I have jet a calf suck my dick and had sex with 2 female dogs they are warm and tight my wife had our dog lick our uglies while we where fucking we let him hump her after she loved it i want my wife to be a dirty whore and fuck men when shes drunk in front of me she fucked a man with a huge cock once i make her tell me details makes me come hard she used to let her little dog lick her pussy until she came i want to see her fuck a dog dick again as many times as she wants nothing turns me on more i love it does anyone else do these things with their wife i would love to read more taboo stories bring em on

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1. Probably written by some 13 year old who should be spending more time in english class rather than posting BS on here.

2. Dude, reread your post. Try some punctuation. Nothing makes any sense.

3. I was at a party some years ago,bth men and women were present,the guys took turn fucking the shit outta this great dane,one guy had a 12 in dick and got it all in the dog,and damn did he cum hard...i was the last guy to get dog pussy and i came after only 4stroke...the girl clean us us and started sucking some of the male dog off...dman i came again just watching

4. John Steinbeck wrote the novel "Tortilla Flat". In it was a passage about one of the paisanos was given a bad time by his priest. For revenge, the paisano tied the priest to a post, naked, in a corral, then let in an un-weaned calf. I can just imagine the torture the priest had, being sucked off all day long by this hungry calf. Maybe this is the ultimate revenge for the "Grand Inquisition" many people suffered during the many years of its' reign! Hooray for the paisano!

5. Story sounds like it was written by a 10 year old retard.

6. My sister walks a few of the neighbours dogs for them during the day when they are at work. She has been doing this for weeks now and has a fair bit of money saved up because of it. But i came home early recently and found out she doesnt walk the dogs. Well not if you dont take into consideration the distance from their houses to ours. Shes been bringing them into her bedroom and she lets them fuck her during the day. I often spy on her kneeling naked on the floor taking their dog cocks right into her wet pussy. Its great to watch her at it all day. And im going to walk in on her soon one day.

7. Many times i have seen my sister sucking our three dogs off. She sucks the smallest one to the biggest every day. And now i have caught her she sucks my cock for me any time i want her to do it. And sometimes i get to feel her tits and pussy as she sucks me off. Im now working on poking her pussy. And soon im going to fuck her all over the house. Im getting desperate now to sow my seed inside her pussy.

8. Many a horny gir; who tries to be good lets a dog use them first. i did. in our mind we still virgins.

9. I'm a 14 year old girl. We have a chocolate lab that always sleeps with me. One night I awoke to him licking my pussy through my panties. At first I scolded him and made him get offthe bed but a few minutes later he ewas back doing it again. I cold feel his rough tounge through my panties and it actually turned me on. I slid my panties over and he licked my bald pussy good. Every night after I have let him lick me. The other night after he licked me I turned over to sleep and next thing I know he was trying to stick his cock in me. I had to help him put it in but once I did he fucked me hard and fast. Sometimes I'm ashamed thinking about it but always look forward to bedtime.

10. #9 so sexy.. I got a dog licks my balls.. wish I was that dog...

11. Number 8, a fuck is still a fuck, whether from a four legged animal or a two legged one. But you can think what ever you want to in your own mind.

12. I agree with number 2 - this confession could sure use some punctuation!

13. I have jet a calf suck my dick and had sex with 2 female dogs. They are warm and tight. My wife had our dog lick our uglies while we where fucking. We let him hump her after. She loved it! I want my wife to be a dirty whore and fuck men, when shes drunk, in front of me. She fucked a man with a huge cock once. I made her tell me details, made me come hard! She used to let her little dog lick her pussy until she came. I want to see her fuck a dog dick again, as many times as she wants! Nothing turns me on more! I love it! Does anyone else do these things with their wife? I would love to read more taboo stories! Bring 'em on!

14. Well, even without punctuation it is not without interest. I have never been sucked off by a calf or had sex with a female dog, but I have been fucked by a male dog once. My mom & my wife have had sex with male dogs, tho unfortunately I never got to see it. My wife does not get drunk, but soon after we wed she did fuck a teenager with a big dick behind my back and later told me about it. She too used to have fun with her pet dog when young. I did try to get her to fuck a dog once, but she faked it, so she later confessed. She has fucked at least two dogs several times.

15. My wife has told me all about her horny sex life when she was young, but some of the stories later turned out to be just fantasies. After we were married, she had an affair with a big-cocked teenager behind my back and later told me all the raunchy details, which turned out to be quite a turn-on. She also fucked one of her nephews one Christmas and told me about that. I did actually see her with my dad's cock up her once, in the backroom of his barber shop, so I guess that proves she really was a slut when younger. We are both old now. She is in her 50s and I am in my 60s.

16. Years ago I had a calf who would suck me off anytime I wanted her to. All I had to do was walk out to the barn and hang it out. Ole Cranberry would come running and latch on. She would take the whole shaft in her mouth and suck like there was no tomorrow. I would always cum within a minute. When I started cumin down her throat she would suck harder and faster. That is truly the ultimate blowjob. I had to pull out it was so sensitive. Oh how I wish I still had a calf like her!

17. One day when I was a kid I was wrestling with the neighbors' dog, when he got me down and just fucked me! That was alright tho, because the wrestling had gotten me sexual excited, so I did cum good! I guess the beast had gotten horny too from our body contact. It was really erotic and sometimes I wish that I had fucked him some more!

18. When my wife was pregnant, the teenaged boy who lived next door came over and fucked her and came in her.

19. Imagine that - the dog taking a turn with the man's wife after they got thru fucking! That sounds neat! I used to fuck dogs and other animals when I was a girl. I grew up on a farm, so I had lots of beasts to fool around with. I have had intercourse with a man who had a HUGE penis and it was a lot of fun. He was also getting into his sister, who was married. Now my step-son also had a pretty good sized cock on him!!!!

20. I actually wrote this story sorry about the punctuation I was so turned on writing it that it came out garbled it is all true thoe

21. Fuck u number 5 if I new who you were I would kick you in the head why comment if you are going to be a fuck head lick your mums bum wanker

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