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25674 - I run a campground that has some people that live year round. there is this one young girl in her twenties that is so hot she 5'5 with huge 40ddd tits and a small ass. when ever I would see her I would get a hard-on. I would flirt with her and tell her if I was 30yrs younger and single I would take her and give her a what for.
then one day she was crying I went to her and asked her what was wrong she told me her bf left her for this other girl who was twice her size and weight. I told her he was an idiot. I reach for her and started to hug her and told her it would be ok.
when I felt her tits against me I got a huge hard-on I knew she could feel it between her tits. I must had turned red when she said now that feel good. she lead me into her trl and told me to sit down so she could take care of it, that it would not be good for me to walk around with a hard-on.
she took down my zipper and pulled out my cock she looked up at me and said she wasn't sure she could take all of me but she would try. she took me in as she did I undid her top and bra to play with her gravity defying tits she had the biggest nipples I had ever seen they where almost two inches. when they where hard.
she sucked me till I almost came she asked me to fuck her I told only if I could lick her pussy she got undress and so did I. she stood there naked I laid down and had her climb on me and place her bare pussy on my face her clit was just as large I sucked on it and licked her pussy then while I did that I slide a finger deep into her ass. she let out a moan and came all over my face. she slid down to my rock hard cock and climb on to it she was so tight she let out a little scream and said god you are so big I think I am going to rip apart then with one quick thrust she went down and I was buried deep in her she stayed there for a few minutes then started to ride me like a bronco it didn't take long for me to cum when I told her I was she just kept riding me till I unloaded deep in her. she leaned over and kissed me and told me for now on anytime I wanted I could have her.


25634 - Tommy K, I know you go on this site to jerk off.

I’m leaving you and getting a divorce in Reno.

I’m confession to you that I’m in love with your sister Helen. She makes me feel more of a woman than you ever did.

And when she uses the strap-on, my pussy finally feels filled up. Something your tiny dick never could do.

Helen maybe a swimsuit model, but is more of a man than you will ever be.

Just so you know your family (mom, dad, your brothers and sister) are all sick of bailing you out of financial trouble and you’re constant try to fucking everything in

Both of your bothers knows you tried to fuck their wives. And your sister Lori confess to your parents you tried to fuck several times when she was in college.

Mom and dad have given their blessing to Helen and me and want us to be together.

Just so you know your father as completely cut you out of the estate and will, and I will get your fucking share.

I’m marrying Helen and she will get to suck my big tits and fuck my pussy.

You never could make me come.


25591 - My black buddy just left after working me over pretty good. I can still taste his cock and cum. I love that fresh fucked feeling that my ass has after he has fucked me. I love sitting down and feeling my ass gap on the seat cushions. My gf thinks she is slick holding sex back from me. Little does she know that I just give him a call when ever she goes in bitch mode. I always thought it funny that women think their pussy is gold when the female to male ratio is 3 to 1. Not to mention above all there are men out there to which increase the odds. In your face M.


25400 - While my husband was out celebrating the election results with his Republican friends, I took the opportunity to have my own kind of party. I went to a hotel and met up with a younger black couple.
I showed up dressed as the perfect image of a good conservative woman, hair done up, make up on, sleeveless sheath dress and a great pair of heels. I could have just walked off the set of FOX and Friends.
He was a well muscled young man with thick dreads and very dark skin. His wife was very curvy little thing, barley squeezed into jeans and tank top.
As soon as I entered the room she was pushing me to my knees. He had his cock out right away and I started sucking him, taking that thick BBC right down. She grabbed my head and pushed me onto him, making me gag and choke. She was laughing and calling me a little white whore, asking me if I'd ever had a man's dick instead of some closeted fuck like my husband. I loved the abuse.
Soon they moved me to the bed, my face buried between her full thighs, lapping at her pussy. She had a rich taste. not bad but strong. Between her moans she kept up the verbal taunts. He hiked up my dress, pulled my panties to the side and just started slamming my pussy. I felt like I was being torn into but that didn't stop me from pushing back to meet his thrusts.
The used me hard like for a while, telling me that I was finally getting what every white slut wanted. As I felt him shoot a thick load in me, I agreed they were right.
They had me rim their asses, lick their feet and continue to service both her pussy and his cock for an hour or more.
Then he asked me if I wanted more. I said yes and he took out his phone and called some friends. About 15 minutes later 4 more black guys showed up. I was made to suck each of them off as she played with my tits and pussy. I drank their cum or had it shot in my face.
When the guys had finished with me she took me to the shower and made me lay there as she squatted over my face. She pissed over me, my face my tits and in my mouth while they all laughed and then joined her. I fingered myself to orgasm as their black cocks sprayed me with piss.
I cleaned up, got dressed and thanked them all. I was back home well before my husband got back. He was drunk and way to happy about how this election has "saved American values". I smiled knowing all the cum I'd had in and on me and how much he would have been shocked that I wasn't just cheating on him, but whoring myself to black men and women.