Latest Incest Confessions:


25357 - I've posted here before about my incestuous relationship that has continued between my mother and I for nearly 16 years before. Yesterday I got a phone call from my mother and she asked me if I wanted to meet her at her place to go our for dinner. I knew she had something in mind before I even arrived.
We made small talk for a bit and when we hugged she felt my excitement. My mother unbuttoned my pants and proceeded to give me a blow job until I told her I was close and she stopped. After that she got undressed and pulled me down on top of her. She was so wet I slid inside her effortlessly and began pumping away.
After 16 years of being lovers my mother knew I was close when my thrusts became more urgent. When I gave one last thrust up inside her she wrapped her arms and legs around me and held me close to her as I emptied myself inside her with a deep moan.
When it was over she quickly pulled her panties back on and we continued getting dressed. I can't believe after all these years she still loves going out with "squishy panties" as she likes to call it.


25354 - Since people were so very kind when I made my confession about the beginning of my lesbian affair with my older sister, I thought I'd share some more.

Once the two of us had gotten our own apartment my sister began to introduce me to even more things. Bondage became a big part of our sex. I'd always be a bit frightened of each new thing, but she'd bring me around and in the end I'd always enjoy everything she would put me through. I could never tell her no.

One night she came home from work and immediately took me in her arms. She kissed me so gently, held me close, stroked me, whispered her love for me. Even as I took comfort from this I felt a bit of anxiousness creep in. She would usually do this before taking me to a new level in our play.

She led me to our bedroom and undressed me. She laid me face down on the bench we'd installed, my legs spread and my head hanging over the end. I felt her cuff my hands to the sides of the bench, and then fasten a spreader bar to my ankles. Her fingers were soon caressing the lips of my pussy, teasing me to soaking wet.

She slid a vibrating egg inside me and cranked it up. The buzzing set me aflame and soon had my body loose and relaxed. I next felt cool lubricant being poured onto my ass, I shivered as she pushed a slender plug into my asshole. We'd only been doing anal play for a short while, but I was already in love with the way it made me feel.

Then she stood up flipped off the lights and left me there alone.

I'm sure it couldn't have been more than fifteen minutes she left me there, but it seemed like hours. The sensations of the egg,the rubbery fullness of the plug, and the ache of my bound limbs had my body quivering with joy, intense but just not quite enough to bring me off. I knew if I bucked my hips I could rub myself against the bench and cum, but she would be upset with me if I did. So I laid there and hung on the edge of orgasm, waiting for my beloved sister to return.

When the lights came back on I could see she had changed. High boots encased her long legs, an underbust corset lifted her full breasts in an intoxicating way. I saw she was holding a large bag.

She leaned down and kissed my ear. Her voice came, warm on my skin "Remember that I love you, even when it hurts."

I watched her take out a long dildo on a strap on harness then settle it on her hips. She stepped before me and brought the tip to my lips, pulling my head up by my hair. She gave me little time to ready myself, forcing it between my lips and into my mouth. I choked several times as she plunged it in and out of my face. She kept telling me what a sweet little slut I was and how much she loved using me.

She pulled out of me and moved behind me on the bench. I heard her rustling with the bag. She removed the egg from inside me, and quickly replaced it with the dildo. She entered me in one full stroke, shoving the entire length into my pussy. I whimpered in pain as she stayed there, rolling her hips and churning it inside me.

She said to me again,"remember I love you, and that the pain will only make it better." She slid back and forth as my pussy adjusted. I was in a daze from the feeling, enjoying being made to feel so full.

Then I felt something snap on my back. She flicked a crop on my skin and it was like an explosion of pain. I struggled against the bonds, my body jerking to get away from the blows that rained on me. With each strike I felt the dildo buck inside me, and my ass clenched on the plug. It was an incredible rush of agony and intense pleasure.

She struck my ass, my thighs, my sides. Tears were running down my face even as my pussy flooded in excitement. she thrust deep inside me, laying her body full length on mine. She put the crop handle in my mouth and used it pull my head up as she fucked me. I felt myself cum after just a few more seconds.

She climbed off of me, and undid my wrists and ankles. My whole body seemed to throb in pain. She undid the strap-on and tossed it aside. She brought me to my feet and kissed me savagely. her hands ran down my abused back, her nails adding a new type of pain to my world.

She led me to the bed and pulled my face to her pussy. I eagerly licked her as she ground against my face. She cried out my name as she came, and just like always my heart just melted at that.

After we finished she took a warm washcloth and cleaned me up. She rubbed a cool creme on my back, numbing the places where the crop had bit into me. She then laid down and had me place my head on her breasts. She stroked my hair and face, and told me how much she loved me.

