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19415 - I am 33 black female. I love sex & love to masturbate. I do it daily sometimes 3 to 4 times in a day. I have a very wild & vivid imagination. I read sites such as this one, erotic stories, and watch porn. my absolute fav porn is gay male porn! I can nutt for hours watching men fuck. OMG!

I don't have any real hangups on sex & will likely try anything once. but most recently I have began having fantasies about things I know that I would never in life do for real. one of them is dare I say, underage/preteen boys and girls. I have no desire at all in my daily everyday life to do anything harmful or illegal to a child. I actually am not even aroused when I am around children at all.
However, when I am really horny I love to read confessions & stories of how older men & women would mess with kids & especially their own sons or daughters. It's so erotic to me when I read these stories that I am drippin wet & my clit & nipples are rock hard. I well rub the fuck out of my clit while fantasizing about these things happening. to the point that I sometimes want to jst sit and talk to a pedophile & have he/she tell me things face to face while the both of us masturbate each other to the thoughts of it.
Like I cant even explain how fucking hard I cum when reading stories or hearing about it. And if the underaged child is actually loving it or the one doing the seducing...orgasmic overload!! Sometimes feel bad that I can get off so damn good to something so wrong. but once my horniness has passed I dnt even think about anything like that & would probably try to kill someone if they messed w/ my niece, nephew or my godchildren. I'm very protective by nature. so if in my personal everyday life I would never do or condone this behavior, how is it that the very thing I don't approve of is what can turn me on completely & have my pussy jumping & throbbing & cumming for hours? Is it ok to have fantasies about things you know u would never do?


15701 - Curiosity made me do a little research after reading these two stories about "bogus" doctors. I beleive I was also victumized many years ago but was never able to varify it. I was only a young teen at the time and was examined by a doctor who I later felt had abused me. I only went to him four times that year but each of those times were progressively more humiliating by the things he did to me. He was a middle aged man and although a nurse was present most of the time I was always made to take all my clothes off. He gave me a complete pelvic exam every time and have me displayed to him in the most humiliating positions. So much so I was terrified of going to a doctor for a long time. My family moved out of the area and when I went to a different doctor was relieved to find how much more sensitivity he had for my modesty. I was no longer put through the embarrassment the other doctor subjected me to. I never investigated but as years went by always suspected he was either a fraud or a perverted doctor.

The research I did the other day confirms what I suspected. Throught the US there are many cases of unlicensed doctors and most with little or no medical experience or a degree. Some were from other countries who had fake documents allowing them to practice medicine here. Others were men who were able to get fraudulent documentation and open a small practice which were generally in rural areas but also large cities. There was one doctor in particular who operated a family practice in Nevada for over twenty years. Some of these men were pedophiles seeking out children, but most consentrated on vulnerable women, mostly in poverty areas. The bogus doctors I was able to find out about are only the ones who got caught. This leads me to believe there are many more that haven't. There was another one from Texas who was caught in 2003 that preyed on illegal Mexican women. He was a wealthy man who opened a small clinic in 1999. He had no medical training whatsoever but performed gyno exams on hundreds of women during those years. I didn't read every one of them but there are 276 fake doctors who have been exposed since 2001, and heaven knows how many before that. There are other real doctors who have been accused or convicted of molesting women while doing examinations on them.

I saw also where other countries have even a more serious problem especially in 3rd world countries. Its most prominent in impoverished areas througout the world. The articles I read did not explain to much in detail but the majority were concerning the violations of girls and women. Young boys are exploited by these men in many of the articles but the focus of these bogus doctors is mostly on females. One man in Argentina practiced medicine for 32 years and was only exposed as a fraud after his death in 1998. What I also learned as I did this research was that it is a simple matter to check out your doctor today because of the internet. Hopefully women, young girls and young boys will not abused now as much as they have been in the past. Fraud is everywhere today but the thought of being examined by a quack doctor or some impersonator is a very scary thing. All of the men I read about were sexual preaditors and not concerned with the health of their victums. Their sexual gratification and humiliation of the patient was their main objective. It is a sick world we live in.