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25532 - When I was 13, I was in a spanish lesson and my friend is sitting next to me. He was called Shane was quite small, had blonde hair and amazing blue eyes. He started messing with his dick and I couldn't help but sneak a peak. So I did but he caught me and said "Why look when you can do more" I was so excited I have been dreaming of this moment sinse I met him. He got his dick out which was a little above average, and started jacking himself off. I was sooo hard and horny that I went to grab his dick and he allowed me to. I started easily and slowly jacking him off, I can tell he liked it as he was groaning quietly as we where in a class with other people in. He pulled my head down slowly and put it right near his massive throbbing cock. I gently tounged his dick as it was in my mouth. But then I went for it going faster and enjoying it more and more. After lesson we went to the toilets where he had me in a cubicle sideways. It hurt at first but I really enjoyed it after a while. I walked back with him and this time we did the 69 position. I fucked him that time.

Another time was with a person called Jack. He was tall and very good looking. I was round his and he said "Can you do me a favor?" I said yes and he got his dick out and shoved it in my face. I knew what I had to do but his cock was just so big! I could fit it all in but he facefucked me then skrewed my tight ass. I loved feeling him inside me. I swallowed all his precious cum, and after that hr made me cum by sucking me off and hr even went on for longer after I came.

2 weeks later, Jack invited Shane, Jacob and someone called Luke over. Shane shoved his big throbbing cock into my mouth so I instantly started to enjoy it. I jerked off Jacob and Luke while sucking Shane's cock. Jack went to do my ass again and I didn't flinch when he put his super rock hard dick in me. He pumped so hard that I came within about 4 minutes. Luke was a small average kid looking to get a blowjob and it was his lucky day. Luke had brown hair, brown eyes and a lovely small dick which I liked at this moment. Jacob on the other hand was tall, with brown hair and had the most amazing dickhead I have ever seen. It was so smooth and made for sucking. I made Shane cum and continued to jack him off even when he had shot his hot sticky cum all over my face.

Then I started with Luke, his dick fit perfectly in my mouth and I loved him facefucking me. His dick wasn't to small that I couldn't do anything with it but not to big that it choked me. I fit his whole dick and balls in my mouth and I was begging for more. So he did it and it was just so precious that his dick was in my mouth. Shane got down underneath me (While Jack was still penetrating me with his massive cock.) and Shane started to suck me off. He used his tounge on the head of my throbbing cock, he said it was his first time, but no one can suck a dick that well first time. He then went straight down to my balls, and my cock was fairly big. He licked the balls while jerking me off. He had such amazing blue eyes as he looked at you. I told him he looks better with a dick in his mouth, and he said thanks. I cummed all in Shane's mouth and he got up pulled Luke away and gave my own cum to me. I swallowed all of it.

Shane went back under to suck me off even more, Jack was still fucking me, Luke slid his dick in Shane's ass and I got to meet Jacobs big friend. He got his dick and guided it in and out of my mouth and made lots of noise. Jacob grabbed my hair and very quickly pulled my head on and off his dick, very fast. Jack, who had came in my ass about 10 times, got up and told me to go on my hands and knees. He tounged my ass and I loved it. So Jack was rimming me, I was sucking Jacob, Shane was sucking me and Luke was skrewing Shane. This lasted about 3 hours. Maybe more. But after, me, Jack, Shane, Luke and Jacob all put our dicks inside the person in front of us. We spooned until morning. (A very long time away)

I have more true stories so comment if you want to hear more, and we still fuck to this day. Almost everyday after school.


24487 - I am a 57 year old married in the closet cross dressing bisexual sissy. My wife knows nothing of this. We haven't had sex in 3 years because that is what she wants. I took on a male lover and go to his place and get dressed up for his pleasure. I suck him and take his cock up my ass. He never touches my cock I have to jerk my self. I am there for his pleasure only.


23545 - I live in Oberlin ohio and I go to a local rest area and suck cock I just waite on the park walk path sometimes on my knees and will suck anyone who wants it hit me up somtime rt. two rest area


23395 - I was curious about sucking a cock for years and then just by chance I saw an ad on Craigslist about 5 years ago that peaked my interest! It was a 19yr old crossdresser looking for an older man! He came over and we did everything he even fucked me the 3rd time we met it was amazing! But after I sucked his cock the firstime we met and kissed and licked him allover I was hooked totally! I absolutely love sucking a nice clean cock especially younger ones legal age of course! I cant stop looking for and wanting to suck cock I am totally addicted to cock to the point where sometimes I wish I could stop sucking cock but I absolutely love it!I dont really want to stop though trust me I love it!