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24776 - So how do I say this.... Ok I have a wife but I'm married to her daughter. Yes I know wtf right. (As I right this I am getting a blow job from my 2nd wives sister)

So I was 16 when all this started will basically it just happened. I went to my best friends house to see him but he wasn't there only his mum. And she is super hot for a 46year old.I fantasied about her when I used to wank.

So we sitting in the dinning room Something weird happened and we just started kissing and and my hands all over her and same with hands on me. We went into the bedroom and made love. From that day we always tried to be alone to have sex. We used to met at the mall and have sex in the car or in the lingerie shop dressing room. Until her 2 daughters caught us.

So they caught us coming out a hotel holding hands and kissing. And they wanted in on our little sex life. So we agreed to it same time and took them up to the room and I made love to them. One was 19 and other 1 was 14.

So for months this was going on. Now it was even better because with daughters at home I could still have sex with her. And them.

When I turned 20 that's when things changed. my parents died and left me with a really big bank balacne. Let's just say I don't have to ever work a day in my life. Well for the better I guess. She and her daughters packed up there stuff. And called me to pick them up from home. I was shocked but. Happy. They felt phones back so no one could contact them. But little did her hubby and my best friend (her son) know. There all 3house away.

So we lived together for about 3months. Butt naked everyday they started drinking and smoking with me. We do home made porn videos. My friends. Well all of them are bi guys. So they come over we have 1 big sex party. And they only f@*k in the ass. So I've got all the p+--y for myself. They don't mind doing other girls. They love to watch and play with themselves. Hi I love it when they getting 2 dicks @ once up there asshole.

Finally after the 3rd month. I sold up the house and we moved to another state about 1700kms away new live. No 1 knows us. Me and her got married. Normal custom was a first dance as a couple. Well all our friends (bi sex party) were there. Instead of a first dance. We had a bed in the middle of the hall. And we made love infront of everyone.

About a year after that. She conviced me to marry her small daughter. Because the 1 big is to mush of a slut. And I did marry her small daughter. And we had the same custom of making love infront of everyone

(Remembering I said I was getting a sucked in the starting ? Well I just came in my sister inlaw / wives daughters mouth)

So we have a big ass house now. The 3 of us sleep in the same bed. And life is good :)


24775 - One night while shooting darts a friends wife invited me home. He watched and wanked while sitting on the bed next to us. We fucked most of the night.

A couple of weeks later she invited me back, and this time brought another woman. We spent the night drinking and fucking. At one point I was plowing his wife while she ate the other woman.

My wife doesn't know and she doesn't play. She never turns me down but the sex is very vanilla. I need some excitement in my sex life.


24684 - I love my husband a lot but I cant' get enough of my brothers cock!

I saw it back when we were younger and constantly strived to get it.

My brothers handsome, and a great fuck and I love when we are together.

My husband has no idea that while he is at work my brothers fucking me and making me cum and say his name.

I don't know if I want to stop, he loves that I am a bigger girl, my husband and I have a great sex life but my brother just is bigger and releases a huge cumshot everytime,

Im looking to talk and share photos.

girls and guys welcome


24616 - I was around 19 and in my first year of uni living on campus, GF lived away and I only got to see her at the weekends. Being pretty horny through the week with no release and having always been a bit curious about guys I started using an app to sex chat with guys. One night chatting to an older guy (he was around 35-40 but very fit/in shape) he offered to come pick me up from uni and go back to his place, I was nervous as hell but I decided to go for it. Around midnight I went out to the campus car park and waited until a big black 4x4 pulled in and flashed at me, I went over and got in almost shaking. We chatted and I got a bit more at ease with him on the drive to his place all the while thinking in the back of my mind that this guy was old enough to be my dad and Id probably die if anyone ever found out. When we got to his place we talked a little more and had a drink and then he finally made to go upstairs to his bedroom telling me to follow, I did and when we got to his room he sat on the end of his bed and instructed me to start getting undressed. I pulled my t-shirt of as he watched and pulled down my jeans leaving me with nothing but my Boxers on and a bulge starting to appear. He had done the same and was sat on the end of the bed with just his underwear on and a clearly visable outline of his hard cock. He asked me one last time if i wanted to go through with this and before I thought things through and stopped myself i was on my knees in front of him as I took his cock out and started to suck it. I took it all and licked his balls and even, after he guided me there, rimmed his asshole all the while thinking of the fact I was almost disgusted at myself for enjoying it so much. After a while he got up and bent me over the bottom of the bed and pulled my boxers down, he started to lick and suck my hard dick whilst moving his finger over my assshole which I found was driving me crazy. He then asked how far i wanted to go and that he would love to fuck me. As I was bent over the bed with his fingers sliding in and out of my ass and his tongue exploring my balls I was compeletly lost in the moment and said i wanted him to fuck me. He grabbed some lube from a drawer and got to work loosening me up for his cock, i kept thinking about how he was almost 40 and it only got me even hornier. He flipped me onto my back and looked me in the eye whilst calling me his little bitch as he pushed his dick against my lubed up asshole, eventually it gave way and he slid in, taking it slow at first it hurt but after a while it felt amazing. He ended up fucking me for most of the night in diffrent positions and me doing everything he told me. I was on all fours with him pounding my ass when he finally blew his load, i felt him pulse and spray his hot load into my asshole and felt like a complete whore. After resting a while he drove me back to campus in the early hours of the morning, all the drive back I could feel his cum leaking out of my asshole. I definitly walked funny for a few days and couldnt stop thinking about what had happened. My GF never did find out and whilst at uni I met up with him a few more times until I finished, i still think about that first fuck though and it always gets me rock hard.