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25316 - Last night I was feeling very horny. So I took my moms dirty stockings and panties from the hamper and brought them to bed with me and put them on. The stench of her feet was so overpowering it quickly filled the room and my nostrils. This made me instantly hard. I decided that I was so horny I was going to take out some toys. I pulled out some pretty big anal beads and one by one, put them in my butt. I got all 7 in there when my mom walks in my room and sees me on my bed in her stockings, panties, a butt stuffed with anal beads and my legs spread wide in the air. There was a long moment of silence until she shut the door and locked it. She looked at me and got undressed. She said that since I loved masturbating with all of mommy's things she had the right to use m to masturbate. Except she came sat on top of me and shoved my johnson right in her pus. All the time the anal beads were deep inside me. She rode me and would tug on the beads slowly until they came out one by one and on the last one, I exploded all inside my mom. She stayed on top of me for about another 5 minutes as she sniffed and licked my beads. She got up and laid next to me and we started to kiss passionately. She asked me to put the beads in her so I did what i was told and we slowly fell asleep. We woke up the next morning completely naked and just knew that we wanted to make love. I got on top of her and slowly slid into her as she threw her head back as we slowly started. We made love for at least an hour till I cam in her and pulled out. She told me to take the beads out and I gently took them out and sniffed them. My mom kissed me and said that she would see me downstairs. She also told me to wash the beads off and left. There was no way in hell that I was going to wash that amazing stench off. Once the door closed I put them right back in my butt and kept them there for the entire day.


25315 - Last Easter my aunt pulled me upstair from the rest of the family so we could get a quicky in because she was so horny. We had been sleeping together months prior. We went into her room's bathroom and she pulled her panties down and hiked up her white sun dress. I spit on my tip and put it in her ass. She was bouncing up and down on me as I leaned up agains the sink. She was going at it hard and forcefully. I told her I was about to cum so she got off and that's when we noticed how much she shit on my cock. She went to grab a washcloth when I told her no she made a mess and now my slut is going to have to clean it up with her mouth. She started blowing me but it wasn't good enough so I grabbed the back of her head and forced it forward. She instantly gagged but got really into it and said that she loved the taste. She cleaned it off completely pulled her panties up and I zipped up my pants and we went back to the party. It wasn't until we got in the kitchen with everyone my brother pointed out this large brown stain on the ass of my aunts sundress. Everyone look and questioned that stain. Somehow, my aunt played it off as she sat in mud on the porch and they believed it. She went upstairs and changed and to this day we are the only ones who really know that it was pooh that covered her ass.


25310 - Thank u so much Admin for your site. I came by this site by accident and has been hooked on it since. the incest stories (the ones that ring true) get me wanking my brown cock immediately. oh, how I luv this site. I will now share my current situation with the hope that it may help others who may be as horny as I and deciding their next moves - hope it will make them think of the consequence of their actions for better or worse.

my sister (32) has been sleeping with my dad, for how long, I don't know. they have never been caught more to the reason that we give them a blind eye, but their affair is wrecking our once beautiful family - and sadly they just wont stop. my beloved mum is now bedridden due to the related stress. for all she had sacrificed to raise my siblings and I through more bad times than good, she gets this. I am so thankful that through my care for mum now, she has a reason to keep living another day. but I carry the pain too. I do hope that for many who may be deciding or are wrecking their beautiful family in similar ways, can find the strength to take their fantasy / lust elsewhere and keep their beautiful family safe. xoxo...