Latest Cheating Confessions:


24955 - I cheated in my husband this morning for the first time. I got pulled over by a cop for speeding and he turned out to be my neighbor. At first I thought he was just going to let me go, but he leaned into the car and rubbed up my leg and told me that he had watched me drive by nearly everyday.
I was a little nervous but my legs were starting to spread and his hand was soon in my panties. He asked if I'd follow him to the park about a block away and I was so wet and wanting to be fucked that I did. As soon as we got to the park he sat me up on the hood of my car, pushed my skirt up and started licking my pussy. He tongue fucked me while I rubbed my clit and I came on his tongue several times. He pulled me down off of the car and pushed my top up. He stroked his hard cock while I rubbed my tits. He told me to turn around and bend over and I did. I thought he was going to fuck my pussy but he shoved himself in my ass. I screamed out in pain but soon it felt so good I was begging him not to stop. He pulled my hair and called me a slut and I just got more excited. Now I feel terrible that I cheated and I will be so uncomfortable when we are at the same neighborhood parties, but I really am hoping he pulls me over again.


24953 - I cheated on my husband again. No matter what i do I just can't stay away from him.
Like always I went to his house at 10 minutes after 5. I stood in the hallway of his apartment complex,trying to talk myself out of going through with it, but like always I rang the bell.

He let me in and walked back to the bedroom. We hardly ever say anything to one another, we both know exactly how this will go. I stripped out of my clothes while he did the same.

He laid back on his bed, legs spread. I crawled between them, my mouth already open for his cock. I took it in, sucking on it as it stiffened an grew. A couple of times up and down and it was fully hard. I worked on it, taking his length in my mouth. I've grown so used to his cock that i don't even gag anymore, even when his strong hands pull my head and hold me so I can't pull back. he likes to hold me there, nose buried in his pubic hair.

Next he rolled me to my back. His fingers were shoved into my pussy, his calloused thumb grinding my clit. He bit my nipples, slapped my breasts, all the time fucking me with his hand.

I moved onto my hands knees, my ass up in the air for him. He never violates our deal, I won't let him in my pussy, but my asshole is his. I felt the familiar lube trickle down my crack then his fat cock head pushed hard into my hole. There's never anything gentle about our sex, he never goes slow or shows my cries any notice. I wouldn't want it any other way. My brute of lover slammed into me over and over.

The only real talking we do is during this. He calls me all kinds of names, demands I beg for his cock, makes me tell him over and over how my ass his. Makes me grovel and ask for his cum.

He shot his load inside me. He pulled out and had me lie on my back. He's always ready again and he shoved that thick cock back in my still aching hole. The second round was just like the first, rough and merciless.

He slapped my pussy as he fucked my ass. Pulled my nipples until I screamed. He spit in my mouth and called me a whore. He shoved his fingers back in my pussy and churned them in me until I had my orgasm. Then he fucked me until his second pop.

I slid to the floor and he stood above me. Like always I cleaned off his cock with my mouth as he called me a good slut.

Then I get dressed and left. The whole drive home I was wracked by guilt and desire. I masturbated thinking about it as I took a shower.

I made dinner and waited for my husband to get home. As soon as he finished eating dinner. I was stroking his cock through his slacks.

I let my husband fuck me on the living room floor. Our session was wild and exciting, made more so by my guilt and memories of my lover's rough treatment of me not an hour and half before.

I love my husband, and I love our sex life, but I can't quit my lover.


24911 - I recently met a 37 year old, married man while I was visiting a friend for a few days. I'm 19 and he is married with two kids from a former divorce. He asked me to be his lover. I'm actually moving in with my friend in a few months so I told him that when I move there we most likely can. I recently discovered my fetish for older men. I've always wanted a Daddy Dom type of relationship. However, I'm a bit nervous because he's married to a really good woman and I don't want to be a home wrecker.


24891 - I am a 21 year old female, engaged to a wonderful man. I work over at a convience store and honestly I meet a lot of hot guys when I work night shift, I've given a couple of them my number and we started texting alot. One day I was asked out to a bar and have some drinks, I agreed and met up the week after. Unfortunately my ID was still vertical so they didn't accept my ID, I was embarrassed and apologized repeatedly. He smiled and said it was alright, we decided to go buy some drinks from the store I worked at since he lived in the apartments right next door.

We get to his apartment and were laughing, talking and drinking. I'm honestly a lightweight, so after 3 bottles I was already drunk. He had me lean against him and we watched TV as I tried to relax, he started to pet and run his fingers through my hair. I squirmed and sighed in pleasure as I relaxed more, then I felt his hand on my breast. Squeezing it and rubbing my nipple outside of my shirt, I moaned softly and blushed deeply as he continued. I was to shy to look at him as he kept pleasuring my breast, he then went under my shirt and bra and started pinching and pulling on my nipples. Sucking on my neck softly so that he didn't leave any marks, I was lost in pleasure and lust just from my chest being fondled. As soon as he put his fingers on my clit, I came hard. Moaning and screaming just from that slight touch, he smiled and looked down at me and told me to go into the bedroom. I did as I was told and he stripped me down, threw me on the bed and started to eat me out. I couldnt control my screaming, his tongue worshiped my clit. I was in total exctasy, enjoying the feeling as my body went numb from the intense pleasure or being eaten out. I came multiple times on his face, he just wouldnt stop. He wanted to make sure I would never forget that night, after i came about 10 times he climbed ontop of me and started pounding my tight, soaking pussy. I was amazed how great it felt, i came even more on his dick and screaming loudly. After we were done we went to sleep together and sent me home then next day back to my fiance, every morning I see my fiance we have either morning sex or foreplay of some kind. He has no clue what I'm doing behind his back and I don't feel bad for it. I'm actually supposed to be seeing another guy soon.