Latest Cheating Confessions:


26887 - I can't help myself from cheating on my husband. I've fucked at least 10 other married men from our church but my favorite are younger studs. Every day when my husband goes to work I do my duties then call which ever one of my college studs isn't in class. They'll come over and I'll be on my knees before the door closes. Sometimes I'll have two or three of them in a day. They never wear condoms and almost always cum in my pussy. One of them, Darek, really gets off on fucking me in my daughters room. I keep my husbands cock satisfied but I need more than one man. When I pick the kids up my pussy is full of cum and I've found myself letting my eyes linger on my sons lacrosse team mates. I sometimes wonder how many other seemingly boring house wives are like me.


26833 - I was molested by my dad from eight years old and under. He use to make me orgasm under the blanket many times, sometimes I would squirm for it just waiting for him to touch me.
Now I'm grown married women that is a total whore. I cheat on my husband with whoever however I can. I'm into bdsm and want to be degraded/ humiliated controlled. I like being fisted, used, spit on, choked, slapped, ass fucked. I have fetishes with large dick and insertion play, rough, incest, interracial, gangbang, stranger sex, cheating, older men, cuckqueen, age play. I have done strangers off craigslist, in bars, etc..., my new favorite fabtasy is having black man inside me. I just want to be fucked so hard I can cry. If a man offers me dick, I will take it. I don't know how to fix it? I love the feeling of cock inside me and get so aroused by sucking on dick, especially if it's large. Is something wrong with me?


26829 - I'm married and want to fuck my my brother in law, my husbands brother. His wife told me they haven't had sex in three months, and I know he must be horny. We are really close, I just don't know how to tip him over to that point. I catch him staring at my cleavage sometimes, but he is never inappropriate outside of that. How do I keep pushing for more to happen without alarming him?
I am a really high sexed women, need lots of sex, and my husband can't keep up. I just want to sit on my brother in laws dick once to see how it feels.


26808 - I'm a total slut. I am 30 and married, but I sleep with people off craigslist and tinder. I had my first endowed man 2 months ago and now I want more. I also let a guy fist me. Outside my crazy sex drive, I am so normal. I just want to have a bdsm in my marriage and my husband won't. So instead I just find men to give me it rough/hard/dirty in daytime while he is gone. What's wrong with me?