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26672 - I was setting at my computer watching porn, trousers around my ankles enjoying myself, the door bell went and I ignored it, about 15 mins later the sun came out and I saw a shadow at the window, I got up to have a look and saw my neighbour running across my law, I realised I hadn't pulled my curtains together properly hence seeing the shadow.
This neighbour is a nosy one, loves the gossip, so I'm sure half the street knows what she saw.
Couple days later I saw my neighbour and said hello she replied at the top of her voice, hiya if you ever need any button sewing on your trousers you know where to come, I just laughed it off, by the end of the week she knocked on my door and said sorry for joking about, I said don't worry no harm done, before I closed my door she asked, so how often do you do what you was doing, little embarrassed I said not much, she said maybe I could help rather then you having to watch your computer, I was speechless, she said aww you've gone all shy, Tony is out tonight (hubby) about 7:30 ok and off she went, I didn't know what to think I was shitting myself!
Just after 7:30 there was knocking on my back door, I opened it and she said, thought I would come this way so no one sees, I told her I wasn't sure about any of this, she pushed me back and said, come on Tony will be back just after 9.
I've never known a woman like it, she was telling me, get that fucking cock of yours inside me know, come on fuck me, what ever I was doing she was giving encouragement, go on keep fucking that pussy, I had a job to control myself, she was going mad, now lick my pussy now do this, she was talking all the time, do you like fucking my pussy I couldn't keep up, I was cumming in no time, when we had finished she said wait till I tell Helen, who, Helen who lives at number 55 told her about you playing with yourself and she said she would like a piece of you.
Ive never met Helen but still having hardcore sex with my neighbour once sometimes twice a week.


26671 - I'm 27 and had sex with a 64 year old woman, the wetness she produced was unbelievable, her pussy was so sloppy, I have no idea if she had an orgasm, she was wriggling so much from start to finish it was hard to tell, I did some good continues pumping for ages really slamming into her, she was loving it, I even got one leg over my shoulder to really get deep inside her, it was a really good fuck.


26670 - When I was in High school I had a good friend and we were always together. Both of us were on the football team very masculine straight and pretty tuff guys.
We were out driving around drinking and ended up at my house late that Friday night while my Parents were out of town. He and I got very drunk and were looking at some dirty magazines and both of us had hinted around about needing to get off in some way or another so I got the courage to ask him to get naked with me and then I told him that I had thoughts about he and I doing something sexual together and I wanted to play with his big dick. I looked at it al the time in the showers after practice at school and I even told him about how I sometimes jacked off thinking about his huge dick.
He was shocked at first but soon started to ask me questions about what I thought we should do if we tried it together and I told him I wanted to jack him off first and see what would happen after that. He thought I was joking at first but once I told him I was serious he said OK lets do it and we took off all our clothes and he was already dripping pre cum when he sat on the couch and I got between his knees in the floor and started to stroke his huge thick long dick and play with his pre cum to make his dick nice and slick.
He closed his eyes and began to moan and wasn`t expecting what I did next. I put my mouth on the head of his dick and sucked him as I stroked him then in a few seconds he started to cum and I shot his thick load on my chest then kept stroking him as I told him that I had tried playing with my ass quite a few times and liked sticking different things in my ass and I thought about his big dick inside of me several times.
He didn`t really believe me at first but after telling him several times that I wanted him to fuck me he gave in and said he would try it and we went back to my room with some baby oil and he watched me lube up my ass and then lay face down on my bed spread my legs and then he got on top of me and held his huge dick to my slick asshole and started trying to enter me and he was very thick and it was painful to take him in my asshole and he asked should he stop several times but I told him not to and to slowly keep going until it was all the way in.
It took awhile and about half way in he came inside of me and during the excitement he shoved all thick 10" up my ass and came the whole time he was forcing his monster dick up my ass then he fucked me hard for a very long time making me cum two times before he came deep in my ass a second time.
The rest of the weekend I kept him hard and in my ass fucking me in every position in every room of the house and shooting his cum in me over and over each time he fucked me and watching him fuck me in front of a mirror was a huge turn on for both of us and looking at my asshole stretched around his long fat dick and seeing it fuck in and out of my asshole and cum dripping from my ass was pretty hot.
By the end of the weekend I was able to take him easily and loved being fucked hard and deep and taking his huge thick loads deep in my ass.
I turned into a slut for his huge dick and for several years he fucked me very often and came in my ass almost every day if not several times a day.
we are both married now and in our mid 50`s and still try to find time to sneak away so he can shove that huge dick up my ass fuck me good and cum in me a few times and the more cum in my ass the better it feels when he fucks me and we both get off being very verbal and talking dirty to each other while he fucks me and uses my ass.
His huge hard dick has always felt great in my ass and he shoots huge hot thick loads every time and it feels so good when he is balls deep in my ass when he cums. He is right at 11" long and very thick and sometimes gives it to me very rough and penetrates me countless times shoving it all the way up my ass taking it out and all the way back in countless times making me cum several times each time we fuck.


