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23687 - Okay, I'm looking for someone to trade email addresses with so we can trade nasty fantasies/stories. I'm a bisexual 27 year old man who likes getting fucked by my dog and piss games, both with other people and the aforementioned dog. Beyond that, I'm flexible: I'm probably into whatever you're into, so feel free to go nuts. since the comment section of this site is borked beyond recognition, I'll do it this way. Leave your address as a confession, tag it "email" so I'll find it l8r and contact you.


15750 - I have jet a calf suck my dick and had sex with 2 female dogs they are warm and tight my wife had our dog lick our uglies while we where fucking we let him hump her after she loved it i want my wife to be a dirty whore and fuck men when shes drunk in front of me she fucked a man with a huge cock once i make her tell me details makes me come hard she used to let her little dog lick her pussy until she came i want to see her fuck a dog dick again as many times as she wants nothing turns me on more i love it does anyone else do these things with their wife i would love to read more taboo stories bring em on


19905 - After reading this site for a couple months, it's pretty obvious 80% or more of these "confessions" are fake. It's gotten so bad it's hard to even trust the ones that seem genuine. Also, apparently there are a lot of sexually confused men out there judging by the amount of homoerotic stories. That is all. I'm going to smoke some coke now and fuck my dog.


22996 - I have never had sex before although reading some of the stories here and watching porn turns me on a lot and i masturbate sometimes, especially the thought of having sex with a dog or double penetration with another cock in my mouth at the same time. I am 19 years old and wondering if its normal or not, and how can i start doing this especially how do i get a dog to fuck me.


15707 - I am a 63 year old woman. I was chatting online with aa woman. On a sex date site. she told me that she lets her dog fuck her. I got so truned on by it that she talked me in to fucking a dog. I talked to my daughter about it. She agreed to help me. Fuck my sons yellow lab. long story short. I loved sucking his cock, and the feel of his tongue in my pussy.I got down on all fours with my ass up in the air. My daughter help the dog mount me and guide his cock in my pussy. once he was in he knew just what to do and took over. he rammed his big doggie cock in me hard and fast. As the dog fucked me i could feel his knot grow. I pushed back hard and his knot was inside of me. it hurt a first but felt so good in me also. As he came in my pussy we were locked and i had many orgasms. From his knotrubbing my clit many times.Now i have my own dog and I fuck him every day atleast 3 times. Plus he also fucks my daughter now as she licks my pussy.her husband don't know what she does. when she visits me hehehe. We both love dog cock.