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26144 - I grew up in a small farm town, population was 879, in the Midwest. By the time I was in high school, it seemed everyone had dated everyone by then. When prom came around, I found myself an odd man out. So I put an ad online asking if anyone wanted to be my date.
It only took a few days when I got a few responses. I wrote back to most. Over the course of a week, I was conversing with just two girls. I exchanged pictures with both girls and started talking by phone. Shortly after, I agreed to meet in person each girl.
The first girl was Susan, she lived about 50 miles away. We met in a town that was located in between us. Susan was a redhead, which was one reason for meeting her, short, average looks, with a very nice rack. She was shy and let me do most of the talking. That was easy because I talk when nervous. She eventually warmed up and I got to know her better. She asked and I told her I was meeting one other girl about being my prom date. Susan seemed to take it well. We hugged before leaving.
The second girl I met was Melissa. She was very hot. Melissa was tall, tan, thin, had long dark hair. When she responded to my ad I couldn't believe it. Melissa lived just over 70 miles away and asked if I'd drive to her town to meet. We met at a park. She showed up 30 minutes late. I was excited to see her in person. She seemed very nervous,which surprised me from talking with her. She also seemed older than me just by the way she talked and acted. I ignored it because, for lack of a better word, she was so hot!
Melissa and I took a walk through the park. We were talking when out of no where she asked if I wanted a blow job. I never expected it but I would of been foolish to turn it down. I sat on a park table and she unzipped my pants,reached in and pulled my cock out. Melissa wasted no time going to work. My head was on a swivel checking to see if anyone else was around. In my excitement, I could hold out very long and exploded into her mouth. She was surprised by how quickly my response was and choked a little. I didn't know what to say except "sorry". Melissa wiped cum from her chin and asked if was still "up" for fucking. I was very hard and just shook my head yes. Melissa pulled her jeans down and bent over the table signaling me to take her from behind. It was awesome!
I wasted no time after she guided me into her. The slapping of my pelvis into her ass was loud and echoed in the park. I wasn't paying attention that we had onlookers until I finished. It must of been quite a show for those kids watchy us. After I was done, we both pulled our pants up.
Melissa seemed to be in a hurry walking back to our cars. When we got back, I asked her if she'd go to prom with me. She smiled and touched my face then said "No!" She got in her car and raced off leaving me shocked and confused.
On the way home, Melissa called me. She explained that she was much older than she initially told me and was married. She just wanted to have a fling with no attachments. I was in that punch drunk state still and begged to see her again but she said no.
When I got home, I called Susan and asked her to prom. We had a great time at prom. We did kiss before saying goodbye. I wanted to do more but Susan wanted to wait. We stayed in close contact, meeting once a week. Eventually we went to the same college. We dated for three years before getting married.
I never told her Susan what happened with Melissa. I made up a story she stood me up.


26143 - I am a 26 year old male currently laying in mine and my wife's bed. She is out of town for the night so I have the house and her wardrobe all to myself. I have on a dress a thong and a pair of hose which all belong to her. I have her buttplug up my ass and I'm beating my dick to gay porn. I only wish I could have a real dick in my ass instead.


26142 - I'm a 55 year old woman, and for 47 years of my life I been the sex toy for the men of my family.

Mom died when I was 8 and soon after Dad started on me. It started with me being naked all the time and he would masturbate me. The he had me jerk him off, then I was suck him off. My brother who were ten years old than me would take me to their room when dad was finished with and I have service both of them.

By 9, each night I had to sleep with one of them and give them head. That summer, dad and my brothers got me drunk and took my cherry. That first night was pure agony, the mattress had so much blood and cum on it they threw it out.

From that night on, I would have sex several times a day and soon was being to cum too.

When I was 14, dad got me pregnant, and I had a son. In the next 6 years I had 2 more sons, one from each of my brother.

The sex never stopped, even in front of the children. Dad and my brother would have them watch as I was taken. They would grade me by having my sons watch as they came on my face.

When my oldest son was 13 he started to kiss me and then touch me, I let him. He wanted oral all the time and I willing did it.

I was just 31 when my oldest boy who was 16, started to have sex with me several times a day I became pregnant by him also. And by 35 both of my other son made babies with me. I now had 3 grandsons.

My father passed away several years ago and my 2 brothers and 3 sons and 3 grandsons demand sex constantly.

Most nights I'm passed around among them. I don't cum when my brother fuck me, but what disgusts me I cum very hard when my sons and grandson fuck me. I’m always so tied from service 8 men night after night and also during the day/

In all these years I have rarely left the house. I really don't even have clothes, as I'm kept naked. When I turned 54 this year they gave me a day off from sex.

But of late I have found myself going to my youngest son now 19, and on those days and he makes slow gentle love to me.

I feel so good when we are alone, they all have just used me, but he says I love you.


