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26994 - Hi I'm a 24 year old guy with some very kinky fantasies. I can't stop fantasizing about incest and beastiality. I'm looking for someone to role played some very kinky fantasies with. I'm up for pretty much anything, looking for a woman older or younger, don't really care about age at all. Please email me at if you are interested. Just the thought of doing this finally is making my cock super hard. We can trade pics and such through snapchat or email if you are interested too.


26982 - I have had many fantasies that most people wouldn't understand. I constantly read and watch porn dealing with incest and beastiality. The idea of the taboo nature of theses is so hot. I am 24 and am looking for a woman older or younger to explore these fantasies with in roleplays or otherwise. The thought of playing out a fantasy of a relative's lips around my cock while a dog fucks them is such a hot idea in my mind. If there are any women interested in role playing with me please email I am super kinky and am into just about any type of fantasy there is.


26917 - When I was 15 I would run home from school so I could jackoff before the rest of the family came home. I would drop my pants at the door and start plying with my cock. one day while I was jacking I noticed the dog laying there with a pink pointy tip sticking out of his sheath. I went over to get a better look. I could see the end of his cock peeking out so i started stroking him a little and it grew larger. I stood him up and stroked his cock more. I was hard as a brick so I slid under him so our cocks could touch. I jerked him cock down while I jerked my cock up to touch his now squirting cock on the sweet spot on my cock. His fluid was dripping down my cock and onto my balls. I was so fucking excited I took his pointy tip and held it in my peehole while it was squirting his fluid out of the sides of my peehole. It hurt a little but it was so fucking pleasurable that I blew my load all over his dog cock. There was such a mess all over the floor. I did this many more times with him. He was really happy when I got home from school.


26871 - This happened when i was around 10 years old, i was a loner boy when i was growing up and i use to play with my st Bernard (bitch aka female dog) dog all the time. one day when i was running and playing with my dog randomly i took out my penis and let it smell it, my dog started licking for a bit and stopped. it felt so good. and i was afraid that some one would catch me on the act. later on i tried this after coming home from school, i point my penis at my dog and it licks and gives a small bite. its painful when it bites but i take it away and gives it to lick more.

time passed on when i was around 13 i started watching porn, with all that excitement i went to my dog and touched its vagina, it was dry and kind of small. as soon as i touched her vjayjay she got scared and started licking her vjay and my penis, then i gently touched her vjay and spared the big two lips. it was very pink inside her pvts and i slowly put my tong in her p*ssy. she got very exited and didnt move much , next i lift her rear leg and slowly thrust-ed my penis inside her pussy, it was so warm and felt soo good. i kept on fucking her and i ejaculated inside her, and its the very first time i ejaculated in my life. felt soo good. since then i had around 4-5 times sex with my dog. now im 24