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25568 - It's hard for me to confess but here goes.
First of all I am 17 female and I am of I'd say average built 34B 22 34 and long blond hair to my waist and I love doing things outdoors till three months ago. I lost my virginity to a big husky.
It all started when I went for a walk along the beach and I had walked further than I thought and it was getting late so I headed back home, about half way home there were three dogs running and this big husky and up to me and started in licking my hand so I played with it for awhile the other two took off.I was kneeling down petting this big bruit and he'd jump up on my and I thought nothing of it till I felt this wetness squirting on me. I looked down and saw this big cock sticking out of it's sheath and it was squirting pre cum as I learned later. He kept jumping up on me even as I tried to get up he'd knock me down, I go5t to my hands and kneese and he immediately jumped on my back and he was jabbing his cock on my bottom,, thank god I had shorts on but not for long for his dew claws ripped them off of me and he got on my back again, oh god he got into my ass a few times and his pre cum squirted out of him making my ass all wet running down my legs. My pus wasw drenchede for he even had entered there a few times but he just kept humping mainly air but hitting my all or my puss every once in a while as his dew claws dug into my sides pulling me back his cock went right into my puss and he went wild. He started in fucking me faster and faster and ghe started in getting bigger and bigger and his cock started in making a popping noise as it was going in and out of me and he dug his dew claws deep into my hips pulling me even tighter against him and his cock swelled inside of me and his cum started in filling my pusy, I couldn't do anything, I tried to pull away but he dug his claws deeper into my sides, he was panting like he had just ran a marathon and his saliva was dripping on my neck. I couldn't hold myself up any more so I went to my elbows and his cock went deeper into me. felt like it w3as half way up my cervix and all I could do was sit there and cry, I looked between my legs and I saw my pussy was being pushed out by what ever was on his cock and his balls slapping at my ass. I must have fell asleep and I hope no one ever seen me and that dog or even like was waking up, god I was so sore blood was down my legs and I sure it was his cum that it was mixed with, I tried to stand but was to weak so I found what was left of my shorts finally made it to my feet and proceeded to go home, got home a hour later and went right in and took a bath and went to bed 350 in the morning. I awoke several times thinking of that dog and if I will ever see him again. Got up and cleaned myself twice and then put on a pad to catch his cum.


25567 - I was a 34 year old and I use to work for a school district as a bus driver and I was asked if I'd be interested driving the ski team during the winter and I accepted the job.
I didn't know it involved three over nighters and the first one there was no problems. The second one which was out of state a few had smuggled booze into the rooms and a few of the girls got a bit tipey but didn't get caught other than by me. The third trip was a totally different story it to was out of state but for three days and the ski adviser said he was got to watch the boys and you watch the girls to myself I thought no way for I thought it was going to be in the same cottage but no the adviser and the boys were about a quarter mile away.

By the time dinner was all over with and I drove the boys to their cottage I started in driving the girls to theirs and one got into the seat right behind me and said " I bet this is the first you're spent the night with 17 girls, are you gonna get any?" I looked in the mirror and saw you it was and it was a junior not bad looking and a body to die for for snow suits don't hide anything.

Got to the cottage and it was late so all the girls got into their sleeping bags and after the lights went out I got into mine and I layed there for about two hours thinking what Carol had said to me when I felt someone at my side,I opened my eyes as a finger touched my lips signaling to be quiet and it was Carol in just a nighty that was as clear as if she had nothing on. She starten in unzipping my bag and I tried to stop her but she kept at it until she got it down enuf the crawl into and immediately got right up against me and my cock sprung to attention. After a few of her kisses I began to respond with my own and she placed a leg over mine and pushed against me and my cock was right at her vagina and my pre cum started in flowing that's when I felt Carol take hold of me and started in getting her wet and she inserted my cock into her pussy but after the first inch I took control and gave her the rest as much as I could for she couldn't take any more. I'm not super big but I make up for it in gerth 7 1/4, i'M Cut and STD free and want to stay that way and here is my cock in this 17 year old and I know she must have had others but no one as big as I am. Anyway little by little she took all of me grunting as I hit her bottom and she started in fucking me crawling on top I layed there not wanting to do this but a stiff cock has no mind and I started in fucking her right back. she must have cum silently for she bit her lower lip making it bleed and I licked it clean for her and she held herself tight onto me. She started to get off of me but I rolled her beneath me and I started in fucking her it wasn't long till she joined in raising her hips to meet my thrusts and moaning as I gave it all to her I felt her cum again and right then I exploded in her and I shoved deep raising her legs along my sides holding myself deep into her.
We fucked for about another hour and I told he to get into her own sleeping bag for it wouldn't look good getting caught in mine. I didn't know she had brought hers with her and placed it next to mine.
We both fell asleep and when I awoke at 740 my hand was upon one of her breasts and two other girls were commenting about that and making fun of me. I said I am not responsible for what I do in my sleep, Carl looked at me and said" does that include what we done earlier?" I said no but that's between you and I.
Since then Carol has visited my place at least three times a week and sleep overs on most week ends. She is now a freshman in college and I don't get to see her that much and this year I am driving the ski club again.


