Latest Mother-in-law Confessions:


25356 - My big, big, big mother in law has enourmous breastst. Her daughter, my wife, is just an amateur with that, compairing to her.

Now I'm thinking, I hardly look my mother in law in the eyes but always my eyes lower down to those enourmous breasts. You can say, I speak more to my mother in laws enourmous breasts then to her. When I look in her big brown eyes again, my mother in law always gives me her sweetest smile. I'm her only son in law and I know she likes me very much (and I her).

When we visit her in the weekends we always stay the night and when my wife and I are in bed, my mother in law always come to our bedroom to say goodnight. She's already in her thin nightgown and always stands on my side of the bed. Most of the buttons of her nightgown are open and I can see those enourmous breasts in full glory.

Then she bends over to say her daughter goodnight and ofcourse my mother in law lets her enourmous breasts hanging in my face, they feel, as always, delicious warm.
In those moments she has a lot to say to her daughter and I have the opportunity to kiss those enourmous breasts comprehensive, in between giving soft bites in them. Then she let go, smiles at me, giving me a kiss and wishing me a good night.
I think my wife knows because she always giggle and squeezes me where her mother just squeezed me.

The next morning my mother in law again gives me her sweetest smile, asking me if I had pleasant dreams.


24105 - Here it goes..
I want to cum in my mother in law's mouth hard.
I want her to stare at my dick while i stroke it and then cum hard in her mouth and face.
One day i was wanking at a bedroom in her house and i had the door slightly open, she came stood at the door and instead of leaving she stayed there and was watching me stroking my dick.
I want to approach her and make my dream a reality but i m afraid and i don't know how to make it happen.
If anyone has any ideas and hints please reply.


23898 - I got my mother-in-law pregnant. Let me explain why. About a year after my wife and I got married, her mother got divorced and she lost her house to her ex-husband. So she moved in with us until she could get her own place. She's friendly, and pretty kind, she's can also be pretty fun as she's open minded, so niether of us minded at all.

Anyways, one day my wife comes to me and says her and her mom just had an interesting chat. When I asked what about, she started to giggle and said that her mom and her dad had sex in literaly 10 years and her mom told she needed some badly and she found me very handsome and charming. Then she asked me if I might take one for the team and have sex with her mother.

Now it's worth noting that my wife and I do NOT have an open marriage. We love each other and are happy. And aside from a threesome with my wife, I don't want to have sex with another person, and she feels the same way.

Anyway, my wife's request made me uncomfortable, so, as a small revenge, I said only if she joins in, which made her uncomfortable, but said she'd think about it because her mom really needed some.

After about 2 weeks, we talked a bit more about it, but nothing came of it until we had a little dinner with her family. It was a terrible dinner. Half of my wife's relitives hate it that shed married outside her race (I'm white she's chinese american) and they don't keep their displeasure to themselves. So after a meal filled with awkward silence, back handed statments and a very loud argument, my wife, her mother and I stormed out and went home.

When we got home everyone was pissed off at everyone, so I break open a bottle of spiced rum, the really good stuff, and poured drinks for the ladies and myself. After about half a bottle,and it was a large bottle, we were all feeling better, to say the least.

My wife and I got a bit frisky, and started kissing and grouping on the couch while her mother watched. At this point she looks at her mother, who was clearly turned on and staring at my "pitched tent", then turns back to me, shrugs and says "What the fuck" and beckoned her mom over.

She was eager, and practicaly jumped on us. She started with deep, sexy kisses for each of us. Then had my wife and I sit on the couch side by side. She opened our pants and started to rubb my wife's crotch over her panties with one hand and stroking my already stiff cock with her other.

Then we striped and she started to suck my cock as my wife went around, more or lease ripped her mother's panties off, and started on her pussy while she fingered herself.

After about 15 minutes of this I was about ready to cum, but she said "No, do it inside. Fill me up." So my wife got on the floor, her mom got on top of her and started to kiss her, lick her breasts, and finger her. Then I entered her from behind and pounded away.

You should have heard her moan and scream. We did it a few diffrent ways before I came inside her. I filled her up, then she passed out so we carried her to our bed and then my wife and I screwed until she got off too, then we went to sleep.

Her mom made us breakfast the next morning. Everyone was hungover, but she was much happier then she had been since she moved in, and probably a long time before that. The three of us had sex, and still are having it about every other night.

A month later she found out she was pregnant. We also learned that my wife is pregnant now too. And they are really horny now…


23632 - When my wife sucks me off I love to fantasize that my Mother-in-law and both sisters-in-law are watching us and that I have to get off for them.

I had sex with one of my Sisters-in-law before I married my wife. I frequently think about fucking my wife's sister when we fuck. It's a huge turn on knowing that two of the three sisters have swallowed my cum hundreds of times. I would love to have my Wife's other sister too.

My Mother in law stays with us frequently. Her bedroom is next to ours and she can see in our room from her bed when the doors are open. I always make a point to leave the door wide open when I change clothes or get dressed after a shower. I take my time and try to give her a great view of my cock while I get dressed. I know she has seen me as she has started doing the same thing. Her last visit she sat on the edge of her bed (lights on) in her panties with one leg on the bed spreading her legs giving me a nice view of her crotch. She looked up at me and said "Goodnight". My Wife was standing right next to her. I went in and hugged her and told her goodnight. That really got me rock hard. I wonder if I would have tried to touch her through her panties if my Wife wasn't standing right there.

I also have a thing for my 15yo stepdaughters panties. Let me be clear i would never touch her, it's about her panties only. I love to smell and lick her dirty panties while I get off. I'll put them over my head with the sweetly soiled crotch right over my nose and fantasize about her sweet little pussy as her heavy musky scent fills my nose with each inhale. I like to put them on and walk around the house. Some of her panties have a Cotten panel in the crotch that is open on one end. If the panties are stretchy enough I push the head of my cock in that little pocket and then jack off till I cum right in the crotch of her beautiful panties.

When one of my Sister-in-laws come to visit I usually find a pair of their panties to have my way with. My Mother-in-law lives near by and sometimes when she's not home and I'm at her house mowing or doing some odd jobs I go inside and will try on her panties. It's very exciting having my cock and balls right where the pussy my Wife came out of will be.

It makes me hot to see another man wearing panties while masturbating too. I'm not gay I just think it's very sexual to see a man handling his cock with a pair of tiny panties on.

So, there's some of my dirty little secrets. Hope you enjoyed reading about them. It's all 100% true.