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I'm a 21 year old girl and I love sex. Recently i've been watching scat porn online involving shit and piss and they turned me on so much, one day I worked up the courage to try it myself. I was getting myself off when i went into the bathroom and pissed in a glass. I then continued to finger myself and the next thing I knew I was drinking my own piss while I was coming. I felt disgusting after but I've done it a few times since. A couple of weeks later i took it to the next level - I was getting myself off again when I got into the bath, pissed and took a shit. I then rubbed the shit and piss all over my body - the smell of it turned me on so much and i came like crazy. I know it's disgusting but I love it. My ex boyfriend pissed on me a few years ago and that's how all this started, as i've fantasised about it i've wanted it more. Would love a guy or girl to piss and shit all over me, make me eat it. So yeah, that's my confession!

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1. You are such a slut! What the hell is wrong with you?!?

2. Oh I forgot to write that I videoed the whole thing - don't wanna delete it but i'm worried somebody's going to find it!

3. I would like to pee all over you! not sure about the poop thing that seems messy

4. Wow as I'm sitting here taking a shit mind you it's diahreah I gotta said the shit I just read its one of the most gross shit EVER!! And I'm usually cool with whatever tickles your pickle but wow really!? La gente esta mui loca wtf

5. Maybe I am crazy! You should try it though

6. It really is hard to find a girl that will let you pee on them.

7. I would like for you to lay on your back naked fingering your shaved pussy while I pee my warm urine all over your body. I will piss on your tits, on your pussy and then you will open your mouth so you can swallow my piss.

8. #7 that sounds amazing! I'd love you to do that to me. Would you consider going further?

9. Never on a first date I'm not that easy.

10. #3 here, I would love to piss up your ass and give you a hot piss enema! what would you want to do after chest or yours?

11. #10 Mine...or both if you'd be up for that

12. How do I get ahold of you?You sound amazing I'll do what ever you want.

13. Leave me your email or something...

14. Part 1. You need practice. Here are some pointers before indulging. FIRST: Smear shit on your mouth for several constitutive days.This accomplishes 2 things. It allows your olfactory senses to get accustomed to the odor and also is a precursor when someone shits on your face. You would have already had the sensation and not vomit. SECOND:Taste. Take a small amount of shit and put in in your mouth. After a few seconds, spit it out. You should get the taste by then.

15. Part2.THIRD: Take a small log of shit and put in you mouth. If you get nauseous, then spit it out. After several days,you should be accustomed to shit sitting in your mouth. Then, as you dare, you can swallow it. You Won't Vomit! FOURTH: Chewing the log will make you nauseous, again spit it out. After several days of chewing, you should be accustomed to chewing, swallowing and eating shit. Other scat games will fallow.

16. I'm also a female into all of this too. My bf is into piss play but not scat. I'd love to explore this with you!

17. I'd love to play with you... I'm a 25 year old male and I've played with my shit before. I love it!

18. I would love to slide my cock up your arse, piss inside you as you rub you clit, when I am finished Id making you hold it in as I pull my cock out, then watch as you squat down and unload that piss into a glass. Then Id watch as you drink every drop, as I stroke my cock. If you’re a good girl then Id make you lay down in the bath and Id shit all over those tits of yours, smearing my shit over you then id enjoy watching you piss and shit yourself as I taste you. What do you think?

19. Gross ass bitch is disgusting.

20. How terribly judgemental of you just because you don't eat your own poop Doesn't mean it's bad's just taboo to be a human toilet.

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