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13553 - I am a 22 yr-old female and i am NOT gay and i don't even think i'm bisexual but i just constantly fantasize about women's breasts. Oh god, how i would LOVE to have a girl's nipple in my mouth! i just want to scream. i don't want to kiss a woman, don't want to go down on a woman, but i swear i would pay $100.00 to have a 1/2 hour alone with a set of huge natural tits. i get caught staring at women's chests all the time. i try to look down their blouses and dresses and if a woman doesn't wear a bra i will follow her for miles if i can. i can suck on my own nipples, and have for years, but i really want a huge chest right in front of my face. i think i could just touch the tip of my tongue to a nipple and i would probably orgasm. Lindsay Lohan? i would suck her nipples. Mariska Hargitay? i would nurse on her for hours. Jennifer Hudson? i would worship those beautiful breasts and do anything to suck those perfect nipples. My sister-in-law? i would suck on her in a minute. This fantasy makes me dripping wet. i would suck any cock - black, brown, white - if it meant i could suck their wives nipples afterward. i can't be the only woman out her who feels like this. i just can't.


13628 - My sister and I started having sexual encounters when we were in high school. My sister got it started by coming into my room and asking me if I wanted her to squeeze the pimples on my face. I agreed and my sister laid down across me and squeezed my pimples and pushed her boobs into my face! The next time she came in my room as soon as she was on top of me I slipped my finger inside of her blouse and to my suprise my sister acted like nothing was happening as I used my finger to explore around inside of her blouse. Then I got daring and slid my finger down inside of her bra cup so I could feel her boob she just smiled at me and let me explore.

The very next day my sister came to my room and asked me if I wanted her to take care of my pimples again. As soon as my sister got into position on top I could tell she wasn’t wearing a bra so I started gently squeezing my sisters boobs. After a few minutes my sister sat up and unbuttoned a few of the buttons on her blouse then she laid down and I slid my hand into the opening and felt my sisters bare boobs. After I had my hand inside my sisters blouse and she let me squeeze her bare boobs my sister told me "unbutton my blouse for me" I did what she asked then my sister told me "take it off for me" after I took my sisters blouse off she started whispering to me and instructed me how I to use my finger tip to gently rub around her nipple and "make her feel good" when I did this my sisters nipple stood up erect! I could tell she liked this so I got both of my sisters nipples nice and hard,my sister sat up a little and pushed her right breast right into my mouth and told me “suck it!” I did what she wanted and she liked it!

My sister came back a the next few days in a row and I knew she enjoyed how I played with her boobs and sucked on her nipples!

Then one day when my sister came to my room she had bath towel wrapped around her, I could see that she was braless because she had the towel wrapped around her so just a hint of her nipples showed above the towel and the towel was just short enough so I could see that she wasn’t wearing panties either. My sister stood there in the door way and posed for me before she got in bed with me then she whispered in my ear "are you going take my towel off for me?" I cautiously opened the towel for her and seen my sister was bare naked! First looked her over then I played with her boobs and made sure her nipples hard. My sister whispered to me "You can touch me anyplace you wanted to! Go ahead I know you to!" so I moved my hand down to her belly to her start of her pubic hair and ran my fingers around in her pubic hair, after a minute my sister put her hand on mine and held my hand still then she started starting moving her hips in a slow sexual rhythm while she told how good my hand felt down there. I could feel my sisters legs spreading as she slowly raised her knees up. Then she put pushed my hand down between her open legs! I let my sister put my hand were she wanted it and I could feel a warm wetness radiating from within her. Then my sister bashfully whispered instructions to me and told me how I could use my finger to “make her real feel good!” if I wanted to!I was a willing student and my sister really enjoyed my attention to the details so in a few minutes of using my finger in her I made my sister came to her first full sexual climax!

Because of my sisters willingness to teach me sex education even though we’re in our thirties now we still enjoy having sex with eachother. When my sister comes to town as as I soon as I open the door and give her a hug she teases me by whispering in my ear “Incest is Best!” she knows that before she leaves town we're going to end up in bed.


