"Jailbait" is what daddy calls me. He said I wss so sexy that I could drive any male wild and it would be so easy for me to manipulate any man. It took a while, but I soon figured a few of "daddy's thoughts" out. True, I am jailbait age. Also, true I have a fine looking body and I enjoy having males admire it, particularly older males. With older males, I somehow feel protected, safer.

Older guys know how to keep their mouth shut..or they might be afraid of going to jail for playing with my young pussy. I recently found out "older gals" have the same consideration. By older, I mean those in their thirties and forties, not sure of much older guys, but there are a few I would like to find out about.

I know my neighbor loves watching me when I lay out in the sun. Now that I don't bother wearing a bathing suit, I love showing off...stretching...oiling down...lying on my stomach and flexing my tight ass (really humping the reclining lawn chair. Neighbor knows I'm jailbait and I can do anything. He can't. He could, if...

If he offered me a drink, some smoke, or other "entertainment", but he is to stupid and dull...maybe not really stupid, afterall he does get a good, good show. Daddy thinks I'm a "smart doll" to use my jailbait situation...and don't think daddy doesn't enjoy a little entertainment from time to time. I don't "do daddy", but I have hot girlfriends...there daddy's haven't told them about jailbait bunnies...LMAO.

To keep the "home environment" happy, daddy and I have an agreeement...I'll ocassionallly bring home a hottie...a little smoke and recreational pursuit and daddy...well, daddy makes all this possible...naughty, naughty daddy...I love him so much.

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1. You poor girl. Just because you are jailbait dosn't mean you are untouchable. Some people will risk jail to take advantage of you. Take care

2. How trite...does it sound like I don't want to be touched? P L E A S E, I love being touched by the right person, being jailbait I can make it happen with the right one, not happen with the jerks! I'm like a "protected species", daddy says. Young, tight pussy...daddy says...I take care of daddy and daddy ...well, naughty guy!

3. If I was your daddy I would have you chained up in the basement like the whore that you are and I'd rent your pussy out to the neighborhood for fucking. I would reserve my ass for myself and pound it until you couldn't hold your shit in any more. I would pound baseball bats and cucumbers up your ass. I'd beat the shit out of you (which wouldn't take much considering the condition of your asshole) just for fun.

4. You want to give your wonderful cherry to your dad. And ask your daddy to give your lovely wet pussy insides a good feed of fresh creamy cum. And have some of his babies too.

5. I call BULLSHIT....no child, even a child of "jailbait" age, uses the word "trite". Nice try, Dude. Now back away from the keyboard, go outside(where that bright shiny yellow thing is in the sky....its called the sun, btw), and find a fucking girlfriend!

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