I am into beastiality. i would like to meet others like a couple to sheare my fetish with. comment on this if intrested.

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1. Your only problem is you posted this to a forum where it is difficult to exchange e-mail addresses, if you can figure out how to contact me I will give you some ideas.

2. I have been nvolved with a few women who have been with my lab...

3. Leave your email adress and i will get back to you

4. My fiance and i are into animals. where are you from?

5. My wife and I play on beast-dating and are kurious and kinky like you! where are you from?

6. Bestiality* share* interested* I know you don't have to spell properly to fuck animals, but it's annoying.

7. Leave a skype and ill do it with you i love it

8. My sister loves dog cock. And i like watching her getting fucked. And i pull my cock and cum all over her face.

9. Please send me an e mail address or skype

10. Would love to engage in fantesy talk with you but am shy :(

11. I can share my ideas-esperience with you, but how to contact you? Can you post your e-mail address here?

12. I'm an 18 year old boy, I've been into animals since I was 15, in fact, I got fucked by the neighbors big gsd first thing this morning, post an e'mail and I'll trade stories with you.

13. Is there anybody living in south jersey interested?

14. Oewndatavision skype adsdress

15. I am very interested in exploring with animalsex and dogs, and if anybody lives in the central new hampshire area you should try to contact me , I have had sex with a large female dog several time when I was a teen and loved it so let get together you can contact me at thisassdressmcooldude39atyahoodotcom

16. Contact me as i travel through the USA quite often skype owen5701

17. For # 16 ,, you can contact me since my address is in the # 15,, and would love to hear from # 4 and 5 as well I will be gone for a couple of weeks but will get back to you if you e-mail me,,

18. Not sure of your address spelling please send it to my skype

19. For # 18 at the end of the word address starts my address all lower caps and of course its at yahoo dot com and mcooldude39 will get back to you as soon as I can

20. #13 are you m or f and contact?

21. Any one in Va wv pa ma de nj or nc I am a truck driver so I go to all of those states hit me up.......undieluver at g mail dot com

22. Hi i am into animalsex and will like to meet girls who doing it for fun

23. Smity2612 at msn dot com. anyone e mail me plz male or female

24. I wanna try with horse I'm in st.Louis, anyone interested, I'm a gorgeous mixed breed, female... Help me with fantasy

25. My sister is into to trying animal sex and wonders if anyone that has a farm could invite us over. I like to help by holding and feeding them into her and then sit and watch her take the animal cocks into her pussy. But it gets a bit sloppy and smelly sometimes if she has had a few different animal cocks up her pussy. Shes tried but cant get much bulls cock up her though. Because they are too big and stretch her wide open. But she like getting it from the male sheep. Because the tend to be gentler when they are fucking and filling her up with their cum.

26. Im in st.Louis ,Mo. Anyone into showing me around the animal word very much interested in horses and possibly others..

27. No problem get yourselves a Great Dane and a big Lab the Dane will fuck her crazy then the Lab will knot her and then drag her around the house by her pussy and after that hire a maid service to clean up the mess. Thats what my stepdaughter does except after she recovers she clean up the mess.

28. Anyone in brighton area? I'm a young boy who loves dog dick. Love getting fucked hard and would be interested in meeting others.

29. Any in N.S.W Australia wanna catch up n share stories

30. If your in central NH area lets talk and share stories, mcooldude39 at yahoo dot com

31. Text nine-seven-one-eight-zero-three-zero-seven-four-five any beast fans. Say "Bridget can help"

32. #31 is a fake number, don't contact.

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