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26473 - I'm a 28 year old nymphomaniac. I'm sure you're expecting me to say I was gangraped by my uncles when I was nine or something and that turned me into this, but honestly I don't remember what happened to me.
The first sex I remember having was when I was six, it was with a couple of boys in my school, it was totally consensual and I wasn't new to giving a blowjob. That's about all I remember about it.
I have no memory whatsoever of having a hymen. For all I know an older relative was babysitting me and decided to have his way with me and that fucked me up. What I do know is that I have exhausted sexual partners, the batteries in my favorite vibrator never last a week, and my two labs both think they've died and gone to heaven. Human lovers aren't enough for me anymore, dogs have enough energy to fuck me as often as I want and they won't tell anyone how easy I am so I've given up on men altogether.
When I WAS interested in humans, I would do things that would make your girlfriend puke, and I was the cheapest date ever. I gave blowjobs in public, to guys I'd met hours, minutes or seconds ago. I did anything on the first date, letting guys piss on me, hock lugees directly in my mouth or eyes, slap me, pull my hair and make me throw up on his cock, all for the price of a McDonald's twenty piece mcnugget and a root beer.


24997 - My friend Marion is so strange besides being a bi-sexual she’s also a nymphomaniac, she called me early yesterday morning so she could tell me how horny she was, then went on to described in detail how she had already used her dildo on herself and had masturbated while she was waiting for me to wake up and now that she had me on the phone with her she was using her dildo her favorite dildo on herself while she was talking to me, I could even hear it humming in the background as she working herself up to yet another sexual climax while we talked. I could tell when she almost ready to climax from the way she was breathing deep then she started moaning as she experienced yet another sexual climax while on the phone with me. When she could she asked me “when are you going to come over?” I told her I’d be there in 30minutes.
As soon as I pulled up in front of her house I see that she was waiting for me inside the screened in front porch of her house. Then as I walked up to her house she opened the door for me and I seen she was bare naked standing there holding the door open for me. When I reached the top of the steps she smiled coyly as she hugged me passionately and pressed her naked body against me in full view of her neighbors. After she gave me what I felt as a prolonged hug I finally got her back inside of front porch and closed the door. Marion was a sexual exhibitionist and liked showing off how she had all of her natural body hair because she never had shaved any of it, other the plucking her eyebrows and the few stray hair that always sprouted up around the areola of her perky nipples. She actually liked being sexually tormented and would hand me the tweezers so I could pluck any the stray hairs out of her breasts, she tremendously enjoyed sitting on my lap so I could slowly and painfully pull on the stray hairs with a tweezers teasing her by slowly tugging on the a few times before finally freeing them from the wonderful milk chocolate hued areola that surrounded around her always perky nipples.
Sometimes when she was in the mood and wants a more daring yet even painful experience she’ll go over to a table or counter top and bend over and ask me to pluck out nay stray pubic hairs in the crack of her ass especially the wild hairs closest to her tightly puckered up butt hole. Other then a few stray dark pubic hair in the crack of her ass Marion has a unusually tempting bare butt because of the way her butt cheeks are covered in the finest blonde peach fuzz that gleams in the sunlight. When she stands upright with her butt cheeks clenched at the very bottom of her butt cheeks right were they meet her upper thigh she has a tantalizing little tuft of natural dark pubic hair that peeks out like she has a Charlie Chapman mustache positioned between butts cheeks.
After having me pluck any stray ass hair out she’ll be so worked up next she ask me to massage her butt then after giving her butt good kneading she’ll thank me then she’ll sheepish hand me a tube of KY gel so if I want to I can lube her rear end and prepare her for anal intercourse. As soon as I have her butt lubricated then she’s get down on her hands and knees next she rest her head on the floor so she can reach around behind her and use her hands to spread her butt cheeks apart. Presenting me with her gift of her lubricated glistening ass hole, once she’s in this position its easy for my erect cock to enter her tightly puckered rectum so I can fuck her in her ass.
After fucking her in her ass I always like to look at her bare ass and see the result of me coming to climax inside of her after ejaculating into her tight little asshole. There’s always evidence that a few drops of my sperm have escaped from her tight butt hole and now they are mixed in with KY gel that I put on her before having engaging in anal sex with her and now this infamous mixture was spread all over her rear end and giving her pale white bare ass a wonderful glistening wet appearance


