. Grabbed her stuff and left just saying goodbye.
I drove home in a blurred state, not sure if I stopped or ran a few signs on the way home. When I got home, I was feeling pretty good.


25308 - Years ago I got my super sexy ex wife very drunk and we were naked playing with sex toys and had just shared a nice thick very long double dildo and she had a big rubber cock shoved up my ass and was on he knees in the floor between my wide spread knees sucking my big hard dick.
She was backed up on two big rubber dicks stuck to the coffee table and was fucking both of them with her pussy and ass and she loved to gag on my big dick and have it forced down her throat when I came.
We were swingers and I had watched her suck and fuck a lot of men of all colors and she loved a huge cock deep in her ass. She was just cleaning my dick after I shot a very big load down her throat when I told her I wanted to watch her fuck our 125# mixed breed dog named Rocky. She was shocked at first but the more I talked about it the hotter she got and I talked her into walking down to the barn to try it.
She seemed pretty anxious and curious about it and Rocky walked to the barn with us and we went into the feed room and I told her to get naked and bend over some sacks of feed and I fucked her hard and came deep inside of her and when I pulled out cum ran out of her young tight pussy and Rocky went right over to her and started to lick her dripping wet pussy and before long he mounted her and started to hump her and his big thick long dark red dick shot out and as soon as she felt it in the crack of her ass she started asking me to stick it in her so I guided it into her slick pussy and things got very exciting after that and she kept yelling and screaming and I was on the floor behind her watching his huge dark red dick fuck her dripping wet snatch.
There was a lot of juice running out of her pussy and she was getting fucked hard fast and deep and seemed to love every minute of it until he knotted inside of her and she started screaming really loud then yelled out that he was filling her insides with hot cum and he came for a very long time as I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit until she squirted all over the place.
She said she had so much hot cum inside of her that she was about to bust. I looked between the dogs legs and saw her shaved pussy stretched out wide around his large knot and he got off of her and now they were ass to ass with his knot pulling on her pussy so I pet the dog and talked to him until he pulled out of her about 20 minutes later.
I saw what looked like a gallon of hot dog cum pour out of her wide open pussy and it ran down her thighs and Rocky started to lick her clean and before he was finished I was so fucking hot that I got behind her and shoved my dick up her ass and started to fuck her and Rocky started licking my ass and nuts and that made me fill my wife`s ass with my cum.
We fell in the floor exhausted and after we caught our breath we went to the shower and washed up together. I was pretty excited and she was also so we talked about it and dog cum was still dripping from her pussy and as we talked she said she might want to try it again later and she could tell that excited me.
Late that evening she asked if I wanted her to do it again and I was more than ready to watch it again and we let Rocky in the bedroom and she was pretty excited and got even more worked up as Rocky licked her pussy then she shocked the hell out of me when she spun around and got under Rocky and started stroking him until his huge dick came out and then she really shocked me when she started to suck his dick. I started jacking off like crazy and watching her go down on our dog.
I kept telling her to suck it and to keep going. She loved to suck dick and seemed to love sucking Rocky`s dick and she stuck her ass in the air and slapped it a couple of times and it wasn`t long before my big hard dick was fucking her ass. Things got pretty hot and then the hottest thing I ever seen as I came up her ass she was letting Rocky shoot his hot dog cum in her mouth and she held his dick and squirted it on her face and tits and in her mouth and it was all over the place and still shooting out every where. Damn it was pretty exciting and in the future Rocky became a huge part of our very private sex lives.
About a year later her brother and his wife went on vacation and we looked after their big bulldog and we had him for two weeks and she took both of them out in the back yard one night and after letting Rocky fuck her in the grass under a big full moon the big bulldog caught on and he had a bigger dick than Rocky and I watched and jacked off several times watching my hot sexy wife be a bitch for two huge big dicked dogs and we stayed outdoors most of the night and the dogs fucked he several times and for two weeks Rocky and the Bulldog got a lot of pussy.
Come to find out my wife`s sister in law was also letting their bulldog fuck her and they ended up getting together about once a week to let the dogs fuck them and they started a bi sexual relationship that was pretty hot also.


