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24829 - Since my daughter was 10 she has been asking to se and touch my cock. I've always told her no even though my wife told me to let her see an touch. She's a teenager now and today she asked if she could give me a footmassage. We had been at the beach so we didn't have much clothes..
I told her ok, so she startet gently with my feet, but after a while, she eased her way up close to my cock. She looked at me as if she asked if she could touch and see and my wife came in and saw us. She told her "to go for it" and left ut alone. The she stuck her hands in my shorts and started to jack me off. I came almost right away. She asked me if I enjoyed it and said her mom had told her to lick up every bit og cum so she did.. she told me she wanted me to take her virginity but I'm not ready to do that to her, I don't know if I'll ever will be...


24828 - I am a 63 year old man. My erections are not what they used to be but sex is still possible. I have always had a thing for my stepdaughter. She is 38 years old now, single and free. When she was 18 she looked magnificent and I masturbated frequently, thinking about her. She has always been very blonde, and very buxom, and very very pretty. She is overweight now but I don't mind that at all. Recently, she moved to another state and wanted me to help her move, driving the rental truck, etc.. We had to spend the night in a motel. In the motel, she ended up in just her panties and no bra under her shirt. Her breasts are massive. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She finally asked what I was thinking and I couldn't answer her... but she knew. She then stated that she knew I always wanted to see her bare breasts and to be nice to me she took off her shirt. I started rubbing myself under the sheets. She pulled back the sheets and smiled real big. She tugged off my boxers for me, then took her panties off as well. She laid at the foot of the bed, her feet near my face. I could smell her. We both masturbated while watching each other. I could see her pussy very well, even up inside the hole. I got rock hard and told I was going to cum. She responded, "I know me too". I came first all over my stomach. She saw that and she cummed too. Then we took a shower together and I felt ever inch of her body in the tub.


24827 - I have just set up a time to meet a couple off craiglist who are really keen to be fucked iam 22 male and I this is going to be a first and hopefully an awesome experience


24826 - Okay so first off I feel horrible about this whole situation. I'm a girl and I have a girlfriend, I'm a lesbian but I can't help the fact that I love bestiality. I can't imagine having sex with a human male but a male dog sure I would love that. Anyway, my girlfriend went on vacation with her family and she asked me to watch her dog so I said sure. After she left I arrived at her house and let her dog in the house. It was a few hours that a kept thinking "This could be my chance to see if i'm actually into this." So I went for it. I started by gearing up to touch his male parts, it took me a minute to find my reasoning but then I did. I started by stroking him and he didn't seem opposed to it at all. I could feel him getting hard but he never unsheathed himself. If he did I would have been on him in a second but I couldn't get his junk out. I'm not sure what I was doing wrong. But I stopped and thought to myself "This is so wrong this isn't happening because he is scared." My stomach gets sick every time I think about it because it was my GIRLFRIENDS dog. Is that horrible of me? I couldn't ever tell her because she would hate me. I've tried telling her I'm into that stuff but in the end I couldn't. I would still love to try getting mounted by a dog. I wish I could do this with my girlfriend. I have so many kinks she doesn't know about. What do I do...


24825 - I am a 17 y/o and I love the thought of old men fucking me hard. Talking about 40+. I'd whatever they wanted me to. Love the thought of an old penis pounding my pussy.


24824 - I desperately want to make love to my stepson. I would never force anything, but I'm constantly trying to see up his shorts, or catch him naked every time I can. I once saw him online and pretended to be a girl so that he would show me his cock. It was amazing. I know most of the stories on here are probably not real, but I would love to find someone real to talk to and that would show me pictures of their dad/son times. If you're real, please tell me how to get ahold of you!