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24866 - For 4 months I dated a girl i met from POF during the summer of 2013. She was a real bitch and a headcase. She was a size 10 and had huge 34G tits.I found out she used to party at nightclubs a long time ago and took Extasy like candy. She was a stripper for a short while in her 20's and I think she used to be a hooker too. She had a ton of friends that are still prostitutes in their 30's.

At least I was able to make her cum quite easily. My favorite way was to fuck her and make her cum with my cock. Once time i fucked her hard enough to the point that after she came she was unconscious and twitching. I though she was having a seizure once.

After we broke up she got back on POF. When I see her pics I think of the time I got on top of her and jacked off in her mouth and made her swallow my cum. I was trying to be nice and told her I was going to cum. Then she said, anything to make you happy.

In the end I was getting sick of the games and I cheated on her with another exgf who is 5-2, 105. We had a good fuck session that time. I was a bit nervous about cheating but I was done. When I fucked my ex I played a game with her. I stuck my cock in all the way and grinded it inside of her. Then she would grip my cock with her kegal muscles. Then I ended up fucking her hard and making her cum.

I didn't feel guilty about cheating but it made me want to leave the girl I met on POF. A very lovely lady indeed.


24632 - My ex wife loves to get high on weed. we used to go to my cousens house all the time and the first thing she would say was got anything to smoke? she never paid for any of the weed. so one night she was wanting to find some weed to burn and I told her she needs to pay for it herself. she told me you know we don't have any money so I told her she could always suck or fuck to pay for it. she got pissed and dident talk to me for two days. on the therd day she was going nuts without any weed so I told her a lie and said I had set it up so she could get high but she would have to suck cock to pay for it. she got even more pissed but ask who it was. I told her it was my cousin. so she said ok because she knew him and he wouldent tell everone what she did. then I called him and told him Kim would suck him off if he would get her high. he was there in a few min. he had two joints rolled and they smoked them but then kim tried to back out of her deal. so we forced her to suck him and me then we both fucked her. that was the first time my cousin had a girls ass. after that night Kim would always suck or fuck him for the weed so it was kind of like she was paying for it. then one day she called him and he dident have any weed but he told her a friend had some if she was willing to pay for it. so I took her to meet my cousin at his friends house. they smoked a lot of weed and she was ready to suck his cock when he pulled out this horse size cock. I have never seen a white cock that big and Kim was freeked out and said she could never suck all that cock so he fucked her with it and she loved it cumming many times as he pounded her cunt. seeing her take his huge cock got me and my cousin horny and we fucked her ass after his friend was done with her and we went home. after that we moved to Fla. and I got a factory job that dident pay much but we were making it work. when Kim said she needed some weed. our nabor was in a wheel chare but he was a nice guy and had weed so Kim started sucking him for it. then like with my cousin one day he dident have any so I told her a bunch of the guys at my work had weed. so I took some pics of her nude and sucking my cock and showed them to a few guys at work and they all wanted to get her high. the first guy to come to our house was a black guy and so I told her to put on a blindfold when I was to get home and she would get so high it would be worth it so she did.i went in first to make shur all was good then he came in and I had told him to just walk in pull out his cock and feed it to my wife so that's just what he did she sucked him good after he filled her mouth and she drank it down I pulled off the blindfold she was pissed because he was black. but she smoked his weed anyway. after he left she cursed me and told me to never bring a black man to do that again.(she is from the south)and white girls just don't do that kind of thing. so she was sucking our nabor and a few white guys I worked with for her weed. she was always sucking or fucking but she was also always high. then I brought over the black guy again and told her he is the only one with weed so she let him fuck her to get high. I loved seeing her take his black cock. so I started telling her that he was the only one with weed so I could see her with him all the time. he loved fucking her wholes and filling her with cum. I told him I wanted to see him humiliate her a little. so he started making her ask for his cock befor he would use her and get her high. then he said he could bring a friend to help humiliate her and I was all for it. so he did. and Kim had to tell the new guy that she was a cum slut and needed used by both of them befor they would get her high. they both fucked her good for almost two hours. when they left she was coverd in cum and sweat. andi got to fuck her cum filled ass and add my cum to theres. she now sucks and fucks almost all black guys and drains there cocks for weed. she just don't know that I have a ton of white guys wanting to get her high but I love seeing her black used. starting to think about k-9 what do you think should I go for it?


