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19410 - I want to watch a woman have sex with her own son. Nothing sounds hotter than a woman spreading her legs for her own son. Every time I imagine a gorgeous woman sucking her son off before she guides him into her soaking wet pussy gets me so hard. I want to see this in real life. Any suggestions?


14853 - I am a single mother with an 11yr old son
I was in my room getting undressed
and me being the dumb blond that i am, I forgot to lock my room door my son walked in my room to ask me if i knew where the Tv remote was but there i was standing naked

I froze on the spot and was so shocked i couldnt even move
My son looked me up and down and said mum you look so sexy

Some part of me liked this side of my son becouse i just smiled

I found myself looking at his crotch
and licking my lips
I could not hold back my urge any longer and i said to him son if u want to have sex then your best removing your clothing

And with that he just stood and said i love you mum

We had sex that night and we are still at it today ;-)


22245 - This happened a few days ago and have to get this off my chest. I am a 48 y/o mother with two adult kids. My son is 25 and my daughter is 23. My son had come over to help me out with the yard work. After he had finished he came inside and got something to drink. We started to have a conversation. We started on one thing then ended up on masturbation. I told him that I liked watching men masturbate. Conversation should have stopped right then and there. But the next thing that happened he was masturbating for me. It turned me on seeing my son masturbating and ejaculating. We ended up having sex together that day. Everyday now he comes over and we have sex. I am addicted now having sex with my adult son. I know it is wrong, but he is the best lover I ever had.


17363 - Continued from 17358

Noticing my husband not blink an eye when his wife and mother revealed our keenness for doggy sex started to stir up some hidden thoughts in me leading to desires. Recalling my own experience with my in laws I had to ask why and I got an answer that I had only dared to hope for. My mother in law admitted that my husband had seen her entwined in passionate embraces with the family dog many times. I could feel my chest restricting and my heart beginning to pound. My breath quickening I asked if my husband just walked in by accident on his mother making love to the dog or did he ... you know. "I know what?" my mother in law said with a smile on her face? "Did he ... did he join in? I asked in a quiet breathy voice. "Yes" she said in just as quiet a voice. I looked over at my husband to see him grinning from ear to ear and back at my mother in law. I was in total awe and filled with lust at the thought of watching my husband and his mother making taboo incestuous love together when the 2 of them burst out laughing. "We didn't make love together" my mother in law said, my visions of ****** families deflating. "But" said my husband, "I did used to jack off and watch while mom put on her performance." I started to pick up again. "Performance?" I said. "Not a performance really" said my mother in law. It is more like my son has a little perverted streak and was always catching me with the dog, with his father or solo with a toy. "And he would jerk off?" I asked. "All the time" my mother in law said. "My brothers and sister too" said my husband. "Did you ever ... did you ever have sex together? Any time?" I asked. "Well" said my mother in law and she looked at her son who nodded, "well your husband here used to pester me for sex so much that I *********** him. Regularly. And a few times, I did suck his ****. But I refused outright ******" she said. "Not from a lack of trying" my husband said, and they both burst out laughing again. My head was spinning at million miles per hour I was shaking with lust, my breath was coming faster and I just blurted it out "I want to watch you 2 make love!" "You really are a kinky girl aren't you" my mother in law said, and I nodded. She looked at her son's lap. My husband's **** was a hard mass of blue veins and bulbous knob. I knew what he wanted and as my mother in law's hand reached out to grasp her son's ****, my hand sneaked down to my aching clitty. As my husband's mother started to jack, I started to jill and in what seemed no time at all my mother in law put her mouth down over her son's **** and proceeded to blow. I was so turned on I came in a moaning squirting ****** at the same time my husband came in his own mother's mouth. We kissed, we cuddled and my mother in law said "where's mine? And don't tell me you are not bisexual because I know better." Then I went down on my mother in law licking her to ****** while my husband jerked his magnificent monster onto his mother's breasts and licked them clean. To cut a long story short, this became normal behavior for our family and the 3 of us now share a bed each night. I have begged my mother in law to let me watch her and my husband make love properly, but she has steadfastly refused. Lately she has started saying that the day I am willing to let her watch me have sex with my sons is the day she will let me watch her with her son. Is she just teasing or is that a hint that my husband and his mother are having sex together but wont let me watch? And can I, will I be able to have sex with my own sons? I don't know, but I am sure turned on by the thought. Maybe I will need to get a bigger bed? And where do I buy a dog to share with my mother in law? At this time of night?


20904 - I,m married mother 3 children,MY OLDEST SON COMES TO MY BEDROOM WHEN HIS FATHER IS NOT HOME which is 4 or 4 days at a time and sleeps with me i noticed lately he will be lying close and can feel him on a hard I have to admit it turns me on as my husband is not keeping me satisfied sexually,I ease out of bed and go to bath room and masturbate and my thoughts are on that hard cock of my son,i want it so bad but knowing it wrong,I have had sex with my step dad when i was a teen,maybe that why i think of my son.what can i do???