My daughter was having a sleepover with 3 of her friends. Two of them were really cute with sexy little bodies, perky breasts and really nice butts. One was kinda cute and a bit chubby. I made them some milk shakes and slipped crushed sleeping pills into them. I waited a half hour then went into my daughter's bedroom. The milk shake glasses were empty and the girls were out cold. If the chubby one would have been the only on there, I would have done something with her but the other 2 were a lot prettier so they were the ones I wanted to mess with. The blonde was laying on the floor, flat on her back and the brunette was on her side. I went to the blonde and gently shook her to make sure she was deep asleep. Then I gently caressed her, first her face, then arms, tummy and legs. I then stroked her tummy again, moving closer to her breasts. She didn't move so I started rubbing her breasts. They were amazing. My cock was rock hard now and I was actually shaking with excitement. I slipped my hand under her t-shirt and felt her bare breasts, playing with her nipples. Then I moved down, going under her pajama bottoms and inside her thong. Her pussy felt amazing. It was smooth and moist. I took my hand out long enough to smell and lick my fingers then put my hand back inside. I moved her legs slightly apart with my other hand and was able to get my finger in her. I had to be careful, not knowing if she was a virgin. She was very tight so her virginity was probably intact. I continued to gently finger her and raised her shirt up with my free hand. Then I took out my cock and started stroking. Within seconds, I came on her breasts and tummy with a couple splashes on her cheek. I pulled her shirt back down, letting it stick to her tummy and breasts, not wiping up my sperm but just letting it stay there. I was still shaking and my cock didn't get soft after I came. So I moved my attention to the brunette. I fondled her breasts for awhile. They were bigger than the blonde's and really nice. Then I rolled her from her side to face down, making sure she could breathe and she wasn't uncomfortable. Then I slid her pajama bottoms and panties down to her knees. Her butt was beautiful, so round, smooth, and perfect. I leaned down and gently took in her smell. She was clean and fresh so I started kissing and licking her buttcheeks then moved to her crack. I spread her cheeks apart and licked up and down it, finding her little butthole and tonguing it. I slipped my hand between her legs and felt her pussy. She had a little hair but not much. I slipped my finger into her. She was also tight and moist. I licked my finger off then went back to licking her butthole and crack. After it was all nice and wet, I straddled her and slipped my cock between her buttcheeks. Being careful not to penetrate her, I slowly humped back and forth, sliding my cock head up and down her wet butt crack. As I neared orgasm, I started shaking, my knees and back muscles getting weak and spasming. I unloaded my semen, shooting into her crack. Then I slightly pressed the tip of my cock into her butthole and shot semen inside her. I was still quivering as I got off her. I wiped some of my semen away from her pussy just in case any sperm went inside her pussy and got her pregnant. The rest of my cum, I left in her butt crack and pulled her bottoms and panties back up. Knowing the sleeping pills would last at least 4 hours, I went to the living room and watched tv for a little while. Then when I was horny again, I went back into the bedroom. All the girls were still asleep and in the same position as before. I turned my attention to the chubby one now. She was on the floor, laying on her back. She had boxers and a t-shirt on and had rather large breasts. I lifted her shirt up and squeezed her breasts, gently pinching the nipples. Her breasts were firm and smooth. I straddled her chest and put my still wet cock between her breasts and humped for awhile. As I got near orgasm, I stopped as I wanted to do more to her. I pulled her boxers and panties completely off and spread her legs. She was a bit hairier than the others but her pussy was still nice and had a fairly large clit. I laid on my stomach between her legs and started licking her pussy. It tasted really nice, a bit like almonds and very wet. I slipped a finger inside her. While tight, I could tell she wasn't a virgin. I continued to lick and suck her clit while fingering her. She gently stirred, a quiet moan came from her. After a couple minutes of this, I just had to have her completely. I moved up and slipped my hard cock into her tight wet pussy. It felt so wonderful. I gently moved in and out of her then as I started cumming, I intended on pulling out but lost control and buried my cock inside her and pumped my load deep into her pussy. Fortunately she didn't get pregnant, or at least I never heard about it. This was about 7 years ago.

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2. Such complete bullshit! Who does that? A serial killer maybe? Such retarded stories on here sometimes.


