Latest Stepdaughter Confessions:


23888 - My wife caught me looking at stepdaughter porn and fucking freaked! I told her you and I both know she's a whore! Hell she would borrow my car and go off and get fucked and come home with cash and clothes and jewelry. I got to lusting and thinking about porn "stepdaughter" porn. In reality when she would ask if she could use the car. I would say maybe if your nice I will... by nice I meant leaving her cum coated panties in the hamper in the bathroom. And every morning after she'd used the car I got my reward.. Fresh from the night before I would masturbate while sniffing her panties cumming all over them then put them back in the hamper soaked with my cum. We've never been physical but I have massaged my cock through my shorts so she can see the outline of my hard cock. She finally moved away but, I will never forget how hot that pussy got!


23852 - My stepdaughter in her early twenties and smoking hot. Brown hair, nice doe eyes, a great set of tits and a super hot tight ass. I'm dying to have her, plain and simple. I was hopeful when we traveled that she would make an advance and give me the green light and I wish she would come into my room, unsnap her bra, slurp on one of her hot nipples then drag the lace of her bra across my cock. She then slowly brings her head up on my leg and I feel her hot breath on my cock. Slowly she starts to lick the head with her wet hot tongue and then I place my hand on her back, slowly running it down and then moving it to her side, moving it back up till it touches the side of her tit. Then back down again and moving it to her belly I slowly run the fingers up until they are under her tit and then slowly outline the nipple and grasp it and pull on them. From there I want her on top of me so we can fuck like dogs until I cum deep inside of her.


23832 - I'm wearing my stepdaughters pink thong pantys. What should I do?


23610 - Three years ago, I remarried after being divorced for many years. Like a character from that novel by Nabokov, I married my new wife because of her beautiful, blonde-haired stepdaughter. Man, I wanted her so bad. But all I could ever do is look, because she never showed an interest in me.

A year ago, she turned seventeen. Like most girls her age, she was slender and had a tight little ass. God, she was sexy. I would masturbate in the shower almost every night, thinking about how - on cold days - her teenage tits would puff up through her t-shirts. I wanted to bite and suck that puff so bad.

One her birthday, her dick of a boyfriend broke up with her. Yeah, on her birthday. Needless to say, our house was plunged into a tempest of teenage angst and emotion. Then it was midnight, and my stepdaughter was still crying. Her mom went to bed - she had an early day the next day - and her daughter and I were left alone. I tried to console her and ended up on the couch next to her. Her sweet teenage body was pressed against me as I hugged her. My hand, oh, my hand . . . I tried to control it but it just wanted to caress her arms, her back, and before I knew it - the soft slope leading down to her teenage ass.

That's when she stiffened up.

I froze, thinking I'd gone too far. But she didn't move. In fact, she just sat there until my hand started moving again. When she didn't protest, I let my hand slid down her back, slipping into the back of her jeans. I could feel her soft skin, but no panties. That thought made me exited, but then as I pushed my hand further into her jeans, I felt a waistband - she was wearing bikinis.

"I have to go to bed," she announced. I yanked my hand out of her pants and she stood, pausing, then walked upstairs.

That night was the longest night of my life. I lay in bed next to my wife, wondering if my stepdaughter had wanted me to follow her to bed. Fuck, I thought, you're such an idiot. You could be in her narrow twin bed right now, enjoying the sensual curiosity of a teenage girl.

By dawn, I was almost blind with lust. Work crawled by slowly, as if all the ages of the world had to pass before I could home and explore my stepdaughter's underwear drawer. And when she got home from school . . .

To my surprise, she was waiting when I walked through the door, sitting on the couch, wide-eyed and watchful. "I didn't go to school today," she confessed. "I've been waiting for you."

My cock went hard immediately. Oh yeah, this made marriage worth it.

"Tell me what you'd do to me," she said.

"What?" I asked.

"Tell me what you'd do to me. You know, do to me."

Oh, I knew.

I told her. Her teenage eyes widened a time or two as I described how I'd kiss every part of her luscious teenage body, how I'd pull her panties down and suck on her slick cunt until she couldn't lay still. She made a funny noise when I said I'd pull her butt cheeks apart and explore that tasty little crevice with my tongue. Oh man, oh man, this is great! I thought. Finally!

Then she asked me to wait a minute and disappeared upstairs. She's getting ready, I thought. Probably a little nervous or slipping into some sexy teenage panties. The thought of her teenage ass in a tight pair of panties made me yank off my pants and sit on the couch with my stiff dick pointing at the ceiling.

Oh, I was ready.

Of course, when the police arrived fifteen minutes later, it was terribly embarrassing to have to yank on my pants. And they were not amused, particularly when my stepdaughter played the recording of everything I said I'd to her. When they heard me describe what I'd do to her ass, they made a sound, too, but it was nowhere near as exciting as the one she made.

Anyway, they didn't need a confession from me, since they had the recording. So I thought I come here and add my confession to all the other real confessions on this website.

Keep those confessions coming and Merry Christmas from the Lansing Correctional Facility!