I had years of incest with my sister and my 2 older brother and i wonder if anyone had experience something semilar and if they would tell me their stories

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1. I never had the chance to, but it was and for a long time has been one of my hottest fantasies.

2. My sister jacked me off when I was about 16, she was 19, she did it several times. But she only did it for a few months then stopped.

3. I fucked my step sis went i was 14 and she was 15

4. It really sad that all the good things stop with time. i wouldn't blowing my 2 brothers and making love to my sis once in a while.

5. When I was younger I used to lick and cum on my sisters dirty panties, I also used to touch her in her sleep

6. I'm the youngest boy of my familly and when i was i don't know 8 or 9 i let my older brother fuck my ass. later in the same year i gave a blow job to my other brother. i didn't really knew my dad 'cause my parents were divorce but i'm sure if he had been there i would have end up having sexual activities with him too

7. For long time (8 years) i've been active sexually with my sis.i was 8 and it started with taking my bath with her and playing naked and moved to suck her small breast, fingered both her ass and vigina, licked her pussy, touch her in her sleep and she gave me incredible blow-handjob, she saw me ejaculate and ultimatly we had sex.

8. I was 11 yrs old and my sis was 9 yrs old. I licked her pussy. She love how I licking her pussy. All she do is receving and never giving. She was lil bitch!

9. Guess I am the only abnormal one here. Never fooled around wih my sisters or brothers or any blood relative. Can anyone recommend a good therapist?

10. #9 i suggest that you go straight to your sibling and try

11. 9 you dont know what youre missing i been with my sis since we where 13 and 14 now late 40's and still together with 4 healthy normal kids!!

12. I used to feel my sisters pussy from time to time when we were younger. And when i got older and she had a boyfriend. I asked her if i could feel her tits. Then i took her into the bathroom for a feel of her tits and i also poked her pussy. Then i asked her if she was on birth control and then to kneel on a chair in the bathroom. And i pulled my jeans down and fed my hard cock into her open pussy hole. And i enjoyed having a lovely quick fuck with her. While i was thinking of her boyfriend fucking that same pussy hole.

13. Every friday night we get our sister drunk and we feel her tits. After opening her blouse we get all her clothes off. And we strip off too dancing naked with hard cocks. We rub against her and asked her to play with them. She started rubbing and got on the floor and put them into her mouth. And she give all of us a blowjob and we cum in her mouth. Then after feeling her pussy we all fucked her on the couch and cum inside her and then we went upstairs to her room and fucked and cum in her again then we left her to go to sleep. In the morning she couldnt remember a thing. So fridays now we always get her drunk and fuck her pussy full of cum.

14. When our parents died my two brothers and myself moved our sister into their bedroom. And now we all take two nights a week each and we're all sleeping with her. Shes a great fuck in bed and shes three months pregnant now this week. But we dont know which one of us has made her pregnant yet. We cant exactly all go for a DNA test can we?. So we will just have to wait till the baby is born to see who it looks like the most.

15. Wnen i was younger to save water every friday night. I used to get in the bath with my sister. And after washing each other we used to sit playing with each others private parts. One night our mom came in and caught us and stopped us from bathing together. When we were a little older when our parents were out i started having a rub of my sisters pussy again. And i use to encourage our younger brother to have a good feel of her too. She just used to lay back on the bed and i would pull her panties off her. And we both have good feel. After i had stopped rubbing at her pussy it used to end up all red. And sometime i would get her legs over my shoulders and i used to lick it too.

16. I've had a quick feel off my younger sisters tits. And poked a finger in her pussy. Then i fucked her doggy style. Its a good job our mom wasnt in because my sister was moaning. As i pumped in and out of her pussy hole while fucking her. And when all of us were younger all three of us used to sleep in the same bed. I used to cuddle up to and kiss my sister goodnight. Im hoping she will come down on holiday and see me sometime. And when she does im going to take her to my friends house. So he and i can have three in a bed with her. And boy will we give her pussy a good fucking all night long.

