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26945 - I am trying to find some kiddie porn sites photos,chatrooms etc some help please. not a molester, me and my mother just enjoy looking especially after some good hot nasty sex .


26944 - I've always been a sucker for sexy lingerie. My older sisters, Beth and Becky found out about my obsession years ago. Beth came into my room one morning to wake me up for school, I think I was in 5th grade. She pulled my blanket off me and saw me sleeping in a pair of Becky's pink polyester thongs. I loved to rub my cock in them even before I could cum. When she finally got me awake she told me to get ready for school and make sure to put my panties in Becky's hamper so mom wouldn't find them. After school I got undressed and went into Beth's room. I liked to change up who's panties I wore each day between my sisters and mother. I opened Beth's panty drawer and pulled out a black gstring. Then over to Becky's room to find a pair of dirty panties to sniff. That's when Becky walked in and caught me. She asked what I was doing and I told her I liked the feel and smell of their panties. Just like Beth, she was fine with it. And again just like Beth, did her part to protect her younger brother and told me to make sure to put them in the right hampers to avoid getting caught by mom because she would freakout. I have the best sisters!

This secret brought me and my sisters closer than ever. There were a few times where I had slipped up and left a pair of panties in my room and mom found them. Beth or Becky would always come up with an excuse to cover for me like, I was putting away laundry and they must've fell out of the basket.

I was always rubbing myself in the panties until one day I shot cum for the first time. I was wearing Becky's red see-thru nylon thong and sniffing my moms purple gstring. It was the best feeling in the world! I couldn't wait to tell my sisters so I walked into Becky's room to tell her and got a great surprise. Becky was on her bed in a black polyester thong and bra rubbing her pussy. I just stood there and watched for awhile until she broke the silence and asked what I wanted. I told her about the load of cum I shot and she said, show me! Becky began taking off her black panties and handed them to me and said, use these while you lick my pussy. She tasted so good and I filled that thong in no time. Becky took her thong back from me and pulled it back up her long legs to cover her bald pussy saying,I love the feeling of warm cum on my pussy.

Over the next few years Beth and Becky taught me everything they could about sex. As my hormones were going crazy and they were always there to provide relief. One day when I came home from school Beth was waiting for me to go shopping. She needed some new lingerie and who better to shop with than her panty loving brother. We walked into the store and I was in heaven. So many sexy panties, I just wanted to stroke my dick off with every pair. I helped Beth pick out about ten outfits to take to the dressing room. She pulled me inside and told me I needed to make sure they fit me to since I'd be wearing them sometimes. I grabbed the first pair of white silk panties and pulled them up my legs. The feeling of the silk made me instantly hard. Beth knew I liked them but wanted to torture me. She had me try on all ten pairs of panties while I leaked pre-cum all over them. Finally, after I had tried them all on she picked up the red gstring she had been wearing and toldme to put it on as she sank to her knees in front of me. Beth took my hard cock into her mouth and gave me the best, most exciting blowjob of my young life. I was so scared we were gonna get caught but soon she was sucking my cum through her panties I was wearing. I sat back on the bench and slowedmy breathing as she swallowed my cum and got dressed.

High school was the best. We all fucked around but, we always had our time together. Becky would fuck me before school and Beth would fuck me after school. We were just a big nymph family. The night of my sixteenth birthday my sisters told me they had a big surprise for me. They told me to take a shower and put on one of moms thongs. I picked out her white silk thong with garterand stockings from her wedding night. After I was dreesed they had me lay back on the bed and put a blindfold over my eyes as they took turns torturing me with their mouths, pussies, and asses. I was almost about to cum but they stopped. I felt the bed shift and then felt a mouth cover my cock again but something was different about this blowjob. I knew my sisters tricks and this couldn't be either of them. I sat there thinking maybe it was one of their friends as my cum began to boil. I couldn't hold it any longer and started filling the mystery mouth with cum. Then just as I started to relax, the blindfold was pulled off my eyes as my mom started to kiss me and snowballed my cum back into my mouth. It was the sexiest thing ever.