26669 - I live in a block of flats on the ground floor with communal gardens, we have a new company maintainingthr the gardens and she is female that visits twice a month, I've only just started seeing her as the gardening work in the past has always been done when I've been at work.
The woman gardener is stunning, long blonde hair amazing figure, even my neighbour text me saying, check out the new gardener, even time she visits I'm looking though my blinds, while perving at her one day she came up to my balcony, my flat is one the end, she had a look round pulled her trousers and panties down, held on to my balcony rail, squatted down and started having a piss, I had the perfect view, I could see the piss coming from her pussy, massive turn on for me, she finished, pulled her panties and trousers up and carried on working.
Since she has started she has a piss same place, she must think it's safe! I'm not complaining for sure, I've seen her pussy bald and hairy!


26668 - This confession will make you laugh! My new girlfriend of 3 months, she still lives at home with her mum and she is obsessed with my cum! That's my girlfriend not her mum, Never known a woman like it, when we have sex it's all about the cum, she has made me make ice cubes of cum, cum on food and cum in her panties when she is on her period.
I got a great offer at work for a 11 day location at another office, couldn't turn it down really.
The first two nights she was wanting me to cum on Skype, I was room shearing so couldn't, then I had this great idea, I bought some condoms, put one on and had a good wank, when I had finished I tied a knot in it and put it in a gift box with a calling card saying, been thinking about you! It was all nicely wrapped and sent it to her house.
I never said anything, thinking it would be a nice surprise.
Two days later I said, have you received anything in the post, no she said, thinking for sure it will be there tomorrow I said, keep any eye out tomorrow then, sent you a little surprise! Next day still nothing, I sent it first class so it should have been there by now, I couldn't track it as I didn't pay for that service, 5 days had passed still nothing, thought it had just been lost in the post.
When I returned you can guess the first thing she was wanting, anyway, the next day at her house I was in the kitchen and saw the gift box I sent the condom in "opened" I said you sure you didn't get my gift, positive she said, I said that little surprise I sent you, the box is sitting on the side, is it, yes, all excited she opened the lid, there is nothing in there, your joking I said, look, omg you don't think your mum opened it do you, I'll text her a find out, no I said don't do that, why, I will tell you why, I cum in a condom tied a knot in it and sent it to you in that box your holding!
We never did find out what really happened, I'm guessing her mum opened it!


26667 - Part two.sis and i had been living together on our end of the house for about six months. Sis was on her period and was giving me a blow job.she stopped and said " why don't you go visit mom." "You do know she stands outside our door and listens to us." I told her that i knew about mom listening. I gave het s kisx then got out of bed and went to moms i was getting in bed she woke up and wanted to know if something was wrong i told her no and started kissing her and playing with her tits.i got her undressed fingered her until she was good and wet,then i got between her open legs and fucked cums faster than sis.or at least she did that time.i gave her two loads of cum before we went to sleep.she was out of bed when i woke up the next morning,i went to the kitchen to make some coffee snd mom was already in there and had the coffee made.she didnt say anything about what we had done until sis came in.sis said "well did you enjoy yourself last night"
Mom said "yes very much and thank you"that is how it all started and we are still enjoying each other. And in case you are wondering.yes i have gotten them both pregnant, sis and i have a daughter, mom and i have a son both are healthy and beautiful.