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13782 - My dad remarried and she has a grown up daughter about 14. I am sixteen and I stay with my grandparents and visit my dad.One day , my dad and step mother were out and I watched porn in dad's room, of which he has a big collection. About half hour later , mu step sister walked in and gwaked. I was naked and my cock was up int he air.She was naive and maybe had never seen a sexual act, she fled. soon her curiosity got better and she came back and jumped in besideme . The steamy scenes excited her and she dropped her shorts and let me fell her pussy.Soon I had my penis in her mouth when her mother walked in. She yanked her off and slapped me which enraged me. I caught her in a bear hug and ran my hand into her pussy,which quietened her. I dragged her on to the bed and ripped off her panties while her daughter watched me mount her and push my rock hard cock into my step's bushy cunt. Soon she spread herself wider and threw her legs in the air and i fucked until i shot my load into her cunt.


22336 - A month ago I was watching my step daughter and step niece while my with and her sister where out drinking, I got a call from my brother in law saying that he picked up my wife and his wife but they both passed out at his house and if I didn't mind if he's daughter could stay the night, I said that's fine Beth ( my step daughter ) and Sara ( step niece ) get along great and I love having her around too. So I went up stairs and told Sara that she was staying with us she said ok cool I wanted to stay anyways. It was around 9:30 when I heard a noise coming from Beth's room so I headed up there and saw that her door particularly open so I pushed the door open just enough for me to look in and what I saw gave me the biggest boner I've ever had. Beth and Sara where both naked kissing, Sara had her hand on Beth's pussy and was rubbing it, Beth was moaning like crazy, then they switched and Sara's pussy was getting rubbed. I watched them do that for about 5 minutes until Sara said I brought it and Beth said really grab it, so I watched as Sara walked over to her bags and pulled out a strap on with a long 7 inche dildo on it. She said do you want to go first or second, Beth said she'd go second, so Sara handed Beth the strap on and she put it on Sara laid down on the bed and said I'm ready fuck me with that big thing Beth. As I was watch I had to jerk off to what I was seeing but also thought if Sara things that's big then I'm huge by he standards. As I watch Beth fuck Sara with the strap on I kept seeing Sara looking at the mirror that faced the door then I saw her point to it and Beth stopped walked over to the door and said I know your there dad. She opened the door and Sara said don't just stand there with your dick in your hand join us. I walked in and both of them started pulling my clothes off, then Beth pulled then strap on off and said we won't need this any more we've got the real thing now. They both got on their knees and Sara said wow you're bigger then my strap on I didn't know your dad had such a big dick Beth and she said either did I this is going to be fun. Both girls took turn sucking my dick when one wasn't sucking my dick I was eating their pussy so it turned in to me eating Sara, Sara eating Beth , and Beth sucking me. After 10 minutes both Sara and Beth were cumming like crazy then Beth said put it in me daddy please. So I grabbed her slid her to the edge of her bed and stuck my dick in her tight pussy she jump and said oh your that's big. I started fucking Beth and motioned Sara to me and fingered her pussy then I told her to get on Beth and kiss her, as they kissed I grabbed Sara legs and pulled them up to my shoulders and ate her out while the kissed, then I put her down and said now it Sara's turn. She laid down and as I slid my dick in to her she cummed and she was saying over and over that's big. All three of us had sex for most of the night and when I got ready to cum they both said cum on our faces. They got on their knees and I cummed on both of them as much as I could. Beth said dad grab my camera and take a picture of us with your cum on our faces. I grabbed the camera and snapped a few pics of them with my cum on their faces then of them kissing and then a video of then scooping the cum in to their mouths and swallowing it. After the sex all three of us fell asleep in Beth's bed with both the girls in each arm. In the morning they said last night was fun we should do it again soon. I said when ever you want I have all the time for both of you. After that day we try and make time to have sex at least once or twice a week when ever my wife and her sister go out drinking.