25307 - My ex wife was 15 years younger than me and very sexy and we went to swinger parties pretty often and we both enjoyed seeing each other with other people. She was bi sexual also.
We explored all our fantasies together including here with women groups of men dildos and lots of sex toys and her using a strap on to fuck me many times.
She would fuck a big dildo while I fucked her ass. Me and other men DPed her many times and at the parties we went to every one wanted to fuck her so she always got gang banged. One party we went to was pretty hot because there were several men there that were very well hung and I watched her get fucked until day light and listened to her moan and yell out in pleasure as all the guys fucked her pussy and ass over and over and some of the women there sucked y dick while we watched.
We even lived out our wildest fantasies on weekend get trips we took to meet people for sex. My wildest fantasy for her was to watch her fuck a group of very well hung huge cock black men and it took several months to set it up but we went on a weekend adventure to meet with 6 black guys and we got a huge suite in a very nice Hotel and from Saturday evening until late Sunday evening these 6 black men fucked her until she could hardly walk. two of them were very thick and 12" long an the others were all very thick and at least 10" long. They all came in her ass mouth and pussy countless DP`s multiple penetrations cum all over her and she sucked every one of them off countless times.
It was a very wild weekend. Now part of the deal was if she did that for me I had to do something for her and she set it all up over the internet. I had to let her watch me have sex with two men and she would watch and join in as often as she liked.
Using her hot body to excite these two men she was able to get two much younger muscular men that were hung pretty well to agree to have sex with me on the promise that they could fuck her too. Once again we got a nice hotel suite and spent a weekend having wild kinky sex and she watched both these men fuck my ass several times and cum inside of me and we all sucked each other off swallowing the cum each time then she fucked me with a strap on while I sucked both their huge dicks.
Then the three of us fucked my wife all night long and they even both dicks in her pussy while she sucked me off. The best part was when she was sucking my dick while both of them fucked my ass and shot their huge loads deep in my ass.
We had bi meetings more than once and months later when she and I had been out drinking we came home and were fucking in the shower and I had my big dick up her ass I told her about my wildest fantasy and that I wanted to tie her up after our shower. She was pretty excited and once I had her tied up over the coffee table doggie style I fucked her and came in her pussy then spanked her ass hard until she came.
After that I let in our 120# Lab and got him in behind her and got him to lick her dripping pussy and she was in shock that I would do this to her but after his huge hot tongue started going up inside of her cunt she began to moan and got into it and I jacked off on her ass then finally got our dog up on her back and with a little stroking from me I got his huge red dick to shoot out and he started to hump on her like crazy and she started to panic and yell at me to make him stop but I didn`t. Instead I grabbed his big hot dick and guided up right up her juicy cunt and she started screaming and yelling out really loud as our dog fucked the hell out of her and I was jacking off watching from behind and then she screamed out really loud and started saying it hurt like hell but it was too late as he had knotted inside of her and now she was screaming at me telling me he was shooting his cum inside of her and she said it was very hot and said she couldn`t hold it all. I came all over myself watching her knotted up with our dog and they stayed hooked up for over twenty minutes as I pet the dog and talked to him and when the knot went down and he pulled out cum poured out of my wife and ran down both her tan sexy legs and the dog began to lick her ass and pussy and legs too.
There was a huge pool of cum on the floor and I couldn`t resist as I got behind her and shoved my dick in her asshole and fucked her until I came up her ass.
Several days went by and she never said a word about it. I had to go out of town to work and she called me one night while I was in the hotel and she wanted me to listen and to jack off while the dog was fucking her and she said from now on when you are out of town she would be taken care of. Letting the dog fuck her was pretty normal now and we even took him out to the country with us so he could fuck her outdoors while we were both naked and she sucked my dick and she even got used to him in her ass and let me film it and take a lot of photos. She was one horny young girl that just liked dick.


25306 - We were 12 or 13 years old and hanging out in a wooded lot across the road from where we lived and we were standing close to each other taking a piss and for some strange reason we both wanted to touch each others dicks and ended up with our pants down jacking each other off and on a dare we each took a taste of each others cum and we both liked it enough that we decided to get naked and suck each other off and we laid on our clothes on our sides in the opposite direction and we began to suck each others dick.
We started rolling around taking turns being on top and bottom and when he came in my mouth I came in his and we continued to suck each other and even put each others nuts in our mouth.
In the heat of the moment he shoved a finger up my ass and had my dick in his mouth and it felt pretty damn good so while he was fingering my ass he took his mouth off my dick and said he wanted to stick his dick in my ass so we changed positions and he got on top of me while I was face down on the ground and he held his dick to my asshole and started to stick it up my ass and when it went in he shoved it all the way up my ass and fucked me a minute or so then came in my ass.
I was pretty excited and asked him to do it again so he humped my ass and got hard up my cum filled as then he started to fuck me and his cum was all over my nuts and in the crack of my ass as I kept moaning out loud for him to do it faster and harder and he came deep in my ass a second time.
That afternoon he fucked me several times and we tried it in different positions and he came up my ass several times. After that first day we were always finding time to suck each other off and we both liked swallowing the hot thick cum but my favorite was letting him fuck my ass as much as he could and the feel of his hard dick shooting hot cum up my ass was my favorite of all.
Months later we got brave enough to share our experiences with two of our friends and they didn`t believe us so they dared us to do it in front of them so we went down in the wooded lot and once we were in our private little spot we got naked and they watched us suck each other awhile then they got to watch him fuck my ass and before he was finished they were both naked and hard as a rock and right after he came up my ass one of the others mounted me and fucked me then the other one and by the time he was finished the first one was ready to go again so for over an hour the three of them fucked me in the ass one after the other and all of them came inside me and cum was all over my legs ass and balls and it was pretty exciting getting fucked so many times and having them all around me watching me get fucked.
It was so good that every day for over two weeks we all met down in the woods and they fucked me for hours every day. Then several days that summer we went to one of their houses while the parents were at work and we had sex in the house and they all liked fucking me in front of a mirror so they could watch.
Most of the time I had a dick in my ass and one in my mouth and I got very excited letting them use me how ever they liked and having my ass filled with hot cum. Three very hard dicks constantly fucking my ass was a huge thrill and during that summer we discovered that being tied up was pretty exciting also.
We tried several different ways of me being tied up so they could fuck me in the ass and the more they fucked me the more I wanted it. we played games together and it was pretty exciting for me to be naked in a room as they entered one at a time to fuck me and cum in my ass then the next one came in to fuck me.
I couldn`t get enough and neither could they so we tried everything we could think of and we even went out to an old tool shed in the backyard and they all fucked me in that hot ass building with me bent over the workbench with cum dripping down my legs.
the wildest thing we ever did was they talked me into wearing some silk panties and a bra filled with rags to look like tits then a short dress and a wig then high heels all from his moms closet. They put me on my knees in the living room and stood naked around me as I sucked all their dicks then they raped my ass and mouth over and over talking nasty and very dirty to me as they came in my mouth and ass then tied me to the coffee table on my knees and spanked my ass and used a coke bottle on my ass while they took turns fucking my mouth and treating me nasty as hell.
For several years I was their fuck slave and it was exciting for all of us