Latest Mother-in-law Confessions:


26365 - This was the most humiliating thing that ever happened to me but it probably also helped me have a good marriage. When I was first married I was fairly disrespectful to my wife. I felt like I could go out any time I want with friends and say anything I wanted to her. One night I was over at her mom’s house (my mother-in-law), sitting around a table with my wife, her mom, and my wife’s sister. My wife said something and I said “shut up.” Everyone froze, and then my mother-in-law commanded “stand up.” She said it so firmly that I did as I was told. Then she said “pull your pants down.” I figured she was joking and I just smirked. Before I knew it all three women pounced on me and my pants and underwear were around my ankles. They told me to grab on to the edge of a chair and then my mother in law started walloping my rear. It really stung, but it was even more painful to be naked in front of my wife’s sister. Worse yet, my penis was pointing at the ceiling. After the beating, I was told to stand in the corner facing out with my hands on my head. As I stood there in total shame, she told me that I was never to disrespect her daughter again. She also told me that a man with such a tiny dick better be nicer because it would be easy for my wife to get more satisfaction somewhere else. My wife and her sister were smiling smugly, and I was made to stand in the corner for another half hour. That was ten years ago – my wife reminds me frequently and I have been respectful of her since.


26054 - My wife and I were married about 10 years when my divorced mother-in-law started teasing me sexually. Things like wearing short shorts, sometimes walking around in her night gown without anything under it, usually a sheer shorty red or black one. Walk up behind me, when I am washing the dishes in the sink, and putting her arms around me and sort of dancing across my butt. She would even drop into my lap and hug and kiss me on the cheek. She would always find a time when my wife was not around or could see her do things like that. She would say little things like, I sure miss my bed warmer, or sure wish "I HAD A MAN!".
One morning before my wife got up, I walked into the kitchen and she threw her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips and then said, "Whew, I haven't had a kiss like that in a long time".
Last Christmas we were visiting my mother-in-law for a week, and the second morning my wife left early to go shopping. I was a bit sleepy and did not realize my mother-in-law had gotten into bed with me and was playing with me, got me all horny and worked up and I was kissing her and got into the saddle before I realized it was not my wife. I was do damn horny now there was not turning back. We then had sex two more times before we had to leave and go back to our home in another state. Damn my mother-in-law is one hot piece of womanhood.


25356 - My big, big, big mother in law has enourmous breastst. Her daughter, my wife, is just an amateur with that, compairing to her.

Now I'm thinking, I hardly look my mother in law in the eyes but always my eyes lower down to those enourmous breasts. You can say, I speak more to my mother in laws enourmous breasts then to her. When I look in her big brown eyes again, my mother in law always gives me her sweetest smile. I'm her only son in law and I know she likes me very much (and I her).

When we visit her in the weekends we always stay the night and when my wife and I are in bed, my mother in law always come to our bedroom to say goodnight. She's already in her thin nightgown and always stands on my side of the bed. Most of the buttons of her nightgown are open and I can see those enourmous breasts in full glory.

Then she bends over to say her daughter goodnight and ofcourse my mother in law lets her enourmous breasts hanging in my face, they feel, as always, delicious warm.
In those moments she has a lot to say to her daughter and I have the opportunity to kiss those enourmous breasts comprehensive, in between giving soft bites in them. Then she let go, smiles at me, giving me a kiss and wishing me a good night.
I think my wife knows because she always giggle and squeezes me where her mother just squeezed me.

The next morning my mother in law again gives me her sweetest smile, asking me if I had pleasant dreams.


24105 - Here it goes..
I want to cum in my mother in law's mouth hard.
I want her to stare at my dick while i stroke it and then cum hard in her mouth and face.
One day i was wanking at a bedroom in her house and i had the door slightly open, she came stood at the door and instead of leaving she stayed there and was watching me stroking my dick.
I want to approach her and make my dream a reality but i m afraid and i don't know how to make it happen.
If anyone has any ideas and hints please reply.