Latest Drugs Confessions:


25538 - I recently started taking wellbutrin for depression and I didn't know much about its side effects. All I can say is holy fuck. It gives me sex drive, stamina, and intensity unlike anything I've ever experienced. I'm a 35 year old guy in decent shape, 2-3 orgasms a day was my usual limit before lack of arousal and dehydration took their toll.

Now I can orgasm as much as 6-8times a day and each orgasm is just as powerful as the one before and I always produce cum and it shoots and spurts further than ever before. This drug has definitely put my central nervous system and libido into maximum overdrive. Some people say it does nothing for them but I'm not normal to begin with. It makes me extra aroused and my sexual confidence is such that I feel like I can read women's signals better. I have urges to fuck every day like an insatiable porn star. In fact a couple days ago I fucked a milf at her house after I fixed her computer, her two daughters were home too!! Her husband travels a lot and she said he said to just leave some for him, so I took advantage of that fine latina milf, she wanted it just as much. I came in her twice and she loved it.

God bless the chemists who invented wellbutrin and viagra!


25537 - I used to have my life relatively under control. Then my wife filed for divorce and had me removed from the house based on exaggerated claims of adultery. The hardest part has been living away from my two children who are my only reason for being. I have had some compulsion issues in the past mostly with drugs and sex/porn. Now it is spiraling out of control as I have gambled at least $15,000 away, racked up a ton of debt and let the house go into foreclosure. I am taking any drugs I can get and some nights I literally drive around drunk. I am a shitty person. I want to stop but I keep chasing the dopamine high and fantasizing about winning a ton of money and making it all right again. To make matters worse I spent time with over a dozen escorts one of which gave me HSV2 even though protection was always used. Ok HSV2 is not as bad as everyone thinks it is but it does suck that it takes your body decades to eradicate it. I feel diseased, worthless, and damaged. I used to have everything under control and in the span of 10 months I have ruined my life and become a scoundrel. I want to have deep, carnal, intimate sex with every girl over a 6 that I see. I have spent countless nights thinking about ODing on drugs to get it over with but the thought of abandoning my children stops me from doing it. I'll probably turn things around at some point if I don't go to jail or die first. So that's my sob story. Don't be a impulsive shithead like me.


25475 - This is not a confession of my own personal problems, as I am only 13. I just had to get it out that I believe my sister may be addicted to a medicinal drug. She is on day 3 of having her wisdom teeth out, and she confessed to me that she is not taking the medicine for her pain, but just for a fuzzy/dizzy feeling that she got whenever she took it. She claims that it is a weird feeling, but it is nice, and she likes it. She begged me not to tell our mom about it, as she will make her stop taking it.

Earlier today, my sister took the pill, and about an hour later she complained that the feeling wasn't kicking in, and she was more irritable than normal, and even though I don't know the whole story, I feel like an addiction is starting to form. What should I do?


24866 - For 4 months I dated a girl i met from POF during the summer of 2013. She was a real bitch and a headcase. She was a size 10 and had huge 34G tits.I found out she used to party at nightclubs a long time ago and took Extasy like candy. She was a stripper for a short while in her 20's and I think she used to be a hooker too. She had a ton of friends that are still prostitutes in their 30's.

At least I was able to make her cum quite easily. My favorite way was to fuck her and make her cum with my cock. Once time i fucked her hard enough to the point that after she came she was unconscious and twitching. I though she was having a seizure once.

After we broke up she got back on POF. When I see her pics I think of the time I got on top of her and jacked off in her mouth and made her swallow my cum. I was trying to be nice and told her I was going to cum. Then she said, anything to make you happy.

In the end I was getting sick of the games and I cheated on her with another exgf who is 5-2, 105. We had a good fuck session that time. I was a bit nervous about cheating but I was done. When I fucked my ex I played a game with her. I stuck my cock in all the way and grinded it inside of her. Then she would grip my cock with her kegal muscles. Then I ended up fucking her hard and making her cum.

I didn't feel guilty about cheating but it made me want to leave the girl I met on POF. A very lovely lady indeed.