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25103 - I am a 24 year old women and I'm obsessed with wanting a dog to lick me and mount me. I live in socal and i dont have a dog so if any one lives in socal and has a big male dog comment with your kik


25079 - I'm a 27 year old man with an obsession with his mom. I've tried seducing her but she will not give me a bj or hj or intercourse. However I have showered with her and we washed each other. I've also sucked her boob a few times once she let me jerk off suckin her boob. It was so hot. But haven't done anything since. Anyone out there who can help or just wants to talk about their own incest relations u can find me on kik at mrich1286. I live in the New England area.


25059 - This morning I got up early just like every morning. Drinking coffee and surfing porn on my phone. I must have been pretty engrossed because I never heard my granddaughter come downstairs. I looked up and saw her standing there and said "Good morning".

She just stood there and said "what are doing?" I told her I was just playing on my phone. She saidd, "Papa, i can see you penis". I hadn't noticed that my robe had fell open and quickly pylled it closed and said I'm sorry. She said, "Its ok, I've seen it before. Really, when did she see my penis before. I didn't have much time to think about it before she came over and sat on my lap.

She said "one morning i got up and you didn't hear me and you were looking at your phone and touching your penis, why were you doing that?" I just told her that was something big boys liked to do because it felt good. She ashed if I was looking at naked girl pictures like her daddy does. I said as a matter of fact i was. I could feel myself getting hard, dammit.

She noticed it to and said, papa its getting bigger like the last time i saw it then reached down and pulled my robe open. I quickly covered up again. She said, papa, i want to see it and pulled my robe open again. She said, make it bigger. I said that i probably shouldn't do that and explained that you don't just make it bigger you need to liok at pictures or touch it usually. She asked, can i touch it? Knowing full well the correct answer was no, i said yes.

She reached down and timidly starting touching my penis and as she requested it got bigger. Then she asked if she could see the pictures i was looking at. So I started scrolling through some porn while she stroked my cock. This is how you were doing it the last time i saw you.

I came across a picture of a guy fingering a girl and she said, guys touch girls there too? I know it feels good when i touch myself there but i didnt know someone else would do it. Can you touch like that papa? She pulled up her nightgown and i had my first touch of her pussy, mmmmmm.

We heard some stirring around upstairs. I told she needed to sit on the couch and not say anything to grandma and that we could take a motorcycle ride later and do it some more. She said, ok, i want to see it pee out the white stuff like it did the last time i saw you.

Now, get some stuff done so we can take that motorcycle ride later. I'm betting it is going to be one that i never forget.


25023 - It started when I was younger. My brother and I would wait till my mom left for work and go to her room and watch her porn. It started with just watching and then we went to jacking off watching her porn. I had the idea that we should get our moms panties and use them to stroke with. We would each get a pair of used panties and stroke in them and cum on them. One morning we were doing our routine and my brother suggested we stroke each other. Being young and so horny I said ok. The first few times I would stroke him off and then he would do me. After while we would stroke each other and finish together on my moms panties. Then we went to sucking each other. We would go down on each other and blow each other till we were cumming in each others mouths watching the porn. This was fun and exciting and we went on doing this furiously for weeks. The pleasure was nothing like we ever experienced. One morning while my brother and I were both extremely horny we were 69ing when he got on top of me and took my ass virginity. I still remember his hot cum shooting up my ass and before I could do or say anything he told me I could do the same to him. he was bent on all fours when I stuck it in him and cummed in his ass too! the more we kept going the more kinkier we got. We would sometimes dress in our moms lingerie and panties while we did our morning porn/fuck sessions. This continued for a long time and things got more interesting...