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25004 - Before I hit puberty, my sister, brother and I were playing in moms king size bed before we went to sleep. My sister had on her nightgown and I was just in my whitey tighties. My brother had shown me a few adult magazines before and I liked what I saw. I played under the covers while my sister only had her bottom half under the covers. I managed to get my head in her nightgown and just layed there staring. I acted like I fell asleep and she didn't mind. I let my hand fall to her crotch. she started thrusting her hips until she came on my hand. I just played dead. I wonder if she remembers doing that. I would like to take it a step further now that I'm 35 years old. Any suggestions?


25003 - My husband recently confessed to me his fantasy. threesomes. I haven't really thought about it much since we've been married but since he's in the military and gone a lot, so we've taken to just fantasize.

Ever since that conversation, it's all i've thought about. I've been hornier than usual. we've continued to talk more about the possibilities of threesomes and he's name couple of my friends who he's fantasize me going at it with.

I honestly hope these fantasies become reality because i would love to have both him and another chick at the same time.


25002 - Text me at 1-702-323-3374 if you're nice and wet. I love all pussy whether its old or young black or white. I can be a dominate man or your submissive little boy. I'm into anything kinky, as long as I get your pussy ladies I'm down for anything and everything


25001 - I'm looking for someone in Southern Nevad who is down to fuck anytime of day, I'll be your master or I can be your little bitch, you decide. If you're interested let me know in the comments, thank you.

P.S. I'm a male 19


25000 - A few weeks ago I was with my friend (we are both females) when something went wrong with her car. We pulled over in a parking lot and both got out. A man pulled in and offered to help. He fixed the problem quickly and my friend ran into a restaurant to get him something to drink.
I was sitting in the passenger side with the door open and he squated down to talk to me, he touched my thigh and I spread my legs a little. Soon his hand was up my mini skirt and his fingers in my wet pussy, he fingered me until my friend came back and then he left.
A couple of days later my sister stopped by with her new boyfriend and it was the man who fixed the car. Now I don't know if I should tell her or just let it go.


24999 - I've got this friend Diane. She's 6'4" tall. I'm just 5'10. We've been friends for years. On occasion we hook up, when Diane's in the mood. I've wanted to date her for years but she has a thing against dating shorter men.
Now that we are in our mid 30's. Diane has been doing lots of online dating. It's fun to hear the disastrous dates she's been on. Guys not looking like their picture, being much older than they initially said, unemployed, no teeth, married, and mostly guys that cannot hold a conversation. Sounds like a Seinfeld episode. After her dates, if they've not gone well, I would get a booty call from her. Diane wants to start a family.
Recently, I met a girl through a softball league. Things are moving slow but very good. Diane has not been dealing with my dating success well. She's been calling me most every night wanting to hook up. On most occasions, I've gone over to her house. My new relationship is getting to a point where I need to stop hooking up with Diane. I've been guilty of saying this is the last time but find myself a night or two later in her bed. She's been more "adventurous" in bed....I think in an attempt to get me to break things off with my girlfriend. Diane has offered to bring a friend of hers to join us in bed. I do admit I've fantasized about being with two women at the same time. Just unsure since things with my girlfriend have been going well. The right thing to do is make a clean break from Diane and focus on my new relationship. It's just been tough because Diane knows me very well and has been willing to "entertain" my sexual interests. I know if things were reversed Diane would cut me off.
What should I do? I know the right thing to do but am enjoying being bad.