Hi my name is Kiara, I'm 17 years old. It all started when I was probably 4. I used to sit on my grandpa's lap in his office playing computer games. He was always hugging me and kissing me and picking me up. One day(I was probably 8 or so) he picked me up and carried me into the basement. He swung me aroung upside down and told me to take my panties off because they were probably "itchy". I did and he swung my upsidedown in my dress and swung me back and forth like a clock. He kept making me rub my face against his cock and once I playfully tried to bite it but he didn't like that. Once (I was probably 10) when I was at his house it was late so I was going to change into pajamas. I was walking into the house and my grandpa followed. He said he was going to help me and he picked me up by me vagina. I was no longer wearing clothes and he started to finger me. I was so young I didn't know what was going on really... throughout the years my sisters and I have slept over there on occaision and he has taken me out of the guest room and into the basement and made me give him blowjobs. The first time he actually had sex with me was when I was 15 and now I'm sorta obsessed. He will give me fifty bucks each time not to tell but I don't think I ever would tell. I love my grandpa 3

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1. Hey, it's Kiara again... I was wondering, is this normal? I'm worried I'm some sort of freak :( do other people do this?

2. I think its normal your just curious like most girls :)

3. What a good little girl to take her grandpa's cock like that! Do you take it up the ass too? I bet you're his favorite granddaughter.

4. I think this is a fake story but if it is a true confession THEN NO it's not normal what you gramps did was Fuck Up Beyond belive .@ 4 common he took your inocents and youth he rob you ,look I don't think incest is wrong BUT @ 4 he malested you , u were a baby ......

5. Number four is a complete idiot. I have a confession on here id direct you to. And if you want 500$ to be with one guy email me, jeanjefferies88@safe-mail.net

6. Number four I would have finished reading your comment if it had not been for your horrible spelling and grammar. It's a real fucking confession. Xoxo- Kiara.

7. Oh and yes number 3 I do all sorts of stuff with him. Once we even filmed it!!

8. I also have a confession about my grandpa whom I can only visit during school holidays as he lives way out on a farm. I was 12 when we started and it continued up till now that I'm in college. I love to suck his dick and to let him cum in my mouth. Up till now he has never penetrated me yet.

9. Kiara here - I am a total bullshitter, thankyou for wasting your time reading this shit :) xoxo

10. Heyy there assshole^ you can't know if this is bullshit. Me and my granddaughters do this kinda stuff all the time! They love it!

11. Very hot. Not normal but if your both happy who fucking cares

12. Why do little girls like to sit on the lap of grandpa like men? girls as young as 6yrs old like how good it feels when they play with themselves. little girls are smart too. they know how to flirt for attention they desire so they seek out older men they trust and flirt with for physical pleasures they want. they know getting on grandpas lap and flirt with him will get what she wants. her sexual attention. grandpa will slip her dress up and pull her panties down and give her the orgasm she so desires. how do i know? i'm a grandpa like man. text me 509 846 4718

13. Thats true little girls i'm an adopted trailer park grandpa and all the little girls visit and talk to me about their sex-ed class topics. one day the 8yo girl popped in and started flirting with me and asked me to tell her more about orgasms from sex-ed class. i said ok. wearing just my shorts, i got her on my lap facing away and laid her back against my chest and told her in great detail how a man can make a girl cum and how wonderful it feels. she asked me to show her and i did. i slipped her dress up and slipped her panties pown and 30min. later she had her first orgasm. this is what grandpas do for all the little girls.

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