This one time my grandpa was going out of town, for a fishing trip with his buddies. He called me to ask if I'd like to keep my grandma company while he was gone, I told him yes. He told me that she would pick me up after she got off work. I'm 16. She picked me up after she got off work. We went back to her house, because she had to take a shower and get ready for dinner. She got done, and we were on our way to a restruant. We got to the restruant talked about your everyday things. We ate, then went back to her house. We got back around 9 and we both were a little tired so when we got home we went and got our pajamas on. We then watched tv for a bit. She's 60, short brown hair, and chubby. I got tired, and told her I was going to bed. She said okay. I gave her a hug and kiss goodnight. I then went to my bedroom. About 15 mins later she walked in. She said she couldn't sleep, so asked if she could lay down, and watch tv with me. I told her that she could. She laid on my right side. We were talking. Then she said look at me so I did. We were facing eachother then she came closer. She was rubbing my and messing with my hair. Then she put her arm around me. We were chest to chest and I felt her rather large breasts on my pecs. It felt good. She kissed me on the lips, then I kissed her. She started rubbing my stomach. Then told me to kiss her again. I did. She grabbed me hand and moved it up her shirt onto her breast. They felt good. She took off her shirt, and I started to lick and suck on her breasts. She started rubbing me cock, it was already hard, but she made it even more hard. She took my hand again, and put it on her warm pussy, I started to rub it. Then I took off her pajama pants, she was just in a thong. She brought me towards her, we started to kiss, and put tonuges in eachothers mouths. She laid me on my back. She licked my abs, then took my shorts off, and started to lick my cock. She then started to give me head, she was really good at it, she got it so wet. She suddenly stopped, and said "my turn". So I took off the thong she had on, and I saw her hairy pussy, for some reason I turned me on. I started to finger her wet, and warm hairy pussy. Then, I licked it, and got into eating her out. I stopped, she pulled onto her, told me to stick my big cock in her, so I did. She was so wet, it was warm, and I was guessing she hasn't had sex, in nearly 10 years. I started to fuck her, we switched positions many times, it felt so good, I could believe that I fucking my grandma. I fucked her doggystyle most of the time. I ate her out from behind while she moaned extra loud, I also ate out her ass. Her was was wide, and thick. Her ass tasted good. I stuck my cock in her ass, it was so tight. I probably fucked her for at least an hour. I went back to her pussy, then came her her pussy, I felt so good, and so did she. She said that was the best I've ever had, and I said the same. Then she said we need to do that more often, I agreed. Then I said I can't believe I just fucked my 60 year old grandma, as she said I can't believe I fucked my 16 year old grandson, I said well believe it grandma, because we will be doing this all the time, she smiled, after we were done, I laid behind her, had my arms around her, while her pushed ass back, so it was on my cock, and we cuddled the rest of the night.

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2. Very sexy.nothing nicer than handsome teenboy dating his glamorous granma, I dated my granma at 17 she was 71 we ended up living together.

3. I love this story...I am 14,I live with my grandad and he and my uncle have been fucking me since I was 12...we fuck for at least 10 times a day.

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