4. Death penalty for a fantasy? LOL You guys are idiots.

5. It woulda been WAY hotter if u said u fucked the daughter cmon ppl THINK

6. I can't believe these comments. Geez, dudes, these chicks are little whores - good for nothing but fucking. Teen age girls are cum hungry sluts.

7. Wow...these people saying you should go to prison or get the death I agree though, it would have been hotter if you fucked your daughter, or at least licked her pussy. :)

8. Try something else other than your own blood.God forbid

9. You should have fucked your daughter up the ass while she was passed out. She would be wondering why her asshole was so sore the next day!!!!!!!

10. Anyone who believes that you can drug 4 people and then have Internet in prison deserve death penalty.

11. Turn yourself in, so you can be executed. Do it now.

12. Why do people read things like this and then say that the person that wrote it should go to jail or hell? They had to seek it out in order to read it, in order to bash it.

13. Whatever whether its real or fantasy it is still an awesome story.

14. I remember that night. Remember? You had me over to watch the game and said you were going to fuck around with the teenies. You thought I left and you were alone, but you were mistaken. I spent the night fucking your wife uptairs, and I didn;t even need to drug her!

15. This is really hot. I keep visualizing my daddy doing this to me and my friends. I'll be your slave. You don't even have to drug me. Plleeaassee! ;)

16. Nice one dude! Cum all over those teen sluts! You probably weren't the first, bet even the two virgins have had cum all over their faces.

17. You poor guys. Just cos you cant get fresh young pussy to fuck you. Would be great if a gang of blokes came to all your houses fucked your bitch asses while you were sleeping. That's my fantasy.

18. Wheather the story was true or not that shit was hot if u have imagination, butif it was true just dont do it in the usa go to mexico and get away with it.

19. They were obviously little sluts anyway, I agree with number 16, bet they'd already had men cum all over their innocent little faces. You should've fucked all of them, or at least shot your load in one of the little whores mouths.

20. Someone should drug you and fist fuck your ass with both fists

21. I loved reading it i jacked off so hard

22. Ya you should have fucked all of them even your daughter and you should have taken the blonde,brunette and your daughter panties as a prize for that night and kept them to jack off in

23. Thats disgusting. You should be in prison for this. For all of you disgusting perverts out there, something is wrong with you. GET SOME HELP

24. I agree you should have fucked your daughters ass, and keep her dirty panties as a trophy

25. I love the story and I'm pretty sure it is true. If not at least this dude has eaten a kid's pussy. Why do I say that? The give away is when he said her pussy tasted like almonds. I've eaten my share of kid pussy and, yes, all of them have a faint taste of almonds. If you ever eat one, you'll want another then another...

26. Yum! Almond flavored pussy! Can hardly wait to try some! Good story by the way.

27. I think you should have taken some pics and blackmailed the sluts when they get older even that whore daughter of yours. make them sell that pussy for you and service you anytime you want it.

28. I the story and I agree a young pussy does have the taste of almond and the chubby girl would of been awesome to fuck and shoot my load in. I also agree to do the daughter also she needs some cock also.

29. When you read the confession it comes across as a fantasy. Nothing more.

30. So lame. atleast one of t got to be up while this man did this to them.

31. I remember my step daughter sleeping at night. And me finger ducking her, when I was done. I jacked out and vim on her mouth.

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34. Yes Number #33 I dream about the same thing. I will do it one day here soon

35. Your one fucked up human being

36. I wondered why I woke up with a vagina full of spunk after that sleepover! Whoyyou calling chubby you fucking pedo?

37. Ha,ha,ha #36 if this was you how did you like it? And since you have had cock before I imagine you already knew what having a load deep inside you felt like. Don't lie it was probably. Both your father and uncle and brother that have filled you little pussy with spunk daily. And you should not get so testy for him calling you chubby a little meat on that sweet pussy of yours is probably what will make you one of the most popular little teenaged little sluts in town. And we all know your big clit can use fresh cum daily. And congrats one having a tasty almond flavored pussy, yummy another treat to make you so popular in town.

38. They would have been a little old for me. I like them between five and nine. Their slick little bald pussies are delicious.

39. Wow I hope this is fake or you get hung.

40. Shocking . Not even read the story just all comments . Shocking

41. Number 39 and 40 I just want to know why your looking on this topic if you won't just as naughty as all of us. So jump off your all high and mighty and quit preaching to us and move on.

42. That is just plain wrong. I hope that you get caught and sent to prison.

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