Latest Cheating Confessions:


25138 - Confess I cheated on my girlfriend with several different women. Face it, dealing with a girl that's more on the bitchy side can be aggravating. Plus recently there's been a major decline with morals in females these days. Figure I might as well keep it even for the male race.


25137 - Only terrible women cheat on their spouses then try to make it seem like its their fault. Unknowingly unaware of how idiotic they makes themselves appear.


25085 - So I'm 19years old. Kind of nerdy kid. I'm indian from south africa. I'm in college @ the moment.

This is my confession :

I travel to college with my neighbor. She is a lecture there. She's beautiful indian lady. She's 39years. 34c cup firm boobs and a nice 32 size waist.

So we used to have general convos to and on the way back from college. Until like 6months ago. She asked how was my sex life. To be honest. I'm kind of gifted. I have a 10 inch dick. I'm having plenty sex. So I told her I have an average size dick and I'm getting pussy. And also asked about her sex life. She told me which is shocking. Its boring. Same old shit. She needed something new. ( She rubbed my leg). I didn't need any more hints. I lend over and kissed her.

That was it. She just smiled. We never end up going to college that day. She made a u turn and we went to a lodge(motel). When she finally saw my size she was really shocked and surprisingly. It took her like 2 ,3 weeks before she took the whole length.

Now we being having sex for the passed 6months. I got her pregnant 2times. We planning on spending a weekend away together.

Let's hope her husband says yes she can go on a college trip :P


25065 - So, im an officer of the K9 unit. I am married and have two children one 8 the other 4. What i need to confess is that my partner Thor, my German Shepard, became my lover. I cheated on my husband, he wasn't giving me any, so one day i was fingering myself and Thor happened by . . i noticed him when he started to lick me. he is 8 1/2 inches! my husband is barely 4 inches.