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21113 - I'm a 27yo male and sometimes I wonder how many of these stories on here are true, or fantasy. My stories are REAL. Every single one.. But of all of the things i've ever done, sex with my father is atop the list. Some of my earliest memories are sucking his dick for the first time. We have been full out having sex now since I was 13. We have done probably every position and every scenario you can think of. We've had sex in public places, family events, in the next room over while everyone is eating dinner, even tag teamed my sisters and a couple of my girlfriends with him over the years. Man i'll tell you, there is just something about him grabbing the back of my head, grunting and cumming down my throat while he tells me I suck dick better than my mother! Or him completely coating my face while standing over me jacking off! I could write books and books about all of our twisted adventures, i really could! I want to find people out there who have been in or are in similar situations because I know I can't be the only one! You can leave me your email in the comments if you would like too, i'm willing to tell you ALL ; )


22499 - True story here,my dad and I have been in a consensual sexual relationship since I was 18. I'm only 20 now but I've never had better sex with anyone else but him. I never actually thought it would ever happen, but Ive been attracted to that man since I was a little girl. I remember being like 5 or 6 and I would say I wish I could marry you daddy that's how much I love you. Always been a daddy's girl too, not necessarily spoiled, but still his little princess. And when puberty hit, it hit hard. I was already blessed with good genes anyway (long thick dark hair, dark eyes, tall and thin frame). My boobs came in overnight it felt like and once they did I made it a mission to show off as much cleavage as possible, like most skanky teen girls do lol. He always looked uncomfortable whenever I'd be around him in something not so appropriate, I liked seeing how nervous I made him. Cutting to the good part of my story, the first time we FINALLY had sex, we were at his car garage while replaced a part in my car. I sat by watching him, getting turned on by how well he knows cars and how focused he gets. We were talking about all kinds of stuff when the topic of sex came up. My dads a pervasive when it comes to sex jokes, like a teenager lol and we started having a real good laugh when he said and I bet all the guys want to fuck you. I myself was surprised at that but I said I don't really care, guys my age suck anyway. And he started going on about how I better not marry some 60 yr old just for money and I had said the only man i need in my life to take care of me is you daddy. He smiled and came over to give me a hug. Forgetting how dirty he was with all the grease he had on himself from working o. The car, we pulled back and my white tank top had black marks. He told me he was sorry and I just took off my shirt there in front of him. Nervous again, he starts going back to working on my car, but I just laughed and told him to wait. He kept trying to tell me I was being inappropriate and I shot back so was he for all the raunchy sex jokes. I told him I loved him and we hugged again, me in my bra. We held on longer this time and he buried his face in my neck and said he thought I was so beautiful. At that point i was so damn horny I grabbed him by the back of his neck and kissed him hard. He pushed me back Looking all offended but I walked right back up to him and this time he didn't resist. I made out with my own dad for a good 5 minutes the entire time both running ouur hands all over each other. I was the first to go for his pants and he shoved my mouth on his cock making me take all of him down my throat. I was gagging and I actually almost threw up that's how hard he was face fucking me. He told me to bend over by my bar, almost ripping my jeans in the process. He kneeled down and immediately started eating my pussy. He moaned and groaned while sucking my pussy and told me how good I tasted. I came almost as soon as he started ramming his fingers in my cunt while he tongued my ass a little. I started screaming daddy fuck me please, now daddy. He loved when I squealed daddy like that and finally put his cock in my pussy. He had the thickest and longest cock I've ever experienced. Never felt tighter and I came again when he started fucking me hard and deep. He only lasted 5 minutes before I felt his cum shooting up into my pussy. And while he was cumming he told me take daddy's cum baby girl, that's it. I will never forget the way he said it, it still gives me the chills. We ended up staying at that garage for the rest of the day making love, watching him work on my car, making out a little, and listening to his perky sex jokes lol. This happened last week. We haven't gotten a chance to fuck again but I know we definitely will when I go home this weekend. It's so bad I know but that's why I share here anonymously (:


