At first I hated the fact it was my idea to have my wife fuck my boss to secure our home when redunadacies were being given.
Then after a few months I began to actively ask him to come round and stay over.
He has a much bigger cock than mine and my wife just simply adores having him fuck her.
The big change though happened last early month in our trio of sex, when my boss asked me to clean my wife out after he'd fucked and cum up her ass with his eight inch cock.
Reluctantly I knelt at the foot of the bed as he lifted her legs up and apart.
Leaning in I began to tentatively lick her asshole clean, but after a couple of minutes I was lapping at her ass and swollen cunt making sure I got every last drop of his cum.
Now each time he stays over, not only do I clean her out after they've had sex. They've also asked, then made me suck him to completion with my wifes juices still on his cock.
I've knowingly become their cuckold at our home. In work we never mention it, or even relate to the fact I'm now almost a slave to their desires.

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