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26142 - I'm a 55 year old woman, and for 47 years of my life I been the sex toy for the men of my family.

Mom died when I was 8 and soon after Dad started on me. It started with me being naked all the time and he would masturbate me. The he had me jerk him off, then I was suck him off. My brother who were ten years old than me would take me to their room when dad was finished with and I have service both of them.

By 9, each night I had to sleep with one of them and give them head. That summer, dad and my brothers got me drunk and took my cherry. That first night was pure agony, the mattress had so much blood and cum on it they threw it out.

From that night on, I would have sex several times a day and soon was being to cum too.

When I was 14, dad got me pregnant, and I had a son. In the next 6 years I had 2 more sons, one from each of my brother.

The sex never stopped, even in front of the children. Dad and my brother would have them watch as I was taken. They would grade me by having my sons watch as they came on my face.

When my oldest son was 13 he started to kiss me and then touch me, I let him. He wanted oral all the time and I willing did it.

I was just 31 when my oldest boy who was 16, started to have sex with me several times a day I became pregnant by him also. And by 35 both of my other son made babies with me. I now had 3 grandsons.

My father passed away several years ago and my 2 brothers and 3 sons and 3 grandsons demand sex constantly.

Most nights I'm passed around among them. I don't cum when my brother fuck me, but what disgusts me I cum very hard when my sons and grandson fuck me. I’m always so tied from service 8 men night after night and also during the day/

In all these years I have rarely left the house. I really don't even have clothes, as I'm kept naked. When I turned 54 this year they gave me a day off from sex.

But of late I have found myself going to my youngest son now 19, and on those days and he makes slow gentle love to me.

I feel so good when we are alone, they all have just used me, but he says I love you.


26141 - I'm 21 And my confession is I would like to watch and fuck my mom hardcore , describing her makes me horny , She has a great ass Like celebrity types so fit , she has medium sized boobs and a beautiful face with great lips everytime I'm with her I see men looking at her ass and body well I do that to , I jerk of to her pictures wishing I could cum on her face , She would make a perfect gangbang which I would love to be part of but I don't know how I would do it because my mom will never consider having sex.


26129 - It happened long time ago. Mom took me to see relative. we had to take bus. Bus broke down it was getting dark. Driver and his conductor. told mom we have to stay here for the night. I was 7 year old then. Mom put me on one of the seat and put on blanket. mom and both men went to the back end of the bus. I was about to sleep when I saw both men had mom between them. They were hugging her. I went to sleep. I woke up again when I heard mom crying. I was about to get us and see why mom was crying. But the guy said it is nothing son. Mom just twisted her foot. I sqww the other guy on top of mom. I asked the guy what is he doing on mom. He said it is nothing just helping mom. I was too young to know what is going on. I looked few times both men tok their turn to help my mom. She was saying yes jor se chodo. meri fuddy par deo.
When I woke up mom had tea and bread in her hand. We ate. both men drove the bus and took us to the village where we wanted to go.
I was wondring what they were doing in the bus. I did not knew the meaning of the words they were speaking.

Momth later those 2 men came to our home close to night .
Mom made then food and they also brought sweets for me.
Mom put me in my room. They 3 of them went to mom,s room.
My dad was in Canada.

I hears those same noises coming out their room. room was locked.
Once I asked mom are you alright? mom said from the room beta so jao sab deek hai.

the left in morning.

As I got older I kept wondering what they were doing.
as more time went I came to know they were making love to with my mom. and mom was moaning as they fucked her.
I did not ask my mom.


26081 - Three years ago dad introduced me to what I'm here for HIM..
One night he slipped into my bed room and he gave me a lot more than just his good night kiss. His hands began to caress my breasts and play with my nipples. My nipples became hard and I squirmed at his touch. I kept my eyes close pretending to be asleep as his hands began to explore my body then I felt him get into my bed and lay beside me. He got against my back and right off the bat I knew he didn't have anything on for I felt his hard cock push against my ass. I don't know how he got me on top of him my back to him and his fingers started in making my nipples stand at attention as he got his cock between my legs and he began to rub it against my pussy and I was getting sopping wet by the minute. My hands cupped my breasts and dad's glided down across my belly he started in teasing my clit and like my nipples it got hard as a rock too and my body started in giving me away. I started in squirming at dad's touches and the more he touched the more I squirmed. I didn't feel dad slipping his cock in me but the first thing I knew I was pushing back against him as he pushed more into me and then I screamed for it hurt so much and he held himself still and kissing my neck he said the pain would ease in a bit and before he finished saying that I was pushing my hips down onto his cock going further in me and then he began to fuck me like a animal. I felt dad shudder as he shoved all of his cock in me and it felt like it was pulsing then I felt his hot cum squirting deep in me and I pushed back against him hard. God it felt so good I didn't want it to end and dad continued to squirt his cum in me. I layed there I couldn't pretend anymore for it was obvious that I was awake but I loved dad for being my first but now I was sore, but having his cock buried deep in m it felt so good to me and I wanted more. I got up and straddled over dad inserting his cock in me but now I am facing him and he began sucking on one nipple as he played with the other his fingers was making my body feel alive once again and I began to fuck him. My fingers found his nipples and I pinched them a bit and he thrust his cock into me hard and I pinched his nipples again and he gave me more cock. I soon found three things that made dad fuck me harder. I layed down on dad's chest taking a nipple in my mouth I began to suck and he fucked me harder, my nails dug into his hips he fucked me harder, taking one of his nipples between my nails and pinch slightly and he would ram all of his cock into me and then he cum in me again. oh god I was in heaven. Dad held me cock still in me and he began to get ridged once again., I could feel him growing inside of me and I loved it. I love dad's cock. Three times he gave me his cum and the final time he said to me whoa girl I can't I'm on fire as it is let dad rest for a bit. Daddy snuggle up against my back and hold me, I barely got that out and he was holding me up against my back, Mmmm isn't this how it all started I said to myself as I pushed back against him. I felt his hands cup my breasts and I drifted off to sleep. I woak up hearing mom say we need to talk after school tonight, oh god I thought I was in trouble. All day at school I could feel dad still in me and 3 pm came by a lot sooner than I wanted. I drug out the time it usually takes me to get home but when I got there I snuck in the back way and I heard a commotion coming from mom and dad's room and as I looked in here mom was in bed with two guys, grounds men OMG I thought and I couldn't take my eyes off of them. Did I or him take my clothes off of me as he layed me down upon mom's bed standing over me I gasp at the sight of his cock OMG it's huge as he leaned forward and the head of his cock resting at my lips and I began to encircle it with my toung and he said ah daughter and mom a like and then I wanted him to fuck me but he wanted my mouth, I gaged as he shoved it into my mouth down my throat and he'd pull free letting me breath then he'd fuck my mouth again and again. my legs spread open and the other guy got between my legs and started in rubbing his cock against my wanting pussy. I tugged and tugged but couldn't get his cock into me and without warning he gave it all to me in one mighty thrust and I screamed as I dug my nails into his hips pulling me tight against him, he started in fucking me wildly slamming his balls against my ass almost to the point of stinging then he put my legs over his shoulders and started in fucking me with deep strokes making my pussy feel like it was on fire and he wouldn't let up at all. He continued to fuck me and I thought I was going to faint but then out of no where he shot his cum deep into my pussy squirt after squirt and it began flowing out around my stretched out pussy. I couldn't do anything but lay there as he continued to give me his cum, god girl he said and I thought your mom was hot