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25764 - How not to blowjob the dog.

I'm male 32 yrs. Me and my wife have large mastiff named Hector. It is three years now when I let the dog to mount me from time to time. We have like four, five, up to six times a year occasions to do that when my wife is away.

I'm bi curious and I did a few man in my life but I never took their cum to swallow. I just don't do that. But my dog? Love it.

Once my wife left for a couple of days to visit her fam. I knew what's gonna happen. But in the evening I was watching some Tv and I had a few beers. I was tired and I got drunk a bit. I lost that craving for sex with Hector. I was to tired to prepare my self for taking his huge cock up in my ass. But the thrill told me I don't have much occasions so I decided to blow his cock. We went to garage and I started jacking him off. I was lying behind him with my head between his legs sucking his juices off. As always the feeling was amazing. His bone is huge.I started to deepthroat him really hard. I can do that very good and very deep. I felt his pre juices flowing down my throat to stomack. In the very moment I stopped thinking when I felt his knob to grow. I was in seventh heaven. I had to swallow everything all the time. By the time his knot was filling my mouth and was still growing. I started to feel discomfort of having him so deep. Wanted to back off but it was to late. His knot got stuck behind my teeth and was pulsating, large, cumming all the time. I started to have problems with taking single breath. The only way was to breathe by nose. My throat muscles where pulsating from stress and I think it was stimulating him as well. I had my eyes in tears. Barely could breath and his cum was dropping trough my nose and while I was breathing I was making white salty boubles on the bottom of my nose. I almost got drown in his cum. I couldn't back off. My jaws were hurting like hell. I felt like I was sitting at the dentist for few hours with my mouth spread wide open.
He was cumming like 3 or 5 minutes all the time. His knot was pulsating so hard that I felt his gonna break my jaws. There was no way to pull him out.
It took 15 minutes or so for him to decrease the size of the knot to the moment I could take him off.
Finally when we separated I sat on the floor all dipping off his cum, with the pain in my jaws. My face was all wet of tears and cum. Hector came to me and took that look like he would like to say: "You see bitch. Now that was one hell of the blow job".Than he started licking my face and chest off clean. I couldn't move. I was sitting on the floor of the garage about 10 minutes before I went to bath.
I never thought it is possible to stuck the knot behind teeth. I can take his knot in my ass and take it out even when it's still kind of big. Well not fully sized. What was I thinking. ..
So be careful. It is really possible.

I still deepthroat him but now I know what to expect.


25717 - Hi. When I was like 15 or 14 I was visiting my grandma. She lived at the countryside. She had huge white sheepdog shepard. I was very excited on things I saw in Internet and I had to try blowing the dog. So I did. Few times. I was so ashamed of my self. I knew it was so wrong. But I was young and curious. Now I'm 33 and I found this site and I read so many stories of people doing it. My obsession came back. Damn. I'm all shaking wiring this because I know I'm going to do it again with my own dog but I need opportunity. But this time I will let the dog to mount me. I'm stretched because I love anal play so I'm sure I can fit the knot. So hot. Can't wait for the opportunity. And the cock is huge.


25613 - My name is Michael C, and I am from Mason Michigan. I'm an addict, and I have a real problem. Because I haven't ever been with a girl, I wanted to experience sex since I was getting close to my thirties. I began petting my dog and I guess you can say, "touching him inappropriately". After a couple of days I began to want him more and more. Since I live with my mom, I had to be careful so that she wouldn't catch me. But almost immediately she noticed the dog would always run and hide from me. So I began walking down the neighborhood and noticed a barn approximately a mile away from my moms house. I snuck into the barn and it was there I saw the most beautiful horse I'd ever seen. I immediately got excited as I grabbed a bushel of hay, and had wild sex with that beautiful animal. I returned to the barn every night for almost two weeks, but I had to switch up the times because the property owner was out there at all different hours. The last night I was there, due to the property owner hearing all the noise of the magical time I was having; abruptly came to an end. The barn door opened and the property owner was really mad and started throwing things at me, I pulled up my pants and started running away as I heard the sound of gun shots. Its been a couple of weeks now and here I am as I confess my problem. Should I wait a little while to go back to the barn?


25612 - Sometimes when I'm at my uncles house, and he isn't there I'll call his dog into the basent (My room) and I'll let him fuck me. I'm only 15 and I feel like JM going to go to hell for this. I'm scared. I just love letting him lick my pussy and guiding his dick right into my hole. I'm,scared that its going to haunt me...