Nobody knows about this except for my boy Mark, Im 19, had a crush on my mom since I was able to cum, Ive had a weirs sex relationship with her since 14, was infrequent and only when she was drunk. My dad was working nights, mom was faded passed out on the couch from to many glasses of wine, she had a low tolerence. I sat down on the couch and put my hand up her skirt and felt her slit. I pulled her undies aside dove in and started licking her pussy, fuck it was soo nice, I got into eating that shit out, it was trimmed nicely. Her body moved a bit and she made noises cuz it felt good. She woke up and looked at me, she said what the hell is going on? I got embarrassed but she didnt look pissed, she just said it felt good and put her head back down all groggy so I went back to it. She opened her legs more (I'd heard her complaining to her fiend my dad didnt satisfy her so this was a treat to her I guess). After a few more minutes, I got up pulled my pants off real fast got on the couch on my knees and scooted up and positioned my dick, no words words were spoken, I looked at her as I went in. It was amazing, my first pussy and its my moms! Score! I banged her on our leather couch until I cummed in her, (love the bareback)she was loving my dick as much as i loved giving it, said the sex was incredible. The next morning she didnt talk about it, but that night I asked if we could do it again, she said absolutely not, said she was drunk, it was a 1 time thing, blah blah. Of course 2 weeks later she has a few in her and didnt resist me coming on to her and i had sex with her again, (no condom) Again the next day tells me never again, was a mistake. 6 weeks later, shes drunk telling me Im the best shes ever had, we fuck twice before my dad gets home, no condom of course. I just said lets make this a regular thing, she said no. Thats how it went until I graduated, l moved out after grad. A few months ago we fucked for the first time in almost a year, but last week she told me shes prego, which I think is pretty awesome and hot, she told me she had a a prego scare when I was in high school, I dont think shes going to keep it, Id love to be a dad/brother. Anyone have incest kids?

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1. This is 1 of the hottest stories I have ever seen here.

2. Dude...............................that's messed up........

3. Aint messed up, I want her to have my kid, incest kids arent always retarded. Shes been saying for a cpl years she wants another kid, and she almost too old, trying to convince her to keep it. There divorcing anyways cuz they fight all the time, which is why she was drunk at my place and a baby was conceived that night

4. My mom lost the baby, Im really fuckin bummed out, I wanted to be a dad-bro really bad. My mom has been ok with regular sex since shes been prego and the divorce. Weve been getting a little more kinky to spice up our fucking, Ima gonna keep trying to knock her up again.

5. Why dont you fuck me instead. I love when they eat out my pussy.;)

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