I am in seventh grade, my sister is in eighth grade. We were wrestling in her room two months ago and we ended up dry-humping each other. It just happened before I knew it. It felt so good, we were both wearing sweats and I came in about two minutes. She was breathing really hard and it was very intense. Since then, I sneak in her room at night and we dry-hump each other in just our underwear. I can feel her pussy bulging into my hard cock as we grind into each other. She gets so wet through her panties and I cum three or four times every time we do it. We don't kiss or touch each others private parts, I tried to rub her boobs the other night and she pulled my hands away. Right now, it is only dry-humping, but I am afraid it could lead to sex, which I do and don't want.. As good as it feels, I always feel deep shame after we do it, every time, and I swear to myself that I am not going to do it again. But I always sneak back into her room and we do it again and again. As soon as I cum, I am remorseful and feel dirty again. we never say a word about it during the daytime and we have really kind of stopped hanging around together as much as we did before. Last week, I jacked off three nights in a row, to avoid going into my sisters room, and it was working, but on the third night while I was jerking off she crawled into my room and climbed on top of me and we dry-humped for an hour. I didn't go in her room the next night either, and sure enough she came crawling in again and got in bed with me. We never talk while we are dry-humping, we just move back and forth into each other. I typed in a search for brother sister sex and started reading some of the stuff here but didn't see anything about what I am doing. Has anyone else ever done this? Did you feel good and bad the way I do. I am supposed to be in bed right now, and I am sure in an hour or two my sister will come into my room, or I will go into hers. I have a hard on right now just thinking about how her body feels and the way she breathes and moans while I am on top of her. I feel dirty. I hope I don't grow up to be a pervert. If anyone was to ever find out about this I would die of shame, I don't think I could ever show my face again. I am terrified of getting caught but I cannot help myself. my family is not religious and I have never been in the habit of praying but I find myself praying for forgiveness now and praying to god or Jesus to help me stop. Thanks for listening.

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1. Calm down ... what you are doing is not common but not too rare either. You do not talk while doing it because your relationship is well defined and you cannot go to the 'other side'. The current definition is 'siblings supporting each other's sexual growth'. You do not need to feel bad.

2. Pray to god or jesus? foolish! Pray in one hand and pis in the other hand and see which one gets filled up!!!

3. I also did this with my older sister, she was 15 and i was 8, you're not alone.

4. Enjoy what you have while you can.You will both most likely grow out of it anyway. My sister and i used to masturbate each other for a few years when we were your age. We havnt discussed it since and we still have a normal relationship.

5. If you both feel good why stop? Your lucky I'm jealous of you.

6. Totally normal. me and my cousin use to do this alot. it stop right around when he was in ninth and i was in eighth. we just grew out of it. and at first i felt guilty and thought i had to till my mom but at a family reunion i found out she use to do the same thing with her brother. see completely normal.

7. Dude, relax. It's perfectly normal. With luck you may even get to fuck her. Your sister obviously is enjoying it so be a good brother and give her what she wants.

8. Its ok, if you and your sister both enjoy it then your fine. Keep doing it if like it. Sometimes when me and my sister are playing around sometimes she ends up dry humping me.

9. Dude just calm down your going to be fine my sister and i dry hump each other and we both love doing it. it feels so good so we just keep doing it.

10. The same happened with me, but now, its worse than before, i slide her panties down and we do everything except inserting my penis part, i just slide it between her buttocks. It hasnt stopped yet and I really really feel ashamed right now but when i see my sis or when i think about her, i get a boner. I really want to stop but it takes a lot of will power to keep myself away.

11. I did it with my sister and she was 4 and I was 12 and 11 then we stopes

12. Don't follow the previous comments..they are teaching you to do it when its absolutely all wrong.. your an adult you made choices so its your decision whether you would continue doing that because its a temptation or just control yourself before you end up getting her pregnant.

13. Only stupid people do the incest thing and if you really have faith in God you would try to keep away with the devils tempting you to do it again like what people say through this comments that it's ok to hump i mean wtf?? it's like their not educate so amateur if you really trust God, go to the church and have a confession with the priest its the 7 capital sins lust you need to follow the 10 commandments you should be ashamed of yourself!

14. I dont have a sister, but is incest normal? As horny as I can get, I dont think I could fool around with a sibling, just isn't right.

15. THIS IS GOD SPEAKING! Dude, you need to man up and fuck her. That's why you have a cock! She wants your cock in her hot pussy just as much as you want to fill her with your cum. Go forth and fuck!

16. Just to let you know ....... Your gonna end up fucking and it's gonna feel so fucking good , and to the religious why are you guys reading sex story's ?

17. Dude, it's normal...the reason you can't stop is it feels too good! its unusaul but when I was little I did that with my toys but I stopped

18. Don't listen to the dicks sayin shag her n stuff. Me and my sis did sumthin similar I was about 11 she 13 ending up I would have to keep my leg bent for her to grind my thigh. We wud never kiss or touch just grind each other and never spoke about it either were now29 n 31 get on great like bro n Sis do normally .

19. To the writer of the confession DUDE what else has happened sence you wrote the confession ?

20. Hey I'm 21 and me and my SIS still wrestle and I still hump her we started long ago

21. Oh god all these comments got me soo turned on, I'm wet. Okay, so first of all, just keep humping eachother. If it feels that good, try slipping in your penis in her one night and she will moan and groan, it will feel so good. Give her what she wants.

22. CHRIST ALMIGHTY, FUCK HER ALREADY. That's why she has a pussy and you have a cock.

23. I want to dry hump your sister for an hour. can I wrestle her too>

24. I want to go to your house and fucking kill you, you goddamn pansy queer son of a bitch. You should be balls deep in that bitch plowing the shit out of her ass with your cock hammer and instead you're here pissing and moaning like a little wuss. I hope you never get any pussy ever again in your life and you die of some painful disease that causes your cock to fall off. FUCK THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25. Its okay like any guy kik me- Taboogir.

26. I humped my little sister when she was 4 girl to girl. I feel horrible I cry every time I look at her I feel like I took advantage of her. I think it's not wrong just don't have sex! Since you guys know what your doing

27. Well, I understand why you two are dry humping,because you enjoy the way it makes you feel, and there is nothing wrong with those feelings... but those feelings should be experienced with a girl you really care about and she really cares about you, someone brand new and special..someone that isn't your sister,or any other relative. Get some Hustler or playboy magazines. This is the digital age, watch porn. Unlike magazines, it's free. And no need for guilt, cuz it's not your sister.

28. I is normal my sis and me are twins and started doing when we were 11 after we saw a porno my dad forgot in the vcr. we just hump and masturbated each other till we were 13 then we started doing oral when we turn 16 we fucked we still fuck when ever we get together and we are 62. so give it time if it is going to happen it will and don't freak out she doesn't want it to stop if she is still coming to you.

29. Totally normal, I bet it happens more than you think. I had similar experiences when I was very young around puberty. However it isn't really a good thing. Keep praying to God. That IS a good thing. Not just about sex, but everything in your life. Don't fuck her, like these other wankers have suggested, it's wrong.

30. While I would not suggest actual intercourse with her. My sister and I used to do the same when we were 10 and 12, respectively. It escalated to oral and masturbation, but never penetration. Do what feels comfortable, exploring sexuality is a normal part of growing up.

31. I do this with my sister sometimes to but we do not have sex and I have never had sex before. If you need to pray and ask for forgiveness go to church and talk to the priest. And also it is kinda ok to do this as long as you are not having sex with her.

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