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26869 - Taking a chance here... I'm a 38 y.o. big black man, looking for a discrete relationship near Kennesaw, Ga. I can promise to leave you satisfied and wanting more!


26868 - I am 16 I have never had sex but I think I am the honest girl ever I want my boyfriend to fuck me (he normally just gropes me) but he doesn't think I am ready how can I prove that I am??


26867 - I got caught looking up my mates mum skirt, she is one fine looking lady she has amazing legs and she always has shortish skirts, when I say shortish just above the knees.
Whenever I'm in the house I can't keep me eyes off her, my mate was upstairs getting ready and I was in the kitchen chatting to his my while she was tidying up after dinner, I was sitting on a bar stool and she started wiping the table, it's a big table so when she stretched to get the far corner her whole body was on the table and her skirt lifted showing the bottom of her ass cheeks, I lent forward and had a good look up her skirt, I was that close as she got up she backed into me, she didn't seem that shocked but said Richard hope you wasn't looking, I said sorry was doing my laces up, you cheeky bugger she said you was looking.
She carried on cleaning and chatting and said, good looking young man like you should have lot's of girlfriends, I said I was it true, she held me and said you find a nice girl soon.
She went into another room and when she returned she put her knickers in my hand and said maybe these will help until you find yourself a girl but don't say anything to anyone, all I could think about is she now has no knickers on, I said I think the table needs cleaning again, she called me a dirty bugger again and said just for you then, she got in the same position and I was just as close again viewing her bald pussy, she got up and said that's enough now and I want my knickers back when you have finished with them.
When I got home from the pub I was sniffing the crotch of her panties, it smelt amazing I went to bed with them holding them close to my nose, in the morning I just had to do it, I cum in the crotch of her panties, I left them to dry and took them back later that day.
She answered the door and said oh hello Richard wasn't expecting you, I know I said thought it would be a good time to return what you gave me yesterday, I was only joking she said, I held out my hand and gave them to her, hope you enjoyed yourself she said, more then you realise I said, oh Richard I can't take these back now look what you've done, sorry thought that's what you gave them to me for, thank you she said, after chatting for five minutes she said, would you like me to put them on, as she took the pair she had on off she said you can keep these ones and then put the others on.
Nothing else has ever happened, gutted!


26866 - My confession is I get great enjoyment from putting items belonging to my house mates in my pussy, I will go looking for things in there rooms anything from pens toothbrush key fobs knife & forks TV remote etc.
I love knowing that what was once inside me is how in their hands, if I can't put it inside me I will wipe it against my pussy.
I've been doing this for years, I've never been caught and I've never told anyone, I don't use the items for sexual pleasure, when I have put something inside me and returned it I go away and think about it, it makes me extremely turned on.
My favourite is to masturbate with my fingers and then try and touch someone, doing this always brings people's attention to the wetnes or stickiness, I just pretend I didn't know myself until they say something.
The only time I don't do it is when I'm on my period, the best time for me is when I'm ovulating, I'm constantly wet and the items slid in straight away I know it's wired but I just can't help myself.


26865 - My moms friend who I have the right to call aunt because of how long we have known each other(my whole life) came over the other day tThe to chat with my mom. I'd would always be Sonewhere else but whenever I go the living room area where they are at my aunt always gives me a "look" like a mixture of a wink and stare (if that makes sense). But I would always just smile or nod at her in response. Whenever she talks to me she always kinda refers to sex or thing related to sex like one day I was changing channels and she said "oh I only watch porn so
Look for that channel" or whenever where are talking and we are standing she always manages to do something to lift up her shirt either by stretching, reaching or just "fixing" herself she always has to show me something. Anyways one day my sibling got really sick (abdominal area infection)one day and had to go to the hospital. The doctor ordered that my sibling needs stay in the hospital overnight for a bout a weak. So my aunt came over the other day to chat with my mom about helping taking care of me while she is at the hospital like bringing me food and such. My mom accepted the help so the next day(which
Was yesterday) my mom left for my sibling at the hospital and I was all alone. When I got hungry at lunch
Time I called my mom in which she called my aunt and asked to bring me something. She called me back to tell me my aunt is coming. I waited and waited until I heard a knock on my door and i open the door and it's my aunt wearing a top showing her pretty big breasts(don't know the exact size) and a long see through skirt with short shorts underneath and holding a big brown paper bag. Since I have anxiety the waiting made me freak out a little so I wasn't as hungry. So I just sat at the table like an idiot while my aunt was there sitting in front of me. A few slightly awkward minutes pass and she says "what were you hungry for?" (She brought Chinese) I said "I could eat whatever I'm not really in the mood for anything specific" she said "ooohhhhh..." Out loud and gave one of those wink things and told me to follow her. She got up, grabs my hand and leads towards my room. When we get there she sits me on my bed tells me to relax (I'm almost at an anxiety attack) she kind of awkwardly takes off her short shorts and her lowers her top revealing her awesome breasts with light brown hard nipples. With the see through long skirt still on she hovers over my face so I could direct her pussyfoot my mouth. The warmth. Wetness and smell all over my face felt so good my tongue gliding all over her pussy juices and softness as she lets out soft loud ohhhs and moans my six inch cock is hard as a pole. She starts to hump and grinf on my face then she gets down and unzips me and takes out my dick she puts it in her warm wet mouth. I could feel all of her tongue up against my dick with all the other awesomeness. Then she mounts me and rides on. Her pussy juices and precm was all over my crotch and legs. her warm silky pussy taking in my cock deeper and deeper after every thrust. we continue to fuck for a while I made her orgasm once and she made me cum after that. I was a little worried because I filled her up with cum but she said not to worry about she'll take care of it. She put her clothes back on and told me to enjoy lunch and left. Hope what tomorrow is gonna be like:).


26864 - I am addicted to this site..its bad :-/...I do have a confession of my own. Im a 31yr old female and I constantly masturbate to the thought of my husband fucking my 17yr old cousin. I know its wrong, I would not be okay with it in real life but the thought of it gets me so wet!! Then my other one is the thought of my mothers husband jacking off to the thought or me or fucking me drives me bat shit crazy. I would never! but dang the thought get s me off on a whole different level! lol Okay...Im so glad this is anonymous!