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26119 - I'm in my early 20's and I've been obsessed with incest (mostly daddy daughter) for as long as I can remeber. I want to find a daddy him force me play with my dripping wet little pussy, molest me , spank me and then fill me with his cum pushing deep inside me filling me making me pregnant. And months after licking and sucking my milk filled tits and pounding my pregnant pussy over and over becoming his sex slave always pregnant. It turns me on so so much.


26116 - I'm a straigh 22 year old male that loves to sext and get nudes especially with older women,oh_man_7.26, KIK me :)


26103 - When my sister, age 9, and I, age 7, were being babysat by an older man, I walked in and saw my sister standing there naked in front of him. When he saw me he said stuff like, "Isn't your sister pretty?"..."Doesn't she have a cute butt?"...stuff like that.

Then he said he wanted to show me something. He had me stick a finger up my sister's vagina. He asked us both if that felt good. At the time, I thought I stuck my finger up her ass.

Later she told me she put her mouth on his cock once. The image of that intrigued me. But I never brought it up again because I knew she hated talking about the whole thing and was nervous about getting caught anyway.

My problem now is that I'm turned on by CP because of that. I haven't seen a lot of it, but when I have my orgasm is so intense and I can cum several times in two or three hours after watching it. I think of my sister's little mouth on a big cock. It makes me want to go find some. I have to jerk off constantly to resist the urge.

Go ahead, tell me to kill myself.


26094 - My desire for purity.
I touched my first pussy that must have been when I was 5years, this pussy was from my 1 year younger sister of 4 we sat together in bath. With my big toe I explored her smooth bald pussy. Two years later I caught her with my nephew, who had his pecker in her. I was here probably excited because I wanted to join else I went to tell my mother what they were doing. Take turns we could have fucked her, what they can in her nice pussy. The highlight was when she was 8 or 9, when neukten all my nephews and I injected her behind each other and our first sperm inside her. I see that dripping pussy with the novice hairs still so for me. I've been up to my 16th year had voluntary sex with her on a regular basis, and if they had no sense then I was blackmailing her sometime somewhere with it. This may have been incest, but I have never regretted it and now still when I think back to this then I get back a stiff and pull me off thinking. This time passed I got themselves girlfriends that I did everything. I was 27 years old and unmarried, I had an evening to be careful on the daughter of my sister. This girl was 3 when I got her in bed stopped. She had just gedouchte and I did her hair when she was in her Nightgown to "skinny dip" on bed. When I pulled it over her head and down I had a clear view of her bald pussy often scoured. I have made him rich as good dry, but in the meantime I had a stiff and me still become much horny. Me to be able to control, and desired her goodnight. But I am three times cum on the toilet. Now I got a taste, and regularly visited the nudist beach to see if there were fewer than families with daughters aged 6 to 12 years. Sometimes I was lucky and there was such a beautiful girl in the sand playing, and I could see her pussy as unnoticed as possible from a distance. I had another girlfriend, she had a little sister of 8 years. When I came home from work, I heard that she was in the bathroom, I was going in there. When I saw my girlfriend and her sister in the bath, I did not know where to look. The girl had red hair with freckles, and a smooth pussy. My girlfriend had to realize that I had a little difficulty with it there, and she said "'ll go up to the bedroom I'll be" She came out of the bath and got naked on me. And said, I've seen it, you would like to have such a tight pussy like my sister. I could confirm only. And she began to talk horny that she was a girl of 8 years, who wanted to be fucked. In almost every punch that my cock in her pussy rammed my girlfriend, I asked how old she was, and whether this was the first cock that she got into her pussy. They took full part in this role and replied 8 years, and it was the first time. Never again, I have such fine had sex with her as then. Again some years later, I am alone again, and looking on the internet regularly for beautiful young tienerkutjes. One night I get a call from a friend, or I'll stop by. There arrived home his wife sitting with daughter 9y.o. on the couch, and they ask her to put on the pajamas. I was here totally unprepared, but that beautiful slender girl draws so all her clothes and looks at me mischievously. I noticed the look in her eyes that she gladly showed her beautiful young body, and his mother was not there then maybe more. Do not get me wrong, but with a child who does not have her in the cunt, I would never want to have sex. But I did get horny from there. I quickly went home and I've deducted the entire evening.
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