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24133 - My mom used to let me put my peter into her tootie about once a week, when ever my dad was not home. She tried to act like she was just doing it as a favor, to take care of my "needs", but I think she had needs of her own. I believe she had two other reasons for doing that - because I had a BIG peter, and I think she was hoping I would get her pregnant! The poor dame was such a sick bitch! I loved her, but sometimes I just hated her. Not because of this incest, but because she could be emotionally and verbally abusive.


24122 - I fucked my best friend's mom. I spent the night at janes house and jane left early for dance practice. Her mom came home and I woke up. She told me I looked too peaceful to wake up. She told me I looked cute too. Stacy, janes mom, is so fucking hot for a woman. D sized breasts and great shape for a forty year old. Stacy told me I could stay all day and I did. I was walking into the bathroom and through a cracked door I saw Stacy masturbating. I kept watching her though. She saw me and called me in. I awkwardly walked in apologizing but she asked why I was watching. I stuttered out that it was hot and looked like it felt great. Then I got brave and asked if she could do it for me so I got naked laid down and she fucked me with a dildo. Then I ate her out.


24111 - My mom was always flashing her beaver at me and giving me hard-ons!!!!


24097 - When I married my wife I had no idea what I was getting into.

I’m a 35 year old owner of a very successful internet hedge fund company, and my wife Linda had just turned 21 when we met.

She had just graduated from Harvard University and I hired her as a derivatives analysis
The romance was hot and fast and soon we decided to get married.

I met her mother (Terri) and younger sister (Jenna) when we went to California last spring. Her sister was 19 and her mother was only 38 (mom had married at 16 and by 19 had two kids).

Well we all hit it off very well and I soon learned that these three were all the same, strong willed and very sexual and physically almost identical.

On our third day there, we all decided to hang by the pool for the day. I was there when Linda came out with only her bikini bottom on. The mother and sister came out the same way. I couldn’t help myself and looked them up and down.
Linda smiled and said “Mom, I think he likes what he sees.”

From that point on they were near naked most of the time and always flirting with me.

Jenna was the fresh one and would come from behind and hug me. Once she slid her hand in my shorts and said “My God! How does my sister take that horse cock of yours?

Seeing the three of them like this gave me a raging hard on most of the time. Each night I would fuck Linda like a dog.

We had a big wedding in Hawaii with a hundred guest. Linda and Terri and Jenna were all unbelievably beautiful and sexy.

For the honeymoon, Linda had rented a house on as remote private beach. I was horny as hell, but she made shower first and get into bed and wait. Ten minutes later she said close your eyes and she came out looking like a Victoria Secrets model.

She climbed on the bed and we started to kiss then I felt the bed move, I turn around and Terri and Jenna were naked and started to touch me and Linda.

I didn’t know what to do. Linda said “Mom and Jenna and I share everything my love. That makes you their husband too.” Linda leaned to her mother and kissed her, Jenna started to kiss me and was in shock but took Jenna in my arms and kissed her.

In a few minutes we were all kissing each other then, they pushed me on my back.

The three of them started to suck my cock, Linda worked the head and Jenna and Terri on each side. After only a few minutes I started to tense, Terri was on my cock head now, and I let lose in her mouth.

She sucked ever harder and drained me. Linda reached up to kiss her mother and Terri passed my cum to her, then Jenna took the cum from Linda and swallowed it.

It was an amazing three week honeymoon, and by the time we left, my cock was so sore they didn’t asked me for any for 3 days.

It a year later now, we all live together.
Linda, and Jenna are both 4 months pregnant. Last weekend the doctor confirmed Terri is also.

Terri and Jenna are now also legally my wives. I made trips to Vegas to marry Jenna and to the Barbados to marry Terri.

The four of us live in the open, and don’t care what people say. I have the best life in the world. And the best loving wives.