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25787 - When I was 14 my mom asked if I thought she should get breast implants. I just blurted out I get hard just thinking about how they look now. With a few exceptions I have fucked her everyday since.Nearly 25 years.


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I walked in on my mom and sister going at it hard and heavy I just stood there and watch I started to play with my self I started to orgasm and let out a little scream when they saw me I was in the middle of a great orgasm and was squirting hard. my sister and mom watched when I was done they told me to get over to them and get in bed. my mom climbed on me so her beautiful pussy was right over my mouth. I reached up and pulled it toward me the smell was overwhelming so sweet I found her clit and started to suck on it she started to rub her pussy against my mouth I reached around and started to play with her ass hole to my surprise she relaxed and let me slide two finger deep into it. my sister started to finger me and pinch my clit it felt so good it didn't take long my mom to cum and she squirted all over my face. my sister was next she was turn so she could watch our my fuck me with one of her huge 10in dildos she popped my cherry doing so it hurt but felt good at the same time. I licked my sisters pussy and ass till it was wet and I slide a finger deep in her ass she moaned so loud. when I got hold of my sister clit I found out she had a very long one like me I sucked hard on it and nibbled on it it didn't take long and she soaked my face with her sweet juices. then she got of me and took another dildo and rammed it up my ass I was getting it in both hole then I orgasm so hard I thought I was going to pass out.
we laid there in total bless. ii told my mom and sister why didn't they ever invited me to join. they thought because I had a bf I was not into doing it with girls. I told them I wanted to do it with them for a long time and always wanted to do my sis when ever we would watch each other masturbate. I don't know how I am going to tell my bf I want to break up with him. well I go to get back to my mom and sister.


25766 - I am 18 years old and I'm in love with my mom. She is so sexy and has a perfect ass and size D breasts. She is 41 years old. I guess my sexual affection for her started when I got my foot fetish and she has the sexiest size 5 feet I have ever seen. All I dream about doing is sucking her toes all day. I just want her to know how i feel about her and her feet because there is a chance she may be willing to satisfy my sexual desire. I think it's her flirtatious nature that made me want to have sex with her. I just don't know how to tell her but I think she may already know because she would walk in on me masturbating and just smile. Also she walks around the house without her bra on in just a vest top. When she bends over I can sometimes see her breasts and I instantly get hard. One day I hope she lets me worship her feet and ultimately her pussy.


25754 - My 11 year old daughter was being molested by her teacher. I dumped caustic soda on his crotch. Caustic soda eats the skin so it fucked up his penis to where he will never be able to use it again.