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26415 - Hell yes. me and my buddy been raped my mom while we were buzzing. We both walked in her room naked. My buddy been grabbed her by the wrists and I grabbed her by the ankles. I managed to get between her legs. At that point I ripped off her nightgown. My mom was screaming and asking what we were doing. I told my mom to shut up and you enjoy it. She kept screaming so my buddy covered her mouth with his hand. I stuck my dick inside her forcing it in as far as I could. I saw tears come from your eyes. But I still fucked her. As soon as I shot my load inside her I got up and switch places with my buddy.. he had a huge cock. Fuck her I told him. Mom just laid there moaning. When he was finished cumming inside her we left the room.. I asked my buddy if you enjoy raping my mom??


26406 - I've become obsessed with swallowing my son cum. I started giving him head 8 years ago.

I had not had a man for 7 years and Jerry was tall, strong and so good looking. Plus his cock was big.

I was only 31 years old (as I got pregnant at 15 with Jerry) just before he turned 15, we just started to be very relaxed around each other. That summer after dinner one night, I said I'm taking a shower and he said he would too, we just started undress in front of each other and showered together.

It seemed so natural being naked with him. From that night on we showed together and only wear towel afterward. We also started sleeping in the same bed that night. About a week later we got into bed and started to kiss and touch but no sex.

On the night of his 15th birthday we were on the couch watching a movie. I was lying down with my head was on his lap and Jerry was stroking my hair. Then I felt him open my towel and he touched my nipples. I gasped as he did it and I started to get wet. He stopped and opened his towel and guided me to his cock. It was hard and beautiful, I didn't even pause and took my son in my mouth.

I never like giving head and had never swallowed cum, but I found I want to with him. I gave him a long slow sexy blow job and when he came I swallowed. It tasted so good me.

From that night Jerry didn't have interest in girls his age, as he got to fuck me several times a day and I gave him all the head he wanted. He was young, strong and horny and I was more than willing to spread my legs for him.

I realized I was in love with my own son and would give myself totally to him.

We 69 every morning and evening to orgasm. And for the past year we meet at lunch time and I give him head in the back seat of my car. We go to other towns and so we can go on dates.

I love when he fucks me in public places. We went to a college football game in the towns and sat in the top row way from everyone, I wore a skirt and sat on his lap facing him. Jerry proceed to fucked me in plain view. Everyone had to know what was happening as I was bouncing up and down on him until he came in me.

I saw some girl's number and picture on his phone three months ago and I started sucking and fucking him even more. I'm not going to lose the man I love to some young slut. On weekends his cock is either in my mouth, pussy or ass most of the time. By Sunday night we both need a rest.

His cum belong in my mouth and pussy and no one else.

Three months ago he asked to go off the pill because he want a baby with me. I'm only 39 and my period is 45 days late. He mine now forever.


26396 - Once I had a dream my mom is lying nude on the bed. I am on top of her. Both nude. I am holding both her hands tightly and she is unable to move. And I am thrusting my cock deep in mom's pussy with full force. Fucking her like rabbit. With full force and speed. And mom is moaning with pleasure. Two black bodybuilder. Both nude waiting for their turn.


26393 - A week ago, I saw my mom sitting nude on bed, rubbing her pussy with one hand and caressing her boobs with another. I was seeing her through window. Hidden. I got aroused and I too started masturbating. We both reached orgasm at the same time.