Latest Cheating Confessions:


25222 - I met fiance Katie (not her real name) in college. We dated for two years and then broke up when she was accepted into graduate school in Philadelphia.

That summer we lived apart, until I couldn't take it anymore. Missing Katie, I finally flew to Philadelphia and asked her to marry me. Much to my surprise and happiness, she said yes.

I moved to Philadelphia and rented an apartment. Katie moved in with me but also kept her studio apartment. I told her she needed to let it go, but she said she needed it to "store" some of her things. I didn't really doubt her because, in truth, her apartment was full of her stuff.

As our wedding day approached, I again brought up the issue of her apartment. It was costing us a lot of money - the rent alone was over $900 a month. And now that the wedding was approaching, the deposits for the hall and the photographer were draining my savings account. But Katie kept insisting she needed the storage. Her insistence was frustrating, especially since we could event a storage unit for a fraction of what we were spending on her rent.

One afternoon, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to the apartment to see how much of her stuff I could move into the storage area. The first surprise I had was that the key she'd given me didn't work. I tried a couple of times but it clearly was the wrong key. I considered calling her, but knew she'd be pissed, so I decided to just leave.

One my way out, I saw a fire escape linking the three studios at the top of the building. Access it was easy and each of the studios had a balcony by the fire escape. I quickly climbed to the balcony only to find the door locked - but the window next to it was cracked slightly. Hoping I wasn't too obvious, I climbed in through the window.

As I said, the apartment was full of her stuff. But what was strange was the dirty dishes in the sink - two cups, two plates and forks. I went into the bedroom and saw the bed was set up and made - but the comforter was wrinkled, as if someone had been sleeping on it.

I walked around the apartment for awhile, confused. I began to wonder if Katie had sublet the apartment and not told me. But why? Her clothes were still in the closet. A parking pass for the university lay on the table by the front front door. There was a toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. And in the medicine cabinet - condoms.

I was still in the bathroom when I heard a key in the lock. Immediately, I panicked. My heart pounding, I quickly stepped inside the bathtub, hiding behind the shower curtain. I held my breath, waiting.

Voices, one of them Katie's. Then someone laughed. Then the light flahed on in the bathroom and I almost died. I couldn't see who it was, but when the steady sound of pissing started, I knew it was a male. When the flushing started, I heard him say, "I don't want to eat there again." In the distance, Katie said something I couldn't hear. Then the light went off.

I stood there in the darkness, heart pounding, trying to place the voice. It sounded so familiar. But now there was silence.

Swallowing hard, I stepped out of the shower. The light was off in the bathroom, but the door was open. I could see into the living room - empty. Stepping silently, I peered out of the bathroom. Like the living room, the kitchen and dining area were empty. They hadn't left, so they had to be in the bedroom.

They were.

When I finally crept to when I could see into the bedroom, I just about died on the spot. Now I knew why Katie didn't want to give up the apartment.

The guy was her graduate advisor, a man ten or fifteen years older than her and married - not that a wedding ring was stopping either of them right now. As I watched, Katie was lying back on the bed and he was kneeing in front of her, pushing her knees apart with his hands. Chewing her lip, Katie began to shift on the bed as the guy's head disappeared up her skirt. A few minutes later, her eyes were closed, her legs were on his shoulders, and she was bucking on the bed.

When he was finished - when Katie had literally cum on his face, whimpering and moaning - he pulled away from her and began removing his slacks. Katie reached beneath her skirt and removed her panties, tossing them on the floor.

He then gave her another orgasm, this time with his cock. For hours afterwards, I could see in my mind the vivid image of Katie moving on the bed beneath him, her slender body pushing into his, his eyes greedily watching her face as he made her cum - moaning softly - again.

Somehow I got out of the apartment without them hearing me. I made it outside and waited - but it still took them another hour to leave. I could only imagine what had transpired while I was waiting.

That night, Katie slept soundly - and in the morning, I was gone.


25160 - As I write this my husband is in the next room fucking his lover. I can hear them, they intend for me to. She's calling out his name, praising his skills. He's telling her how sexy and wonderful she is.
I'm sitting her naked and ignored.
Before they started I was allowed to undress them both. I was given permission to first lick her pussy and suck her clit until she was dripping wet. I was granted the duty of sucking him until he was stiff as could be. Then I was sent away to write this.
When they finish I will be called back in, to first use my mouth to clean his cock, then to lick up all the cum he left inside her. I miss being allowed to have his cock inside me, but that almost never happens anymore.
My pussy has been denied their touch for over a year. My mouth is used, my ass is sometimes fucked, but neither ever uses my pussy. I'm only allowed to touch it at their order.
If I please them today they may let me masturbate and have an orgasm of my own. I've been denied one for the last month.
This is my life


25138 - Confess I cheated on my girlfriend with several different women. Face it, dealing with a girl that's more on the bitchy side can be aggravating. Plus recently there's been a major decline with morals in females these days. Figure I might as well keep it even for the male race.


25137 - Only terrible women cheat on their spouses then try to make it seem like its their fault. Unknowingly unaware of how idiotic they makes themselves appear.