Latest Confessions:


24139 - Well I wouldnt fuck a child so thats out of the question lol ilill do some incest... been fuckin my cousin since we were 9... but havent been able to get any cuz I live in miami n she lives in nyc. So im asking for a kinky girl to come take my load in her mouth like my cousin



24138 - I know you didn't have softball I know you were out being bad with that hot pussy of yours , I was hard thinking about you being used, wish I could lick you now so bad. You dominate me and I want you


24137 - I use flea control spray and still these fleas are bugging me how do I stop it? its a raging plague and I am sick of it.


24136 - My dog seems to think that, since I get him off regularly by sucking him and letting him fuck me, he has to return the favor. Half the time, after he's done cumming in whichever orifice I give him, he'll turn around back to me and present his ass. I don't fuck him, because I don't know how his ass can take me, but I do lick his ass vigorously, and I love how it tastes.


24135 - I love my cats butt hole. it turns me on and just like looking at them butt holes. kinky katz.


24134 - I lust after my cousin, who is a cute little blond. I would love to fuck her, but she is worried about us being related. However, we did make-out one time in a porch swing at our grandma's. It was just necking and heavy petting tho.