I knew then I would never say to no to this, that if my pain could make her happy, it would be good for me as well.


25353 - I used to have intercourse with my mom every time my dad was away from home. It was fun tho I did worry that I might get her pregnant. She was no movie star, yet she was pretty sexy! She was a blond with blue eyes. I was a four-eyed nerd with no girlfriends and not much hope of getting any. (Didn't have a car and didn't drive. Was not athletic.) So I took out my raging teenage hormones on my poor mom, who really did not seem to mind really. She was very accomodating. Sometimes I wished I had a sister to seduce as well. I was a lonely only-child. When dad was home, I just had to jack off and did that so much I made my dick sore. So I got to where I preferred him being gone. I guess I had a real honest to goodness Oedipus Complex. Well, Thanks Mom, where ever you are, for taking care of my sexual needs at a very stressful time of my life!


25346 - I loved spending time with Mamaw. She was the sweetest woman ever. I adored her. I ran into her bedroom looking for her…instead I found my Papaw. He was in his bed, with my girl year old cousin, Trish. I remember it so clearly…I just stood at the end of the bed, watching and amazed at what I was witnessing. They were both on their left side, he was behind her, moving his hips forward and back. His right hand was pulling on her and left was pulling her hair and head back. I remember her looking very…..happy, to say the least. She was moaning, over and over, “Yes, Papaw. Yes, Papaw” Moaning. Then there was a pause…they saw me. Papaw didn’t miss a beat, he leaned toward the end of the bed, stretching his hand out to me, and said “Come on baby. Join us. Take your panties off.”
On this day, I had my first threesome. I compliantly and quietly removed my panties, and sat on the bed next to them. Papaw was in the middle. His full attention was on me, and not on Trish any longer. She leaned over him, towards me, stroking my hair. He said to me, “Trish likes this and I believe you will too. Lay back and spread your legs for Papaw”. I had no idea what was going on, but knew these sensations were like nothing I ever knew. He fondled my bare tiny little girl parts with his huge hands. Spitting on his fingers to keep me wet. He did this for, what seemed like, hours. I had my very first orgasm. He made me cum 3-4 times that day. Trish leaning on him, stroking his penis the entire time he was molesting me. She was into this, big time. Loved it. Serious. So, I thought it must be ok. She is from a church going balanced family. This must be ok. I don’t know how long this lasted. All I do know is, my Mamaw never came in to the room. The door was wide open, and we were not quiet. Again, my thoughts, “this must be ok”. They both talked to me the entire time. Trish told me how she comes over every day to take a afternoon nap with Papaw. It was about then that he told me that this was their secret and I was to never tell. He said bad things will happen to my family if I did. He didn’t elaborate beyond that. My Papaw was a rough man, large hands, strong body, strong voice and language. I knew he was serious and was afraid of him. I let him do and say what he wanted. I never challenged him. That day, he instructed Trish to spend time with me a “teach me”.
So, my sexual journey began at 8 years old. I would go to Trish’s house a few times. She fondled me at night until I came. I always came, and welcomed the orgasms. I wasn’t into her so much, even though today I am bi, she just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t understand that then though.
From there, I still went to my grand-parents’ house. Nothing really changed, except having sex with my grandfather. He would walk up behind me when no one was around, even with a full house of family, wrap his arms around my body. He’d reach his arm down to my pussy, and fondle me through my clothes. I still remember his hot breath on my ear and neck whispering “give me that pussy. Tonight you stay the night with Mamaw and Papaw”. I always did as he said. I’d stay. It was nothing new to my parents to stay there. I always did before. I had always slept between Mamaw and Papaw, cuddling up to her. After all was quiet, he’d reach out and pull my little body over to him. I could feel his huge, hard penis erect against my back or cheeks of my ass. He’d press me against him so hard. I remember feeling him leaking and making my back wet. Eventually, he pulled my panties down around my ankles, and parted my legs. He’d whisper “give me some juice”. I guess I wasn’t wet enough for him. He’d spit, ever so quietly, into his hand and apply to whatever area he was working. He ALWAYS made me cum, and more than once. After each orgasm, he’d gently pat my pussy with his huge hand and say “see, you like it.” He knew how to please, most certainly, and I was realizing I really liked these feelings. Through all of this, my Mamaw never woke, never budged. I wonder if she knew. How could she not. But he was so mean, maybe it was better this way.
Each time, he became bolder and bolder with his attempts to enter me, but really he’d just fuck my slit – ass to clit until he came. I remember how he’d push against my holes, yes, both ass and vagina. He wanted in SO BAD.
There were many more events. I have many more stories to tell about my Papaw.