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25993 - I have a secret that up until now no one knows about. Over 30 years ago I was at a very low point in my life terrible divorce started drinking too much and just didn`t care about much of anything and started thinking back to my early years and all the great sex I had with a few of my friends. It was something I outgrew but I thought about it often.
I have always been a very masculine muscular build straight acting white male but in my early years I had sex with several of my closest friends. No one ever knew about it of course but it happened often. Most of the time just one on one but quite a few times there was some group stuff that went on and I had 3 friends that liked that and we sucked each other off but mostly we got together so they could all take turns on my ass.
I don`t know why but after a step cousin that was 15 fucked me in the ass when I was 12 I always wanted more. He lived out of state and they were visiting one summer and we were on a family camping and fishing trip and He got me away from everyone and we ended up on someone`s land and found an old barn that was about to fall down and we were looking in it and he pressured me to have sex with him and he took his dick out and wanted me to suck it.
I did and then he took my pants down and humped my ass and told me he really wanted to fuck me and he got me pretty excited and fucked me in the ass face down in some old musty smelling hay on the ground back in an old stall. He fucked me twice and shot his cum up my ass both times and told me not to tell anyone.
The rest of the week he took me somewhere and fucked me in the ass several times a day and his dick was very painful the first few times but got much easier to take the more he fucked me and I had his cum in my ass all week long. After he left weeks later I wanted it again.
That was the first of many times and I liked being naked with other boys and letting them use me for sex and liked letting them shove their dicks in me while I spread my ass open for them to fuck me and cum inside me. It was a huge turn on for me to let guys use me for their pleasure and it was just something I wanted at that time in my life.
After my divorce I did not have much luck finding any men to fuck me in the ass so I bought toys and used them on myself. One day I went outside and there was a nice looking stray dog on my porch. I lived out at the edge of town in a fairly private place and after no one claimed the dog I just kept him.
He was a nice looking dog about 80 pounds Lab cross and very smart. I give him a bath every couple of weeks took him to the Vet for shots and treated him good. He stayed in the house at night with me and went every where I went.
I drank a lot and sometimes walked around drunk and naked with something up my ass and jacked off a lot. I had several big rubber dicks that had suction cups that I could stick to anything smooth and I would fuck myself in the ass in front of mirrors so I could watch myself.
I was doing this one night and my dog started licking my ass and stuck his head under me and licked my dick and it felt good so there were some things that happened that night that I thought would never happen to me. I had heard of it and knew a little about it but never dreamed of doing it but after several attempts and a couple of hours I got him to mount me.
It took some work but after getting him to mount me I had to move my ass around and change the angle but once I did his huge dark red dick went right up my ass and it was very warm and long but pretty thick and it felt great and I never been fucked like that in my life and just as it was getting good he knotted me and that hurt like hell then something I hadn`t counted on He started to cum in me and it felt like a gallon of the hottest liquid ever shooting up my ass and I got scared.
He got off of me then turned his ass to me and I had to back around the living room for over 20 minutes until the knot went down and he could pull out and then there was a huge mess to clean up cum poured out of my ass in a steady stream. I cleaned it up went to shower and clean myself out then worried for about a week. After that no problems at all I wanted to try it again. This time we went outside behind the house in the dark where no one could see me.
He knew just what to do and he fucked me good and knotted me again but this time other than myself I didn`t have to clean up the mess. I took him out back after dark 3 or 4 times a week and every time I went outside naked he got very excited and as soon as I was down on my hands and knees it didn`t take him very long at all to mount up and shove that big red dick all the way up my ass and fuck the hell out of me knot me and fill me with hot dog cum. After about a year I slowed down a bit and started dating a good woman and we only went outside after dark about once a week but for 6 years up until he died it was once a week.
That's my Secret.


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25621 - Last night I went out to the bar with my husband and some other people. I ended up drinking more then I should have and partook of some smoking as well. Turns out my husband's nephew was there. I know he's had a thing for me since we met. (Let me back track a little and give you our ages: my husband is 30, I'm 25, and husband's nephew is 22.) Well "nephew" was really try hard to get with me. At first I declined his advances, but alms the night went on I drank more. I kissed him a few times, but pushed back and would stop myself. Fast forward: we (me and nephew) went to the waffle house while we waited for my husband to pick us up. He was giving drunk people a ride home and picking up our dog. (Not enough room in car). Nephew kept feeling me up under the table. By this point I was so drunk I didn't care. Husband finally gets there, but goes back outside to keep an eye on the dog. We pay and head to the bathroom, but instead of continuing on to the boys bathroom nephew fallow me and locks the door. He took me then and there for a quicky. I wished the confession ended there, but it does not. We all went back to nephew's house for some joking and smoking and every time my husband went to take the dog out I would give him head. I feel guilty and ashamed, but also a little thrilled and exhilarated.


25615 - It started when I was 14-15, I was babysitting the neighbors children for the night. After the kids went to bed, I had let the dog out to do his business. Watching him with his long pit wasinty dick made my pussy tingle. When he came back into the house, he headed straight my crotch and started sniffing. Being on my period plus the smell of tingling pussy must have been what he was looking for cause his nose would not leave that area. Taking it one more step, I got a towel, set it on the couch cushions and pulled my shorts and panties down, inviting the dog to sniff more.
Next thing I know, I am laying back with my legs spread wide apart, with the dogs tongue lapping on my bloody pussy. Instantly I had my first orgasm. After the climax and coming down, I heard a car pull up next to the house so I hurried to get my pants pulled up so not to get caught.
Since then, every chance I get, when I am with a dog, my pussy gets eaten. I like to spread butter or peanut butter on my pussy if I am not on my period and I have yet let a dog mount me, but maybe someday.