13671 - My older sisters special gift, I was sitting in my favorite chair in the living room and my sister was kneeling on the floor in front of me with her hands resting on my thighs. Both of us were bare naked and she was giving me oral sex! I looked down and seen my sisters face between my legs and seen that she had a flirtatious look on her face as she sucked on my penis. My sister looked so ravishing when I seen her bare breasts were hanging down and swaying with her slow sexual rhythm as she sucked on my penis. I could see that my sisters nipples were hard and erect as her splendid breasts swayed so seductively. I had just ejaculated into her mouth and my sister had a very captivating look on her face and a purely sexual gleam in her eye. My sister knew I was watching her as she kept sucking on my penis, then with my penis still in her mouth if could feel her swallow. My sister kept sucking on my penis making sure she got the last few drops of sperm as she finishing giving me her special birthday gift . Finally when my sister raised her head up I watched my now semi erect penis as it came out of her incredibly warm mouth. My penis was glistening from having my sister sucking on it and my sisters lips were wet, I seen her lick her lips then she swallowed the last few traces of my sperm in her mouth. My sister looked up at me as she composed herself and rested on my legs, my sister knew that she had sexually drained me as she held my now almost limp penis in her hand. Then she bashfully asked me, “Oh, why does it have to feel so unbelievably perfect when I do this with you? Why does your cum taste so much better then my boyfriends? ”


19411 - At 18 my girlfriend moved in with her sister and on visits to the house I would wait until her sister had taken a bath and go the toilet. I would lock the door and then go down the washing bag and collect her panties ,oh boy still warm and wet , I would sniff and suck the crutch and dream i was eating her sister ,on visits to my house her sister would wear short skirts and some times i would get a glimpse of her panties,my favourite was when she went to the toilet at my house and i would stand and listen to her peeing, on a visit to her house I noticed she had no bra on under her blouse and when she moved I could look through the arm hole and clearly see her nipples , I used to get so hard ,even now 30yrs on thinking about her still make me hard like it was yesterday


13663 - When my older sister and I were young teenagers we started having a sexual relationship, it began with a innocent game of us playing doctor. The first time I undressed my sister and she was naked, both of knew we liked this daring game. A few days latter we played our game again and this time after I took off my sister cloths she took mine off so we could play naked together then my sister got on my lap and I got a hard on. My sister knew I was getting aroused and spread her legs enough and let my hard penis up between her thighs, both of us were surprised how good it felt to sit like this. This is how a innocent game was the start of a our years long sexual relationship.

Because my sister my sister liked our game ever few day we would get together and she would sit on my lap with my hard penis between her thighs and teach me about sexual foreplay, first she taught me how to “Make her feel good!” and showed me how to lick my finger tip and were to rub her nipples so they got erect, and then to gently nibble on her nipples while I sucked on them.

Then she taught me how to use my finger on other places on her body, she told me to watch how she got sexual aroused when I sucked on her nipples. And my sister spread her legs apart while I was nibbling on her erect nipples and I seen that her vaginal lips would open up like a flower blossom if I did it right. My sister told when her vaginal lips were open I would know she wanted me to rub her clit and showed me how to do it. I remember the first time I did this and I got my sister to full sexual climax and how good it felt having my finger inside of her wet pussy!

After that session we started having masturbation parties together, first I would play with her until she came to climax, then it was my turn for pleasure and my sister would give me a hand job!
Then my sister got a little more daring and while she was giving me a hand job, she let my penis slide into her mouth then she sucked on it let me come in her mouth! I told her that was the first time for me, my sister smiled when I told her then she confessed that it was her first she let anyone come in her mouth. Next she told me about how women like a man to do the same thing them and how I could use my tongue and lick her pussy then we tried the 69 position and we enjoyed it, there was something so sexually exciting of having my sister straddling me knowing that if I used my tongue right I could get her into a state of extreme sexual ecstasy! another first for us.

Seeing that we had tried oral sex and both of us liked it, I could tell my sister was ready for something even more adventurous, one afternoon my sister told me to come in her room with her and after we played around a little she put a condom on for me and told me I could stick it in her a little ways. My sister sat on the side of the bed and o got between her open legs, then she positioned my erect penis on her vagina and told me to “Put it in me, just part way, tell me how it feels!” both of us looked down at our pubic areas as I moved closer to her and my penis went partway inside of her and it felt so good! My sister must have felt the same because she put her hands on my hips and pulled me toward her I knew she wanted all of my penis inside of her. As it went into her wet pussy my sister moaned with pure sexual pleasure! Then my sister whispered to me “Oh!! It feel so good, I want to do it, don’t stop! Let me lay down for you!” my sister got in the missionary position and I got on top of her then we started screwing, after a few minutes my sister told me “Don’t stop, Oh! I want you! Oh fuck my pussy!” then she came to sexual climax and pulled me close to her and wrapped her legs around me as I ejaculated into her warm wet pussy and it was the best. When I looked at my sister as she lay under me my sister had the “Just Had The Best Sex Ever Expression” on her face. Now years later when ever we can get together we still do it.