Now we're all away at college but we still find time to visit each other for a quick fuck. And to help with panty fetish I get plenty of packages in the mail filled with moms or my sisters used panties. I have the best nypho family!


26943 - I have Ed and for the next few years, I had no sex life, even masturbating was not always good, not being able to maintain an erection. I decided to try something different and found a pro-domme. She stripped me naked and made me wear feminine clothing and applied makeup, I was turned into a sissy.
She then said, sissies suck cocks, so I was on my knees and learning to suck her strap-on. She then said it was time to take my virginity away, just like all girls. So she had me over the edge of the bed and apllied some lube and stuck her fingers in my virgin hole, then she entered it with her strap-on. This sissy is no longer a virgin and I came harder than ever before, it was wonderful. Eventually after a few more sessions, she said it was time for the real thing.
There it was, me dressed as a sissy and a man with his cock in front of my face. "Suck sissy", she said, and so I did and swallowed every bit. Then another time, I was in the same predicament, but this time, she said it was time to have a real cock in your man pussy. It felt wonderful. So yes, I am now a sissy bottom cocksucker faggot and love it. It's great to be able to participate in sex again.
So bottom line, being a sissy faggot is not that bad


26942 - I've always had a fantasy of being tied down and a dog to east my pussy and fuck me while the guy chokes me and makes me gag with his cock and fingers. it's so hard to ever say that to any one omg they would think I'm a freak... where can I find like minded people


26941 - I married a much younger woman, and eventually she waited until she had me tied up in my rubber-lined bag, which she knew about before we got married, and didn't seem to mind, then broke it to me she had a boyfriend, and called him to come over and meet me. He laughed and laughed, they both laughed, and they made love on the bed, right beside me, and he talked her into giving him the keys to the padlocks which kept me in the bag, before he left. She was very solicitous, apologetic even, said she didn't know he was going to do that, and spent a lot of time cuddling me, playing with me to the point of near-insanity, feeding me just a little, and keeping me hydrated until he returned a couple of days later. This time he made me fellate him, endlessly, and they both really enjoyed this new humiliation. He sent her off to the movies, and then he sealed my mouth up, leaving me only the two small nostril holes, which allowed breathing but left nothing over for speech. Then he made sure my goodies were pulled right outside, and snugged the zipper tight round the roots, and began squeezing and pulling on my testicles until they hurt. He kept this up until I thought they were going to fall off, then suddenly stopped, sealed them all inside the bag, and departed. He did rearrange the straps though, so that only my head was actually locked in, and my wife was able to free my waist, and let me use the toilet, and shower, before re-confining me completely again. She manages my trust fund, and he has moved in with us, and it doesn't look like I'll ever be free again. Actually I'm okay with this, and have never been so sexually fulfilled!


26940 - I've lived with my wife and stepdaughter for a couple years now. The stepdaughter mostly wears shorts and a loose shirt around the house and it's really apparent she doesn't have a bra on. You can even get a full view some days when she's sitting on the couch or leaning over.

She sits in my lap some times or she'll sit on the other side of the couch and put her legs on my lap to the point that her butt is right up against my thigh. Sometimes her feet are positioned so they're resting on my cock. I know she can feel it. During some movies she'll grab my hand and mock hold it to her heart during a touching scene which means there's just thin cotton between my hand and her breast. I occasionally leave it there and just sit there cupping her breast for the rest of the movie. I don't really play with it but I cup it nice and firmly. She's pretty stacked.

I've gotten braver since she turned 18 last year. She'll let me rub her thigh, rest my hand on her breast even under her shirt, or even put a finger or two in her panties to the point I can feel her pussy hair. Neither one of us will probably ever do anything else but I do know that I tend to go further some nights I've had a few drinks.

I have no clue what she thinks but she doesn't seem to mind and has even told me she likes to cuddle at home. She initiates pretty much every cuddle time we have. She enjoys the attention for sure. If my wife wasn't so good to me I'd be tempted to do more but as-is I'm good with it.