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25216 - I had a dream about my eight year old daughter. She was naked, riding my face. I was sticking my tongue in her pussy and ass.

I woke up so horny that I started face fucking my girlfriend until I came. She could tell I was being super aggressive, but I couldn't tell her why.

I feel so terrible and guilty. But it was the best blow job of my life.


25211 - Moana 011

I ate my 14yr old sister’s furless pussy. It had a faint pee odour and a slight acidic flavour, however it was by far the tastiest compared to all the pussy I have eaten. My already pulsating brown cock jerked and swung with pre cum as if changing gears from parked to drive (I am a Pacific Islander – chocolate complexion), when her innocent pussy aroma filled my nostrils. Last year (2013)I went home for Christmas holiday after my 1st year in Uni abroad. I immediately noticed that little sister was no longer the pest she had been for she now helped mum prepare the dinner table and converse with me in a productive manner (rather than the usual annoying teasing). I also noticed her small but developed breast with cream nipples. She was not yet fully accustomed to wearing bra at home, and her beady tits kept an impression on her t’shirt at the dinner table. I later allowed her to watch movie with me in my room, given her changed pleasant behaviour. We sat side by side on my bed with our backs to the wall and our legs under the doona. About 15 minutes into the movie, an adult scene came up and little sis closed her eyes (as a custom in our house) and also playfully reached over and shielded my view with her hand. In doing so, one of her breast rested on the side of my arm. Immediately my cock uncoiled in my pj shorts. That I knew was normal. However, what happened next caught me off guard. Little sis breast hardened with a surge of warmth and her petite nipple became pointedly erect, rudely piercing my arm. She let out a slight gasp of excitement and her face became very flushed. She then leaned over and rested her full weight on me, further crushing her engorged breast. Buried her face in my neck, and slumped her arm across my upper back. I realised then how much of a young women lil sis has grown into in the months I have been away. I did not penetrate lil sis because given the size of my brown cock and the existence of 4 implanted glass marbles on its shaft, I didn’t think it was a good idea – healthwise. Lil sis and I have since grown much closer. I am now 19yrs old. I love my lil sis…


25195 - My wife and I are home nudists. She is a pregnant BBW. When we found out it was going to be a boy, I started joking with her that she's going to have another cock to take care of. All of that teasing actually made her blush and turned her on. She would get so wet. So we've done a lot of incest role play lately.

I hope to use my wife as our son's personal sex toy once he hits puberty.

But I don't know how realistic that goal is.


25191 - I used to go into my parents room when they were asleep in the middle of the night and touch my mom and smell her ass and lick it a little. One night she woke up while I was fingering her. She flipped out and dragged me to my room where I thought she was going to kill me. Instead, she said take your clothes off as she was getting undressed. I said wait what? She said you might as well finish what you started but you're going to see what its like. She had me bend over my bed and spread my cheeks. She bent down spit in my ass and started rimming me. I was grossed out at first but then my cock started to grow and grow. It felt really good. Then out of nowhere, she took two fingers and shoved them up there and was violently fingering my butt. I started moaning I felt so gay. She pulled them out and licked them. She said there now screw me. She laid down on my bed and spread her legs. I climbed up and slid my dick into her dripping pussy. I thrusted harder and harder with every moan she let out. She was pulling my hair so hard that I thought that she was gong to rip it out. I could feel my dick swelling and was about to cum. One more thrust and I just exploded all inside her. She let out the longest moan and pulled me in and started kissing me. I stayed in her for at least 5 more minutes before I finally pulled out and when I did a steady stream of cream cum came pouring all over my bed. She got up put her panties on and got back in bed. I asked her what she was doing and she said that she was spending the night in my bed with me. I climbed naked into bed with her and she grabbed my cock right away. She started jerking me off and then told me to roller over so I did. She slid her hand in between my crack and into my butt. I could't help but instantly moan. She then said I knew that you would like this. She stated going faster and i started breathing heavier and heavier. I roller over and and told her to suck my cock now. She looked stunned at first then smiled and said gladly. She went down on me for what seemed like ours even after I kept cumming and cumming. She finally came up and kissed me right on the mouth but I didn't care. She rolled over and the last thing she said before she went to bed was "this isn't just a one time thing". It's now been a year and a half and we are still going at it at least five times a week. What can I say, I'm a momma's boy.