Latest Cheating Confessions:


25591 - My black buddy just left after working me over pretty good. I can still taste his cock and cum. I love that fresh fucked feeling that my ass has after he has fucked me. I love sitting down and feeling my ass gap on the seat cushions. My gf thinks she is slick holding sex back from me. Little does she know that I just give him a call when ever she goes in bitch mode. I always thought it funny that women think their pussy is gold when the female to male ratio is 3 to 1. Not to mention above all there are men out there to which increase the odds. In your face M.


25400 - While my husband was out celebrating the election results with his Republican friends, I took the opportunity to have my own kind of party. I went to a hotel and met up with a younger black couple.
I showed up dressed as the perfect image of a good conservative woman, hair done up, make up on, sleeveless sheath dress and a great pair of heels. I could have just walked off the set of FOX and Friends.
He was a well muscled young man with thick dreads and very dark skin. His wife was very curvy little thing, barley squeezed into jeans and tank top.
As soon as I entered the room she was pushing me to my knees. He had his cock out right away and I started sucking him, taking that thick BBC right down. She grabbed my head and pushed me onto him, making me gag and choke. She was laughing and calling me a little white whore, asking me if I'd ever had a man's dick instead of some closeted fuck like my husband. I loved the abuse.
Soon they moved me to the bed, my face buried between her full thighs, lapping at her pussy. She had a rich taste. not bad but strong. Between her moans she kept up the verbal taunts. He hiked up my dress, pulled my panties to the side and just started slamming my pussy. I felt like I was being torn into but that didn't stop me from pushing back to meet his thrusts.
The used me hard like for a while, telling me that I was finally getting what every white slut wanted. As I felt him shoot a thick load in me, I agreed they were right.
They had me rim their asses, lick their feet and continue to service both her pussy and his cock for an hour or more.
Then he asked me if I wanted more. I said yes and he took out his phone and called some friends. About 15 minutes later 4 more black guys showed up. I was made to suck each of them off as she played with my tits and pussy. I drank their cum or had it shot in my face.
When the guys had finished with me she took me to the shower and made me lay there as she squatted over my face. She pissed over me, my face my tits and in my mouth while they all laughed and then joined her. I fingered myself to orgasm as their black cocks sprayed me with piss.
I cleaned up, got dressed and thanked them all. I was back home well before my husband got back. He was drunk and way to happy about how this election has "saved American values". I smiled knowing all the cum I'd had in and on me and how much he would have been shocked that I wasn't just cheating on him, but whoring myself to black men and women.


25391 - I hate the father of my kids! Hes an abusive, manipulative, cheating walking STD. I fought to keep my family together and for whatever reasons have not been enough for him. I now plan to leave one day with our children while he is working so he comes home to the empty hole he stuck us in to rot in misery. I hope he doesn't kill me before then.


25222 - I met fiance Katie (not her real name) in college. We dated for two years and then broke up when she was accepted into graduate school in Philadelphia.

That summer we lived apart, until I couldn't take it anymore. Missing Katie, I finally flew to Philadelphia and asked her to marry me. Much to my surprise and happiness, she said yes.

I moved to Philadelphia and rented an apartment. Katie moved in with me but also kept her studio apartment. I told her she needed to let it go, but she said she needed it to "store" some of her things. I didn't really doubt her because, in truth, her apartment was full of her stuff.

As our wedding day approached, I again brought up the issue of her apartment. It was costing us a lot of money - the rent alone was over $900 a month. And now that the wedding was approaching, the deposits for the hall and the photographer were draining my savings account. But Katie kept insisting she needed the storage. Her insistence was frustrating, especially since we could event a storage unit for a fraction of what we were spending on her rent.

One afternoon, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I went to the apartment to see how much of her stuff I could move into the storage area. The first surprise I had was that the key she'd given me didn't work. I tried a couple of times but it clearly was the wrong key. I considered calling her, but knew she'd be pissed, so I decided to just leave.

One my way out, I saw a fire escape linking the three studios at the top of the building. Access it was easy and each of the studios had a balcony by the fire escape. I quickly climbed to the balcony only to find the door locked - but the window next to it was cracked slightly. Hoping I wasn't too obvious, I climbed in through the window.

As I said, the apartment was full of her stuff. But what was strange was the dirty dishes in the sink - two cups, two plates and forks. I went into the bedroom and saw the bed was set up and made - but the comforter was wrinkled, as if someone had been sleeping on it.

I walked around the apartment for awhile, confused. I began to wonder if Katie had sublet the apartment and not told me. But why? Her clothes were still in the closet. A parking pass for the university lay on the table by the front front door. There was a toothbrush and toothpaste in the bathroom. And in the medicine cabinet - condoms.

I was still in the bathroom when I heard a key in the lock. Immediately, I panicked. My heart pounding, I quickly stepped inside the bathtub, hiding behind the shower curtain. I held my breath, waiting.

Voices, one of them Katie's. Then someone laughed. Then the light flahed on in the bathroom and I almost died. I couldn't see who it was, but when the steady sound of pissing started, I knew it was a male. When the flushing started, I heard him say, "I don't want to eat there again." In the distance, Katie said something I couldn't hear. Then the light went off.

I stood there in the darkness, heart pounding, trying to place the voice. It sounded so familiar. But now there was silence.

Swallowing hard, I stepped out of the shower. The light was off in the bathroom, but the door was open. I could see into the living room - empty. Stepping silently, I peered out of the bathroom. Like the living room, the kitchen and dining area were empty. They hadn't left, so they had to be in the bedroom.

They were.

When I finally crept to when I could see into the bedroom, I just about died on the spot. Now I knew why Katie didn't want to give up the apartment.

The guy was her graduate advisor, a man ten or fifteen years older than her and married - not that a wedding ring was stopping either of them right now. As I watched, Katie was lying back on the bed and he was kneeing in front of her, pushing her knees apart with his hands. Chewing her lip, Katie began to shift on the bed as the guy's head disappeared up her skirt. A few minutes later, her eyes were closed, her legs were on his shoulders, and she was bucking on the bed.

When he was finished - when Katie had literally cum on his face, whimpering and moaning - he pulled away from her and began removing his slacks. Katie reached beneath her skirt and removed her panties, tossing them on the floor.

He then gave her another orgasm, this time with his cock. For hours afterwards, I could see in my mind the vivid image of Katie moving on the bed beneath him, her slender body pushing into his, his eyes greedily watching her face as he made her cum - moaning softly - again.

Somehow I got out of the apartment without them hearing me. I made it outside and waited - but it still took them another hour to leave. I could only imagine what had transpired while I was waiting.

That night, Katie slept soundly - and in the morning, I was gone.