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This is an update to my previous confession. After my son found a sex video that I made of me on my computer for myself, I found out he’d copied it and admitted he’d been masturbating to it. I let him watch me do sexual acts and he gradually did little things to pleasure me to weasel his way in, eating my pussy, licking my nipples. He kept trying to persuade me to have intercourse but I refused because I didn’t feel right about it. One night a few weeks ago, I was going to bed, but really horny and he came up to my room and offered to eat me out, I was about to get my vibrator out anyway so I accepted. He did it so good and so persuasive I gave in to his charm as his dick was sliding on my pussy lips and he showed me what he was capable of, He had stamina and gave me an incredible orgasm, something his father could never do, he fucked me twice within in an hour. We fell asleep then fucked again around 3, then when we woke up then later he fucked me in the shower, I’ve never seen a male cum so much and for the first week he always came inside me, he still sneaks one in sometimes.

Sex has been regular since that first night, both of us are nymphos and have had a desire for kinkier sex. I find myself doing things with and to him that I’ve never done with any other guy and would have never dreamed of doing in a thousand years. I find the more I’m with Eric the naughtier and more alive I feel, he’s addicting and gorgeous. I just spent a lot of $ online for fetish clothing, bondage gear and toys, including a nice strap-on.

He brought something up to me a few nights ago that’s been on my mind, he told me his friend Trey thinks I’m hot and told him he wants to do me. Trey has spent the night a few times and I've seen him looking at my tits and ass. He’s a couple years older than Eric and I initially thought he was a bad influence, but I admit I'm attracted to Trey. I told Eric no because I want this between us and I don’t want it getting out. But ever since when Eric fucks me, I occasionally close my eyes and imagine its Trey's dick inside me. Ive never had sex with a black guy but the thought is so erotic and Eric says he has a huge dick, I’m a bit conflicted. I think it would be amazing, maybe making them do a dp in me, but I’m selfish when it comes to him, I even get pissed when he looks at girls.

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1. Go for it you only live once , just give us details on how the Dp went AND don't chicken out!! God u just made made me so horny thx

2. My mum and me have been fucking since my dad died 4 years ago. My friends fuck her with me when they're round and she loves it. My friends obv like it too bc they get some experienced pussy to fuck. Btw you sound completely dtf, i wanna fuck you so bad, add pics x

3. Seriously, you are fucking your son. Do you think you really have any boundries? Hell you might as well invite your son's class over or at least all of the black guys friends. If you are going to be a moral degenerate you might as well go all the way.

4. Thanks. I do think this will happen. Trey came over today, I was outside and he came out to have a cigarette with me. He smiled and flirted with me. He did look cute, and it was hard not to keep looking at the bulge through his basketball pant. I was turned on the whole time, I flirted back a little. I think Eric is behind this even though I told him no, but he probably get his way, as usual.

5. I wish u were my mom...but from my point of view...just be sincere to your son...don't others fuck you..try to fall in love with your son...

6. Try getting spitroasted by the both of them. And have them swop around. Who cares what anybody thinks as long as you all enjoy yourselves while fucking.

7. We had our fun with Trey, its just Eric and I fucking now. Were trying to raise the bar on our kinkiness level though. Eric has hinted to his younger sister, but Im a little uncomfortable with that

8. I would let Eric and his younger sister lick and suck dick while you watch. It would be so hot! How old is she? A three some between a mom and her son and her daughter. That would be so hot!!! Dont leave out details.

9. Yes it would. She is 12 and beautiful, she lives with her father most of the time. She wouldnt be interested in what my son and I do, so if it were to happen it would probably be coerced.

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