Latest Stepdaughter Confessions:


24748 - My step daughter came to live with us at age 16 she was hot and would leave her cum stained panties lying around. Of course I masturbated in them a lot leaving them soaked with my cum and I would wad them into a ball so they would stick together like that when she got them to wash. She never said anything. At 18 she moved in with her boyfriend and they were together for about 6 years then split up after that she came home to live with us again and she would leave her dirty panties lying around the same as before. Once she had taken a shower and went to her room and I went to the bathroom right after she came out and her panties were on the floor I masturbated in them and left them soaked with my cum. I came a lot they were really wet, After I came out she went into the bathroom again and when she got done her panties were gone she had to know I came in them but never said anything. Then one night she was on the computer which was in the corner of the dining room. everyone was already asleep except her and I. I was sitting in my recliner laid back and looked over my shoulder and thought I saw her rubbing herself. So I got brave rubbed my cock until it was hard then pulled it out the slit in my pajamas and slowly stroked it until I came cum spurting high into the air. I'm sure she was watching me but didn't make a sound. I waited until my hard cock softened a little but still tenting my pj's walked into the dining room got some paper towels and went and cleaned up my mess. Since that time I stroked my cock every time she and I were alone letting her see the outline if my hard cock. We were never physical together but there was plenty of cum soaked panties. It's been 6 years since she got another boyfriend and moved in with him but I can still smell her sweet pussy and it is my go to masturbating fantasy!


24729 - I am blackmailing my X step-father. The piece of human waste deserves it for molesting and raping me for two years when I was growing up. I was able to turn the tables on him back when I was seventeen. I totally own his fat ass now. He has been my slave for seven years now. I have tons of pictures of him wearing lingerie and other sissy stuff. He has been locked in chastity for years at a time. He has sucked cock for me. I have prostituted him out before and kept one hundred percent of the money.
I DO NOT FEEL SORRY FOR HIM! In fact I love fucking with him!


24618 - I secretly believe that my step daughter is in love with me and wants to have sex with me. It all started many years ago when. Her favorite pass time was to sit on my lap and watch TV. While sitting there she would constant move, flexing her hips and rocking back and forth. It was very difficult to maintain myself and sometimes I would ask her to not do what she was doing or get off my lap. Each time I did this she acted hurt and disappointed but would comply with my request. One time out of curiosity and maybe just a little bit lust, I let her continue and did not stop her. Sure enough I started to get an erection and I tried to stop it but to no avail. I do not know if she felt it under her ass but it seemed like she started grinding even harder making my situation even worse. Rather than stop her which I should have done, I allowed her to continue and started to move her ass forward and backward thus making me pretty sure that she knew she was getting me aroused. She had almost no emotions on her face and acted like nothing was happening other than to continue rocking back and forth getting me more and more aroused and totally erect. I knew she had to feel my cock rubbing her ass and pussy now as I could feel the crevice of her ass and pussy around my cock. The hard I got, the harder she pressed down on me continuing her humping and until I could no longer contain myself and came in my pants, my cock throbbing and pulsing and it was all I could do not to drive hard against her. It was one of the hardest and longest orgasms that I had ever had and I finally had no choice but to ask her to move so that I would not soak through my pants making it obvious what had happened. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up. When I exited the bathroom I found that she had changed to her pajamas and had a very satisfied and smug look on her face. It was almost like a dream and I could not believe what had happened yet I hoped that it would happen again.


24565 - My Step-daughter is a knock out. She's 5'1" tall, maybe 100lbs, brunette, green eyes, a fantastic ass and a 29E cup size, fantastic tits. We have a good relationship, and can talk about anything. She usually steers the conversation towards sex, she's a little freak.

She's now 21 and she came over one hot summer evening to hang out. Of course her mom the drunk, was passed out upstairs, so it was just her and I and a large batch of margaritas. She was wearing a nice pair of shorts, made from a flimsy material and a v-neck shirt. Every time I poured her a new drink, I had a fantastic view down her shirt.

She drank way more than she should have, we both did. It resulted in us playing what started out as an innocent game of truth or dare. I say started out because it quickly turned into sexual topics. She asked for another drink and I stood up to get her one, not realizing I had a raging hard-on poking under my shorts. I was majorly buzzed and I figured it was too late to do anything about it now so I walked on by her and into the kitchen to grab the last batch of margarita.

When I cam back, boner still intact, I stood over and beside her, poured her a glass and looked down her shirt. At this point I realized her previously worn bra was missing. Her nipples quite obviously poked against the material of her shirt. I looked at her face and noticed that she was staring, eye level with my hard-on, never breaking eye contact with it. I wanted to whip it out right then and there but I was too nervous. I sat back down, purposely adjusting my cock as I did.

I asked another question, this time about breasts. I looked up at her and even in the poor light of the room I could tell she was blushing. She gathered herself and we started talking about men's obsession with breasts. She didn't think there was anything special about them in general. I told her, you've got to be kidding me, nothing turns a guy on like a nice pair of breasts.

She asked me if I ever looked at her breasts. Now it was my turn to blush. Yes, as often as I can, I said with a laugh. I'd like to see them now without that damn shirt, I said jokingly. She didn't really laugh, which scared me a bit, she simply took another drink from her cup. Then she set it down and proceeded to lift her shirt over her head. I couldn't believe she did that.

There she sat, topless not even three feet from me. Well? What do you think? she asked.

I think I'm in love, I replied. My god you're beautiful. My hard-on was now reaching epic proportions.

Okay, you've seen mine, I want to see this big dick mom is always talking about.

I didn't even hesitate, I stood up, took one step towards her, which she was not expecting and unzipped my tented shorts. My 8" cock sprang free, almost hitting her in the chin. It was so close to her mouth, I was praying she would take it. But she simply stared.

I took the imitative, and reached down and cupped one of her breasts. It was so warm and soft, the hard nipple dancing between my fingers. She let out an audible moan and half closed her eyes. I continued to kneed her breast all the while inching my cock closer and closer to her mouth. Then I felt it, the soft wetness of her lips. I looked down to see her slightly open her mouth, just enough to let the very tip of my cock into her mouth. It was covered in pre-cum and the instant she got a taste of that she was like a wild woman. One hand attempted to wrap around my shaft while the other cupped my balls, as she began to lick and suck on my cock. It was almost too much to take.

My hand quickly found the top of her shorts which somehow, someway, I was able to remove in one motion. She spread her small legs as my fingers began to trace the pussy lips. My god, I couldn't believe this was really happening. She was soaking wet and I could feel the heat of her pussy, begging to be probed. I inserted one finger into a pit of fire, then another, then another. I soon had her bucking to the motions of my fingers moving in and out. She was sucking on my cock with such fervor I thought she might break it.

It took almost no time before she took her mouth off of my cock and let out an incredibly load scream as she came all over my hand and all over the leather recliner. That was all I could take. With my pussy juice covered hand I quickly grabbed my cock and with two strokes I shot the biggest load of cum directly into her mouth and all over those beautiful tits. I mean she was absolutely COVERED in cum. It was the best night of my life.

We act like nothing happened now, but I'm hoping for a repeat sometime soon, that ass and the pussy need some more attention. And yes, this really happened.