Latest Mom Confessions:


25337 - On my moms 50th birthday, when I was 27 a bunch of us had gone to a night club dancing. Around midnight my mom wanted me to take her home because she was too drunk to drive. I called my wife to tell her I would be later. I got my mom back to her apartment. I told her to let me help her get ready for bed as she set there in a chair. I was thinking this way I could see those beautiful tits that I have always wanted toe see. I helped her to the bedroom and set her on the bed. I had her raise her arms as I pulled off her shirt. I told her we need to get this off as well - her bra. I reached around to unhook it. She realized all of the sudden as I am removing it and got up to get her a gown out of the dresser. At this time I could see her tits hanging down in the mirror as she gets a gown. I reach around and cup her 36 C cup tits and pinch her nipples as she slide on her gown. By this time my dick is rock hard. She lays down and somewhat to her senses and holds her gown down so I rub them through the silky material and her nipples are of course hard. I ask her could I suck them because when I was a baby I didn't get to suck them much because I was allergic to her milk. She was glazed eyed from the alcohol. As she said no I reached into the neck of her gown and fondled her soft titties. After I heard a moan I pulled out the left tit, it was closest to me. I couldn't believe it it was just inches from my face. I was holding it in one hand. She did not say anything as I could not help myself and lowered my lips to the nipple. She has the softest tits that I have ever played with or sucked. I guess due to her being 50 and having had three boys. It was the most incredible sensation ever have her hard nipples soft tits in my mouth. I guess because I knew I was taken advantage of my intoxicated mother. I ended up sucking both tits for about five minutes and even laid my hand on her mound contemplating going further as I placed her hand on my jeans where my dick was like a rock- she didn't move. I wasn't thinking with the correct head because none of this should have been happening. I could have probably gotten inside her but couldn't bring myself to do that. I still jack off today thinking about what did happen and what could have happened. We have never mentioned this - I am not sure that she remembers it. That night when I got home I woke my wife up and fucked her with some serious intensity fantasizing it was my 50 year old mom and her big tits bouncing.


25316 - Last night I was feeling very horny. So I took my moms dirty stockings and panties from the hamper and brought them to bed with me and put them on. The stench of her feet was so overpowering it quickly filled the room and my nostrils. This made me instantly hard. I decided that I was so horny I was going to take out some toys. I pulled out some pretty big anal beads and one by one, put them in my butt. I got all 7 in there when my mom walks in my room and sees me on my bed in her stockings, panties, a butt stuffed with anal beads and my legs spread wide in the air. There was a long moment of silence until she shut the door and locked it. She looked at me and got undressed. She said that since I loved masturbating with all of mommy's things she had the right to use m to masturbate. Except she came sat on top of me and shoved my johnson right in her pus. All the time the anal beads were deep inside me. She rode me and would tug on the beads slowly until they came out one by one and on the last one, I exploded all inside my mom. She stayed on top of me for about another 5 minutes as she sniffed and licked my beads. She got up and laid next to me and we started to kiss passionately. She asked me to put the beads in her so I did what i was told and we slowly fell asleep. We woke up the next morning completely naked and just knew that we wanted to make love. I got on top of her and slowly slid into her as she threw her head back as we slowly started. We made love for at least an hour till I cam in her and pulled out. She told me to take the beads out and I gently took them out and sniffed them. My mom kissed me and said that she would see me downstairs. She also told me to wash the beads off and left. There was no way in hell that I was going to wash that amazing stench off. Once the door closed I put them right back in my butt and kept them there for the entire day.


25312 - One of my buddies from college had a group of us come up for the weekend last summer. He had a place on a lake. When we got there we met his mom. She was very sweet and we hit it of right away. In no time we were joking around with her.
The weekend was a blast, we went skiing on the lake, swam, played volleyball and even got in a game of wiffle ball. His mom and his girlfriend's parents fed us the entire time.
I called my buddy a few times over the summer to catch up but found myself talking most of the time to his mom. I thanked her multiple times for having us up and what a great time we had. She was very playful on the phone but I never read anything into it. One evening, I was home on the computer and was looking at personal ads on a dating website. I came across my buddy's mom profile. I decided to make a fake account and emailed her. Just hours after I sent it she replied. We ended up chatting within the site for hours. It didn't take long for her wanting to see a picture of me. I kept giving excuses until she offered to send me a nude pic if I would return the favor. I agreed and she sent one. She was no model, short curvy, saggy breasts, plump belly but she did look hot. Once I got the pic I logged off before sending mine. I masturbated to her picture several times. I did feel bad about no sending her my pic.
A day later, I apologized stating I lost my internet and asked if she still wanted to see my pic. She was reluctant to accept my apology. I decided to come clean and told her who I really was. She logged off and I didn't hear from her for a few days. The third day, I went ahead and sent a nude picture of myself to her... In hopes she would write me back. A few days past and nothing. It was early on a Sunday when she wrote me back.
We chatted for an hour and agreed to meet halfway to talk about what was happening. I drove two hours to meet her. We had a late lunch and agreed there was an attraction but she worried more about the age difference than me.
She got us a hotel room. It was insanely hot. We ripped each other's clothes off giving and receiving oral. We had sex on both beds in so many positions. In the shower, on the table, and in a chair. When we finished I was exhausted but she wanted more. I could barely keep it up. It was getting late and we both decided to head back our own ways in the morning. We slept naked spooning. This led to a few more times at the early morning hours. We went out to breakfast and we were saying goodbye when she asked if I wanted to spend the day together instead. I agreed, we went for a walk holding hands and kissing. We went to a movie where I got a blow job and she was fingered and felt up. We ate an early dinner and she paid for a very nice suite where we had sex in a jacuzzi and other places. When were about to leave she told me we could never do this again.


25287 - My mom and I recently went out and had a pub crawl and had a couple of drinks at each stop. By the end of the night we were both pretty drunk. We decided to call it a night and head back to the train station to get back home. We sat down on the benches at the station and after a few minutes she said she was going to go to the toilet before the train came. She went to get up and her hand slipped from the arm rest and landed on my crotch. She looked at me and then squeezed a couple of times and used my thigh to brace herself getting up. She smiled and said she would be back in a minute. She came back and the train came in and we got in and sat down. With one person halfway towards the other end of the train. We talked for a few minutes and she put her hand back on my leg. And said, "can I?" I felt a bit awkward, but thought why not... and shook my head. She unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out and began to jack me off. I came all over her hand about 5 minutes later. Next morning, she was apologizing, and worried. But I told her I really enjoyed it. Since the she has jacked me off twice. Don't know if it will go further