Latest Incest Confessions:


26823 - My confession is I like reading about incest sex with pre*teen girls I don't know why it turns me on I would never do anything like that the thought of touching a young girl is only during masturbation. I feel ashamed even typing it in the search engines!

It's not like there is any really good sites besides literotica or xhampster for that anyway so now that there are no new stories to read what's next...


26819 - Its been two years since my twin sister and me did anything. we are both 22 females that are bi but I tend to be more in tune with women than men. we started when we were 12 and when our parents where gone for the weekend we watch some porn they had. when they had the girl on girl shots we found out we both like them better. so one night we started to do the same things they did. we found out that we love to eat each others pussies. so when ever we could we would do it. we had our own bathroom so we would shower together when our mom walked in on us once showering together we lied and told her we were trying to save water.
we would go for rides into the woods just to find places to do it. we did it till she got a full time bf when she turned 17. I went from bf to bf never finding the pleasure I did with her or a female. and to find a female I had to go out of town to do so. I would find older women to have sex with knowing they would not say anything. my sister called and told me she is coming to visit next week I asked her if we could pick help where we left off and have some fun all she said was we would see. I miss her mouth on my pussy and the taste of hers.


26816 - I jerk off thinking about having sex with my dad. I just don't know how to let him know I want him.


26806 - Me and my sister hung out last night, drinking and smoking crack. We had crazy depraved sex.I fisted her and like her fuck my ass. We did so much dirty stuff,taking hit after hit, watching tranny porn, sticking all sorts of things in each other.she showed me a video of her getting high and gangbanged. We are, hanging tomorrow and she is bringing a couple friends . Male and female. She wants to be dp'd and watch me get fucked and suck dick while smoking..