Latest Mother Daughter Sex Confessions:


10900 - I have had sex with my adult daughter. She was raised by her mother and did not meet me until she was 18 she now lives with me I have had the best sex of my life with her


16209 - I am am 22 years old and work an odd shift 8 pm to 4 am the next morning. I have recently fallen into something very nice. Living two apartments down is a mother and her daughter. The mother is in her mid forties and the daughter just turned eighteen. I started out by having sex with the mother. The daughter leaves for school around 8:30 am and the mother goes to work at 12 noon. Gives us time for have a nice private fun session while the daughter is in school. The daughter gets out of school around 2:00 pm and the mother gets home a bit after 8:00pm. Recently the daughter started hanging around my apartment after school. She has around 6 hours of alone time before her mom gets home. Well, it didn't take me long to figure out what the daughter wanted and I started giving it to her while mom is at work. The daughter is a bit of a fatty and doesn't have a boyfriend. However she does have a very nice firm perky set and an incredibly tight P. The mom is still nice looking and still has a nice rack also. Figuratively speaking, I am walking a tight rope but am getting away with it so far. Neither has any idea I am doing them both. Somehow I find it incredibly erotic to be doing a mom and daughter at the same time.


23876 - I've read a few confessions about incest and am shocked at readers who condemn it with words such as BULLSHIT, LIAR etc. Such people are obviously sick. If they are against incest confessions why do they read trhem. I believe that they really want sex with their mother but either their mothers are too ugly or they won't let them because they are too ugly or can't get it up. They probably wank off into their mothers' or daughters' knickers to every confession they read.


23818 - Incest has been a going on in my family for over a hundred years.

My great great grandparent were brother and sister and they used my great grandmother like a sex slave. Her mother and father started on her at 5 with oral sex and by 9 ,she’d have to go down on her mother as her father fucked her doggie style, finally she got knocked up and had two sons by her father at 12 and at 15.

Then at 26, her first son who was 13 knocked her up with a twin girls.

Then the inter-family sex exploded and by 14, the twins were both pregnant by their father.

This has been going on now for over a hundred in the family.
My mother and was knocked up with me by her son.

My oldest daughter is from me and mom, she was 40 at the time and I was 15. And I have kids with each of my sisters.

My oldest daughter (now 30) is expecting our first child in a few weeks.


21315 - I have sex with my 18 year old daughter daily - even during her period. We do it in the shower at those times of the month, anally and vaginally, and it is great! Her mother left us four years ago and, thankfully, things clicked for us sexually. I want to impregnate her and she wants my child.