25566 - I first stated to fuck my brother by accident we grew up in a home where nudity was the norm we are twins and 16 . we shared the same bedroom so seeing him with a hard on no big deal we would masturbate watching each other. then one day we took a shower together. I bent over to wash my legs and backed in to his rock hard cock being all soaped up he slide right in to my pussy I almost fell over when he grabbed me and pulled me back he took my virginity it hurt I let out a scream and froze so did he . my mom heard and asked what was wrong I lied and told her I saw a spider. as my brother try to pull out I told him no he felt so good in me I did not want him out after a bit I start to slide back and forth it did not take long for me to orgasm and for him to cum just as I was having my second orgasm our mom walked in and saw us fucking . we froze again waiting for her to freak out but all she did was smile and told me I was going on birth control and we where not to do it again till I was on it for atlest a week. then ask my brother was it good and who started it. he said I did and I backed on to it and we showed her she smiled and said that's how it happen with her brother and dad . she was 12 when it happen to her . and 14 when her dad friend had sex with her and got her preganant with us at 14. he went to jail for rape and she was put into foster care and adopted by her new parents who were very open about sex and nudity and so that why we are. when my brother pulled out of me my mom told him she was next and to come to her room and me also. when we went to her room she was on the bed she told my brother to get on bed between her legs he did and I laid next to her she was shaved bare it was the first time I really notice how nice her pussy looked and her large 40dd tits where it made me get all wet she told my brother to lick her pussy he dove right in she showed us everything that day now we have family sex nights we are now 24 and still live at home. ps I am having my brother baby and we think mom might be also.


25565 - Two week ago I was swimming in the pool and no one but me was home so I decided to remove my swim suit and swim nude. It was the average hot summer day and the water felt cool to my body and my nipples became hard to my touch. At first it was just a touch but it became fondling for it felt so damn good and the feelings we right to my pussy which I started in caressing from time to time and every time I did it became longer and longer till I'd cum an my fingers.

I got out of the pool and layed upon the chase lounger and I fell asleep only to be woken by someone licking my pussy making me raise against his tongue, my eyes burst open to see who it was my stepdad and he had his face buried in my pussy, god I wanted it but not from him but here he was licking my cunt out and I was loving every bit of it and his hands raised taking hold of my 34B breasts massaging them and playing with my nipples making them harder than they were already. My breathing became rather erratic and when I take a deep breath in I felt I was going over the top so to speak. I started in cuming on dad's tongue and he knew it for he's even shove it deeper into me and he did things that no other has ever done to me like putting his lips on my clit and blowing making them vibrate making me rise against him and after several times doing that I'd cum again and It would start all over again.

He must have made me cum 8 times and he raised his head looking into my eyes, not saying a word to each other he slid his body up and his lips met mine and he gave me a wonderful kiss. I could feel the head of his cock against my puss and without hesitation I raised my hips so it was right at my vigina and his pre cum started in flowing getting me wetter than I already was. He entered me slow at first going deeper and deeper with each stroke and then he became a animal he started in fucking me wildly I raised my hips for I wanted all of him and he was making me just as much as a animal as he was, I wrapped my legs around his ass just in time for we both came, His hot cum shot into me like it was propelled from a shot gun and my mind was a whirl, when it all settled down dad wad still in my and I was limp as a rag. Dad was the first to move he raise up my eyes met his and he have me another long kiss, my tongue met his half way his over powered mine and I feel his was half way down my throat making me gag a bit and he started in fucking my mouth with his tongue and I held my breath so I wouldn't gag and he'd push it even further down my throat and I started in rotating my hips on his cock and I could feel him getting hard again inside of me and faster I rotated and further I'd raise my hips against him taking more and more of him into me and he became hard once again, still he was kissing me and our bodies become sweaty beneath the afternoon sun, so much he began to slid on me as he pushed his hip against mine shoving all of his 71/2 inch cock into me, harder and harder he became and like before he became a animal fucking me hard and I fucked him just as hard, I wanted him now, all of him, and I w3as going to fuck his eyes out.

I came three times each time becoming weaker and weaker and then he rolled me over falling onto the pool side I now was on top of him and I bore my pussy down onto his coc and I rode him like he was a bronk and he was raising his hips towards me but it only made him go deeper into me, his hands cup my breasts and he began to roll and pinch my nipples making me hotter that I already was and I felt him tighten and I felt his cum shoot into me again and I cum on him a long one and I collapsed upon his chest and he held me.

What seemed like a long time he finally said to me he couldn't resist seeing me like I was and he couldn't control himself when he said that I said "neither could I" and he held me for a long time his cock still in me but softning and he continued to give me kisses and I him then he looked at his watch and said we better get dr3essed for mom will be home shortly.
Which we did and I no sooner got my hair brushed she cme in the back was and only if she had known what went on just a few minutes before.


25564 - Ive just watched a shemale pov vid and it made me really horny i had to wank over it does that make me gay i want to meet one for sex help please


25563 - I'm really puzzelled. I don't know what to do. After one year of marriage my sister came to visit my house. We are really close and emotionly attached to eachother before her marriage. We had sexual relationship. Before her marriage if we had sex we use condom. After her marriage we hadn't had sex one year. But since 20 days days we are regularly having sex without using condom. I thought she is on pills. I didn't asked her. Day before yesterday she told me that date of her period is over before 7 days. She forgot and didn't tell me. Then I gave her a pregnancy test kit and told her to do the test in the morning. Yesterday she tested and told me it is positive. Now I can't understand what to do. She told me that she had regular sexual relationship with her husband. She told me not to worry she will tell him. I am thinking if the baby will have genetical abnormalty then what will happen. If I take her to the hospital doctor ask to admit for abortion. I'm really puzzled. Please suggest me what to do.