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25531 - I have nasty desires for my aunt and atimes stroke all day, thinkig of her giving a sensual BJ. Have never tried to express these feeling in fron tof her. I'm scared. Am I wrong, sinner?


25526 - My sister in law and I use to have these moments for years as she grew up. She was 15 and I was 28. She would joke with me brush by and touch my groin in the hall. Eventually when we were in the same house alone at times we would get into these wrestling games. We both knew what it was. She would let me pin her to the ground, with her legs spread and looking me directly in the eyes.
One time I got rock hard, and when she was pinned and felt it, she wound her waist and I reciprocated. This went on for maybe 1 or two mins until I heard that unmistakable wet pussy sound.
I hoped up.. and that was the last time anything ever happened. She hated me from that day on. Felt rejected I believe...


25520 - Last Friday was amazing.. We had a huge party at my Grandmothers. After all the kids went home and to bed we all started drinking. Well my Aunt falls into the pool by accident, freezing soaked she had to go home to change. Well me being the most sober..
I brought her home to change, I got to her house and she was passed out. So I carried her in as she was some what awake. I got her into her room and she just plops on the bed. I tried waking her up and she was in and out and laughing cuz she was drunk. She asked me to help her out of her clothes. I asked if she was sure and she said of course your my Nephew I don't care. So I got her undressed down to her bra and thong undies. Even though she was my Aunt is was sexy seeing her nice large butt in them. Well she falls face first into the bed again and laughing, she tells me to unhook her bra. Then she just rips it off and asked me to get her robe. I then got her robe and turned around and her thongs are off hanging off her leg as she is spread eagle on the bed.
My jaw dropped, I could not stop looking and for that moment in time the point of her being my Aunt is out the window. For 48 she was smoking.. Huge tits and a nice groomed pussy. She was laughing and saying I know your looking at your Auntie I keeped saying Im sorry but she said don't worry, help me up and I went over and pulled her arms up and she slouched on me hugging me naked. She was saying I am sure you enjoy a naked woman hugging up on you laughing. I said of course laughing but I had a hard rock cock that she noticed right quick that was poking into her. She actually grabbed me and said "ohh someone is liking his Aunt being naked" of course I said, I couldn't help it. So she just drops back and opens her legs telling me to get a good look if I wanted, and I did very much. "you wanna touch it she asked?" but Auntie your drunk, "it doesn't matter touch it if you want", so I figured fuck it, I just touched it and she squirmed, her pussy was so wet and soft. She grabs my hand and pulls it to her breast and told me to touch them too because "I know you want to". But me being that close up all I could do is focus my eyes below seeing my Aunts pussy.
Not even a few seconds of glancing, her other hand grabbed my head and pushed my face right into her snatch. It all happened so fast from me seeing my Aunt naked to my face burried in her vagina. "suck me off baby" she says and without hesitation I just ate that pussy like it was going out of style. She came in minutes and her cum tasted so good. I looked up after I was done and said I was sorry, "for what", well because your drunk. "fuck that, get your clothes off", I then stripped so fast and she pulled me right on the bed onto my back and threw her leg right over my head sitting on my face just about and leaned over and started sucking my cock hardcore. Seeing that beautiful ass in my face got me so hot, her creamy pussy ridding my face and that beautiful ass revealing it's hole and for the first time I started kissing and bitting her inner ass cheeks and spread them as I dove my tongue in my Aunt's 48 year old ass hole. It was out of this world tasting my Aunt's pussy then asshole. The point that I was sucking my Aunt off and licking her big sexy ass made me cum gallons in her mouth without warning.
I appologized but she said she loved it. Before I even had a chance to recoop, she lightining fast spun around and stuck my dick in her semi-hairy pussy and talk about orgasmic... She rid my cock until she came all over it and then got on her knees and told me to fuck her doggy, I had to taste her ass and pussy one more time to eat her fresh cum. Then I slid my pulsating cock in her from behind and fucked her doggy style slamming her ass hardcore screaming "ohhh Aunty Tammy" and I actually had my first orgasm as I came all over her hot ass, I blew the largest load I have ever seen and still wanted more. I inserted it back into her and fucked her slow for a while to intensify that orgasmic feeling as she moaned to rub my cum on her ass. I fucked her as I massaged her ass with my cum and played with her asshole fingering it with a pool of cum in it.
After it all I thought I was fucked, but she was fine and loved it. We went back to the party and had a blast. It was the next day I got a phone call from her and I thought I was screwed then but she thanked me for the fun and invited me to stay the night, and of course I did.


25514 - Me and my mom got it on. we fucked. she said i had a bigger peter than his.