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26165 - Last night I fucked my neighbor. we live in a mobile home park. it started with her walking around her house naked when her husband is gone. and she would leave her blinds open on the side that faces my place. she alittle on the heavy side by about 50lbs but she look really good. I told her that she needed to be careful because I could see her. she said oh ok. then she stopped for a few days then she would do it again I had to hide the fact that I was getting turned on by it from my wife.
well my wife went to take care of on of her daughters from her first marriage. I went out to take the trash to the dumpster and saw her walking around naked. I cant stop looking at her huge ddd tits that almost defy gravity just then she see me and waves for me to come over. so I walk up to the front door and she opens it and tells me to come in quickly. when I come in she closes the door and tells me that she is so horny and wants to fuck.
I look at her and tell her that I am old enough to be her dad I am 62 and she is 29. she said she didn't care and she knew I had a big cock since she and my wife would talk. by now my cock is fighting to get out she grabs my hand and we walk to her bedroom. she drops to her knees and unzip my pant and pull them and my underwear down to my ankle my cock stand out rock hard all 10 1/2 inches uncut of it she tells me to sit while she get my shoes off and tell me to take my shirt off.
she then takes my cock in her mouth and works it like no tomorrow. she get me to where I almost peak and stops and tell me its her turn. she climbs in the bed and lay on her back I give her a deep kiss and the start to suck and nibble on those huge melons. I slowly work my way down to her bare pussy to find a huge clit I start to suck hard on it, she moan and ask me to suck on it harder I start to nibble it as I did she moan even more when I slide two finger deep into her super hot and wet pussy she started to shake. then she started to squirt I lapped up every bit of her juices I continue to do what I was doing till she had to beg me to stop that she could not go any further.
I let her ay there for a bit then I climb up to where my cock was at her opening I slowing moved forward as my cock slide in she was so tight I had to go slow till I was deep in her. then I started to ride her fast and hard til I was ready to cum and I told her I was going to cum to told me to just fill her pussy with it all she wanted to feel it in her. the closer I got the more she meet me as I rammed my cock deep into her. then I shot my load deep into her she screamed and started to orgasm again. we fuck three more times.
when I left she told me she wants more and I was her when ever I wanted. I told her that would be hard to do when the wife is around. she said we would just have to figure that out some how. then I asked her what she thought about a three some, she said she up for anything as long as she could fuck me. I told her we could fuck till my wife gets home then I would ask her if she was up for it my wife is 54 and is bi. so I cant wait till she get home and I can get them both.


25674 - I run a campground that has some people that live year round. there is this one young girl in her twenties that is so hot she 5'5 with huge 40ddd tits and a small ass. when ever I would see her I would get a hard-on. I would flirt with her and tell her if I was 30yrs younger and single I would take her and give her a what for.
then one day she was crying I went to her and asked her what was wrong she told me her bf left her for this other girl who was twice her size and weight. I told her he was an idiot. I reach for her and started to hug her and told her it would be ok.
when I felt her tits against me I got a huge hard-on I knew she could feel it between her tits. I must had turned red when she said now that feel good. she lead me into her trl and told me to sit down so she could take care of it, that it would not be good for me to walk around with a hard-on.
she took down my zipper and pulled out my cock she looked up at me and said she wasn't sure she could take all of me but she would try. she took me in as she did I undid her top and bra to play with her gravity defying tits she had the biggest nipples I had ever seen they where almost two inches. when they where hard.
she sucked me till I almost came she asked me to fuck her I told only if I could lick her pussy she got undress and so did I. she stood there naked I laid down and had her climb on me and place her bare pussy on my face her clit was just as large I sucked on it and licked her pussy then while I did that I slide a finger deep into her ass. she let out a moan and came all over my face. she slid down to my rock hard cock and climb on to it she was so tight she let out a little scream and said god you are so big I think I am going to rip apart then with one quick thrust she went down and I was buried deep in her she stayed there for a few minutes then started to ride me like a bronco it didn't take long for me to cum when I told her I was she just kept riding me till I unloaded deep in her. she leaned over and kissed me and told me for now on anytime I wanted I could have her.


25634 - Tommy K, I know you go on this site to jerk off.

I’m leaving you and getting a divorce in Reno.

I’m confession to you that I’m in love with your sister Helen. She makes me feel more of a woman than you ever did.

And when she uses the strap-on, my pussy finally feels filled up. Something your tiny dick never could do.

Helen maybe a swimsuit model, but is more of a man than you will ever be.

Just so you know your family (mom, dad, your brothers and sister) are all sick of bailing you out of financial trouble and you’re constant try to fucking everything in

Both of your bothers knows you tried to fuck their wives. And your sister Lori confess to your parents you tried to fuck several times when she was in college.

Mom and dad have given their blessing to Helen and me and want us to be together.

Just so you know your father as completely cut you out of the estate and will, and I will get your fucking share.

I’m marrying Helen and she will get to suck my big tits and fuck my pussy.

You never could make me come.


25591 - My black buddy just left after working me over pretty good. I can still taste his cock and cum. I love that fresh fucked feeling that my ass has after he has fucked me. I love sitting down and feeling my ass gap on the seat cushions. My gf thinks she is slick holding sex back from me. Little does she know that I just give him a call when ever she goes in bitch mode. I always thought it funny that women think their pussy is gold when the female to male ratio is 3 to 1. Not to mention above all there are men out there to which increase the odds. In your face M.