22880 - Three or four years ago I started a relationship with a female friend. She said no when I first asked her out, that she didn't get the point of dating, but I tried to convince her. Eventually she said yes. I should have respected her initial response. That's strike one, but it gets oh so much worse.

Things weren't working out. We were too different and she was clingy all the time. We had started to live together and were fighting constantly, but I couldn't just tell her to get out.

I met someone else... She was in a similar situation. It was amazing how much we clicked. We never physically cheated, but we took solace in each other. I wanted to date her. I tried to be honest with her about my feelings, I tried not to push her to break up with the other guy despite how he treated her. I did everything I could to help her relationship... But I think I just made it worse. I broke up with the first girl. She broke up with him. We started dating. Strike too. Not too bad so far.

I had put so much energy into her I had become borderline neurotic. I'd been in some abusive relationships in the past, and I had wanted this for so long... I second guessed everything. Her and myself. I wasn't thinking or acting clearly. Maybe we lost what we had. Maybe if I had just been myself we would have still clicked, but who can say? I was too busy worrying to even propery interpret and offer for sex. She tried to explain this to me when she left, but I just couldn't accept it. I had always told her I'd be there for her. I said I'd stay as long as she wanted me to. I thought I meant it. I thought I was being honest. I didn't want to face the fact that I was acting differently, and that for whatever reason our connection was gone. I convinced myself she just didn't want to talk to me about why she was leaving. I decided I didn't need that in my life. I abandoned the only person I ever cared about more than myself and maybe the closest thing to a good relationship I'd ever had. Strike three. Getting worse.

I had to move after a room mate stole money from me. I had to quit my job. My family life was terrible. I couldn't get over her. I went full crazy. I harassed her for a few months before finally stopping, but even then things weren't okay. I fell into drugs and drinking. I asked the original girl out again just because I was lonely. I brought her down with me. I stole, both from her and others. I dealt drugs on more than one occasion. I used her for sex. Never maliciously. These things... You always convince yourself that's not what you're doing at the time. I thought maybe I really did want a relationship with her, but I was unsure. I lied. I stole. I used. I cheated. For a year I did nothing but disrespect and hurt her. She probably spent at least a couple of thousand on me... She was so generous. So kind. She could be so vicious, but who couldn't when you're dealing with someone like me. I even stole from a dealer of sorts, and while I didn't mean to, I guess I used her to do it. ive nearly been to prison. I've had gins pulled on me. I could be dead right now. I wish I were.Strikes four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. I was a junkie and an abusive asshole.

I know it's not all so black and white. I know she had things she was guilty of too. Often when we fought I tried to calm her down while she hit and yelled. She once threw my cat into a wall before punching me. I couldn't hit her back. I never was the type to hit a lady. I always thought I was so nice growing up. Everyone else did too... But I'm unstable. I'm unbalanced. And when I'm good I can be so good, but when I'm bad I'm a monster. I hurt those people and several others in my life more than I can ever imagine.

She left. Several people left. Who can blame them. I don't. Since then I've been trying to get my life together. Go back to school, got a job, be more honest with myself and others. I've been getting over the second girl. I quit the addictions. I went on medicine for depression and anxiety disorder. something that ive dealt with my entire life without admitting it. I even started to give what little extra money I could to the poor...

But those people can never forgive me. Maybe even more importantly, I can never forgive myself. I wish every day that being a good person now could erase what I've done, but I know it never can. I have to take responsibility for it. Nothing can undo the things I've done or the person I would. Not even a life time of perfection.

I would give everything I have just to be forgiven. I would give it all just to be able to forgive myself, but that's too much to expect, I know. A person like me doesn't even deserve death. I deserve to suffer in the hell I've made for myself. One of guilt and regret.

Unfortunately I can't even do that right. I don't intend to be here much longer. Maybe it's the easy way out, but I've seen what I can do now. I know how terrible I can be. I can't live with that any more.


22073 - Im a white man in a long term straight relationship. Every so often I give in to my urges to snort a bunch of cocaine and watch interracial porn, because I love how fantasizing about sucking big black dicks and having my mouth filled with hot cum makes my brain tingle.