Latest Confessions:


26433 - My Husband and I went on holiday with two friends and their families. The other families that went both have daughters between the ages of 14 an 19 5 girls in total. We stayed in a rented villa in the south of france. The villa was beautiful and everyone had their own room. There was a swimming pool to the rear of the house. Every day all the girls would go swimming in the afternoon whilst we all played cards. One of the days In the afternoon my husband was not sitting with us and i went to see where he was. I walked into the room and found him standing at the window masturbating. He jumped when he knew i was there and tried to hide his hard cock. I approached the window and saw he was looking at the girls sunbathing together at the pool as our window looked right down at the pool. Because he was so embaressed and i was a little drunk, i decided to let him keep looking and i stroked his cock. he ejaculated all over all down my hand. i washed my hand and left to go back downstairs and told him to come back down when he cleaned up. I had never taken charge like that before and it was a huge turn on.


26432 - My mother and I have been lovers for many years now. As disgusted as people may be if they knew about us, we are just like any mother and son you've ever met, only our relationship has a sexual element to it. Like most mother and sons who hug or show affection, we simply use sex as another way of showing our love for one another.
Both of us have always had very high sex drives, and we have sex as often as we can arrange it. My mother usually insists I cum inside her, being it makes her orgasm every time, and to be honest with you, nothing makes me cum harder than knowing it's my mother I'm cumming inside.
Think what you may, but we have an amazing sex life that has only grown over the many years since we crossed that line.


26431 - I married my second wife about two years ago we have been togethter for about two years before that, she has a daughter that at the time we moved in together was 16. About two years later my wife was away for the weekend as her friend was getting married. Her daughter went out for the night at around 6 oclock. by three am i was slighlty worried that she wasnt home. Soon after the door opened and she came stumbling in. I could tell she was very drunk and not making any sence or even able to really stand. We got her onto her bed and i left her room. about half an hour later i went through with a bucket if she was sick and a bottle of water. When I went in she was completely naked lying on her back ontop of the bed. i had never seen her naked before and she had an incredible body. i tried to wake her a litle bit but she was completely out. I decided to quietly masturbate looking at her. i knew this was the only chance i would ever get cos she was completely out cold and her mum was away. I started masturbating standing at the end of her bed whilst looking at her body. I knew i was going to cum really quick and thought the best place to cum was on her perfectly painted pink toes. I leaned over a bit to cum but when i did it shot all the way up her body hitting her face, i couldnt believe it i shot more cum all over her legs and feet. I had nevere cum so hard before and was now so embaressed and ashamed at what i had done. I cleaned her up very carefully and we she moved i told her she had been a bit sick but she was ok. I went to bed after doing this and was still shaking a bit.


26430 - Hi im 25 my wifes mom paula is about 46 but shese super sexy i often find myswlf thinking about how her pussy would feel wraped around my cock. Any way i wana confess that evey time shes not around i go thru her dirty panties sniff ,lick and cum in them. I like to build up a huge lode n bust it in her shampoo, i wonder if she can feel my cum when shes washing her hair.if i dont cum in her shampoo ill cum in her clean panties so i know shes walking around with my cum all time i snuk in her bathroom when she was showering ... so do u think she knows about what im doin........


26429 - One night of madnes when me and my 15 year old daughter were alone at home,were both just let it go.we went throught the whole house having sex everywhere.i could not believe everything we did,being inside her was the most best feeling i have ever had.i cant think of anything else these days exept sex with her,,,,


26428 - Shortly after our trip to St Louis, I got a call from my dad. Unfortunately my grandmother had passed away. She was to be buried in Arlington National Cemetery with my grandfather. Dad asked if I wanted to go with him and mom to the service, I told him I would let them know. I called my sister Kim to see if she had heard the news and she had just gotten off the phone with dad. I asked her if she wanted to go to the funeral and teased that we could have a repeat of our weekend in St Louis. She laughed and said she would like that.

We continued to chat, "God sis you make me so hard just thinking about our trip to St Louis."

"And your making me wet talking about it. I am going to go to my bedroom" she replied.

"Kim, I am touching my cock wishing it was you touching me." I responded

"Are you going to jerk off for me Justin?"

"Do you want me to sis?"

"Yes, I want to hear you cum for me bro"

"What are you wearing Kim?"

"Just your t-shirt and I am touching myself Justin, do you like that?"

"Yes sis, I am stroking for you. You are going to make me cum sis!"

"Oh so soon, guess I need to catch up. Oh Justin I am rubbing my clit, wishing it was your cock."

"Yes Kim, I am getting close. Where do you want me to cum sis?"

"Inside me bro, shoot it inside me!"

"Kim im cumming!"

"Oh Justin, so am I"

"God Kim that was amazing. I cant wait to see you. I will call you later this week to figure out our plans, but right now i need to clean up all this cum."

"Justin that was incredible, I cant wait to see you either. I love you."

"Love you too sis"

A week later we left for our 4 day trip. I was almost nervous going to pick up my sister. Once we pulled away from her house, out of the sight of her husband and kids, she started kissing me. We had to pull off to the siide of the road to make out for a minute. She was making me hard just kissing me. What a weekend this was going to be.

After our make out session we got on the road. Next thing I knew we were pulling into the parking lot of the hotel. I checked us in and got our bags and we headed to the room.

We were barely in the room before we were making out. I opened the door, dropped our bags to the floor and struggled to get the door closed as Kim and I kissed. I reached up and cupped my sisters breasts, she immediately began to undo my belt buckle and unbuttoned my jeans. As we kissed, I puled off her shirt, pausing for only a second to get it over her head. She unclasped her bra and started wiggling out of her pants. I picked her up and carried her to the bed.

I dropped her to the bed and quickly pulled her panties down exposing her hairy but trimmed muff. I immediately put my mouth on her pussy and began licking up and down her slit. She grabbed my head and pulled me closer to her pussy. I began sticking my tounge deeper inside her tasting her sweet pussy, alternating between probingher pussy with my tounge and sucking on her clit.

Kim began panting "Oh Justin, thats it baby lick your sisters pussy"

I couldnt get enough. Kim was getting close and started getting louder as I pushed deeper inside of her with my tounge. She was cumming and yelling my name. I was so hard, I felt like i could explode.

After her orgasm, I climbed on the bed with her and began gently kissing her neck and moved towards her lips. I felt her hand grasp my dick and gently began tugging it and rubbing it against her hairy muff. I next felt the wetness of her pussy on my cock. The head of my cock pushed it way inside her. I slid into her and didnt want to ever pull it back out.

Kim said "Please Justin fuck me"

I started slowly pumping in and out of her. She was grabbing the head board as I pounded into her. The head board was banging into the wall with each thrust. I was getting close.

Kim wrapped her legs behind my back and locked her feet behind me, pulling me deeper.

"Oh Kim i am close"

"Do it, cum in me baby brother!" she yelled

That was all it took. I came what felt like gallons. We held eachother and quickly fell asleep.

The next morning we woke up and started kissing, but didnt have time for another session. We quickly took a shower together and got dresses. We were meeting mom and dad for breakfast.

As we were leaving the room, I heard my mom call my name. "Justin!", her and dad were coming out of the room next door.

"What were you doing in there with your sister last night?" my mom accusingly said

"What?" was all I could reply as mom pushed meand my sister back into the room.

"You two are disgusting, I cant believe you!" my mom kept scolding us.

"Mom we are both adults and love eachother and dont care what anyone else thinks" Kim came up and grabbed my hand and held it.

"Its true mom, I dont want anyone but him" Kim replied.

"Well if thats how you feel, you two need counseling, i guess we need to go get some breakfast"