Latest Cheating Confessions:


24090 - I'm a married middle age white male just hooked up with a young black female. I did have sex with her but, I did lick her pussy for about 5 minutes and her sweet cum covered my tongue. Then I came home and kissed my wife with tongue and she smiled.....if she only knew.


24073 - I had sex with my best friends boyfriend, and I'm absolutely ashamed of myself. I've known the guy a lot longer than her. We've been friends for years but it was never anything like that. Now that they're dating I've found myself extremely attracted to him. They hosted a party and I got too drunk to drive and crashed in their spare bedroom. During the night I got up for water and he was in the kitchen. It started innocently enough, but one thing led to another and we ended up in the spare bedroom, naked, and the sex was mind blowing. Afterwards, we laid in each other's arms and kissed, and he told me he'd leave her for me. I'm not sure I want that. What have I done?


24048 - My sister-in-law was a recovering drug addict who moved in with us. When my wife was away one weekend, I caught my sister-in-law binge drinking. She hadn't realized I was home. She followed me around the house for an hour, begging me not to tell. I didn't. She offered to suck my dick in exchange, and I let her. It was the best and dirtiest blowjob I've ever had. After that, we fucked every single night for months. I'd stay up after my wife went to bed, creep into my sister in laws bedroom, and fuck her stupid.

It's been three years since then and we still fuck on occasion. My wife has no idea.


24045 - I fucked my boss, and I loved it. We're both married, and my husband is a good friend of his. It's how I ended up with the job. I had been working for him for about six months when we had to work a Saturday together. We joked around, enjoyed each other's company while we worked on reports, and he ordered us lunch. When we finished he jokingly said that the food had been better than sex. Without thinking, I said "Well, that's because you've never fucked me." He was quiet for a minute, then smiled and said "Is that an invitation?"

The next thing I knew, he had me bent over his desk and he was tonguing my pussy and ass. I came once like that before I pulled his cock out and sat on it. His stripped me almost completely while I bounced in his lap, and I came again. I asked him if he wanted to fuck my ass, and he confessed that he'd been checking my ass out since the first day he met me. I bent back over his desk and let him fuck my ass, and when he was close to cumming I spun around, dropped to my knees and begged him to cum across my face.

He told me after that we could never do it again, but we'll see how weak that statement is tomorrow, since we have to work together and alone again.