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23457 - Iam a 19yo female that has a Dad/Daughter fantasy, I really enjoy very rough Sex and love to have my pigtails pulled and throat fucked, it really gets me off, I want to be Daddys lil fuck hole, the thought of it really gets me wet !! any Ideas ? btw I do not or have not Sex with my real Dad, EWE!


22850 - I am really turned on by daddy/daughter incest porn. I would never have sex with my own dad, but I masturbate to the thought all the time. I am 24 yr old female and I have been getting off to this for over 10 years now. Is something wrong with me?


14030 - My wife's dad came to visit, we were drinking and we talked her into strip poker, followed by truth or dare. One thing led to another, and the next thing I knew my father in law's dick was in his daughters pussy, and mine was in her ass. It ended up being a weekend long sex-fest.


17449 - I want to have sex with my dad,i wach porn all the time about incest,do you think he thinks about me?