Latest Stepdaughter Confessions:


26673 - I had been into my second marriage for about two years when my wifes daughter Jessica moved back home. Jessica had just broken up with her live-in boyfriend and needed a place to crash temporarily. She did not like her mother and I took her flirting and seductive ways to be a way to punish her mother. One day I was on my way to my bedroom with my laundry when Jessica walked out of the bathroom nude. She wlked right past me and into her room. After I dropped my laundry off I walked back past her room. She is standing next her bed with a smile on her face.
I asked her if she was somehow trying to seduce me to punish her mother. She said, "Fuck My Mother". She then said that it was obvious to her that we both were turned on by each other and she was available for me in what ever way I wanted. She then walked up to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and planted a passionate kiss on my lips with her tongue shoved into my mouth. I was so turned on that I immediately shed my clothes as we hit the bed. Before I knew it we were licking sucking and enjoying the most intense oral sex I have ever had. I licked her cunt and her ass while she gave me the most beautiful blowjob I have ever had.
Jessica was constantly being put down by her mother and it was obvious that neither one of them could stand each other. Over the next year I would slip money to Jessica as she toiled at a few menial jobs and was always in need of financial help. We fucked on the average of 2 or 3 times a week and it was mind blowing intense. Jessica always wanted to try new kinky things and since it was mutual, I never looked on it as bad.
After a year of tension with her mother, Jessica moved to Florida and our sex stopped. She got a new boyfriend but would call me on my cell phone once or twice a week for phone sex. After she got married the phone sex stopped but boy do I have some fond memories.


26655 - My step daughter has such a big pussy. she had twins and the largest to the two was born first. So you can imagine how that pussy was open wide. she started to have contractions when the next boy was born. a bit smaller than the first born. She could barely beep him from flopping on the floor. Basically had to catch it. Plus I've seen her puss a few times over the years. I have a pretty good vision and see those bulging lips with panties and without! And she loves to have her pussy cummed . I know because her panties were always full of hot cum! She would leave her cummy panties for me because I would let her use my car to go turn tricks we both acted like neither one knew and I didn't care as long as I got the panties I was a happy camper many cummed panties was I rewarded with. I sucked the juices and beat off until I would once again soak her sweet panties with hot cum.We both got off on it!


26086 - I so badly want my step daughter. She is 16, brown hair, sexy green eyes. Thick thighs, nice full, firm tits. Ass for days and the thickest thighs. I sometimes walk into her room when she is getting dressed. Mostly right after she has slid her little panties up over her ass and pussy. I walk around the house in pj pants with no underwear or in basketball shorts the same way. Almost all the time with at least half an erection. When her mom isn't home, I leave the bedroom door open when I jerk off in hopes that she will "catch" me in the act. I know she is a bit curious, I have caught her glancing over at my crotch at times, eyes wide. She sits on the couch in these tights, or yoga pants with her legs up, but spread open. I can see her pussy print through the thin pants. FUCK I just want to burry my face in her pussy, tear her pants and panties down and put my tongue in her ass. I want her to suck my cock as best she can and then I want to take her virginity. I drop little hints at her from time to time. Don't think she is picking up what I'm putting down though. Grrrrrrre.


25986 - A couple of years back I decided to take my step kids camping since their mom left out of state to go visit her family. The oldest of them is my step daughter. Not going to give any names nor any age, for safety reasons. If you want to know more after this just leave a comment. So while on this camping trip, we just came back from the river. The sun was coming down. I had a fire going and mostly all the kids were so tire they went to sleep except the oldest. I was sitting by the fire drinking a bud light lime. My step daughter pulled up a chair next to me. I turned to look at her and noticed she was still in her bikini. It was a hot little 2 piece. She looked great in it. B size breast and a nice round ass with a slender waist. This girl is absolutely beautiful. She started talking to me about school and some boy that she liked. Then she asked if she can try some beer. I told that I didn't think she would like it, but she was persistent. I gave her one and to my surprise liked it. And the night went on I had already finished 10 beers and she had 3 1/2. She was already drunk and I was feel aroused while checking out her body. I figured I should stop and get us to bed before I lose control of myself. So I told her lets call it a night, but when she tried to get up she lost her balance and fell back into the chair. So I grabbed a hold of her, but she stopped me and told me she needed to peer. I carried her to the restroom (it was real late so I wasn't worried about anybody being around) and set her on her feet. She told me to pull down her bikini bottom cause she was afraid she would fall. I pulled them down and in front of me was the prettiest bald pussy I had ever seen. I helped her sit down and she started to pee. I could not seem to take my eyes off her pussy. To make things worse when she finished she asked me to wipe pussy. My hands were shaking as I wiped her 3 times. After the second wipe I used more of my hand and less toilet paper. I thought I was gonna cum right there. I helped her up and lifted her bikini bottom back up. I carried her to the tent. I laid her next to me on my air mattress cause the other kids were all sprawled out on the one they were supposed to share. As we laid there we looked at each other and she reaches for my face and starts kissing me. I became so aroused I couldn't fight it anymore. I quickly removed her bikini top and started grabbing her tits. I quickly moved down and started sucking on her nipples. Savoring each one as I had her hard nipples in my mouth. I slid my had down to her bikini bottom and untied the string that held it together. I placed my hand on her pussy. She was so wet. I played with her clit. She pulled my shorts down and grabbed my dick. Her hand felt incredible. I slid my finger Into her pussy and started to finger her. She started to me so I started kissing her so the other kids didn't wake up. We were going at it for a few minutes but it was just feeling to good. I came in her hand, leg and stomach. I kept fingering her until she had an orgasm. The moment she calmed down she passed out. The next morning she woke up as if nothing happened. I don't think she remembers what happened that night. It never happened again. She has grown since than and is hotter than ever. I want to fuck her so bad but I doubt she'll go for it. She is only into those Justin Bieber looking boys.