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20488 - I NEED HELP!!! I want to have sex with my mom A LOT but i'm to scared and nervous about how she will react is there any body who has had sex wither thier mom or if anymoms had sex with there son my email in please help me!


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16899 - I loved a woman who was married and has a son of 20.She is 2 years senior to me. Our relation stayed over 10 years. We did lot of sex as well as fun. We did sex in taxi, hotel, restaurant, hospital,wash room, bed room, kitchen etc.We did role play as mom-son. We did phone sex.In rickshaw I openly kissed her, pressed her boobs. We enjoyed a lot. She loved her son very much.She told her son has very big dick. She did a job where she found handsome colleague.She wore very sexy dress in office. she masturbated in office thinking of her colleague.She loved big cock. When we did sex she unconciously told Ohh Rik(her son's name) fuck me.I asked later about this. She told me her fantasy to do sex with her son.My dick is not very good size. she needs huge dick. I think she was fucked by her son.


19469 - I started having sex with my son when in his teens and I was in late 30's,now after we devoriced My son lives with me and we can injoy our selves with out sneaking around like we used to is wonderful.we still carefull not let friends or nighbors know our secret.