26141 - I'm 21 And my confession is I would like to watch and fuck my mom hardcore , describing her makes me horny , She has a great ass Like celebrity types so fit , she has medium sized boobs and a beautiful face with great lips everytime I'm with her I see men looking at her ass and body well I do that to , I jerk of to her pictures wishing I could cum on her face , She would make a perfect gangbang which I would love to be part of but I don't know how I would do it because my mom will never consider having sex.


26140 - I'm a 23 year old jock who is not out and I haven't cum in 3 days and am really horny. Today I went to the gym to work out and then swim some laps in the pool. I kept stroking my cock in between laps. There are always so many smoking hot guys walking around almost naked. Then I went into one of the shower stalls and took off my swimsuit to release my throbbing cock. I looked on the wall of the stall and there was a thick line of cum someone had shot recently. Just the sight of that cum sticking to the wall made my cock rock hard. I touched it and it stuck to my finger and then I couldn't resist and I licked it off my finger and swallowed it. I felt like such a whore but it was so fucking hot.


26139 - When I was a kid, during the summers my mom and dad would send me out of state to stay with my Aunt and uncle. My aunt was a raging alcoholic who got passed out drunk every day. One day when I was 14, she passed out on the couch watching bing tv and my cousins and uncle were asleep upstairs. I was laying on the floor next to the couch and a sexy scene came on the tv. I got excited and started rubbing myself then I remembered my aunt was just a foot away and figured I better stop before she catches me beating off. Well the longer I laid there the louder her snoring g got and I thought fuck it, she's passed out a deal whipped it out and started going at it again, then I got the idea to jack off right by her mouth. It was exciting as hell knowing she could open her eyes and bust me at any moment but I kept going. When I was about ready to explode I thought, hell, this is the best jack off session ever and I wanted it to last so I stopped for a few minutes and she was still snoring so I stuck my hand under her nightgown a day started rubbing her pussy. I was petrified because she was mean as hell and I he'd no doubts she'd tell my parents and send me packing. Well I kept rubbing her through her panties and she started getting real hot and moist down there. She was 8 snoring anymore but was breathing real deep and regular so I kept going. Finally got a little braver and got a finger inside her panties and she was wet as hell. I grew bolder then and kind of slowly pushed her legs apart and pulled her panties to the side and got my face down there, the fucking smell had me higher than a kite.i had never touched a pussy before, let alone smelled one. I'd heard of going down on a women but always thought it sounded disgusting. Well after getting a whiff of that perfume pussy smell I HAD to taste it. I pulled her panties back a little further and touched my tongue to it, about shot my load right then and there. Well I'd been paying real close attention to her breathing because I didn't want to get caught and she seemed to still be out cold so I started liking more and more. She was wet as hell and started humping up and down and grabbed the back of head and tried mashing my face in Her pussy. I freaked out and pulled away real quick but she was still just laying there with her legs spread wide open and her eyes closed moaning then she started pulling her panties off, threw them on the floor and stuck her finger in her pussy and was going to town on herself while still looking like she was assleep. I watched for a minute and reached down and moved her hand out of the way and started using mu tongue again. She was moaning so loud I was afraid she'd wake someone up. She was pulling my hair and wiggling all over the place so I just went at it even harder. A couple minutes go by like this and she's about to cum and so am I when she yanks my up by hair and yells at me to fuck her hard. I about shit my pants not knowing if she was awake or sober enough to realize who she was doing this to. I froze and just laid there on top for a minute and she grabs my cock and tells me again to fuck her hard. She was looking me directly in the eyes so I thought holy shit I'm gonna fuck my aunt. I jammed it in her amazingly tight pussy and was do e in about 10 Seconds. I rolled off her, shut off the tv and started getting my dick pack in my pants and apoligizing like crazy. She laughed, said fuck you you little bastard, get your face down there and finish the job you started. I was disgusted thinking I didn't want to taste what I just shot in her and paid no. She said if I didn't finish she'd tell my dad so I went back down on her until I got hard again and started fucking her again. I must have came in her 6 times that night, we fucked unti we heard my uncle get up for work. The next afternoon after I'd slept all day she came into my room to tell me I better not ever tell a soul or she'll blame it all on me. I assured her I wouldn't and she asked how long I'd wanted to do that to her. I told her I had never even thought about it till that night and she seemed shocked. She was fucking smoking hot with an amazing ass and huge tits so I'm not sure why it hadn't occurred to me but it hadnt. She asked if I wanted to do it again which I most surely said yes. So from then on every chance we got we fucked like minks. She was from Ireland and would tell me to take my Willie out and what it on her pussy, eat me fucking pussy you bloody little bastard.
I'm 50 now and she died unexpectedly 3 years ago, but I still made a trip up to see her and fuck her every year till then. By FAR the best pussy I ever had. RIP Auntie