Latest Taboo Confessions:


26835 - Hi this is my nasty getting high dogcock sucking true sex confession.Like to party get high get dressed up in my panties, bra, stockings, pumps, skirt and a top and do the nasty things i dont ever do ,like canine, panty peeing, asslicking,sucking cock or sticking things up my ass.So my roomate was gone but her brown lab with a nice redrocket and alove of licking my smooth tight hairless butt.Long story short got high while dog tongued my asshole sucked his cock while wearing her panties, bra etc.


26816 - I jerk off thinking about having sex with my dad. I just don't know how to let him know I want him.


26736 - After my marriage I recently moved out of my mom's place. We stay in the same city and i visit her on weekends. Recently i noticed that she is not on good terms with my wife. Once i was at my mom's place and we were having some wine. I decided to bring up the topic. She just denied the fact that anything was wrong between her and my wife. After a few drinks she told me how much she missed my presence. We hugged and had a few more drinks.
The next weekend my mom asked me to visit her. We had a couple of drinks and had fun. Suddenly it seemed she was more open with me than before. She was wearing a revealing night gown and i could see her panties. She made no attempt to hide. We were quite drunk and she told me she got a new tatoo. I asked where. She smiled and turned around and lifted her gown. She had a tatoo just above her ass cheeks. The panty she wore was just a string between her ass cheeks. I noticed her ass seemed more tight to which she replied that she had a liposucction done and commented isin't it as tight as my wife. I was blushing. She asked me to feel them and let her know how they felt. She bend over on the couch and i had a beautiful view of her heart shapped ass .


26711 - I am so happy I found this. You people made me so wet I had to stop and play with my dripping pussy! So my confession is that I fuck my cousin. I always tried to justify it because my dad was adopted so we aren't technically blood, but we grew up together and when I think back to family reunions it's always him I think of. He was my favorite childhood friend, but after my grandfather died we lost contact. I hadn't spoken to him in over 10 years when he sent me a friend request one day. Seeing his picture I couldn't help thing he was gorgeous. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a little scruff on his chin. kinda like a short haired Chris Hemsworth who dressed hipster, played guitar, and has a Texan twang. As a little music loving former emo he was right up my alley. We talked for a couple months on fb and through text. One night he got drunk and was feeling a little brave. He told me that he knew it was wrong but he thought I was hot and he thought about me all the time. I confessed that I felt the same way and had even touched myself thinking about him. He begged me to come to Texas and see him. I live in North ok so I had to make a special trip down one weekend, but I'm so happy I did. He took me out on a date and then we cuddled up in his bed to watch a movie. The whole time I could feel him throbbing against my ass. It made me so wet. Finally the movie was over and I rolled over and before I knew it we were making out, clothes flying off. We took turns going down on one another before I finally climbed on top of him and started riding. I'm particularly good at riding. I have a "phat ass" and I've learned how to ride so it bounces really well and makes my thrusts more intense. Not one to toot my own horn but I could tell I was blowing his mind. When it was over he was in shock and told me he'd never had anyone who could ride like that. I was the best he had ever had. About 10 min later we went for round two and he had the chance to screw me. It was amazing and intense. I think the idea of it being taboo made it even hotter. I came so hard. We have had this littlet secret affair going for about 5 years now. We don't get to see each other that often because we live 300 miles apart, but pics help. He had a folder of me in his email that a gf found. Needless to say that relationship didn't make it. I always wanted to date him, but I was too scared to bring it up to him. Plus what would our family think? Now I'm getting married and I don't want to cheat on my husband, but the sex has never been as good as it is with my cousin. It's mind-blowing for both of us. Idk what to do.