17. I've had fantasies about my sister since I was 15. I've masturbated constantly to the thought of her and I've always loved her. I think I ultimately avoided her for the most part of the time because I didn't want things to be awkward. Now I'm sort of regretting not bonding with her and opening up because now I'm even more nervous about what her thoughts are perhaps one day I could get the chance to not hide it from her.

18. I never have nor would I ever have fucked my own sister. My step sister was another story. We were both around 16 at the time when we started fucking. One day while alone she asked if she could see my hard dick. I said sure. Get undressed for me and that will make it hard. She did and the rest is history. We fucked every chance we got when alone. That hairy coochie and firm tits provided me with a lot pleasure. Her mom (my step mom) was giving it to my dad, so I guess it was only fair the daughter was giving it to me.

19. Wow. The game of Family Loving it seems is relatively easy to get when you know how. Its just a game of putting it in out. In out in out and you shake it all about.

20. What happened to me in the past as a child, still haunts me every single day. I am 21 now and still a cold fear drenches me from within whenever I think about those incidents. I do not even have the courage to post it here. But I am sure that God will never forgive me and my family and always bestow curses upon us. It has made me miserable and always kept me under depression and made me a pessimist. This has been like my dark passenger that I cant share or talk with anyone. I there anyone out there who would like to share something?....Its eating me alive! I am so sorry for everything God!......Please forgive me!!

21. I've been attracted to my sister for two or three years now. I've tried to seduce her a few times, but she always blows me off before I can do anything. Any advice?

22. My sister and I played sexual games a lot as children, which got more serious when we were teens. We'd had intercourse a couple of times when we were little, but with our children's bodies it didn't do much. The first time I had sex with her after I was old enough to cum was when I was 14 and she was 12. After that we did it again when I was 15 and she was 13, and then a threesome with my girlfriend when I was 21 and she was 19. We had one other threesome with my girlfriend but I didn't penetrate her. I came inside her when she was 12, on her belly at 13 and then inside her again when she was 19. Sounds crazy, but its all true, even the threesome.

23. My little sister and I used to fool around all the time. We started when I was 7 and she was 6. The last time we had sex I was 19 and she was 18. I thought it was great and still find myself fantasizing about her from time to time.

24. My sister and I would always (and still do) play a game called "WAR". I'd lay down, and she blows the hell outa me

25. Doggy style sex with my sister is the best. I hold onto and feel her tits while fucking her. Then I blow my nuts off inside her pussy a couple of times. Then when we are finished we get into bed for a cuddle. And we fall asleep together. Then I climb on top of her in the morning for another ride. And I blow my nuts inside her again after she has cum all over on my cock. She kisses and cuddles into me when we sit in her bed watching her TV. And when our parents are out we watch Blue Movies together. And start doing what we see on them. But blowing and erupting my nuts off inside her when we fuck together is always the best orgasm.

26. I went to my cousins a couple of days ago. And I watched my three male cousins taking turns fucking their sister. They started playing with and sucking on her tits. And then they were feeling and licking and poking her wet fanny. One of them lifted her legs over his shoulders and he slipped his cock inside her. Then he started pounding her until he cum inside her. He climbed off and one of his brothers fucked her and cum in her too. Then the third one climbed on top of her and give her a really good ride. And when he cum inside her too. He pulled his cock out and all their cum started running out. So they had to give her tissues to mop her wet cum filled fanny.

27. Wow! What a lot of interesting incest experiences!

28. 26 Could you invite me over, I'd love to have multiple guys do me over and over. anywhere any time. you got me so wet reading your tale

29. 28, There's a line stretching half a block, just waiting to get into her warm, welcoming pussy. I'm at the end, so will save you a spot right behind me!

30. My younger sister 11 and myself 13 started having sex. It started with my sister wanting to see my dick. School was out for summer break. We started playing with each other and got into sexual acts with me licking ans sucking on her pussy. It was all touch lick and finger until I found a book in dads drawer. The very next day my sister let put my dick in her. She had the wetest little pussy ever. We fucked often that summer and continue. My brother-in-law was injured Vietnam. I'm 70 now and need a touch of chemistry but, my sister still get togrther and fuck twice a year and her pussy still gets wet.

31. Fuck look at this shit, suppose to be the future of america.. getting dumber with each generation.

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