Latest Stepdaughter Confessions:


25254 - When my step daughter was about 28 she moved back in with us for about a year. She has always been so fucking hot I would love to fuck her sweet pussy and fill her up with my cum. I would get so horny thinking about that hot puss I would masturbate while on the computer with her in the living room. the computer was in the dining room the recliner blocked a direct line of sight from me masturbating but I think she knew what I was up to. Anyway I would always leave open tabs with porn mostly cum dripping pussies and fisting pics knowing she would be using the computer when I was done. she would always be up late on the computer and one night I had to piss I had a piss hard-on and when I got up I noticed the lamp was on in the dining room so I quietly snuck into the dining room to find her fisting that sweet fuckhole and I stroked my hard cock and when she noticed me she fumbled to cover up saying she was sorry she didn't mean to wake me. I told her not to worry that it was a huge turn on for me to see her doing that and not to be embarrassed I pulled out my cock and started stroking it she stared at me for a minute then went back to playing with her swollen pussy until we both came. Her shuddering even harder as my hot cum landed on her pussy and stomach. she never let me fuck her but she did let me watch her masturbate on occasion and would let me cum on her while she did it. I would have loved to cum deep into her hot hole. But I can't complain!


25181 - While my step daughter sleeps sometimes I use her hand to jerk off my cock it feels so good to blow my load and have her hand wrapped around my cock and feel the slight squeeze of her hand as I pump cum. One time she slept with no top on and I just pulled her blanket down enough so I could jerk off looking at her sweet tits. I've even managed to get the tip of my cock on her lips a couple of times while she's sleeping. It took everything I had not to launch my load into her mouth.


25088 - My 30 yr. old stepdaughter came to visit last week and after she showered she left her dirty panties in the bathroom. I haven't smelled that sweet pussy for over 4 yrs. My cock got so hard I jacked off while smelling her sweet aroma I was so fucking hard when I came I soaked her panties just as I have done many times in the past I left them in a crumpled ball soaked with cum in the morning I smiled at her and said thanks for last night and she said my "pleasure". No the pleasure was all "mine"


24931 - Before I got divorced from my now ex-wife I had sex with my stepdaughter, this happen after my stepdaughter moved back in with us because she had been evicted from her apartment for not paying rent and didn’t have any place to go so she moved in with us. at the time she wasn’t working and was trying to go back to school.
She really took after her mother in a lot of ways, both are tall close to 6 feet and both have nice long well shaped slender legs, while my ex-wife has a normal build for her size my stepdaughter is lean and slender with small breasts and long naturally blonde hair and my wife had short dish water blonde hair.
I remember the Friday morning that I was alone in the house with her and heard her moving around upstairs about a hour earlier then usual. Because it was still early I just stayed in bed watching the news when I heard someone coming down stairs. Luckily I quickly pulled the sheet up over me because it was my stepdaughter then without even knocking on the bedroom door she opened the door and came in and told me “I couldn’t sleep so I got up early and had coffee with my mom before she left, want me to bring you some coffee now?” I told her no then she asked me “Well can I watch the news with you?” I didn’t know what to say to her because I was still naked but before I could say anything to her she sat on the bed with me. When she was comfortable and sitting next to me when I looked over at her I seen that her night shirt had crept up enough that I got a glance of her and how her long slender leg was exposed all the way up to her butt and that she have any panties on. After a few minutes she turned over on her side so she was facing me. I seen that her night shirt had slipped up even higher now it was just above her crotch and had exposed some of her cleanly shaven hairless pussy! When she seen that I was looking at her vaginal area she smiled coyly at me. Then she sat upright and said something about being hot then she took off her shirt and revealed her naked body. as soon as she was naked she laid down at my side and slipped her hand up under the sheet and put her finger around my hard cock and cooed “Oh damn this is what I need, oh fuck this feels so good!”
I took advantage of her frank statement and seeing that she was naked I started groping her wonderful youthful firm female body exploring all of the most private areas of her youthful female body. Soon my groping her turned into us trading sexual foreplay technics with each other advancing our sexual arousal for each other as we prepared to have sexual intercourse. When my stepdaughter got to the point were she wanted to consummate our sexual activity she meekly asked me “Are you going fuck me? You know I want you to.” before I could answer her she laid down on her back and spread her long slender legs wanting me to mount her. As I was getting in position atop my stepdaughter I looked down and seen how her vaginal lips spread open inviting me to enjoy her wonderful glistening pink pussy. Then as I mounted her she was smiling and put her hand down between her legs so she could guide my erect cock to her vaginal opening. Once she had me positioned she slipped her hand out from between us allowing me to push my hips toward her then as my cock entered her she moaned aloud with sexual fervor as she felt my hard cock slipping deeper into her tight wet cunt. Finally when I was all the way inside her I paused and looked down at her I wanted to remember the look on her face when once I had all of my cock in her. I remember seeing a look of pure sexual passion in her eyes then hearing her whisper “Come on daddy, fuck me, fuck momma’s little girl!” when I heard her say that I stared fucking her, taking my time so she could feel my every movement of my cock inside of her pussy, slowly advancing her to the ultimate ending of our immoral sexual union, sexual orgasm, finally with my step daughters long pretty legs resting atop my shoulders I started ejaculating into her tight little cunt, then as my sperm pumped into her vagina she started sobbing with sexual ecstasy! Finally after both of us had climaxed and I got off of her I looked down at her vaginal area and see the telltale evidence of us having sexual intercourse of how some of my sperm was oozing out of her moist wet cunt and was running down between her butt cheeks, then I seen her reach down and touch her vagina and slip her finger partway into her vaginal opening feeling how her pussy full of my sperm then she smiled coyly and put her messy wet finger in her mouth, taste testing the mixture of our expended sexual fluids, then she smiled at me as if she had approved the taste of my sperm mixed with her sexual lubricating fluid that had covered her finger