17314 - I chatted on line with Edna for 7 months last year. I lied to her at first telling her I was 50 years old when I'm really only 25. I doubted whether she told me the truth all the time, saying she was a 52 year old bisexual who liked and had many times mistreated men she had dated. She said she lived with a 43 year old woman named Sally who was also a bisexual and had distain for men. I got mixed up sometimes forgetting things I had already told her. I told her I was 6 ft. tall, 180 lbs and married but the truth is I'm 5'7, 132 lbs. and single. She caught me in lies many times and confronted me about it. The reason I kept chatting with her is that I always had a fetish to be dominated by a woman. Some of the things she told me were exciting for me and it sounded like she was sincere about the things she did to some of her male friends. Some things were outlandish and hard to beleive but never the less excited me when I chatted online with her. Many times I admitted to her that I was masturbating as she told me some of her stories. She related instances of dominating men by spanking and sexually assaulting them into submission. I was brave chatting with her but the reality is that I have always been the bashful type. Thats why my social and sex life had been so bad. After many months I did admit to her my true situation admitting I had lied many times and wondered if she had lied to me. I told her my real name is David and not Jake, and admitted my true height and weight. That night I found she only lived 11 miles from my apartment and she asked if I would like to meet her to prove she hadn't lied to me. That weekend we met at a dinner and she didn't lie at all. She looked every bit of 52, had greying hair and was tall and thin, just as she had told me. I enjoyed meeting her and we continued to chat almost everynight. She began questioning me about my sex life and asked if I was serious about my fetish. I was but was still hesitant about actually doing that or having her do things to me which she offered to do. Another month or two went by and she kept asking me if I would like her and Sally to fulfill my sexual fetish. I didn't have the nerve or courage to admit I did. She began telling me I was a chicken and insisted she or Sally wouldn't really hurt me badly. The way she talked about things greatly aroused me and I let her talk me into going to her house on a particular Saturday. It was in May 2010 and I got there about 3 pm. She introduced me to Sally who was exactly like she discribed to me. Shorter than Edna and slightly heavy, brown eyes and short brown hair. We sat and talked for over an hour and Edna more or less gave me ground rules I had to agree to. She bluntley told me I had to obey her and Sally at all times and if I wanted anything I had to ask their permission. They took me into what was like a family room only there was a long table in the middle. Edna then ordered me to take all my clothes off and get on the table. I doubt if I was ever more embarrassed as I decided to take a chance on this. I am not very well endowed but slowly started getting undressed. For the next three hours I was first spanked by the two of them then tied to the table. Sally began by shaving my pubic hair then put rope rings around my scrotum and penis. Before I knew what was happening Edna attached my legs to two lenghts of wood simalar to a gyno exam table leaving me completly exposed to them. It was humiliating but the spankings although quite painful was arousing to me and I still had an erection. I laid there unable to move as Sally began getting on the table wearing only a sweatshirt. She strattled my face and not just said it but ordered me to perform oral sex, only saying "eat me now". As I began doing it Edna put shaving cream in the crack of my ass and shaved me there. As I kept giving Sally oral sex I then felt something enter my rectum and it took a second or two before I realized it was a vibrator. Edna began pushing the vibrator in and out of me, removed the rope rings and began masturbating me. Sally had her vagina pushed into my face and Edna would masturbate me then stop and start over and over. Sally orgasmed and got off the table and Edna made me beg her to let me cum. After I did she took the vibrator out of me and replaced it with a butt plug which I had never seen one of before. It was slightly painful but in what seemed like one motion they untied me, turned me over and began spanking me again only this time with what looked like a balloon stick. They forced me to say please and thank you many times before they stopped. I was there until 11 pm and forced to give Edna oral sex the second time. It has turned out to be the best sexual experiences I have ever had. I have been with them at least once a week since then and they suprise me each time doing things to me I dislike but have to submit to in order to be allowed to climax.