I don't know when this incestuous lust for my mother started. It is just that one day I came to realize that I wanted my mother to have sex with me.

And then it progressed from wanting to have sex with her to wanting to breed her. Today, I am so hooked up on the idea of breeding my own mother and watch my handiwork with her belly grow.

Almost every night I fantasize about her and me doing it. That our incestuous relationship starts with us as purely a secret desire gradually emerging into motherly and son touch to hugs and over time prolonged touch and hugs and kisses and wanting to be together alone.

Then, like a dam that can no longer contain the pressure of the water it holds in place unexpectedly bursts, one day when we are given the opportunity to be alone over a long period of time like the whole afternoon till midnight when everybody; dad, my sisters and brothers would be home from their respective appointments of the day, our secret desire for each other comes out in the open.

It starts rather innocently with me helping mom with household chores deliberately touching her here and there and she would do the same to me. Then as the day progresses, we also progress to rubbing my parts of our bodies against the others' body. And I would rub my body most especially the groin area against her sides; against her butts and that I would try at every opportunity I get to rub my groin area against hers.

As these "rubbing bodies" happen, we somehow realize that we are alone; that we have the opportunity to let our pent up lust go as far as our lust for each other would allow us.

And so these "touching each other; rubbing bodies; hugs and kisses become more and more deliberate to almost unbridled "incestuous" touch, hugs and kisses desirous to communicate to one another in no uncertain terms about the deep seated lust left hibernating inside of us for years and years.

Background against all of these, at certain point we come to know for certain that we wanted each other and that we needed to satisfy the "lustful hunger" that we have been having for each other and that we know that we just have to do it now that we have the place, time and opportunity to do it.

We put to stop all that we are doing; look at each other in the eye and we just come to an embraced still doing the eye to eye contact and I say, "mom" and she acknowledges, "son". And that was all that we need to say to each other and slowly we join our lips and our kiss gradually become "shamefully" incestuous and lustful considering the tight embrace that we have as if we wanted our lips and all parts of our bodies merge as one.

For we are both aware that we are still mother and son, our display of unbridled physical lust for each other becomes more pronounced even as our fingers crab each others' bodies here and there while grinding our loins against each other relentlessly in a lustful fashion.

One by one we removed each others' clothes and when the last piece of our coverings are done away with she leans backwards and I let her and she ends up lying on her back on the living room rug and I am on top of her.

Again, we look into each others' eyes and I say, "mom, I want to own your body today. I have been wanting to have you for years and years and I can't believe that this is happening. Mom, please let me come inside you even just this one time so that when I think of you at night, I know how it feels to be inside you.

Yesterday, I heard you and dad going for one more baby mom. I never thought of this before but given the our situation now, how I wish you were in your most fertile day of the month this very hour and that you would give me the chance to get you pregnant.

Mom, I want to give you that baby. Please mom, let me make the baby you want in you, please. I love you mom.

(And mom would say, "son, I am ovulating today").

And I could believe my ears that I have just been given the go signal both to have sex with my own mother and to inseminate her.

Encouraged thus to the greatest level of unbridled incestuous lust that I could muster, I begin to kiss and lick her all over her body even her motherly cunt.

And when the time for the final sexual rush had come, I ask her to guide me into her waiting hole and as we again lustfully look into each others' eyes, as she opens her legs wider to accommodate me, I slowly sink my baby-making 8 inches tool into her up to the mouth of her cervix.

And we stay motionless for quite sometime savoring the union of son's cock and mother's cunt, mom whispers in my ears, "son, you need to get me pregnant before your father arrives tonight or he would when he comes to bed".

Further encouraged, I began to pull out my cock up to the head and sink in repeating the action lustfully crabbing each others bodies in incestuous/lustful abandon. I filled mom four times before dad arrived.

Several weeks after I watched mom's belly grow.

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1. There is an element of realism in your story which makes one think that it is not fiction.

2. Its nice fucking someone you love. You want to try it sometime. I fucked my own sister doggy style in the bathroom on a seat years ago. And even though she is married. Im still wanting to give her a good fucking with my cock. Maybe it will happen again soon. And i also want to make her pregnant so i can watch her belly grow,

3. I bet her boobs are even bigger now. Filled with mommy milk, suck them and fuck them daily. Keep spraying up her cunt. Keep her knocked up and leaking.

4. Im having a kid with my mom, I posted a story here. I think its fuckin hot watchin her belly gettin bigger with my son in there, she wanted another kid before she gets to old thats y shes keeping it.

5. Sick! OMG all of you ARE sick! prolly hillbillies ! Yucksssss

6. I love about sons getting mom pregnant such a turn on!!!

7. I'm all about consentual incest, but people here get off on mutant babies, and I simply do not understand that. Major turnoff, illegal for a reason. If you want to fuck, that's great, but if you want a baby you're sick and immoral.

8. Hot as hell keep me informed on you and your mother. Did she tell your dad

9. You're all a bunch of dumb fucks. The insest part is great, but the stories are so fake and retarted. I want to know people who really enjoy and participate in insest.

10. Your mom is your slut now. Fuck her everyday

11. We finally did it but now mom is feeling guilty. What should I do. she is two months pregnant.

12. I wish i could do that to my big titted mother

13. Rarely the baby conceived in an incestuous relation is a mutant. This idea about mutants is an idea from "moral" persons. No one doctors did not proved this.

14. Me and my mom are having sexual relationship when I was 10 and made her pregnant...Im 29 now and our son-my brother is 19...our neighbours know we're just siblings but they dont know that Im also his father.

15. I think its hot how my mom wants my cock more with her being pregnant and what not. We plan going for a second one when this our child is born

16. Wow that is hot i have dreamed about my mom since i was 12 i like it when my mom drinks she likes to cuddle and she has her tubes tied but if we could turn back time o she would be pregnant 5 times now

17. Mom and I wanted to have a baby together. Fuck me full of your petent baby seed and Ii will give usa baby. In nine months she gave birth to our baby.

18. My mom gave bith to me at 14. And she was only 30 when we hooked up I was 15 at the time. We end up have two kids,a boy and a girl. The only problem was when they were in their teens, they wanted to join us. We know they had started with each other already. So we end up letting them join us. Unfortuately, our son got both my mother and his sister pregant. My daugther had two kids with her bother and one with me. Mom passed last year at 75 after three days of sex with all of us. Right to the she loved to fuck.

19. Ann Ruhlin said she became pregnant by her son Dan and had every intention of keeping it, but was 44 when it happened and miscarried. She said they kept trying afterwards, and it brought them to the full-time living together arrangement they're in now. Though they did have to move slightly for the additional privacy and to avoid the incest rumors springing up.

20. Hey 18- what a beautiful comment. I take my 67 yo mom regularly now, too late to breed, but we fantasize anyway. Mother son incest is so normal, I wish I could have consumated our love with a child.

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