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26563 - My son Justin and I have been lovers for 15 years. I was 40 and he was 15 at the time.

I should have known better, but after no sex for seven years when it happened, I just wanted him inside me all the time.

We was young, well hung and horny, and I spread my legs for him whenever he wanted sex, which was often. On the weekends my pussy was raw by Sunday night from being fucked so much. It was fucking mind blowing.

I also let him cum in me every time, which was stupid. By the third month with him I was pregnant. We had a little girl. I was 41 and he was 16.

When our daughter was born he said, I was his wife and we moved to a new city and have lived that way since.

BTY - The sex is still fucking mind blowing!


26497 - When I was 14 and we lived in Nevada and dad was in the hospital mom told me to come sleep with her cuz she was lonesome so I did. During the night I was awoken by mom having her hand on my hard cock putting me between her legs and started in pushing back against me, it wasn't long till she had my cock in her and she was fucking me and I still pretende3d to be asleep but it was getting to me and I started in fucking her back. It wasn't long till I shot my load into mom and she let out a big moan. I fell back to sleep with my still hard cock in mom. I awoke and mom was sitting over me fucking me and playing with my nipples which sent tingles throughout my body especially ,y cock and I began to fuck her back meeting her pushes and she came on me over and over and it wasn't long till I came in her once again. Four time I shot my load into mom that first night, come morning she acted like nothing had happened but before the other kids got up mom was fixing breakfast and I came up behind her took hold of her hips and pulled her against my hard cock and she couldn't say no I took her against the stove gave her my cum once again she turned and kissed me not like a mom to son but like a lovers kiss as my cock was against her pussy she was pushing her puss tight against me. She had awoken a sleeping giant and the giant wanted he all the time and for the next seven weeks I took mom several times during the day when the other kids were out playing or at the neighbors and at night mom fucked me over and over, then she told me dad was coming home tomorrow so we had to stop. Stop no way I continued to fuck mom when ever we were alone even for a few minutes she couldn't say no to my cock she loved it as much as I loved her pussy and ass.


26477 - I often sleep with mom during the nights. She has very sexy body and i often let my hand go up to her blouse and cup her breasts and squeeze them. She murmurs at times and pretends to be alseep as long as i remain to her boobs. However when i try to raise her skirt and feel her naked smooth ass, she never has panties or bra on when she sleeps with me, she wakes up and stops me. I have jerked sleeping next to her but want to fuck her. Not sure if i should


26464 - A few months ago, my mom asked if I would like to go with her to her best friend's house for dinner and some drinks and said she had a jacuzzi. My mom is 46 and I am 25.

I wasn't doing anything, so I decided to tag along. After dinner, my mom's friend decided it was a good idea to take tequila shots. Did a couple of them and then she made a few margaritas and we got in the jacuzzi. Small talked for a bit. And while we were all quiet for a minute, my mom's friend quietly told my mom, "tell him." I looked at her confused. She responded back with, "I can't." I spoke up being confused asking to tell me what was so important. My mom looked back at her friend and was shaking her no.

Her friend ended up explaining that for several years, my mom has been sexually aroused and wanted to have sex with me. But has been to afraid to ask, and that it was really bothering her. My mom started tearing up. So I told her to come over to me and put my arms around her and hugged her and she started crying. She asked me if i hated her. I chuckled and said no and told her I loved her and would love to help her out. She leaned back and said, "really, you don't think it's gross?" I told her it will probably be a bit weird, but I wanted to because she wanted it so bad. We pour another round of margaritas. Talked for awhile again and then decided to get out and go inside. I took my mom's swimsuit off in the living room and laid her on the couch and ate her out for a little bit. And then had her kneel on the couch and entered her from behind, while her friend watched and masturbated.