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25161 - My brothers use to flirt with the two girls that lived next door. They used talk for hours through the back yard fence with them. I was 14, the youngest of the three and always getting pranked by my older brothers. One day my parents left home and my brothers exposed me naked in front off the two girls just for fun. They dragged me right up to the back yard fence wearing just a towel, asked them if they wanted to see their little brother naked and ripped it off of me. I still remember those girls looking down at my swigging dick and telling them to push me closer to the fence. Never felt so naked and embarrassed in my whole life.


25160 - As I write this my husband is in the next room fucking his lover. I can hear them, they intend for me to. She's calling out his name, praising his skills. He's telling her how sexy and wonderful she is.
I'm sitting her naked and ignored.
Before they started I was allowed to undress them both. I was given permission to first lick her pussy and suck her clit until she was dripping wet. I was granted the duty of sucking him until he was stiff as could be. Then I was sent away to write this.
When they finish I will be called back in, to first use my mouth to clean his cock, then to lick up all the cum he left inside her. I miss being allowed to have his cock inside me, but that almost never happens anymore.
My pussy has been denied their touch for over a year. My mouth is used, my ass is sometimes fucked, but neither ever uses my pussy. I'm only allowed to touch it at their order.
If I please them today they may let me masturbate and have an orgasm of my own. I've been denied one for the last month.
This is my life


25159 - I'm a recent convert faggot. all this year i've been meeting different men for sex, sucking them off and letting them fuck me in the ass. i really get off on it and the sex is great with no bullshit, just hi, get it on, and bye.
I've fucked with some guys who i didn't really find attractive and I've done it with some idiots as well. I reckon two out of three meets have been a bit disappointing one way or the other. but the other one has been worth it. Last week i hooked up online with a guy and went to his house. Usually i just think 'yeah he'll do' but with this guy it was different. He wasn't a dickhead. He was good looking, a bit older than me (which i like) and in good shape. We went straight to his bedroom and when he took his tee off he had a proper gym body, a lot stronger than me, and quite heavily tattooed. I don't hsve any tattoos and have never been keen on them really but this was different. He took his sweat pants off and he was real hung with short trimmed hair round his big, cut cock and flat stomach. I didn't think this could happen to me with a man but i actually went weak at the knees from lust and a bit of fear as well i think. i couldn't wait to get on my knees in front of his lovely dick and feel it swell in my mouth. after i'd sucked him a while he lifted me up from my knees and kissed me. it surprised me that it wasn't in any way rough but quite tender and soft. we sucked each other for a bit and then he started to tongue my ass in a really 'i am going to fuck you' sort of way. i just felt like i must be really sexy and was loving it. he got safe and then lubed me up and pushed his big fucking hard on right in me. it really hurt going in but he just held me still then until i relaxed enough to start any movement. he had a way of fucking me that was forceful without being vicious and we fucked in lots of different positions for over an hour, just edging and stopping, building up again then slowing down or stopping. i honestly did not know that a man could be so good at fucking another man and by the time he came in me i think i would have done anything he asked me to. at the time when he came he had my cock rubbing on the edge of the mattress each time he pushed in and he worked it so i came just a few seconds after he shot it in me. i have had great sex with women but i don't think i will ever do anything so intense with a cunt. i loved how good he was and i loved how good i was too. i can't stop thinking about his lovely dick and i think i am hooked on his fucking. i keep jerking off over porn featuring similar ripped tattooed, hung men fucking guys and i think i am now a dyed in the wool, set in stone submissive bottom faggot. i'm logged in even now waiting for an offer to get my ass punished again


25158 - I have posted her before about the relationship my mother and I have. She is 64 and I am 40 and we have been in a sexual relationship for almost 16 years now. We have had time apart here and there but with her marriage ending, lately we've been much more active.
The other evening while we were going at it when she felt me cumming inside her she climaxed so hard she cried. When I asked her if she was OK she just kissed me and told me no man has ever satisfied her so completely before, not even my own father.
Just seeing her laying on the bed dripping with my seed as she talked to me reminded me of when she was pregnant with our child many years ago. I know deep down she had never wanted anything more than to give me a child so I never mention it to her.


25157 - I don’t know how to tell my husband.

Everyone tell me I was so lucky I had a rich husband, and we had moved into a great co-op in Manhattan,

Soon I met our neighbor Sandra who is beautiful, tall and very sexy. I hit it off with her right away and became great friends.

Six months ago in March, my husband started to travel even more than usual on business and was away 3 weeks a month. Then he in early June he told me he would be in India for 5 months on business I begged to go with him but he said this was going to be a lot of work and no time to play.

So I was alone this summer and Sandra started to spend a lot of time with me.

By the middle July, I became very attracted to her, and one night I kissed her. I never was with a woman and was so afraid of these strong feelings.

It wasn’t long before I was lying on the bed undressed and Sandra had her top off. For the first time in my life I was sucking a woman tit, I reached to pull down her skirt, but she stopped me.

Kissed my lips and stepped back. “You need to know this before we go any farther.”

She pulled her skirt and panties off, and I gasped, Sandra was a Transsexual and had a full erection.

“I wanted you to know, before this get out of hand. I have not been with a woman since I started the transition. And have not gotten hard with one in 5 years except for you. I’m in love with you Gale.”

I looked at her, she was so beautiful. It hit me too, I was in love with her.

I got up and pulled her to me and we made love. It was an incredible feeling, I sucked her boobs as she was inside me. Finally, she let loose and for the first time since June I came and felt the warm wet feeling of cum in me.

Since then we have been lovers. I was careless and had stopped taking my birth control pills and this week after missing two periods, I found out I was about three months pregnant.

It can only be Sandra.

We are in love and I decided I can’t be with my husband anymore. He never had time for me or to make a baby. But Sandra does and we having a child.


25156 - My 17 years twin brother and I took each others cherry last night.

Mom and dad stayed overnight in NYC.

At last we were alone had a chance to take our time making love. I was great waking up naked and us spooning.

We have been making out, masterbating each other and doing oral since we were 14.

We love each other so much and knew it was time.

When we got our drivers licenses in January, we were finally able on dates together. We go to other towns were no one knows us.

I feel so safe and loved when he is holding me in this arms.