Latest Confessions:


24777 - I love to jerk off in front of my mom. It started after she caught me getting off in the shower when I was 18. It mad me hornier know that she saw my dick. After that, I had her catch me a few more times. And then one day several months later, while we were at home and she was doing laundry, she asked if I needed anything washed, and I took my pants off, not wearing any underwear and handed them to her. She was a bit shocked and then she asked me wear my underwear was, which I said I didn't wear any. She turned to put the washing on and I started to masturbate standing behind her. And when she turned back around, she froze, and didnt say anything. I stood there and jerked off for ten minutes while she watched me. I ended up squirting my cum on floor infront of her. Now a couple times a day I stand in front of her and jerk off while she watches.


24776 - So how do I say this.... Ok I have a wife but I'm married to her daughter. Yes I know wtf right. (As I right this I am getting a blow job from my 2nd wives sister)

So I was 16 when all this started will basically it just happened. I went to my best friends house to see him but he wasn't there only his mum. And she is super hot for a 46year old.I fantasied about her when I used to wank.

So we sitting in the dinning room Something weird happened and we just started kissing and and my hands all over her and same with hands on me. We went into the bedroom and made love. From that day we always tried to be alone to have sex. We used to met at the mall and have sex in the car or in the lingerie shop dressing room. Until her 2 daughters caught us.

So they caught us coming out a hotel holding hands and kissing. And they wanted in on our little sex life. So we agreed to it same time and took them up to the room and I made love to them. One was 19 and other 1 was 14.

So for months this was going on. Now it was even better because with daughters at home I could still have sex with her. And them.

When I turned 20 that's when things changed. my parents died and left me with a really big bank balacne. Let's just say I don't have to ever work a day in my life. Well for the better I guess. She and her daughters packed up there stuff. And called me to pick them up from home. I was shocked but. Happy. They felt phones back so no one could contact them. But little did her hubby and my best friend (her son) know. There all 3house away.

So we lived together for about 3months. Butt naked everyday they started drinking and smoking with me. We do home made porn videos. My friends. Well all of them are bi guys. So they come over we have 1 big sex party. And they only f@*k in the ass. So I've got all the p+--y for myself. They don't mind doing other girls. They love to watch and play with themselves. Hi I love it when they getting 2 dicks @ once up there asshole.

Finally after the 3rd month. I sold up the house and we moved to another state about 1700kms away new live. No 1 knows us. Me and her got married. Normal custom was a first dance as a couple. Well all our friends (bi sex party) were there. Instead of a first dance. We had a bed in the middle of the hall. And we made love infront of everyone.

About a year after that. She conviced me to marry her small daughter. Because the 1 big is to mush of a slut. And I did marry her small daughter. And we had the same custom of making love infront of everyone

(Remembering I said I was getting a sucked in the starting ? Well I just came in my sister inlaw / wives daughters mouth)

So we have a big ass house now. The 3 of us sleep in the same bed. And life is good :)


24775 - One night while shooting darts a friends wife invited me home. He watched and wanked while sitting on the bed next to us. We fucked most of the night.

A couple of weeks later she invited me back, and this time brought another woman. We spent the night drinking and fucking. At one point I was plowing his wife while she ate the other woman.

My wife doesn't know and she doesn't play. She never turns me down but the sex is very vanilla. I need some excitement in my sex life.


24774 - When I was 9, a single mom and her son moved in next door. He and I hit it off and pretty soon we were doing sleep overs. Im not sure when I realized it but pretty soon we were sleeping in the same bed and I was taking his pyjamas off. He resisted at first but was soon happy to fall asleep with his cock in my mouth. Eventually he became the leader and was fucking me so we made a hiding place behind where we lived as a playhouse. I think he fucked me or I sucked him 3-4 times a week until I was around 15 and my family moved away. It may seem strange but I still sleep best with a cock in my mouth or when I am alone, with a sausage or something.


24773 - It was my bachelor party. Me and a few other guys went to a strip club later we went back to one of the guys house and ordered a stripper there the stripper was much more intimate with all of us at the house compared to the strip club. I was wasted. She took me up to the room as my friend had paid for a lap dance. In the room she unbuckled my belt and took out my ****. She started to give me a h*** j**. After a full 2 to 3 seconds i pushed her hand away and continued to j*** myself for a out 20 seconds until finishing while she watched. I was turned on that she was watching me do it and i figured it was not cheating. I think i can safely say i did not receive a h*** j** but im still feeling guilty about it now though.


24772 - My sister and I used to watch each other masturbate... We would begin by spanking each other when our parents were out. It went on for years- we spanked then rubbed ourselves over & under panties to orgasm. One day she just clammed up, discontinued and refused to ever discuss again, which I of course respected. Although to this day, both of is married, I secretly hope she will reintroduce an old habit.