Latest Mom Blow Job Confessions:


10378 - Me and my boy went back to my house at like 11 at night he said he wanted a blow job so i said i would give him a blow job if he ate me out so we did just that and in the middle of me giving him a blow job my mom walked in so whenever your in the room with ur boyfriend lock ur door.


23690 - My mother gave me hand jobs and blow jobs starting at the age of 10 years old... Have to say that I have yet to find a woman who has done it better than she did.

This stopped at age 18


14076 - I was about 13 and I was sleeping. And like most 13 year old boys I had morning wood. And mother came in to wake me up for school and I didn't want to wake up. So since it was laundry day and I sleep just in my underwear my mom decided to wake me up by pulling the blankets off of me pulling my dirty underwear off to put in the wash. This may seem a bit strange that my mother would be pulling underwear off to put in the laundry of their 13-year-old son but being naked was not a big deal in our house. When she did this of course to revealed my hard cock I was still mostly asleep. Since she seen I had a hard on and I was still asleep she decided to give me a blow job. Of course I was asleep still dreaning to course my dream came about a woman giving me a blow job when of course it wasn't a dream it was actually my mother giving me that blow job. I awoke to the most incredible orgasm I had ever experienced in my life even to this day and I am 47 years old. Have to say when I woke up and seen my mom giving me a blow job and swallowing my load. I was a bit turned on and embarrassed at the same time so I quickly turned over as if I were still asleep and my mom left my room came back a few minutes later and wake me up for school. Neither one of us said anything about it never happened again it is one of my fondest memories of my mother.


15114 - This is pretty much embarassing but me and my cousin were fooling around. It started as a joke I told my cousin if he could beat me it tetris I would either let put a broomstick in my pussy or I would give blow job he wanted a blow job and he did beat but I didn't plan on giving him a bj but he convinced to anyways we were pretty sure no one was one so I I gave him on and right when he blew his load in my mouth his mom came in he pulled his pants up in time but I still had a mouth full of cum and I threw up while his mom tried to talk to us and I'm not sure if she knew what happen


19034 - I have never told anyone this before but I can't keep it to myself anymore. My mom and I have been having sex with each other for the last five years. We have a one year old baby boy together. Now that I have had a baby with my mom, she and I both brought up the idea of me sleeping with my sister and getting her pregnant and having a baby with her too. Just the thought of it makes me so horny. My sister has no idea that our mom and I have been having sex together or that the baby is mine. So far I have only gotten my sister to give me hand job and blow jobs and me licking and fingering her. Later this week I am planning to have sex with my sister and soon get her pregnant and have a baby with her as well.