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24827 - I have just set up a time to meet a couple off craiglist who are really keen to be fucked iam 22 male and I this is going to be a first and hopefully an awesome experience


24826 - Okay so first off I feel horrible about this whole situation. I'm a girl and I have a girlfriend, I'm a lesbian but I can't help the fact that I love bestiality. I can't imagine having sex with a human male but a male dog sure I would love that. Anyway, my girlfriend went on vacation with her family and she asked me to watch her dog so I said sure. After she left I arrived at her house and let her dog in the house. It was a few hours that a kept thinking "This could be my chance to see if i'm actually into this." So I went for it. I started by gearing up to touch his male parts, it took me a minute to find my reasoning but then I did. I started by stroking him and he didn't seem opposed to it at all. I could feel him getting hard but he never unsheathed himself. If he did I would have been on him in a second but I couldn't get his junk out. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. But I stopped and thought to myself "This is so wrong this isn't happening because he is scared." My stomach gets sick every time I think about it because it was my GIRLFRIENDS dog. Is that horrible of me? I couldn't ever tell her because she would hate me. I've tried telling her I'm into that stuff but in the end I couldn't. I would still love to try getting mounted by a dog. I wish I could do this with my girlfriend. I have so many kinks she doesn't know about. What do I do...


24825 - I am a 17 y/o and I love the thought of old men fucking me hard. Talking about 40+. I'd whatever they wanted me to. Love the thought of an old penis pounding my pussy.


24824 - I desperately want to make love to my stepson. I would never force anything, but I'm constantly trying to see up his shorts, or catch him naked every time I can. I once saw him online and pretended to be a girl so that he would show me his cock. It was amazing. I know most of the stories on here are probably not real, but I would love to find someone real to talk to and that would show me pictures of their dad/son times. If you're real, please tell me how to get ahold of you!


24823 - My wife's brother and his wife were supposed to be coming to town to visit our family. I just found out my wife's brother had to stay home for a last minute work function. My Sister in law is still planning to come out though. I have fantacized about having a threesome with my wife and my sister in law. They get along really well and I know she isn't sexually satisfied by her husband. I'll probably chicken out, but if I were to try to initiate something I would try to get a backrub chain going.


24822 - I sneak into my girlfriends room mates rooms while they're gone and rummage through their panty drawers. Sometime I rub them all on my hard cock, sometime I cum on a fresh pair knowing that she'll wear them. Sometimes I go through the dirty clothes and find a nice pair of worn panties and lick them while I cum on their undies or swim suites. When I see them after I've done this I get rock hard thinking about them wearing my cum covered panties. I've also came in her shampoo, body wash, lotion, and food.