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26984 - This has been bothering me so i have to put it out some how. I am now in my mid twenties and i am attractive guy. I Come from a good standing upper middle class home. I do well with women but i rarely achieve full orgasm with them. This is because as a consenting male teen does have scars and problems from incestual relationships. This started when i was a lil younger i discovered internet porn, my mom caught me through my web histort i didnt know how to delete at that time. She hated porn with a passion. I got into my grandpas medicine cabnet one weekend. Found viagra broken in half. So i stole a half of one he never did notice. The first weekend my sister stayed at her friends and my mom went with her friends i was gonna experience so much porn and be able to keep masterbating. So i took the opportunity i popped the half pill before i started watching porn. I thought it would make me hard by its self. After an hour of waiting for this maricle hard on to pop up that never did on its own i started watching porn on my computer i got really hard and it was fun at first i couldnt cum so i felt like a man being able to keep rubbing my self. Until it started hurting to bad to touch and turned kinda purple and like the skin on the head was gonna tear. I was in tears. I tried relaxing but it hurt not even touching it now. My mom shows up and my mother it high up in the medicle world. I was moaning in agony when she came in the room. I told her what happened and she said to me we have to go to the er and drain it or u might lose function. I freaked out bad. My mom then did the last thing i expected. She touched it. Oh it hurt so bad. Mom said we need to hurry. She pulled her panties down and skirt up layed back on my bed and said no choice or it will cause damage. My mom is very attractive pretty face double Ds and a size two waist. But to be real at that moment i never thought anything about my mom sexually before then and the first time i wasnt focused on her good looks. This was my first time having sex i put the painfully swollen head of my penis to her spread hole. She was very tight hadnt had sex in years after my parents divorce. Pushing my penis in her for the first time was so painful it hurt to be inside of this soft warm wet vagina. I went very slow for over ten minutes my mom kept her eyes closed and tried very hard not to enjoy herself. But she couldnt stop herself son penis or not she did have a dick inside of her. She started to cum the squeezing of her orgasm felt like my dick was gonna rip. But i was able to have this like half orgasm cause it was so painful an swollen i couldnt enaculate much. This did however take my erection down from fuck it hurts to this is just uncomfortably hard. Mom left the room silent. She awkwardly asked if it was going down from the doorway ten minutes later. I told her its just uncomfortable now but wouldnt go down. I told her i couldnt get off all the way. This time she took tbe skirt off. Mom said to me go til u cum or it will swell again. It was still a little unpleasent to penetrate her again. Now that i wasnt in agony i noticed i was having sex and that she was hot. I was having the time of my life. Mom moaned and it turned me on i wasnt just getting off but my penis was pleasuring a very attractive woman. I had a smile on my face ear to ear. Mom looked at me and said ur enjoying this to much. And giggled. After a while the slow gentle strokes got hardcore. I fucked her hard. She couldnt do andthing but scream grab the sheets. I was loving that i had full control for once. I blew all over in her. This lead to years of sex. My sister and i started hooking up too. Neither knew i was doing it with any one else. My sister is gorgeous. So what happens is a young man has a mom hotter than any teacher i had and a sister who was one of the hottest girls in school. I didnt have to try at all to have sex. I would go downstairs bang my mom not once pulling out. My sister would hang in my room get high and come on to me. After years of this somehow mom and my sis birth control got switched. Mom got pregnant first. My sis knew nothing about that. Next thing i know i am taking my sis to get a pregnancy test. Years if sex now this. We told mom. Both wanted to keep the babies. Being in the medicle field my mom monotored both pregnancies. My sis and my fetus was deformed and had to be aborted. It was bad. However my mom was healthy no defects. Mom was showing and my sister was jealous. We have a realitive in law enforcement. My sis fucked me every day for my dna and saidshe would take a rape kit and get me sent away. I went out of town she freaked did the rape kit no semen found. Told the case worker about my mom being pregnant so i get kicked out. My mom leaves the country for a late term abortion. And now my family is ruined. Now i go through women like crazy because i cant create real bonds and fear intimacy. Been bottled up and haunting me for years.


26948 - Me and mom mom was in the act of fuck when in walked my dad and caught us!


26921 - I have been masturbating to my mother for a long time. I have jerked off with her panties and spied on her showering. I have been thinking about letting her walk in on me naked or masturbating. Should I do it? Any advice?


26919 - I was attracted to my mom. One day when we were sleeping on the same bed I put my hand towards her and thinking that I was asleep placed her left breast on it. I did not remove my hand the while night. Also note when I bath she looks towards my dick and I think she wants a good fuck....