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25855 - Pulling a Train! Have you ever pulled a train. I did not know what "pulling a train" was until a couple of the black guys at work started teasing me about how they would like to pull a train with me. I finally caved in and went to their house with them to do some drinking and whatever. There were three of them. I was pretty woozy when I agreed to go into the bedroom with one of them. I had not much more state having sex with him till there were others in the room. It looked like about 6 more watching us. We were really into it when my lover shot his load then he left and another immediately got on me and started. wow I loved that a lot them before it was over all 6 had sex with me. I was leaking sperm all over the bed. I was so damn tired I just went to sleep and when I awoke the next morning I had dried paste all over me.
That is what pulling a train is. It was really good.


25854 - This is crazy because I haven't really told anyone about this. I just happened to stumble upon this site, and figured this would be a nice way to let everything off my chest. I began a sexual relationship with someone that I had always knew of but never had really spoken to. At first, things seemed like they couldn't get any better. He treated me so nice and the sex was great! Unfortunately he had a girlfriend that was pregnant. I was extremely hesitant to sleep with him in the beginning because his girlfriend had been a friend of mine a few years prior. In fact, she liked me and we planned on being together but the idea just faded away. I see her a few later at a party with him and hear she is pregnant. This guy was someone that wasn't exactly near-virgin status if you know what I mean. He made me comfortable with the idea that he had girlfriend. I was never one to come in between relationships. There was multiple occasions where he asked me if he could date us both. Sometimes I would find myself almost agreeing and realizing that it wasn't right. I fell in love with the secret, and him. I didn't expect any of that to happen. Eventually I started making it more known I didn't want to continue and he became upset with me. He would call me out of name and just horrible things. His brother is my bestfriend now which I find quite odd, but whatever. I used to think that when we were having sex, it was just me. I was sadly mistaken when I found out some disturbing news..


25853 - There should be a separate section of this site for guys, girls, and gays who find ass, cock, and tits on POF, Tinder, and OKcupid. I'm straight, yep have to point that out because there are too many closet cases, but I have fucked more women from POF than craigslist and Adultfriendfinder combined.

One night I ended up going out on a date with this chick who had a face of a ballsack. She looked like a real cockgobbling winner. She thought she was the smartest woman ever. However, she told me something shocking. There are guys who pose as straight men who suck cock on the side. She told me she chatted with a guy who confessed to her that he found his first assfuck on POF.

Now you have the married people on there too. Like the guy below who wrote his confession. I see married people but they try to hide it with vague profiles.

There isn't much common sense on the internet for sure. The POF founder Markus Friend goes on about how he figured that he's created 1 million babies. Whatever! What a dipshit. He's probably done more to spread Aids and other STD's. 10 milling cases of Herpes.

My worst fuck on there was the 3rd one. I had gone on a date with this big tittied chick who had triple D tits and a big ass. A few nights later we ended up fucking and we did it raw. I creampied in her pussy. After I did that she told me she was looking to have a baby and she wanted to fuck everyday. I fucked her a couple more times and faked the orgasm.

Then to get rid of her I used PUA style unattraction tricks. Most women are subconsciously repelled by guys who..... have no control of their life (drama), being a follower (beta male), getting sick or injured subconsciously makes women NOT attracted to guys. So, I told her I had the flu for 3 days and she really backed off. Then I finished it by telling her my boss was being disrespectful.


25852 - Several years ago I had this cute 22yo girlfriend who had redish hair. One day she was wearing a skirt and while I was in the bathroom plucking my eyehair she sat at the toilet to pee. When she finished peeing she let out the cutest fart, then she giggled and said opps. I don't know why but that made me fucking hard. For the next week I licked her ass alot and fucked her hard.


25851 - Sure read a lot of bullshit but I don't hear nothin in person.


25850 - Sure read a lot of bullshit but I don't hear nothin in person.