Latest Babysitter Confessions:


23739 - I can barely remember my baby sitter when I was very little. Her name was Doris. She was in high-school and I was maybe five. I remember taking off her sweater and prompting me to suck her nipples. She was caught by my older brother while she was doing that with me. It never happened again.

I have gotten off so many times thinking about Doris. I only wish she would have had me suck her pussy. I would have done anything she asked.

What a wonderful thing it would have been for her to suck me off to my first cum.

Here's to you Doris!!


23720 - It was such a cliche.

I was 15 and babysitting for this couple that lived a couple of blocks away from me. They family friends, and I've known the kiddies (5 and 7) since they were babies.

Anyway, at that age, I had just started masturbating, and I couldn't get enough of it. So of course, an hour after the kids went to bed, and with the parents not due to come home for a couple of hours more, I was peeling off my panties and pushing up my skirt in no time. I did it in the living room, on the sofa in front of the TV which I left on.

As luck would have it, I was on my way to my second orgasm when I opened my eyes and found the kids' dad standing in the doorway, just looking at me. Later, I would find out his wife had stumbled across old girlfriends of her during dinner and decided to stay with them to catch up while he decided to come home early and let me go for the night.

When I shrieked and tried to hid what I was doing, he told me, oh so calmly, to not stop and instead keep going. Said he was really enjoying the show, and then he pulled out his hard cock to show me just how much.

I was really turned on. I was still a virgin, and this much older experienced guy was getting off on watching me. So, feeling reckless, I started touching myself again, eyes glued to his cock, which he started wanking. It didn't take me long before my legs started twitching and I came again. When I opened my eyes, he had crossed the room and kneeled down in front of me to see up close and personal. And before I could stop him, he pushed my legs further apart and just buried his head in there. I was squealing in shock and pleasure, never having even felt someone else's hand there, let alone a tongue.

He got me off like that so quickly I blacked out for a second. When I came too, he told me to help him and wrapped my hand around his cock. After he jizzed, he had me lick it off his hand and I can't believe I actually did that without any hesitation.

Then we fixed ourselves up and he gave me my money and sent me on home.

I came to babysit again a couple of weeks later, and the husband came home early again. Needless to say, things got out of hand again, and a couple of months after starting such an obscene tradition, he took my virginity.

We kept fucking until I was 17 and moved away for college.


22188 - I was working out late at my local gym, last week. When I was leaving the young woman that runs the kids care center there, came up to me and said she needed some help, her car needed a jump.

When I went to help her, I needed to clean off the terminals, so I took off my shirt and wiped them down. Being just from the gym with a good pump, my muscles were a bit swollen. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed her giving me an appreciative smile. I couldn't help but get an instant hard on.

After I was done, and her car was started, she leaned into me, scratched one hand across my bare chest and the other against my swollen cock and said, "You've jumped my car, but could you follow me home just to be sure? I may need another jump" Who could resist?

I followed her home and sure enough, when we got there, she needed another good jump. This time in her bed and I made sure her battery was nice and charged when I left.

We fucked in almost every position we could think of and were good and sweaty when it was all over with. Afterwards she gave me a nice shower with a fantastic thank you BJ.

The real corker is that when I was leaving, I noticed a framed family photo by the door. Turns out she's the youngest daughter of the pastor at the church. She hasn't been around for a few years, thanks to college.

Needless to say, I told her to call me when her battery runs low again.


22032 - I'm 32 now but when I was 16-17 I babysat for three couples, all of whom lived in the same area. I'm probably not the usual babysitter as I'm bisexual. I was paid by each of the couples husbands, but not only in money. Every one of them would walk me home and every one of them would have me suck them off once they found out I'd be willing to take their cum down my throat. One of them by the time I was about to leave for college was fucking me each week on some waist ground, close to my parents house. What another of them didn't know, is I was fucking his wife when he went to work and I had the wednesday off from school. Those were very special times in my life. I look back now and wonder if they ever knew or found out about each other. Also if Mr Black ever found out, the day after the night before he had filled my throat with his cum, I was banging his wife up her very tight ass.