16258 - I want to confess something that happened some 10 years ago, when me and my twin brother were 16. Our parents had divorced about two years earlier, and we usually lived at our moms house. But this weekend we would go camping with my dad, his new wife and her daughter. She was 12, not very tall, small boobs, and i had never been attracted by her. Neither had my brother. Both of us had girlfriends and we were both sexually active. Our dad and step-mom slept in one tent, and my brother and i shared tent with our step-sister. It wasnt really awkward, and we were laughing and having a good time the first evening, before we went to sleep. I woke up with a hard-on very early the next morning, and since the others were sleeping, i decided to jack off a little. I didnt notice my step-sister waking up while i was wanking in my sleeping bag. "what are you doing?" she asked. It seemed like she didnt know. "nothing" i said, trying to cover my 8 inch hard-on. She noticed the huge bulge in my sleeping bag, and said "you can see mine if i can see yours". "ok" i said, horny as i was, "but you first". She agreed, and pulled down her panties, revealing her hairless virgin wet pussy. I was really turned on, and then she said: "your turn". I wondered what would happen if my dad came in, but it didnt stop me. I unzipped my sleeping bag, revealing my pretty big package. "wow!" she said, looking a bit scared, but soon got over it. "its huge", she said. I was pretty embarrassed, and didnt know what to do, until she said: "can i touch it?" I agreed without hesitation. She touched the tip of my dick with one finger at first, then she tried to put her hand around it, but it was too big. So she took her other hand to help. She looked amazed, and i asked her if she could take her hands up and down a little, and she started stroking me. It was clear to me that she had never done anything like this before, but it felt quite good. I started moaning, and she realized that i was really enjoying it. It looked like she loved pleasing me, and i soon asked "do you want to taste it?" She hesitated first, but eventually putting her tongue on the tip of my rock hard pole. Then i said that i would give her 10 bucks if she managed to wrap her mouth around it. As soon as she did, i started guiding her head up and down on my rod. Even though she didnt get it halfway in, it was the best blowjob of my life. My hand found its way under her shirt, and i started rubbing her small tits. She didnt try to stop me, and soon i moved further down and started rubbing her pussy. It didnt take long before she was dripping wet and moaning in pleasure. "I feel great. I have never felt like this before." she said. I decided to seize the opportunity. "I can make you feel even better" i said. She seemed curious. "if i put mine inside yours". At first she didnt seem to like the idea, but i put a finger inside her, and it didnt take long before she begged me to put it in. I hadnt brought a condom, but slid in anyway. She was lying on top of her sleeping bag, with me on top. She screamed out in pain as i broke her hymen. She was begging me to stop as a little blood came out of her pussy. I kept going, thrusting only half of my dick in and out, promising her that it would soom be better. When she started enjoying it, she moaned loudly, and i was afraid of waking up my brother. We switched to doggy, but she didnt like it, so i lied down and let her ride me. It was the best fucking i had ever had. In the meantime, my brother woke up. He looked shocked, and sat up immediately. I didnt know what to say, and step-sis seemed to be in heaven and didnt even notice him waking up. I was afraid of him telling dad, and without thinking, i asked if he wanted to join. Step-sis was horny as f**k, and up for the challenge. What i didnt think about before i asked, was that he had an even bigger dick than me. He immediately got up, standing over me, and put his already hard rod in her mouth. All three of us were now moaning, but the possibility of getting caught was arousing me even more. After my brother had been sucked for a while, he asked if we could swap places. I agreed, and she started riding my brother. Then i thought of anal sex. I asked if she would like to have both of us in her at the same time. She just moaned in pleasure from my brothers dick, but i took it as a clear yes, and went behind her. I first put a finger in her tight warm ass, but soon my dick slid into her, and we were double penetrating her. She was screaming in pain in the beginning, but soon loving it. 5 mins later i blew a huge load inside her tight ass. My brother went on for a couple more minutes, before he pulled out and blew his load in her mouth.

During breakfast, step-mom asked if we had a good time this night, in a way that told us she knew everything.

Next thing i knew, step-mom joined us the following night, and we had a foursome.


15710 - Im gonna start off by saying, I love my daddy and there is nothing I would not do to please him. So for his up coming birthday I have decided to treat him to something very only I can give. I am going to cook my daddy a very romantic dinner, filet minion, fresh green beans, baked potato (with all the trimmings)and for special man will be getting a dessert of all desserts! The dessert consist of chocolate, strawberries, whipped cream with a twist! This night shall be the night of all nights...let me help you understand my plans, aroma candles lit (vanilla) soft jazz in the background, bath water ran, rose petals in his bed and his birthday present wrapped and waiting for him. See this years gift will top all other's! For you see the gift that will be awaiting for him on his bed with a big red bow is myself and a beautiful hot lusty female (my girlfriend). We will be wearing his dessert... chocolate covered strawberries and whipped creame on all the good parts waiting for him to "unwrap" and devour! First he will lick his desserts off of our breasts and then go down to our sweet spots and eat and enjoy our own special creames! Then she and I will give daddy a special show...she will eat my pussy as I am eating hers. I will get a strap on and fuck her in her pussy as daddy fucks her in her ass. Then daddy will fuck her nice pink little honey pot and I will fuck her in her chocolate tunnel. Then I will lay daddy down as she and I will both begin to suck on his rock hard 9in cock. I will instruct her to lick daddys chocolate tunnel as I place his balls in my mouth and begin to hum. I will be so pleased to look at daddy's face and see pleasure all over it. The next step is that I will clime up on top of daddy's big thick cock and ride him like I was Paul Revere! As my girlfriend puts her pussy in his mouth and produces more of her special creame all just for daddy. I want daddy to be so pleased and so satisfied.My girlfriend and I will switch and she will get to mount my dads big hard cock; as I now share my creame with my daddy! I will be getting so turned on watching my girlfriend fuck my daddy as he is eating all of my luv creame! My girlfriends nipples will be so rock hard from me pinching them and squeezing them. We will switch again because I am going to want my daddy to fuck me from I will want to eat my girls pussy! Oh i know my daddy's big cock is going to be such a wonderful treat, mmmm I can hardly wait. my girl is excited as well, for we both love my daddy and his beautiful cock. I want us to try and do every fuck position possible and make up some of our own. i want this night to be perfect because daddy desrves it. I want it to be a night daddy will never forget. So to all the daddy's who might be reading this, if your daughter(s) did this for you, would it make you happy?