24176 - Right after I moved out of my parents home and got my own apartment, I started what is how a years long sexual relationship with one of my neighbors. Back then Marion was a recent emigrant from Germany and she lived with Helga a girlfriend from Germany. After meeting Marion at the swimming pool a few times she told me about herself before long we started having sex. What I didn’t know about Marion was not only was she a boarder line nymphomaniac, she also is bi-sexual and is in a lesbian relationship with her roommate Helga, the reason they came to the USA was because when they lived Germany both of them lived in a small town and they were afraid of being discovered. One of their friends Wolfgang had a crush on Marion and when she repeatedly turned him down he started spreading rumors of them being gay. That’s why they decided emigrate to the US. after they arrived here they keep to themselves and started living a quietly together. I learned that Helga drove a school bus and Marion worked in a office and they kept their sexual relationship a secret from everyone. Because Marion is bi-sexual sometimes she needs to be with a man but she didn’t want a series of one night stands what she wanted was a safe sex partner who could keep his moth closed. Someone who was only interested in taking care of her heterosexual sexual yearning and wasn’t interested in a dating relationship. Once I discovered what she wanted I was more willing to have a sex only relationship with her. I soon learned that Marion enjoyed being sexually exploited and was willing to pose in the nude after I took a few nude photos of her, I started taking x-rated pornographic pictures of her. As soon as she seen the porno photos of herself she e-mailed some of them to the rumormonger Wolfgang who was responsible for them leaving Germany because of his spreading malicious gossip about Marion being a lesbian. Marion soon learned how to sexually torment him by sending him explicit photos of herself. Marion especially liked the photos of herself I took of her while she was sucking on my cock and sent the photos to Wolfgang telling him all about her favorite kind of lollipop. Even sending him closeup photos of her vagina while I’m having sexual intercourse with her sending him photos of herself as my erect cock was penetrating deep into her warm wet cunt and telling him how good it felt having sex with me. She even sent him some after sex photos, showing her messy wet pussy after I had came to climax inside of her, she named them her “creamy pie” photos and even asked Wolfgang if he wants to lick her pussy. Marion is one of two women that I’m involved with who like to pose for explicit photos showing them in various stages of undress and even naked in all sorts of semi public places, and both are willing contributories to my infamous women’s intimate clothing collection. My notorious collection of women’s personal items are all from women I’ve had in my bedroom. I like to keep my newest pantie acquisition on my dresser along with some digital photos of the woman who gave them to me. I’ve been able to talk most of the women into posing for me after they’ve seen my photos of the other women who willingly gave me a pair of their worn panties. I’m guessing the reason most women allow me to photograph them is I’ll only take photos of them showing them showing them from the waist down. The first photos are of the women with their panties on, next are photos without panties, showing them naked from the waist down. I especially like the photos that show if they’ve trimmed or shaved any of their pubic hair. I’ve learned that most women like to see what other women’s pubic areas look like so they can compare it to how their pussy looks. Over the years I’ve taken hundreds of photos of Marion showing her in various stages of getting undressed and while she was engaging in sexual acts with me, I’ve put lots of her photos on line at “Amateurs Gone Wild” and videos of us having sex on “xhamster.” I know she always shows Helga the latest photos I’ve taken, once the two of them were relaxed about me knowing that they were in a lesbian relationship Helga became more open to me and now I’ve even taken the two of them out to the German American Club so they could socialize with other German emigrants, seeing that Marion doesn’t like dancing and Helga does I’ll usually end up dancing with Helga while Marion sits and has a beer or two all the while smiling coyly knowing that as soon as we’re home I’ll be fucking Marion and Helga will be sitting and waiting.


24121 - When I had my first sexual encounter with Marion as soon as she become sexually aroused she asked wishfully asked me “Will you lick my pussy?” even though I knew that she didn’t shave any of her natural body hair I told her I would. Marion seemed elated at my willingness to lick the most private area of her female body knowing full well that she a all natural hairy pussy, Marion laid down on the living room floor in the missionary position then I got in position with my head between her legs. Then I started kissing and licking her on her inner thighs as I slowly worked my way up to her hairy crotch then I started giving her oral sex. Soon I was using my tongue to probe into her hairy cunt and Marion spread her legs wide apart making it easy for me. When the tip of my tongue contacted Marion’s clit I felt her body tremble and I knew I had found the most wonderful yet most hidden female treasure on Marion’s naked body! I could tell that her citrous was a little small yet very sensitive! As soon as I started licking Marion’s clit I could feel her body tense up soon her body was shaking uncontrollably with each flick of my tongue and she sobbed aloud with sexual ecstacy. I knew how to use cunnilingus to my advantage so I took my time carefully spacing my licks so I could bring Marion to the verge of sexual climax the slack off and let her savor my sexual technic. When I felt it was time for her to experience the ultimate of sexual sensations I pushed my face deep into her moist cunt then taking turns I sucked on her clit then give her clit a good tongue lashing, this action resulted in Marion experiencing such a huge sexual climax that she screamed aloud in true sexual amazement, finally she pushed me away begging me to stop. I seen how her body kept trembling uncontrollably for a few seconds even after I stopped licking her wet cunt then watched her as her climax abated, now her face was beet red and she breathing deep recovering from my oral sexual onslaught of her hairy pussy. I could tell she was ecstatic because of what I had done to her, then with a coy smile she told me “now you can fuck me!” so I mounted her then had vaginal intercourse with her until Marion experienced her second yet some what lesser sexual climax of the evening. Then I laid down along side of her admiring her glistening wet naked body then Marion candidly asked me “When did you learn to do that?” I knew she was referring to she wanted to know how I learned to preform cunnilingus by using my tongue to bring her to climax. I couldn’t tell Marion that my older sister was my personal sexual education instructor and she was the one who trained me in the sexual techniques that a woman wants to experience when she with a man. To my sister the act of cunnilingus was the best way for a man to appease most women’s hidden sexual yearnings something some women were ashamed to ask for but longed to experience. My sister was the one who trained me on how I could use my tongue to bring a woman to new unexplored heights of sexual orgasm. Under my sisters expert tutelage she gave me step by step of what I needed to do for her while I actually eating her pussy. Then explaining how I could control the intensity of the woman’s climax with just a few simply flicks of my tongue at the correct instance. Cunnilingus was just one of the many sexual acts that I learned from experience from my sister. Before Marion left with a suggestive giggle Marion thanked me “thank you, for licking my hairy pussy,” I knew Marion just like my older sister would be back for more of the same, what I didn’t know this was just the start of a now years long sexual relationship with Marion like my older sister Marion has nymphomaniac tendencies besides Marion is also bisexual and has been in a on again off again lesbian relationship with girlfriend Helga and sometimes roommate that they started before they emigrated from Germany together.
The longer Marion and I have been involved in our sexual relationship the better we like it there is something very satisfying about knowing that I can fulfill Marion’s most wanton sexual desires and the look of sexual satisfaction on her face after one of our many sexual trysts.