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I am 14 years old and last Friday I bunked the last 2 hrs of school. I went home and caught my 36 year old mom fucking our dog in the kitchen. She saw me immediatly and tried to push the dog of her, while trying to cover herself up (she was completely naked)I just stood there with a huge grin on my face because it was actually amusing to see her in such a tight spot. She managed to get the dog of her and pulled her legs up to her chest, covering herself from me. She did not look at me, her face was pressed against her knees. I stood there in shocked silence for about 5 minutes and then I realised that my mom was crying. I felt really bad but I was fucking horny as hell. I've always had this thing for my mom, she is really sexy, she's got a nice body and she likes to show her curves with her tight fit dresses.
I went over to her and kneelded beside her and put my arms around her and gave her a hug, telling her that I still love her and that she still is the best mom ever. Without looking at me she begged me not to tell my dad about it and she immediatly also said that she would do anything.
I shocked my mom into disbelieve when I asked her if I could fuck her. She looked up at me for the first time with tears running down her face. I stood up and dropped my school pants in front of my mom and then I slowly pushed her back. She lied on her back on the floor and then I opened her legs and without looking at her pussy I stuck my little dick into her and started to fuck her. it was all over inside of about ten humps. I pulled out and came on her stomach. Without saying anything she just stood up and took her clothes and left me in the kitchen. Later I heard the shower going. She only came out of her room that afternoon when my dad got home from work. She did not speak to me for three days

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1. Nice one, dude. You had sloppy seconds after Fido!

2. Hey tell your mom I love her more now than before! seriously you should talk to her about it cause the dog is better than cheating on your dad and besides this is probably gonna be your new fetish now

3. You should have told her that you want to watch her with your dog, then convincing her to fuck you would have been easy

4. Is she back with Rover? Woof! Woof! You need to get some of that pussy again - blackmail her into letting you fuck her all the time.

5. How do i convince my sister to mess around with me, shes soooo hot

6. Wait till your moms in the shower an go in a join her wash her back an tell her how beautiful an lovely she is annhow much you love her

7. Easy to keep doing her now dude tell her you want it regular or you tell everyone then get your cock down her throat

8. Ask her to teach you the art of pleasing her sexually. Tell her how hot she is and how much she turns you on. Assure her you want to please her and all will be descreat. Descretion is likely the most important thing on her mind an the moment, and should be for you too. Reference this comment and keep us updated. If she enjoyed the dog she will enjoy you as well. Best of luck to both of you.

9. #8 again. What did she have to say after her 3 day silence to you. What was subject of the conversation when she again communhicated to you.

10. No5. Buy a dog seems to be the order of the day. Ask your sister if she would like to take it a walk with you. When she does take them both into the woods to play around a llittle. When shes hot and sweaty get her to take her clothes off with you. And then let the dog lick her and fuck her while you feel her tits and rub away at her clitty for her. Then as the dog dismounts get behind her and give her a good fucking too. Dont forget to squirt your seed inside her. If she enjoys it you could be there all day.

11. #5 Do what I did. After she gets to sleep I go in and tell her I was having nightmares so she let me sleep with her. Then I cuddle tighter and tighter with her from behind. After a few times she notice my hard on up against her and one night she started pushing back and it was whenever I wanted from then on.

12. I bet the dog is pissed. I wouldn't turn my back on him from now on.

13. I used to fuck my mom once or twice a week when my dad was away from home. He was in the service so he was gone quite a lot. I think my mom got lonesome and probably horny too, so she would let me sleep with her when dad was gone. We also took showers and baths together. Once I wrestled her down and took her. It was semi-rape. She was offering some token resistance. That was very erotic! She at least let me think I was forcing her. I feel sure now that she could have stopped me if she had wanted too, but she was wanting to fuck about as badly as I actually. Dad finally caught us tho.

14. Really hope that's okay to keep doing your mom. Is she still doing the dog? Would be good to hear more of this because it is hot. Tell her to keep doing you and the dog or you will tell. How big are her breasts?

15. Cool story. I once went home and found mom taking a bathe in the open and she didn't mind me seeing her naked, infact I think she liked it. Several days later I got talking to her and the conversation soon changed into sex escapades we had been through. She tells me how she likes having a nice huge black cock shoved inside her pussy. She allows me to fingerfuck her and we take nude pictures of each other. She loves playing with my cock of late and I think she wants me to fuck her

16. Yoo bra you're so stupid how can you fuck your own mother you must be so ugly to get a girlf

17. Calling bullshit! She got the dog off her and pulled her knees up to her chest. That means the dog was doing her missionary. Speaking of the dog he just wakked away while you banged her? If this story was true the dog would have mounted you and fucked your ass. Back to the basement and jerking off for you!!

18. I hate to tell you guy, but your mom is a bitch. Sorry!

19. My mom and me was in the shower together one day when I was about 15 or 16 and we was soaping each other up. Then before we knew it we were playing with each other, sexually that is. Then we got up against each other and had sexual intercourse. After a little bit, she pulled away and turned around, so I got up against her backside and fucked her from behind. Then she stood up and jacked me off. When she was drying herself off, I got hot again and began coming onto her.So in a little bit, I pushed her up against the bathroom wall and we fucked again. This was just the beginning.

20. Mast h bhai chod de saali ko kash m hota to chod chod k pagal bna deta or meri rani bna leta or jb mann karta tb chodta ise

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