22059 - When my oldest step-daughter was 9yo we had a birthday party for her. One of my friends' birthday was the same day as Tina's so we invited him over since he was single. After the party he stayed to have a few beers and wife invited his to supper. I had ran out of film and went to my closet to get more and my wife went into the kitchen to start supper. I could see into the living room from the hall and I noticed my friend acting funny. He kept looking toward the kitchen and that is when I noticed he had his hand up Tina's dress. I could tell he was rubbing outside her panties just by the way his hand moved. I was about to yell at him when Tina smiled at him and spread her legs further apart. She then pulled up her dress up, showing him her panties. He looked down at her panties, she looked over her shoulder toward the kitchen and pushed her panties down in front showing him her hairless pussy. I was no longer angry, I was jacking off watching my friend finger her pussy.

I was not totally shocked that she let him feel her pussy. A few months earlier I caught her doing the "show me yours" thing with a boy. We talked about it and I asked her then if she liked doing that and she said yes, it was fun. Since then I had seen her naked with boys and even watched her suck a few times. I was a little surprised that she let Sam feel her up since he was so much older.

Not long after her birthday I was in my bedroom when I heard my daughter and her friends talking. I worked nights then and they probably thought I was sleeping so they didn't worry about lowering their voices. Terri, was telling the other girls who all she had let fuck her. Terri was the old lady of the group she was all of 10. Tina said she only sucked guys and let them play with her pussy. She was afraid it would hurt to let a boy fuck her but she did want to try it some day. But, she did say she had sucked me when she came in while I was sleeping and sporting a hard-on. Penny said her daddy was fucking her and she named off a few boys she was fucking. I lay there jacking off. I knew I wanted to fuck all three of them.

I was working in my shop when I heard the door to the garage open I looked out and saw Tina and two boys come in. One was Adam a black boy about 11 and Bobbie a white boy Tina's age. Adam asked her to show them her pussy. Tina very quickly pushed her shorts and panties down. Adam told her to take them off and she did. He then pushed his pants down and showed her his cock. I was surprised it was almost as big as mine. She sucked him for a few minutes then sucked Bobbie for a few minutes. Adam said lay down let me do it to you. Tina layed down and Adam started eating her little pussy. I noticed as he licked her clit he had a finger all the way in her pussy. He stopped suddenly and got up between her legs and when she saw he was going to put his dick in her little pussy she put her hand between her legs to block him but he moved her hand and said trust me. He then slowly entered her little pussy and stroked in and out slowly. After a few mintues he started fucking her faster and she loved it. I watched as both boys took her pussy.

I waited a year before I got that sweet pussy myself. I planned to wait until she was 12 or 13 before fucking her but she came home one day and I could see she was upset and I asked her what was wrong. She bluntly told me she let 2 boys "do it" and they both came before she did. I laughed and said that's why you should do it with older guys. The don't cum as fast. She said yeah I know but not were outside this afternoon. I half jokingly said well if you need to get off I might be willing to help you. She said I'm just hot enough to let you. I had my pants down in an instant. Oh my was her pussy tight, sweet and so hairlessly beautiful.

We fucked for the next four years until she was 14. I had fucked a few of her friends as well. One girl let me fuck her but then decided she didn't like it and told her mom. I went to prison for molesting her daughter. I spent 6 yrs in prison, my wife divorced me while I was in. Of course I had to make a full confession as to the girls I had fucked or played with in my life. The list is not a long as most people would think. When I got out I talked to Tina she was now 20. She said she still loved me and wanted to live with me. We got married two months after I got out of prison and stayed married for five years until she met a guy more her age and I gave her a divorce. He knows I was her step-dad before I was her husband and he knows we will still hook up sometimes. I am now married to a girl Tina introduced me to, she is 20 years my junior, Tina is only 17 years younger than I am. My present wife and I do not have any children nor did Tina and I have any.